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My S2 CDT By Chloe Briggs 2GB

To make our manual rockets we designed the body in photo shop. We then coloured the wings in by hand. We fitted a nose onto the body and taped the wings and nose on. We launched the rockets in the playing fields.

Evaluation . . . 1. 2.


4. 5.

I have enjoyed CDT because I like being hands on in the workshop and I like working on computers. I do feel more confident in CDT because I feel that I can use the equipment and machinery in the workshop better than I could. To improve by grades in CDT I could have spent longer sanding or filing the material to make it smoother and give it a better look. I did enjoy the projects because they were making interesting things. I am not taking CDT in 3rd year.

My S2 CDT 2013 - Chloe  

My S2 CDT 2013 - Chloe

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