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Organizational Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy in Organization Psychology (PhD) San Francisco

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Named for one of the most successful executive coaches in the world today, the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management (MGSM) is reinventing management education by preparing graduates to work immediately and effectively in complex, global organizations. What makes MGSM distinctive is preparation that gives you an edge on the human side of business. MGSM offers bachelor’s completion programs as well as graduate programs in Organizational Psychology, International Relations and Business and Management.


• International diversity in the classroom •Small class sizes permitting more personalized attention • Convenient evening courses • Internship opportunities • Financial aid to qualified students • MGSM scholarship opportunities


Dr. Marshal Goldsmith, university Whether in the private or public sector, professor at Alliant International the workplace is one of the fastest University, exemplifies our approach growing areas for the professional to management. Dr. Goldsmith has practice of psychology. The goal of been named one of the 50 most the PhD Program in Organizational Psychology in the Marshall Goldsmith influential thought leaders in School of Management at the business by the American San Francisco campus is to develop Management Association and highly resourceful, values-based has been an executive coach to scholar-practitioners who acquire the more than 70 CEOs around the depth and breadth of competencies world. He has written or edited required to apply state-of-the-art research 20 books on effective leadership and practice to real world challenges and management practices. faced by today’s global organizations. This is a strongly applied doctoral training program instructed by a multi-disciplinary faculty who are thought leaders in their chosen areas of expertise and who bring extensive years of successful professional practice experience to their teaching.

Applied Practice Focus

The academic philosophy underlying this doctoral program is the belief that effective practitioners need to have a strong foundation in the theory and research that inform professional practice work. As a result, students learn foundational organization and management theories, acquire skills in conducting rigorous behavioral science research, and develop proficiency in a range of diverse professional practice methodologies. All of this professional training is geared toward pragmatic applications that address the complex issues of most relevance to businesses and organizational life. In addition to coursework, students receive over a year of individual supervised field training from highly experienced practitioners during which they learn the artistry of designing and conducting planned interventions to enhance individual and performance and vitality.

Curriculum Overview

This recently redesigned 92-unit doctoral program curriculum is intended to facilitate substantive student learning and skill development in the science and art of workplace psychology, critical thinking and analytical skills. It combines exploration and critique of seminal and emergent theory, examination and application of rigorous behavioral

Organizational Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy in Organization Psychology (PhD) cont’d Organizational Psychology Positions held by MGSM Alumni Qualcomm, Inc, Sr. Vice President of Training and Development Disney, Director of Employee and Organization Development IBM, Senior Manager, Business Consulting Services Accenture, Senior Consultant, Human Performance HealthNet, Manager of Organizational Effectiveness Hershey, Senior Brands Manager Nestle, Senior Assistant Treasurer, Malaysia eBay, Senior Director, Learning and Organization Development

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, business, management, or a related field of study and a grade point of 3.0 or higher. • Masters degree in I-O Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Organization Development, Clinical or Counseling Psychology, Business Administration, Public Administration is preferred but not required. • Submission of GRE or GMAT score report • Personal essay describing future professional interests and goals • Three letters of recommendation • Effective interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written) • 3-5 years of work experience

science research methods, and in-depth professional practice skill development. Students first successfully complete 52 course credits and pass a qualifying exam before being moved to doctoral candidacy. Students then embark on developing specialization in the field from immersion in an extensive supervised internship experience, and by conducting their own independent applied research to meet the dissertation requirement. The newly established Organizational Consulting Center on the San Francisco campus provides varied opportunities for student professional practice experience. Students benefit from our innovative and distinctive approach to training and guiding their dissertation research which has students engage in preliminary work in their 2nd year of study and continue with individualized faculty guidance for the design and conduct of their research.



First Year - Fall Semester (12 units) PSY 6009 Psychometrics, Statistics & Research Design ORG 7350 Organization Theory ORG 7607 Consulting Skills: Foundations of Organization Develop & Consulting PSY 8412 Social Psychology First Year - Spring Semester (12 units) PSY 6010 Psychometrics, Statistics & Research Design ORG 7425 Organization Behavior: Fundamentals & International Perspectives PSY 6412 Group Dynamics ORG 6330 Paradigms of Inquiry in Organization Studies Second Year - Fall Semester (14 units) ORG 7516 Consulting Skills: Group/Team Interventions ORG 6031 Qualitative Research Methods ORG 7525 Organization Development & Change ORG 7330 Cultural Diversity in Organizations ORG 8990 Research Seminar: Dissertation Research Planning Second Year - Spring Semester (12 units) ORG 8990 Research Seminar: Dissertation Research Planning ORG 7528 Consulting Skills: System-wide Interventions ORG 7670 Coaching & Self Development ORG 7725 Applied Field Work 2 elective units ORG 7250 are required as part of the pre-candidate curriculum. Total Units Pre-Candidacy=52 / Qualifying Exam

Third Year - Fall Semester (10 units) ORG 8991 Dissertation Proposal Development ORG 7440 Business Principles ORG 7710 Ethics & Social Responsibility Third Year - Spring Semester (11 units) ORG 8991 Dissertation Proposal Development ORG 9410 Organization Studies Field Placement ORG 9490 Organization Studies Supervision Seminar PSY 7437 Ethical & Legal Issues In Organization Studies Fourth Year - Fall Semester (9 units) ORG 8992 Dissertation Research Project ORG 9410 Organization Studies Field Placement ORG 9490 Organization Studies Supervision Seminar Fourth Year - Spring Semester (8 units) ORG 8992 Dissertation Research Project ORG 9410 Organization Studies Field Placement ORG 9440 Organization Studies Supervision Seminar 2 elective units ORG 7250 are required as part of the post-candidate curriculum. Total Units Post-Candidacy = 40

A description of each course is listed by course number in the Course Description section of the catalog. Curriculum requirements are subject to change.

Alliant is a private, nonprofit university and an equal opportunity employer and educator accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

PhD in Organizational Psychology  

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