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By Chelsea Sleigh

Pupil Profile My name is Chelsea Sleigh and I am 14 years old. I live with my mum, dad and two brothers my older brother is in 5th year. The subjects I enjoy are CDT,PE and home economics. The subjects that I don’t like maths or R.M.E. In my spare time I play hockey with the school. In a couple of weeks time I am going to France with the school.

My clock project This is my clock project that I made earlier in S2. We used hardwood to make the frame of the clock. We then filed the plastic until it was smooth and it fitted into the frame of the clock. The make the plastic base we had to file that as well, and then to make it curve we used a strip heater. Finally we put the clock hands on and it inserted a battery to make it work.

My Dice project This is a poster we made about our dice that we created.

My Water bottle Project This is a poster of the water bottle’s that we made. We made a computer version, a pastel version, a pencil version and a marker version.

My Rocket Project This is a poster we made about our model rockets. We launched them in the grass area at school.

My Pencil Holder project This is my desk tidy which I made in S2. we had to make it using a 300mm piece of wood that we got to style in our own way. We sanded it and once it was completely sanded we had to we and dry it and varnish it 3 times.

Evaluation  In

CDT I mainly enjoyed the graphics because I feel like I am better at this than the practical side and because I like using the computers.  the project that I found the hardest would probably be the clock because there were 3 parts to it and I am not the best at filing and it included a lot of that.  The project that I found the easiest was the dice because it was simple and didn’t take much time to do.

My S2 CDT 2013 - Chelsea  
My S2 CDT 2013 - Chelsea  

My S2 CDT 2013 - Chelsea