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NAFTA Clean Tech Business Development Program

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Named for one of the most successful executive coaches in the world today, the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management (MGSM) is reinventing management education by preparing graduates to work immediately and effectively in complex, global organizations. What makes MGSM distinctive is preparation that gives you an edge on the human side of business.

NAFTA Clean Tech Business Development Program This program takes the students through the process of cross-border Business Development in the Clean Tech Industry with a focus on the NAFTA economies and their interrelationships. The course structures are designed around problembased learning (PBL) with real world applications to businesses in the NAFTA economies. The NAFTA program consists of three graduate level courses which will cover the business development for new ventures, the cross-border political, economic, legal and technological context as well as innovation and commercialization of new venture in the clean tech industries.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, university professor at Alliant International University, exemplifies our approach to management. Dr. Goldsmith has been named one of the 50 most influential thought leaders in business by the American Management Association and has been an executive coach to more than 120 CEOs around the world. He has written or edited 28 books on effective leadership and management practices.

The program will consist of consulting work with top management teams— with meetings scheduled in the three countries with both businesses, academic, government and NGO expertise, as well as lectures, intensive group work and online instruction. In addition, the program exposes students to a series of lectures by industry experts, business visits, and a series of comprehensive consulting projects that challenge the students to develop business ventures in the NAFTA framework. The MGSM NAFTA Clean Tech Business Development program was developed in 2010 in conjunction with the Holly Lepre, Vice President of Clean Tech San Diego; James Clark, the Director of the Mexico Business Center of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and Sean Barr, the Consul General of Canada in San Diego.

Program Course Work (9 units) Fresno • Irvine • Los Angeles • Mexico City Sacramento • San Diego • San Francisco

The NAFTA Clean Tech Business Development Program is available for students enrolled in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Master of International Business Administration (I-MBA) and Bright Green MBA programs. The concentration will engage students to pursue business initiatives involving the three NAFTA nations and will focus on green initiatives and clean technologies. :: BUS 6170: New Business Development (3 units) :: BUS 6180: Doing Business in the NAFTA Context (3 units) :: BUS 6190: Clean Tech Business Development in the NAFTA Context (3 units)

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NAFTA Clean Tech Business Development Program  

NAFTA Clean Tech Business Development Program