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Courtney Ewart

Profile • I am 13 years old. In first year and my favourite subjects are art and home economics.

Waterbottle Drawing

Coat hooks


Practice metal

Practice wood

Trinket box

Profile Evaluation • Did I enjoy CDT? Yes It was fun making things and finding out what all the equipment is and how to use it. • Do you feel more confident in CDT than you did in August? Yes I do because I didn’t know what I was doing what anything was or how to use it and now I do. • What could you have done differently to improve your grades? I could have listened and not get sent out all the time so I could have got on with my work and got it all done. • Do you enjoy the type of work covered I CDT? Yes I do its fun making it and finding out how to do it. • What are your future plans in relation to CDT? I’m not sure yet I would like to do more things and get them done.

My S1 CDT 2013 - Courtney E  

My S1 CDT 2013 - Courtney E

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