MGeSprit 2022 Vol 2

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Principal’s Message The past months have been about

who have supported us through the

of the pandemic as well as the



challenging period. Our teaching

restoration of activities in their fullest

it is commemorating our 135th

and non-teaching staff had worked

stride. Their creativity, resilience and

Founder’s Day, coming together for

faithfully and tirelessly to ensure

enthusiasm, whether as organisers

our nation’s birthday, or rejoicing

that learning never stopped for our


in our shared multiracial heritage

students, and that MGS life continues

events and modalities, are palpable

during Racial Harmony Day, there is

through the myriad programmes and

and inspire peers and staff alike. At

a strong sense of unity and belonging

activities that you see in these pages.

MGS, we want our girls to feel that

as our MGS family celebrated the

We were thrilled for the opportunity

this is a place of belonging where

goodness and faithfulness of God to

to express our appreciation to all

they feel connected and safe, where


our school and country.




our staff through our exuberant

they can dream, aspire, create and

Teachers’ Day celebrations. We want

act courageously - and to do so with

We are indeed blessed to have a

to once again thank each one of them

optimism and positivity in ways that

strong MGS community, past and

for their dedication, selflessness and

also benefit the community beyond MGS.

present, that comes together with

unwavering sense of duty and care,

such joy and deep affection for the

even as they themselves have had to

school each year on 25 July on our

support their own families through

Our theme for 2022, Here, for a

Founder’s Day. This year is especially

the pandemic.

We also had the

Purpose, continues to guide why, how

poignant with the resumption of

opportunity to express our deepfelt

and what we do, and not the narrow


gratitude to parents who had stepped

pursuit of academic and material

arising from the timely easing of

forward to serve our school through


safe management measures. These

various platforms and programmes.

and shapes our lived learning and





have greatly enriched the richness

They are role models to our girls

serving experiences, giving them

and meaningfulness of our 135th

who saw how they generously gave

greater meaning and impact for

anniversary experiences and events.

of their time and talents to bless our

the longer term As we look back at

MGS community.

the myriad purposeful experiences

It is because we have pulled together

we have enjoyed as a school, we

as a community and country to









remain humbled and grateful for the


storm in our lives is strengthened

loving service of our MGS community

the challenges collectively over the

by the enduring relationships that

- staff, students, parents, Board, MGS

past months and years that we

characterise our MGS family. As a


can now celebrate the present as a

school, we are all learning together

partners and stakeholders. Above all,

nation and school with confidence

- staff and students alike - and this

we are thankful to God for his faithful

and embrace the future with hope

energises the whole campus with

and manifold blessings, protection

- stronger, together. As we look

purpose and possibilities. We are

and grace over our school. It is to His

towards the post-pandemic road

also so proud of our girls who have

glory that we continue, as one MGS,

ahead, we are grateful to those

embraced and taken the challenges

To Master, To Grow, and To Serve.




Primary 5 ROCs By Samantha Ong and Adele Foo (5.2) ROCS known as “Reality Outside Classrooms” is a milestone programme that every Primary 5 student experiences. We were grateful to have an opportunity to attend the 2-day ROCs programme held at school, made possible with the relaxed safe distancing measures. The instructors were patient and creative. They went the extra mile to guide us and make the learning and activities fun. On the first day, we had activities that enabled us to

Primary 4 Outdoor Camp By Alyna Tai and Janine Chan (4.4) The Primary 4 students were all looking forward to the highly anticipated P4 Outdoor Camp, held from 31 March to 6 April 2022. There were three main activities - Papier Mache, Outdoor Discoveries and an activity called “Escape the Forbidden Island”. In the Papier Mache activity, we used recycled scraps of paper to create a unique sculpture! In the Outdoor Discoveries segment, there were four interesting stations - composting, the Eco-Garden visit, water filtration activity and Knots and Lashes. My group started with compost-making, which requires us to convert food waste into useful compost for our garden. After that, we explored the Eco-Garden and learnt more about the plants and flowers we commonly see. We also learnt more about making various types of knots and their uses, and how to use a DIY filter to make dirty water clean again. The last activity, Escape the Forbidden Island, consisted of team-bonding games which ended the camp on a high note. Without a doubt, the camp was educational and enjoyable. We had a whale of a time learning how to care for the environment and learning to appreciate the outdoors more. Through these activities, we learnt the importance of teamwork. We are already hoping for another camp like this!



learn to work as a group to complete tasks. Through these activities, we bonded together as a class as we planned and strategised to achieve the goals of the activities. At times, when we failed to meet the targets of the games, we did not give up but reviewed our strategies again on how to achieve our goals. We learnt to reflect and review while putting aside our individuality and regulating our emotions, especially in times of differences. We have learnt many values from this camp such as patience, resilience, purposeful planning, flexible thinking and the importance of teamwork to complete the tasks given. It was a challenging, yet an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Primary 6 Archery Tag By Sophia Wong (6.5) Term 1 ended on a high note, with an archery tag activity for the Primary 6 students. Each class had a 3-hour long session of fun. Grouped into teams of five, we donned our sponge-padded face shields and set out into the field. In order to set the arrow flying, we had to pull the bow string to the back and straighten our arms. The sport requires much more arm strength than we anticipated. Through this activity, we learnt that to do well, we must be focused and disciplined. Teamwork was the main takeaway from this activity. We learnt that if we could not communicate well with our other teammates, we would not play well. This activity was a brilliant opportunity for us to unwind and relax while bonding with our classmates. Through this archery tag activity, we learnt how to strategise by having a plan to defeat the opponents. This also applies to our school life. If we learn how to strategise and plan our time wisely, we would have enough time to rest and study. All in all, this activity was extremely meaningful, carrying a deep message behind all that fun.

WOW Space Macrame Workshop By Yasmin Alanna Banks (1D) and Hannah Teo (2I) The WOW Space Macrame Workshop that took place earlier in the year was very fun and enjoyable. Samantha Tan (2G) and her team were knowledgeable about the techniques and proactive in teaching the participants about what macrame is and how it came to be. We learnt that macrame is a crafting technique that uses knots to create textiles. It dates back to the 13th-century when Arabic weavers used knots to secure loose ends of woven textiles. This technique can be used to make things like plant holders, wall hangings, keychains and more! During the workshop, we were also taught how to make two different types of keychains: a flower keychain and a diagonal one. While making these two types of keychains, we learnt some special knots like the Lark’s Head and the Double Clove Hitch knots. Naturally, we faced some challenges along the way such as messing up the steps and had to occasionally ask for help but eventually, we managed to make beautiful macrame keychains. We hope more people will learn how to macrame as it is fun and easy to pick up!




MGS Festival of Arts (FOA) By Claire Koh (3G) and Lauren Ngiam (3S)

The central theme of this year’s MGS Festival of Arts (FOA),

inspiration from films and experimented with various

Ikigai, was “Reason for One’s Being”. The digital production

ways of scripting to overcome choppy flows or a lack of

was filmed at various locations in school and Gateway

creative ideas.

Theatre. Through the recollection of memories and hopes for the future, the production was woven together with

We are extremely grateful for our audience’s support

a storyline about how a group of girls embarked on a

throughout FOA and for the opportunity for our

journey to save their beloved tree from withering away

performers to pursue their passions. The performing

and find their ikigai.

arts groups -- Choir, Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble, Handbell Ensemble, Indian Dance, International Dance

Being part of the concert’s student-organising committee

and Drama Society -- feel really blessed. To those who

had been an enriching experience. Although we had

missed the opportunity to attend this year’s FOA, we truly

never written such a long script for a storyboard, we took

hope to see you in person soon!



International Friendship Day By Emma Chew (1M) This year, MGS marked International Friendship Day (IFD) with a very special Assembly programme on 8 April, with the theme “Our Stories of Faith, Hope & Glory” to anchor the event. It was an extremely enjoyable experience for me, as a newly minted Citizenship Education (CE) Representative.

a lot and had a lot of fun. While the main event was a short live broadcast via YouTube, the Sec 1 CE Reps had

As a school, we witnessed what some of our twinning

to prepare thoroughly for it in the weeks leading up to the

and partnering schools -- Mount Carmel School (New

event. Among the various duties available, I was assigned

Delhi), Hong Kong Methodist College, Vidya Mandir Senior

-- alongside a few other CE Reps. -- to help produce a video

Secondary School (Chennai), Wesley Girls High School

showcasing the VIA efforts of MGS students during the

(Taipei) -- have been going through during the pandemic,

pandemic that we could feature during the broadcast. The

and how they have continued to bring joy and support to

process of making the IFD video was very enjoyable as the

the communities around them in their respective cities.

storyboard and visual design were all up to us.

We were glad that many of the students and teachers from these schools tuned in to our live broadcast from

I also volunteered working behind the scenes during the

afar to celebrate the ties that we have forged over the

live broadcast, and it was exhilarating and enriching at the

years. Although the pandemic has made it challenging for

same time. The teachers in-charge were all very patient

us to visit one another, we are brought together by the gift

with us even though we were unsure of what to do. I learnt

of technology.

about basic aspects of digital broadcasting that have sparked my interest in this area. Overall, the experience

Being a Sec 1 student, I had no experience being a CE

taught me a lot and I would definitely do it again if I had

Rep at all! Through this experience however, I have learnt

the chance!

My Pen Pal By Gianelle Heng and Zoey Mun (5.5) Over the course of Term 2, the Student Leaders participated in “My Pen Pal” activity, and wrote to Student Leaders from Jurong West Primary School (JWPS). We personalized our letters and shared our experiences as Student Leaders of MGS. Letters were sealed in envelopes and were delivered by the teachers in charge of Student Leadership every fortnight. and how they coped with their responsibilities, stress, The experience was exciting as we did not know the

studies and expectations.

identities or gender of our assigned pen pals. Through the exchange of letters with the JWPS Students Leaders,

This was a valuable experience for us as we were able

we got to share our struggles and expectations as Student

to get a glimpse of what life is like in another school,

Leaders in our school. We also learnt about their duties

especially a co-ed school.



TGIF: Arts Appreciation Day in MGS By Lareina Lim (4D) and Jodi Foo (3M) The gradual shift to normalcy from pandemic measures has seen the resumption of authentic learning experiences in the arts. TGIF: Arts Appreciation Day brought back these exciting occurrences. TGIF for the Sec 4 cohort began with a mass dance session led by the Sec 3 International Dance students, during which we danced and sang along to popular tunes. Thereafter, we were divided into smaller groups to explore a variety of art forms through breakout sessions. Some participants depicted exaggerated facial features for an

The Guitar Ensemble performed three popular favourites

entertaining caricature, others created a 3D-effect on our

on both the classical and acoustic guitars, one of which

carved ceramics tile, and the both of us learnt to produce

being “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Through TGIF,

interesting sounds in a beat-boxing session.

the members of the Guitar Ensemble were able to gain confidence in their skills.

This year’s TGIF also featured a Performing Arts CCA for the first time: the Guitar Ensemble. For most of the

It was truly a fun morning of uncovering our talents, and

members, it was the first time performing for a large

this has intrigued many of us to find out more about these

audience, and indeed, it was a memorable experience.

unique forms of art.

Student Leaders’ Investiture By Eden Joy Lee (5.1) and Zoey Mun (5.5) On 26 May, the school showed their appreciation to the outgoing P6 Student Leaders, and recognised the newly appointed P4 and P5 Student Leaders. The Student Leaders’ Investiture took place at the Kwa Geok Choo Auditorium, with some watching live, and others cheering the Student Leaders on through a YouTube Livestream. The Guest-of-Honour, Dr Siew Jo Keow, spoke of John 6: 8-13, The Five Loaves and Two Fish, sharing about her trust in God through her experience and reminding us that God will always multiply what we offer sincerely. It was a beautiful message and we were touched by her sharing. The investiture not only marks the start and end of many journeys, but also allows the Student Leaders to do their

could take place in a face-to-face setting. May we wear our

school proud. We give thanks to God that investiture

badges with honour and pride.



Mother’s Day Chapel Services By Zoe Tan (6.2) and Isabelle Tan (6.3) Mother’s Day, a day where we celebrate our mothers, took on extra meaning this year for us. Together with the

Creative Arts Programme

prefectorial team, we led a special chapel programme for

By Thee Sim Ling (3R)

Chapel was held over two days, on 26 and 28 April, where

The Creative Arts Programme (CAP) is a programme organised by the Gifted Education Branch, Ministry of Education and Yale-NUS College. It is a talent programme open to budding writers from secondary schools and junior colleges across Singapore. Participants are selected based on their writing portfolios which were submitted in February. This year, 11 students from MGS were chosen. As part of their CAP experience, the girls attended an orientation session on 13 May 2022 before participating in the five-day Creative Arts Seminar from 30 May to 2 June 2022, held virtually through Zoom. These budding writers were able to attend lectures by established local writers, take part in performance workshops such as monologue and blackout poetry, and interact with other students who shared a similar passion for the literary arts. It was an enriching experience for many as they were exposed to interesting and relevant issues on writing and the arts, and had the opportunity to take part in Writer’s Circle sessions to critique others’ work and receive feedback

the school in appreciation of our mothers.

we put together a series of God-centered activities giving thanks to one of the most important persons in our lives - our mothers. The chapel special started with an opening prayer led by Zoe Tan, followed by worship lead by Rebecca Tay, Caitlin Chew, Kate Ng and Chelsea Kusma, and heartfelt sharing of real life experiences quoting references from the bible by Megan Pang, Diane Ong and Kayley Tan. We ended the celebration with a fun, handson activity led by Isabelle Tan and Skye Matthews. Through the preparation for chapel services, we learnt to consider our audience’s preference and needs, and prepared separate versions for the Lower Primary and Upper Primary. The chapel special also reminded us of how much our mothers have done for us. They are our chef, our doctor, our teacher, our coach and biggest cheerleader, being there for us through our ups and downs, assuring us of their love through it all. We are thankful for our mothers, for without them, we would not be who we are today.

for their own. Crisann Tay (3S) was also selected for the Mentorship Attachment where she would be under the guidance of an experienced mentor over a nine-month period. As last year’s CAP participants, Gladje Teo Xinyu (3M) and I were also given the opportunity in September 2021 to volunteer as Student Leaders for the Creative Writing Programme - a version of CAP tailored to Primary 5 students. This year, I also took up the role of a CAP Councillor to assist in the running of the Creative Arts Seminar, such as writing reports and guiding participants. As a lead-up to the event, I attended training sessions throughout the month of May. CAP has definitely been a rewarding experience and I would highly recommend it to other MG students who have a love for the written word!



Mother Tongue Fortnight 母语双周 By Stacey Koh and Megan Lim (4.3)

By Crisann Tay (3S)

The 2022 Mother Tongue Fortnight (MTF) was held

During this year’s Mother Tongue Fortnight, our Sec 3

between 18 to 29 of April. During the MTF, our students

students were given an opportunity to unleash our creative

had loads of fun learning about their cultures from a wide

juices through a variety of fun and enriching activities.

variety of activities planned for them.

Kickstarting the programme was an activity held in class

For Chinese Language, students played various traditional

beautiful dragonfly with just a piece of string and two beads.

where we were taught how to tie the Chinese knot to create a and Chinese idiom games, made bean art, designed their own cheongsam, Chinese fans and many more. For Malay

We saw our efforts culminate in the last week of Semester

Language, the students participated in activities including

1, where we created projects in the form of board games

making face-puppets, did a ‘Show and Tell’ on their

based on the Singaporean-Chinese culture. These board

favourite Malay food and designed Hari Raya packets.

games came to life when all the Sec 3s came together

For Tamil Language, our students laid out oil lamps and

to try out those developed by the other groups in the

worked on peacock craft, designing Rangoli and Henna

Skyloft. We also had the opportunity to earn prizes for the

bookmarks. Students also had a rare opportunity to recite

‘Best Designed Game’ and the ‘Most Participative Group’.

our National Pledge in their mother tongue during the morning assembly.

Throughout the two weeks, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of our rich culture in themes such as cuisine,

Overall, the 2022 MTF was a truly memorable experience

traditional costumes, and even some lesser known areas

as we were able to get together physically to have fun and

such as 新谣 (“Xinyao”), which are Mandarin folk songs

enjoy learning more about our different cultures. Lastly,

composed, written and performed by Singaporeans.

we would like to thank all the teachers and staff who organised the MTF event and made this event possible and successful.

It was a truly memorable experience and many of us were enthralled by the treasure trove of knowledge on Singaporean-Chinese culture imparted to us by fellow schoolmates.



Staff Bonding Every year, students from each level have a chance to take part in various games, representing their House to win some points. However, on 23 May, the primary school teachers let their hair down and took part in some games. Each winning team garnered points for their respective houses. It was good to see the teachers away from their desks and enjoying some modified games like Mini-tennis, Hula Hoop and Chapteh, having lots of fun with their colleagues. It showcased the sporting talents as well as the competitive side of many of them.

ECG: A Day in the Courts By Emma Chew (3D), Clarissa Tan (3D), Prithika Balamurugan (3D) and Baishya Prisha (3M) When we were told that we would be visiting the State Courts, we could barely contain our excitement. Indeed, our experience at ‘A Day in the Courts’ was







To kickstart the event, an enthusiastic emcee facilitated some games for us to play. Despite us not winning the games, enthusiasm and eagerness thrummed through our veins. During the subsequent segments, esteemed members of the State Courts conducted talks that enlightened us about the law and the civil service. They also shared on the topic of harassment. A Q&A session was arranged towards the end of the session where our burning questions were answered.

Art @ MRT Stations Earlier this year, Secondary One and Two students created art pieces on the theme of ‘Artist & Sustainability’ using various mediums to express their vision of a future Singapore. To encourage social change towards a sustainable nation, the students and teachers of MGS hope to reach out to the wider community through this art series. We are happy to have the partnership of SBS Transit for the artwork to be displayed across Singapore at King Albert Park, Beauty World and Little India MRT stations, inspiring commuters to join us in imagining a greener world of tomorrow, made possible with small steps such as supporting local produce.

All in all, the event has further fuelled our passion for law and desire to contribute to the civil service. We are incredibly thankful for this golden opportunity and hope to attend more of such similar events in the future.



Leading and Inspiring, Together (LIT) MGS Leadership Training Camp By Faith Kimberly Ng (3R), Thee Sim Ling (3R), Tricia Quah (3G) and Chloe Lee (3R) Over the June holidays on 21 and 22 June, 78 Sec 2 House Leaders (HL) nominees attended ‘Camp LIT’, the twentieth edition of the MGS Leadership Training Camp (LTC). The tagline of this camp was “Leading and Inspiring Together (LIT)”, which underscored the importance of keeping the spirit ablaze in the work of House Leaders. The objectives of the camp were to foster an understanding of the essence of servant leadership in our school and to equip nominees with useful leadership skills. The nominees were engaged in several exciting activities such as leadership training and project management workshops, laser tag, station games, a mass dance and a closing campfire. Our Sec 3 HLs also exercised their leadership skills as they learnt to mentor their juniors. At the closing campfire, the Sec 3 HLs also took the opportunity to thank the outgoing Sec 4 HLs for their contributions and guidance with handmade gifts, cards, and a tear-jerking video montage. It was really rewarding when we saw how the fruit of our labour materialised after months of planning for the camp, especially when the campfire was lit in the quadrangle and along with it, the fires in the hearts of all the HL nominees. It was an unquestionably ‘LIT’ experience to remember!

LTC 2022 was definitely LIT! It was a “ very fulfilling experience planning for this camp and all of our hard work paid off when we saw how our mentees grew as leaders. We hope that these HL nominees will continue to lead and inspire others as they continue on their journey as leaders.

Lim Chu Wern (3S) and Joy Choo (3I), HLs in charge of ‘Camp LIT’

Primary 6 Encouragement Cards On 5 August, as part of learning how to “Encourage the Heart” of others, the Primary 4 Prefects presented mini encouragement cards to the Primary 6 cohort to cheer them on in their preparation for their preliminary examinations. These cards were digitally designed by a team of Prefects with the theme verse of 2022. The Primary 4 Prefects also took the lead and guided the Primary 4 cohort to write uplifting messages to their seniors on the back of the cards. It is their hope that the graduating cohort will be encouraged by this simple gesture!



Thanksgiving 2022 10 Years of IP in MGS By Caitlin Lau (4G) On 5 July 2022, the Year 4 cohort hosted the Integrated Programme







commemorate the tenth year of the IP programme in MGS since its launch in 2012. The theme was “Built to Last” and the theme verse was taken from Proverbs 24:3, both of

Primary 5 National Education (NE) Show

This Thanksgiving, the MGS IP students were treated to a

By Alyssa Chua and Gabrielle Ong (5.4)

session with our ex-MGS IP seniors, poetry readings, and

which pay homage to the theme back in 2012, celebrating the IP programme’s transcendence throughout the years.

plethora of different activities including a panel discussion viewing of a variety of videos showcasing the different

On 2 July, the P5 cohort attended the NE Show which

pathways that MGS IP girls have embarked on post-

returned to The Float @ Marina Bay after a two-year

graduation. Coupled with fun activities such as a “Kahoot!”

hiatus. We were thrilled with the inaugural experience of

quiz organised personally by the Planning Committee, the

taking the MRT train to the show and back to school with

IP cohort has gained a greater appreciation of how the IP

our friends and teachers.

in MGS has enriched our learning and helped us gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of this

It was the first time watching the show in person for many

reputable programme.

of us. We could hear squeals of delight at the medley of performances and military displays which included the

Overall, this year’s IP Thanksgiving was truly an

aerobatic displays of F-16 fighter jets, landings by the Red

enlightening and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Lions parachutists and the Total Defence Display. Many

The invaluable insights shared by our seniors has inspired

of us were enthralled and held up our mobile phones to

us to contribute to the MGS community for future batches

capture the action. The show culminated in a dazzling

to come, as we carry on discovering our individual and

display of fireworks!

unique talents.

As we left for home after the show, we were thankful for this collective experience which deepened our understanding and appreciation of what it means to be Singaporeans!



‘Concerto Di Acceso’ and the Combined MEP/ EMP Camp By Wang Xinyue (3R) and Eve Tan (3R) ‘Concerto Di Acceso’, the annual Music Elective Programme (MEP) concert, was held in front of a physical audience this year, which was a welcomed change from the virtual performances for the past two years. A collaboration between the Sec 3 MEP and Art students, the concert showcased the fusion of our various skills and stages, from conceptualisation to actualisation. Performing to a full house, we received overwhelming support and positive feedback from the audience. The MEP students planned, arranged and presented pieces from all-time classics to contemporary favourites, supported by creative responses from the Art students in the areas of programming, publicity and decorations. We learnt the importance of clear communication and supporting one another through teamwork and adapting to changes.

Improvising with Signals, Creating Soundscapes and

The Combined MEP/ EMP (Enhanced Music Programme)

culminated in a showcase at the end of the camp. Overall,

Dance workshops in European, Jazz and Malay dance. This Camp also provided avenues for students to interact and

it was an invaluable experience for us all, particularly in

learn about different aspects of music through various

terms of broadening the scope of music learning beyond

workshops such as Creating Music through Coding,

the syllabus.

House Cheers The atmosphere was set ablaze with excitement as our House Leaders led their Houses in House Cheers, to support our teachers who played games to earn points for their respective Houses on Teachers’ Day. It has been almost two years since the House Leaders engaged the school in House Cheers. To kick start the process of teaching the school the various House Cheers, in Term 3, our House Leaders engaged the school in creating House Rhymes by using the House mottos. As the submissions came flooding in, our House Leaders chose creative and catchy House Rhymes to put up along the staircases. Some of the House Rhymes were then used in creating the House Cheers. It was indeed a fun process!



Racial Harmony Day By Chloe Goh and Natalie Jade Chan (5.6) MGS students commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 21 July by donning our colourful ethnic costumes to school. The theme this year was ‘Singapore, our multicultural mosaic’. We were captivated by the concert performed by Rhythm Masala. We screamed in delight when some of us were invited on stage to try our hands on the percussion instruments. Just like how Singapore unites in diversity, we were amazed by how harmonious music could be created by the playing of the drums of the different cultures. In our extended recess for that day, we were treated to traditional snacks such as dragon beard candy, kacang puteh, sugee cakes and kueh lapis, lovingly prepared by parents and coordinated by ParentLink. There were also enjoyable kampung games such as pick-up sticks, five stones and hopscotch which we played to our hearts’ content. We remember this day that Singaporeans celebrate our multiculturalism and reflect on the importance of fostering harmony and understanding among all communities in our nation!

It was heartening for the parent organizers of RHD 2022 to see MGS girls immersing themselves joyfully in the colourful festivities as they experienced the traditional kampong games and variety of snacks from the different cultures, while dressed in a spectrum of beautiful ethnic costumes. With the easing of SMMs, the long-awaited mini-fair on 21 July returned in full swing this year with much excitement and laughter as girls queued for games with their friends and went about the school tasting varions food from the different races. To enrich the learning of students, the parents had planned for the event months in advance, with intricately decorated booths set up at the concourse, canteen trellis and bamboo courtyard that evoked the multi-cultural heritage of Singapore. For many girls accustomed to the COVID-19 restraints of the past few years, it was an unforgettable sight they will remember for time to come.



MGS celebrates 135 years! Launch of MGS135 & MGServes To mark 135 days before Founder’s Day which fell on Sunday 13 March, the student leaders from both the Primary and Secondary schools led in the launch of the celebrations during flag-raising in the morning of Friday 11 March. With the countdown clock at D-135, the MGServes Movement also took off. The MGS community was encouraged to spread goodwill and share their blessings with others through acts of kindness done as a family or with friends, informal collaborations, or organised ground-up initiatives between different groups of MGS students, staff, parents, the alumnae and other stakeholders. We hope this purposeful undertaking as a school will continue to bring positive impact and change lives for the better. The primary school also started a 135-day countdown in March. This was to build up the excitement as we awaited the special day. For every school day in the lead up to 25 July, one puzzle piece was hidden in a classroom for the class to search for. Upon finding these puzzle pieces, students added them to a gigantic jigsaw puzzle board, eventually revealing the formation of the digits 1-3-5. On the puzzle pieces, fun facts and riddles based on MGS history were printed. These pieces of information were read out every morning at flag-raising, in hopes of teaching our students the rich history and legacy of MGS.

Inaugural MGS House Spirit Day As part of commemorating MGS135, the very first MGS House Spirit Day was launched on 25 March to enrich our House Spirit and promote a sense of belonging and unity among the MGS population. MGS girls embraced the opportunity to come in their house colours, joined by the school teachers and staff as well.



MG Week & Founder’s Day MG Week was launched on Monday 18 July with much excitement, as it was also the much-loved annual Blue & Yellow day for all staff and students to don the school colours with pride. Lunchbox Day was held the following day and the glorious sunshine accompanied classes of girls as they sat in the quadrangle to partake in an assortment of picnic food. Finally it was D-Day! MGS commemorated her milestone 135th Founder’s Day on 25 July with much festive joy. Bishop Dr Gordon Wong was the Guest of Honour at the Founder’s Day Service and Graduation Ceremony which brought together all Primary and Secondary school students, staff and members of the MGS family in a special day of celebrations. The morning started with a colourful parade comprising uniformed groups and house leaders, followed by a meaningful service featuring the melodic voices and musical talents of MGS students. The school also welcomed back the Class of 2021, marking the return of MGS graduands after a two-year hiatus. It was indeed a precious opportunity for the MGS family to come together physically to celebrate this significant occasion together. The founding anniversary of MGS was a time of heartfelt thanksgiving shared by all for God’s faithfulness, grace, and goodness to MGS throughout the past 135 years. There was also a deep sense of gratitude for His provision of the many hands and hearts who had contributed towards MGS so that generations of girls may be nurtured ‘To Master, To Grow, To Serve’ in their journey of being and becoming their best selves for the world and above all for His Glory, called for His Purpose.



MGS Sunday By Lynn Tan (2I) We celebrated MGS Sunday on 31 July this year, when the Covenant Community Methodist Church (CCMC) at MGS continued with the annual tradition of dedicating a Sunday to celebrate and affirm her close partnership and loving support of the school. Members of the school community attended the 9am Sunday service in the Kwa Geok Choo Auditorium, where members from the Choir and String Ensemble gave a splendid display of their talents with their rendition of our theme song “Trust His Heart”. Reverend Peace Choi then spoke about being “Stewards


of the Words of Life”. The congregation was reminded to

Creamalicious was organized by ParentLink on 15 July to

believe in Jesus, and that He is the way, the truth and the life. As such, we must keep God’s truth as our basis of how we are to live life and witness to the world.

celebrate our milestone 135th Founder’s Day. Differentflavoured ice cream and ice lollies were distributed at the canteen trellis during recess to all students, who enjoyed them tremendously. It was a yummy treat that sweetened the festivities leading up to MG Week and Founder’s Day.

an usher gave me the “ Being opportunity to serve in church while representing the school and growing closer to those in the MGS community!

Lynn Tan (2I)



Farmers’ Market Food Entrepreneurship Project By Audrey Leng (2T) and Aravind Neya (2T) We had the precious opportunity to become food entrepreneurs in the Food & Consumer Education Coursework for our Home Economics module this year. As a class, we worked out a business plan to market, produce

work! It was only when the food production, marketing,

and sell our ‘Made with Passion Food Product’ using

accounting and packaging & delivery teams worked in

produce from local farms. We were pleasantly surprised

synergy that we could attain such great success. Through

when the “Pandan Cream Choux” pastry that we had

these varied areas, we also developed holistically as we

baked using local ingredients such as eggs and “pandan”

found ourselves making difficult decisions and finding

leaves was sold out on the first day of our Farmers’ Market

creative solutions. Additionally, we have experienced first-

Roadshow! We are also very grateful that the organisers

hand the hardships and challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

of the programme provided us with a seed fund to give us

However, all these encounters were definitely worthwhile

a head start.

as we have helped raise awareness and promote food sustainability to our peers in MGS. In doing so, we hope

Through this Farmers’ Market Food Entrepreneurship

to help Singapore edge nearer towards her Nutrition Goal

Project, we have learnt that teamwork makes the dream

for Green Plan 2030!

Farmathon 2022 By Alynna Ang (3H), Natasha Tan (3M), Megan Ng (3M), Gladje Teo (3M) and Jocelyn Tay (3M) Sustainability has always been our passion and upon seeing a chance to demonstrate our interest in this domain, a group of us decided to sign up for Farmathon 2022. Working with other schools gave us the opportunity to interact with others from different backgrounds in an intense and competitive atmosphere. We found ourselves putting aside our zeal and humbling ourselves to learn from one another. It was incredibly enjoyable to see how others view the issue of sustainability. Through this experience, we have expanded our mindsets to view sustainability as more than just an effort spearheaded by our government, but that of a collective effort of all Singaporeans. We urge all MG students to be more intentional in our collective efforts in the area of demonstrating sustainability in our daily lives so as to build a better future for generations to come!



MG Celebrates Singapore’s 57th National Day! sense of belonging and pride for Singapore as I sang the National Day songs. Following the mass gathering at the quadrangle, we were engaged in a Singapore quiz which helped to raise awareness about the history of Singapore. We were also delighted to see some of our friends perform on stage. The prize presentation of the National Day Art presentation was also an interesting part of the celebrations as we were given an opportunity to appreciate our fellow schoolmates’ artistic talents.

By Emma Lim and Shang Kailing (6.4)

This year, we had a meaningful National Day celebration

This year’s National Day was special as we gathered as a

Through the many activities we had experienced that

full school at the quadrangle after two long years. It was a

day, we realised the value of strength in unity. Stronger

delight to see all our schoolmates dressed in our national

Together, Majulah!

in MGS. We went home feeling proud to be a Singaporean.

colours. The day began with an observance ceremony. The formal march in of the state flag was a significant part of the celebration and a sense of pride swelled within us as we recited the national pledge and sang the national anthem in unison. As part of the formal ceremony, we were also involved in the recitation of the Recollections which made us reflect on the past and present challenges and how each of us has a part to play in building a stronger Singapore. Some students were involved in dramatising the Recollections and as I watched it, I marveled at how Singapore has managed to overcome war and invasion through the courage of the war heroes.

Chapel In celebration of National Day, the Prefects led the school during chapel. Using the bible story of Queen Esther, the Prefects led the school to think about how courageous Queen Esther was and how she was willing to risk her life for her people. The Prefects also encouraged the school to think about the leaders in their lives and how the leaders were placed in their lives for a purpose. Chapel ended with everyone praying for a leader in their lives who could Then, came the highlight of that morning’s celebration,

be at home, school or the country. It is the hope of the

singing national day songs. As familiar tunes blasted

Prefects that the school will be inspired to appreciate and

through the speakers, a sea of students in red and white

to pray for our leaders.

waved their flags and sang along enthusiastically. I felt a



By Faith Kimberly Ng (3R) As one of the Citizenship Education Representatives of the Secondary 3 level this year, I was able to witness upfront everyone in MGS coming together again as one full school to mark our nation’s 57th birthday! I was tasked to help out with the Observation Ceremony at the quadrangle, and along with this came with the rehearsals that I had to attend. I knew, however, that my time spent rehearsing was not in vain when I witnessed on 8 August itself, the entire school population singing and swaying to some of our favourite National Day songs that were being blasted through the sound system. I particularly enjoyed looking at our primary school girls fervently singing along to the tunes and passionately waving their flags in patriotic stupor. The second half of the day’s celebrations took place in the hall, and it was one of the first mass live school events I have ever attended due to the pandemic. It was a real treat seeing all the class mascots up onstage in the “Majulah Mascot” inter-class competition, parading their ingenuity to show how their classes interpret the theme of “Stronger Together, Majulah!” and national symbols. A few classes also revealed their powers of persuasion by convincing their Form Teachers to dress up as their class’ mascots! It was an entirely different experience seeing my friends and teachers on stage partaking in the fun and games, compared to looking at their faces pinned on a Zoom screen! This year’s National Day Celebration will be a hard one to forget, especially with the successful “National Day Karaoke” sing-along session at the end, when everyone in the hall got together and burst into song and dance, singing our lungs out to even more National Day tunes!



Visit by Minister of State for Education Minister of State for Education, Ms Gan Siow Huang visited MGS on 11 August and interacted with Secondary school students to learn about STE(A)M@MGS. In the classrooms, Ms Gan was able to see how STE(A)M was integrated into the MGS education through subjects such as Coding, Mathematics and Biology. Infocomm Club, STE(A)M Kit winners and other students also shared about the STE(A)M prototypes they had made at a STE(A)M showcase at Skyloft. An enriching dialogue session with Award Winners of “Girls in Tech”, participants of the STE(A)M Careers Forum and STE(A)M Week as well as members from Girls’ Brigade and NCC Air, saw Ms Gan sharing about her own STE(A)M journey. Ms Gan closed the session by encouraging the students to pursue their passions, hone their interests and think about how they could apply their STE(A)M knowledge to serve others and help society in purposeful ways.

TCTF Youth Mental Health Workshop By Shannon Khoo (2S) Academics, relationships and expectations -- just a few of the many negative triggers to youth mental health disorders. As the pressure on youths today is mounting, so is the importance of mental health awareness and knowing how to deal with its effects. Hence, during the June school holidays, four Puan Sri Helene Tan Chin Tuan scholars from MGS attended the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation’s (TCTF) Youth Mental Health Workshop 2022. Conducted by local crisis intervention organisation Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), the workshop taught us how to understand and support self-harming and suicidal peers. This included insights to why people resort to such coping mechanisms, how to recognise signs of individuals resorting to these measures, and how to ask them difficult questions about their mental health status. It was a rare opportunity to be equipped with skills to help our nearest and dearest in their darkest days, and we are truly grateful for the chance to be able to do so along likeminded peers who are equally passionate about caring for our community.



D.E.A.R MGS In Term 3, the Reading Committee prepared fun-filled activities for the D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) MGS fortnight. The activities included two book talks for the respective assembly periods, Read for Books, Library Quest and Book Bugs.

Students’ Anecdotes / Reflections

Read for Books Weeks 9 and 10: A Charity Book Drive ”Read for Books is a part of D.E.A.R. where MGS students can read for the benefit of others. When ten individuals read for fifteen minutes, one book will be donated to WondeRead or the Migrant Worker Library. I feel that the charity drive is meaningful because it is an opportunity to help people in need. It is wonderful

Book Buzz

that MGS can help other people while doing something enjoyable at the same time.” ~ Claire Wong (4.5)

23 August: Virtual Book Talk by Ms Rozana, our School Librarian (Primary 1 to 3) ”We enjoyed the story, “Thank you Mr Falker”. Through it, we learnt to accept people who are different. It shows the important role of a teacher and how he made a difference in the life of a student.” ~ Sky Yeo and Rachel Liew (2.6)

Book Bugs “Rescuers of Stories Lost is the fourth iteration of a bug-themed collectible card game reading promotion targeted at students to encourage reading in both English

25 August: Book Buzz by NLB Librarian (Primary 4 to 6)

and Mother Tongue Languages. Pupils read, do a review

”The book talk on wildlife was interesting. The librarian

and exchange it for one collectible card redeemed at the

shared with us books on chimpanzees and pangolins. I


was inspired by the work of Dr Jane Goodall whose interest lies in her study on social and family interactions

Book Bugs encourage us to read more books!

of chimpanzees.” ~ Phoebe Sim (4.5) What’s more amazing is that we gain house points for our

Library Quest

houses!” ~ Arielle Lim and Kyra Tan (4.5)

22 to 31 August ”This activity was creative, exciting and fun. I enjoyed searching for answers to the five questions and discussing them with my classmates. I realised that my library skills to locate information have improved. Given the opportunity, I would like to do the Library Quest activity again if given the chance to.” ~ Alyssa Yuen (4.5)



National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) By Kiera Lim Qiao and Kealani Quismorio (2G) Before NAPFA, we were apprehensive as we had only done NAPFA once in Primary 4 where we ran a distance of only 1.6km, compared to the 2.4km required in school. In addition, we were unable to exercise much during the pandemic and were worried that we would not be able to do well for NAPFA. However, the teachers reassured us

cheered for us during the 2.4km run, motivating us to

that it would be fine as long as we tried our best!

continue running.

During the NAPFA 5 items test on 24 August, we cheered

Overall, NAPFA was a good learning experience as it

each other on, ensuring that everyone did their very best.

helped us to gauge our level of fitness. As we were not as

We also had some friendly competitions which pushed

prepared as we could have been due to the pandemic, we

us to give it our all and beat our friends. Our friends also

aim to train as hard as we can for the next NAPFA.

Tête-à-Tête: Scholars’ Reception By Tessa Teo (1R) and Gracia Chua (4T) On 3 August, the Puan Sri Helene Tan Chin Tuan Scholars were extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to attend a meaningful Tête-à-Tête tea reception at the Tan Chin Tuan Mansion. Beginning with an exciting discovery hunt, we navigated our way through the majestic Tan Chin Tuan Mansion together with our peers from the ACS Family of Schools and Hwa Chong Institution, uncovering its beautiful heritage and artifacts. Then, shortly after an inspirational speech by the guest speaker, Mrs Joanna Koh-Hoe (CEO of Focus on the Family Singapore), we bonded over a variety of delectable Peranakan snacks like brown sugar coconut cupcakes and spring rolls.

personal experiences. We truly wish to revive those wonderful moments of the reception once again.

It was indeed refreshing not only to finally be able to meet face-to-face amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but also

With the continued support and affirmation given by the

to bond with like-minded individuals across the various

Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, we hope to continue making a

schools, tapping on each other’s wealth of insights and

positive impact on society in our own special ways.



Teachers’ Day Celebrations By Lauren Foo (5.2) and Elisa Tan (5.3)

By Grace Chan (3R)

On Teachers’ Day, the entire primary cohort gathered

On 1 September, MGS held its annual Teachers’ Day

together at the Indoor Sports Hall and we had a whale of

celebrations, jointly organised by the Prefectorial and

a time. With the theme, “A Day in the Life of an MGS girl”,

House Leadership Boards. This year’s concert bore the

we kicked off the celebration with a “PE lesson” organised

theme “One for the Ages”, which brought teachers on

by the House Leaders. We then returned to our respective

a nostalgic trip down memory lane. We followed two

classrooms, where we had recess as a class and our

protagonists as they travelled back in time, witnessing

Student Leaders conducted “lessons” for our teachers.

the care that teachers in the past and present showed for

As Prefects planning the celebrations, we had hoped for

their students.

our teachers to experience what we usually go through on a regular school day - the fun and meaningful lessons.







We wanted to show our appreciation to the teachers who

performances reminiscent of the ’70s and ’80s that were

have helped us come so far. Through this experience, we

presented by our International and Indian Dance CCA.

learnt to better communicate with our new Prefects and

The highlight of the concert was also when our teachers

House Leaders, while leading the P3 to 6 class leaders

and students battled against each other and went head-

to execute the “lessons” as well. All in all, this was a

to-head in a nail-biting quiz on pop culture of the new

very unforgettable experience and a very good learning


experience for all of us. Filled with cheer, tears and laughter, Teachers’ Day 2022 was truly ‘one for the ages’!



Applied Learning Programme Primary 1: My Favourite Canteen Food learnt that there are actually many types of delicious food in our canteen! Through this ALP, I also learnt the importance of eating healthily.” ~ Abigail Ong (1.1) “To me, the most difficult part in this ALP was to present my favourite food in Mandarin. However, I never gave up and tried my best. In the end, I presented my favourite food in Mandarin to my family and friends confidently through this ALP. I learnt how to present clearly and loudly.” ~ Stephanie Bey (1.6) In Term 3, the P1 students went through an enjoyable

“I wrote a script about my favourite canteen food in

three-week Applied Learning Programme. They were

Chinese. I felt very happy making my food model. I learnt

given the opportunity to write a script and share about

how to say cheese sticks in Mandarin and I was able to

their favourite canteen food in Mother Tongue. It was a

explain why I liked the food.” ~ Rachel Choo (1.7)

new and exciting experience for them as they also drew the food that they liked and created food models with plasticine. At the end of the ALP, the students were proud to see their work on display at the P1 ALP exhibition in the school library. Through this ALP, the students were able to appreciate the relevance of what they learnt during their lessons in relation to their school experiences.

Students’ Anecdotes / Reflections “This ALP has helped me to become better at writing about my favourite canteen food in Chinese Language. After this

“The ALP was very exciting for me. I became confident

activity, I now know how to introduce my favourite food

presenting my show-and-tell in Mandarin. I am thankful

in Mandarin. As I walked around the ALP exhibition and

for the ALP as it gives me a chance to practise speaking

listened to other groups’ presentations in the library, I

in Mandarin. Indeed, practice makes perfect!” ~ Monique Rey Li (1.7) “I learnt about food from different cultures and also how to upload my video on the ALP padlet. It was fun making food model with plasticine.” ~ Sophia Chew (1.7)



Applied Learning Programme Primary 2: Food Festival By Veralyn Cheow (2.3) and Kate Sutanto (2.4) This year, the Primary 2 pupils worked in groups to

Primary 3: Places of Interest in Singapore By Tessa Pham and Ting Hannah (3.1)

create a tempting menu as part of our Applied Learning Programme







classmates to put up attractive menus for a Food Festival. The highlight of the programme was a Food Festival our teachers organised for us on 23 and 24 May. At the Food Festival, we had the opportunity to practise speaking clearly when ordering food and taking orders. When roleplaying as customers and restaurant owners, we also had to add and subtract money accurately. Through this ALP, we learnt more about food from different cultures and also the importance of teamwork. It was interesting to look at the attractive menus of the different restaurants and buy different types of food.

Learning Mother Tongue Language in a fun way; students show the different variety of animals that

We also learnt the social etiquette of ordering food and

can be seen in the Singapore Zoo.

taking orders from customers. We enjoyed receiving stickers on our ALP activity card whenever we bought food from a restaurant. This is an experience we will not forget and we look forward to another Food Festival!

In Term 3, as part of the ALP, the P3 students were given the opportunity to work in pairs to write a script and introduce a selected place of interest in our Mother Tongue Languages. Using a poster that we created during Art lessons, we introduced the selected place of interest to our classmates. Our classmates then played the role of the ‘tourists’ to ask questions about the chosen attraction. The role-playing part was enjoyable. We learned not only about teamwork but also to speak confidently to an audience. After learning about the different interesting places of interest, we are proud and eager to share with other real tourists what Singapore has to offer. It was an interesting learning experience for us.



Applied Learning Programme Primary 4: Be a Sports Commentator By Khloe Ong and Claire Lai (4.1) This year, as part of the Primary 4 Applied Learning Programme, we had an opportunity to be a Sports Commentator. We worked in pairs to commentate on a sports video. We were exposed to different sports such as badminton, tennis, football, track and field and swimming. To write our scripts, we had to be familiar with the rules of the games as well as some sports terminology. After we went through a few drafts, we rehearsed the revised script with our partner. The final thing we did was to carry out a Zoom meeting with each other and record our sports commentary. We realised that it was important to adjust the pace of our commentary according to the

Primary 5: Creating Powerful and Meaningful Captions By Khoo Shu Min (5.2)

video. We also had to provide interesting and meaningful

This year, as part of our Applied Learning Programme,

information about the sports and athletes to help the

the Primary 5 students had the opportunity to caption

viewers to understand the sports and the athletes better.

photographs taken during our ROCs experience, to

Last but not least, we tried to project our voices and speak

the theme of flexible thinking. We worked in pairs or

clearly and confidently to engage the viewers. The best

individually to create meaningful and powerful captions

commentators in each class were awarded with mini

or memes for our ROCs photographs.

trophies to commend our effort. Firstly, we had to learn what captions were and how to With good teamwork and perseverance, we managed to

create powerful and meaningful captions. Then, we chose

pull it off! We learnt that it is certainly not an easy feat for

our photographs, created our captions and uploaded

sports commentators to deliver a live stream commentary.

them onto Padlet where we could like and comment on our friends’ posts. Before uploading our captions, we had to check that we had chosen an appropriate ROCs picture that conveyed our thoughts, given concise captions, and used adjectives, similes or/and metaphors. We could also have included ROCs-specific language that our P5 classmates understood. Through this Applied Learning Programme, we learnt that captions play an important role in helping the reader to understand the photograph.



Primary One Occupation Talk For the past two years,

the Occupation Talk was a

virtual experience for our Primary 1 pupils due to the pandemic.

This year, with the recent relaxed SMM

measures, we were able to bring it back on 11 April 2022 onsite. Representatives from Singapore Police Force and parent volunteers from a variety of different occupations - namely, an author, optometrist, fighter pilot, creative director, marine biologist and scientist – visited the

“We were really fascinated by the experiment conducted

respective P1 classes and shared their job experiences

by the scientist. We never knew that introducing a soapy

with our little ones.

finger into a bowl of water with glitter can magically disperse the glitter. Amazing!” ~ Sophie Ee (1.3)

The Primary One students were perceptive and courageous to ask insightful questions to the professionals. This event

“We learnt that authors have to work with different people,

not only gave our aspiring young learners the opportunity

namely, illustrators, printers and bookstore owners for

to hear and learn about many different careers, but share

the books to be published” ~ Marianne Rose Yam (1.4)

with their classmates what they had learnt in the post-Talk “Hot Seats” activity held in their English classes.

“We learnt that colours are essential to make beautiful clothes and different sewing techniques will produce

“We listened to an interesting talk by a fighter pilot, Mr

different designs.” ~ Isabelle Chan (1.5)

Freddy Lim who is based in Paya Lebar Air Base. He also gave us an airplane model to fix. It was very fun as I felt I

“We learnt from the Station Inspector that Police CCTVs

was flying the plane too.” ~ Geogria Loh (1.1)

are everywhere in Singapore!” ~ Elyssia Yeo (1.7)

National Gallery of Singapore By Elizabeth Voo (4.2) A museum-based learning journey to National Gallery of Singapore was organised for all P4 students in Term 3 Week 5. This visit aimed to enrich students’ learning beyond the classroom by providing opportunities for students to learn and appreciate local artists and their art pieces.

Then, Miss Lisa showed us “Portable Cinema”, a painting composed from Chua’s memories of his childhood

During the visit, our guide, Miss Lisa, brought us to the

growing in Chinatown. It depicted young children eagerly

new Chua Mia Tee gallery. Mr Chua was a highly-regarded

crowding around the portable cinema. After that, she

master of portrait paintings. She shared stories about him

showed us a replica of real-life portable cinema! It was

and showed us a portrait of Lee Boon Ngan, Chua Mia

like we were transported into the past, watching moving

Tee’s wife. I was amazed when l saw it. Every detail, even

graphics shown in the portable cinema.

the facial expression, was wonderfully captured. Miss Lisa showed us other portraits of prominent public figures

The learning journey was very fun and informative. I hope

including presidents and prime ministers of Singapore.

that l can go back to the gallery soon.



Singapore Mobility Gallery By Kayla Kwa (3.4) The Primary 3 students went on our learning journey to the Singapore Mobility Gallery from 13 to 15 September 2022. It was our very first outing and we could not contain our excitement. It was both an educational and fun trip because we could play games and watch videos to learn more about Singapore’s transport system. My favourite part was when my friends and I were looking for clues from the display and information panels to complete the pages of our explorer kit.

Road Safety Park By Natalie Tan (4.6) The Primary 4 students went to Road Safety Park in August. Each class was separated into 4 groups - pedestrians, gokart drivers, cyclists and traffic marshals. As I was chosen to be a pedestrian, I was led into the main hall with all the cyclists and go-kart drivers. The rest of the class were traffic marshals. Soon after, a man dressed in a police uniform walked into the hall and distributed a route card to everyone. He added that traffic marshals would be stationed at stops, to supervise the pedestrians, cyclists and go-kart drivers and check that they were all following the rules. We would also have to answer a question testing our knowledge about traffic rules and write the answer down on our route cards. Traffic marshals would also be allowed to give demerit points if anybody flouted the rules. When the policeman gave the signal to start, I started walking to my first stop. I had to circle around a gardenlike patch, cross a small overhead bridge and walk across a zebra crossing. I was amazed at how the miniature overhead bridge looked exactly like a real overhead bridge! The instructor also reminded us about the “Kerb Drill” which was to stop before a traffic light, look right, then left and right again, then raise our hand so that the cyclists and go-karters could see us. After I finished my kerb drill and crossed the road, I made my way to the model



Vicom Inspection Centre and saw one of my classmates as a Traffic Marshal. After I greeted her and answered the question, she signed my route card and I walked to my next destination before ending my route 3 stops later. When I got back to the main hall, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was the second person to complete the journey. It was a wonderful day there and I hope to visit again soon.

Dunman High ASEAN Plus By Sophie Loh (3S) and Tay Rui Ying (3R) From 1 to 3 June, six Sec 3 students represented MGS at the Dunman High ASEAN Plus (DHAP) 2022 Summit, where delegates were offered a platform to share insights on key issues surrounding the Association






Additionally, we had the chance to debate on a wide range of topics such as the East Timor crisis and other regional emergencies during the Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN) conference. We got to meet and interact with new friends from across the region during the conference, which ensured that the experience was an extremely fulfilling and enriching one

Sustainable Development Youth Convention By Lim Yi Xuan (3H) From 19 to 21 August 2022, thirteen students from our school participated in the Sustainable Development Youth Convention (SDYC) that was organised by the National University of Singapore (NUS) High School. SDYC aimed to develop in students a greater awareness of global affairs and international relations. Delegates were engaged in diplomatic debates ranging from wildlife crime and drug trafficking to the threat of transnational and space-based terrorism. Other councils also looked into press freedom and the challenge of responding swiftly to a natural disaster. Last but not least, there was also the International Press Gallery, a platform for delegates to hone their writing and journalistic skills. It was an amazing experience for all!



Raffles Model United Nations By Liew Rae Yee (2S) and Abirami Sethulingam (2T) From 2 to 3 June, 45 students represented MGS at the

critical, lifelong competencies that will stand us in good

Raffles Model United Nations (RMUN) conference that was

stead in managing future conflicts or crises.

organised by Raffles Institution. The online conference aimed to develop an understanding of the intricate workings of the international and regional bodies, where each delegate represented individual countries. We found this experience enlightening as it broadened our knowledge horizons and developed our perspectivetaking. Through the course of the two days, we had an enriching session listening to, debating, and deliberating with other delegates. We also learnt the importance of applying diplomacy, critical thinking, and effective communication. These are

Bilingual Youth Model United Nations In March 2022, the Mother Tongue Department of MGS sent two teams of ten students to participate in the Bilingual Youth Model United Nations (BYMUN) organised by Nanyang Girls’ High School. A total of 180 delegates from 21 schools participated in the two-day conference. During the conference, delegates participated in six council sessions, of which four were debated in the primary language and the other two were debated in the secondary language. Delegates who were the English-focused councils had 60% of their discussions in English and 40% of their discussions in Chinese, and vice versa for those in the Chinese-focused councils. This year, students who participated as Press Corps reporters represented a new agency instead of a country. During the conference, these reporters were tasked to inform the conference about the ongoings of the committees through a blog and conduct live press briefings in both languages. Prior to the conference, our students also submitted a position paper/press statement written in the primary working language of the council.

Reuters, was declared “Outstanding Delegate” in the Press Corps Council. Additionally, Xu Jingxin (3T), who served as

The press statement from Crisann Tay Jing Yi (3S) was

a delegate of Bolivia in the World Health Organization

adjudged the “Best Position Paper” in the United States

(WHO) council, was accorded the “Verbal Commendation”

Senate, and Tay Rui Ying (3R), who served as a delegate of




Future Problem Solving Programme By Lim Rae-ann (3S) and Joey Lai (3S) The





International is part of a critical thinking and problemsolving programme founded by Dr Paul Torrance in the United States. As part of the larger programme, the Scenario Writing Competition requires participants to submit a futuristic short story based on various topics. As First and Third place winners respectively in last year’s Singapore Scenario Writing Competition (Middle Division), Lim Rae-ann (3S) and Joey Lai Sze Kit (3S) submitted stories to represent Singapore in the 2022 FPSP International Scenario Writing Competition. We were also given the chance to participate in the 2022 Hybrid FPSP International Conference (FPSP IC) where competitors were given the

we competed in the Scenario Writing Competition. Under

option of attending the conference virtually or in-person

timed conditions from 23 to 27 May, both of us worked

from 8 to 12 June. Due to various factors, we eventually

tirelessly to prepare and submit a futuristic short story

decided to take part in the conference virtually. During the

based on a scenario on antibiotic resistance.

conference, we participated in various online workshops where we learnt more on how we could ideate with greater creativity and innovation for future stories.

On the last day of the conference, we eagerly awaited online during the live awards ceremony for the announcement of results. We were ecstatic when both

We are proud to announce that Joey was awarded the

our names appeared on the screen! All in all, we are both

Fourth position while Rae-ann was placed Sixth in the

extremely grateful for the opportunity given to us, and for

2022 FPSP International Scenario Writing Competition

the never-ending support from our parents and teachers.

(Middle Division). Similarly, in the 2022 Hybrid FPSP IC,

To God be the glory!

Plain English Speaking Award YMCA’s Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) is an annual national speech competition held over three rounds. This year, Abigail Loh Lui-En (2G) and Yuvaraja Sunitha Nandhini (3T) successfully competed in the Preliminary and SemiFinal Rounds to make it to the Finals, which showcased the top seven speakers out of over 200 contestants. also engaged the audience with their personal stories The two participants from MGS wrote their Semi-Final and

during their impromptu speeches, for which they were

Final prepared speeches based on an experiential learning

given only two minutes to prepare.

journey that allowed them to work with special needs individuals. This valuable encounter inspired them to craft

Aside from honing their public-speaking skills, both

speeches calling for greater acceptance and inclusion in

participants learned much through this beneficial and

society towards the differently abled community. They

meaningful life-changing experience.



Moo-O Awards

express the characters’ emotions and make sound effects like jumping on the spot and bleating sounds like the goats. We giggled as we saw our faces transposed into goats in the video. We cheered as we watched the final submission. We are so thankful to our wonderful teachers who guided and mentored us. Through this process, I have learnt the importance of strong teamwork, proper articulation of words and to never give up.

By Yong Faye (3.1) I was excited to join this competition because it was my first time competing in a school competition. I was really nervous during the recording because we were

By Elizabeth Wong (3.5)

competing against more than 50 other schools. So, we

In April, Yong Faye, Haley and I participated in the Singapore Moo-O 2022 Awards. We were required to record a digital storytelling video from a selection of scripts given, in a matter of hours on 6 April 2022. We gathered at the school’s computer lab and decided to record “The

really did not expect to win. When I found out that we had clinched the Gold Award for MGS, I was overjoyed and proud of us because our hard work had paid off. Through this experience, I have learnt that teamwork is far more important than individual talent.

Three Billy Goats Gruff”, a story about three goats who worked together to successfully outsmart a bridge troll.

By Haley Huynh (3.4)

It was a busy and fruitful day filled with creativity, fellowship

Even though we had a lot of technical issues in the

and laughter. Although there were some technical issues

beginning, I learnt that it does not mean that the whole

initially, the teachers patiently worked through them,

day is ruined. We can just keep going, keep practising and

taught us how to present ourselves imaginatively and

remain calm. Even though we had a lot of weight on us,

gave us some bonding time to get to know one another.

they were eventually lifted. It was a wonderful experience.

We worked together as a team and tried out funny voices

Thank you, teachers, for mentoring and encouraging us! I

and intonations. It was exhilarating to use our voices to

am also very proud of my friends.

Math Olympiad Competitions MGS





Programmes for selected Primary 5 and 6 pupils. The training programme aims to enhance pupils’ mathematical knowledge, sharpen their problem-solving skills and to provide pupils with exposure to the types of questions commonly found in Mathematical Olympiad competitions.

37 Primary 6 pupils participated in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS). 2

This year, 49 Primary 5 pupils participate in the National

of the girls received the Silver Award and 5 received the

Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (NMOS). 7

Bronze Award.

of these girls achieved the Bronze Award and 10 of them received the Honourable Mention Award.



Congratulations to these girls on their performance.

NXT and Youth Station Project By Chee Jing Lei (4H) NXT is a virtual music event organised by the Singapore

participants. Besides forging new friendships, I learnt to

Street Festival as part of its 20th anniversary. My friend,

take pride in my work and how to overcome the nerves of

Annika Beh (4H), and I auditioned for it with our teacher’s

performing live.

encouragement. We were delighted when we were selected for the Finals and performed our original songs and pieces alongside renowned industry professionals such as Dick Lee and Khor Ai Ming. The pieces were also released on Spotify and YouTube. Through the entire process, we learnt much about the workings and systems behind an entire stage production, and also how to persevere and juggle our school responsibilities at the same time. Three teams from MGS were also shortlisted for the Youth Station Project as part of the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) celebrations. This was a call for original songs that showcase the individuality and creativity of youth. Apart from two honourable mentions in the Open and Lower Secondary Categories, a submission of mine was also one of the Top 10 Songs in the former category. It was enriching learning from feedback by music professionals in the e-mentoring sessions. The icing on the cake was the invaluable opportunity to perform live at the library@esplanade with all the other shortlisted

P1 Learn to Play Programme Sports Education Programme In-line Skating By Kayla Fan (1.5) “Whee!” In-line skating lessons were organised for the Primary 1 pupils from 17 to 30 August. Most of us were excited while a few of us felt rather nervous. During the lesson, all of us had a lot of fun. We learnt how to blade safely and some of us even managed to learn a few tricks. After doing numerous drills around the Bamboo Courtyard, all of us felt more confident and braver. It was an enjoyable experience and all of us were sad when the lessons came to an end.



Singapore Science Centre Primary 4 The Primary 4 students went on a learning journey to the Science Centre in July. The objective of the event was to learn about heat and temperature. Through hands-on activities, we learnt about common heat sources, difference between heat and temperature, and good and poor conductors of heat. “Now I know that if I need to hold a steel pot of hot water, I should hold the handle which is likely made of a poor conductor of heat, so I do not burn my fingers.” ~ Mikaela Chng (4.5) “The learning journey was fun and objectives were achieved. The concepts I learnt will come in handy in daily activities and in future!” ~ Chara JL Chua (4.1) “I can use the knowledge garnered to help me be a better cook e.g. which materials to use to heat up or cool down food faster.” ~ Lorraine Lim (4.6) “I learnt that heat travels from a hotter to a colder region. And different materials conduct heat at different speeds.” ~ Rebecca Kam (4.2)

Primary 5 By Sarah Pon (5.3) The Science Learning Journey to the Singapore Science Centre was held on 10 and 11 May 2022 from 8.30am - 12.30pm for all Primary 5 students. As students were finally allowed to go on learning journeys, we were extremely excited! We participated in a fun and interesting workshop titled “Electric Carnival” where we explored the concept of electricity through guided experiments and hands-on activities such as constructing simple electric circuits. It made our classroom learning come to life! Besides learning more about electricity, we realised the importance of teamwork, perseverance and adaptability. All of us had to work together, testing the electrical conductivity of various materials in order to complete our task. We enjoyed this enriching learning journey and are all looking forward to the next one!



Science Mentorship Programme By Ashley Goh, Amelia Davies and Ailish Lim (2S) The School-Based Science Mentorship Programme (SBSMP) aims to inculcate the spirit of inquiry in students, as well as attitudes and values for the proper conduct of science. Our group was humbled to be given the opportunity to initiate a scientific investigation in the Biology category, specifically in the In-Vitro Propagation of Tillandsia Ionantha via Plant Tissue Culture. We are proud to announce that our team was awarded a Distinction in this category! Under the guidance of our teacher-mentor, Mrs Lam Mei

After the project was judged by a panel of scientists, we

Kien, we were able to find an effective combination of

attended the Youth Science Conference — an annual event

plant growth regulators to promote adventitious shoot

organised by the Gifted Education Branch of the Ministry

induction and elongation of this species of plant within

of Education, Singapore — during which we learnt much

the shortest time, and hence, be able to mass produce

from sharing by guest speakers and other groups of SMP

it for either conservation purpose or commercialisation.


Singapore Science and Engineering Festival At the end of March 2022, three teams comprising Years 3 and 4 students from MGS participated in the annual Singapore Science and Engineering Festival (SSEF), a national competition organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Singapore Science Centre (SCS). Isabelle Chong (4T), Sophie Toh (4T) and Isabelle Tsang (4T) clinched the Merit Award through the exploration of an undeveloped field of science and mathematics in ballet, which is one of the most difficult genres of dance. Even one of its most fundamental techniques, the pirouette, is a hard nut to crack. Hence, in a bid to assist dancers in mastering the pirouette, the students turned to physics and statistics

Under the Junior Scientist category, Lai Yin Wen (3G),

to determine the optimal placement of the body in the

Allyson Pan (3G) and Sarah Lam (3T) achieved the

preparation stage, which is crucial to the success of the turn.

Distinction award for their video and the Merit award for their project on “Micropropagation of Plant Calli as an

Swetha Sivakumar (4G) and Ng Ren Yu (4G) achieved

Alternative Food Source”. They investigated further into

the Yale-NUS Special Award for their project titled

the optimum concentrations and combinations of Plant

“Investigating the process of adding knots when a bacteriophage injects tangled DNA into a bacterium”. The

Growth Regulators so as to mass produce edible plant calli as a viable food source.

project was an exploration in the new field of topology. Both students learnt a lot more about DNA knots and the application of mathematics in fields like biology.



STE(A)M week By Anya Wee (1M) and Isabel Goh (1R) From 7 to 11 March, MGS marked STE(A)M Week where we brought various lesson activities into the classrooms. Designed by STEM DSA students, these lessons cover domains such as Smart Nation, Environment, Food Rescue, as well as Sustainable Homes and Living, as we try to “Create a Better Tomorrow”, the overarching theme of the week’s activities. This year, we were honoured to have esteemed speakers at our Careers Forum, including Mr Sagi Karni, Ambassador of Israel to Singapore, who gave the keynote address on Israel’s road to becoming a technologically advanced nation.

15th National Crystal Growing Challenge

In conjunction with the school’s 135th anniversary, MGS produced its very own STE(A)M Kit that encouraged students to manifest their creativity and innovation through various projects. The week-long event was a tremendous success. We were

By Gladje Teo (3M) and Vanessa Lai (3R)

truly blessed to be part of this year’s STE(A)M Week and

The 15th National Crystal Growing Challenge in May 2022

who participated in it.

was an enlightening and enjoyable experience for those of us who took part in it. Many wonderful memories were made growing our crystals in the lab and learning from our teachers. On the day of the competition, we examined other schools’ crystals and recognised the different methods used. Talks given by the NUS Chemistry Department and the founder of the Gem Museum offered us much insight into the role chemistry plays in our daily lives and the world of crystals. We also managed to view a personal crystal collection, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of crystals. This entire experience was truly momentous and we are grateful to have had it.



we hope that it was a meaningful experience for everyone

National Young Leaders Fellowship The National Young Leaders Fellowship (NYLF), a programme launched by Halogen Foundation, seeks to recognise and develop outstanding youths aged 15 to 19 years old who are passionate and show conviction in the things they do, regardless of their academic achievements. A total of thirty Fellows are selected annually from across the nation to embark on a nine-month fellowship programme where they are provided with resources, networks and practical leadership tips to broaden their perspectives and horizons on what concerns them the most. Belle Phang (4S), Shana Lam (4G) and Eve Tan (3R) have been selected to be part of the inaugural cohort of the NYLF, after going through a rigorous round of selection. The three students received their Certificate of Appointment from Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Wong, at an awards ceremony on 17 June 2022. Over the next eight months, the students will be engaged through learning journeys, leadership workshops, and closed-door fireside chats with inspiring figures, alongside a mentoring programme that will help them develop even further as leaders. Congratulations to Belle, Shana and Eve!

Lift High Her Banner By Laura Lang (3R) Recently, three of our MGS girls were recognised for their outstanding achievement and service in their student life. The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (LKY-ARE) was awarded to Nicole Sim Yan Ying (Class of 2021) for exemplifying qualities articulated in our desired outcomes of education. Additionally, the North West Outstanding All-Rounder (OARS) Award was presented to Phang Zhi Xuan Belle (4S) and Lang Wen Ling Laura (3R) as they were both recognised for giving back to the community and excelling in both academic and non-academic spheres.

am extremely honoured to “ Ireceive this meaningful award, and am grateful for the many growth opportunities in MG. I thank God for His unending grace, for my supportive friends, and for my loving teachers who always spurred me on to grow, dared me to dream, and gave me courage to fail. I hope that I will continue living for His glory while mastering, growing, and serving!

Nicole Sim (Class of 2021)



Enrichment Exploratory Electives Programme By Kate Low (1S)

By Abigail Loh (2G)

During the EEE, my peers and I first attended an

The Enrichment Exploratory Electives Programme for Year

introductory lecture, where we got a glimpse of the

2s on 13 July 2022 introduced us to Indian culture and

intricate world of Anthropology. Through simple, day-to-

some of its practices. At every station during programme,

day examples like fast food chains, we slowly began to

we were able to participate in different hands-on activities

grasp the abstract, fluid concept of “culture”. The session

— trying on traditional Indian costumes and pairing it with

left me curious, pondering the complexity of the concept

the wide variety of jewellery, discovering how to fold the

I had once thought simple. Nevertheless, by our next

‘saree’, learning a ‘Kolatam’ dance routine, trying our hands

activity - Dikir Barat - my bewilderment was forgotten.

at playing the tabla drums, and putting our teamwork and

This was an immersive and engaging programme that

coordination to the test.

strengthened our understanding of yet another cultural aspect - music. The laughter and percussion reverberating

The entire experience was much more exciting and eye-

throughout the hall as we sang and clapped formed an

opening than I had anticipated. I certainly picked up many

unforgettable rhythm

new skills from all the stations and found out about how these elements are manifested in everyday Indian culture.

However, it was the EEE’s concluding panel discussion that climaxed the day’s events - and my understanding.

The event went by in a blink of an eye, but I am sure

The personal testimonies shared were both touching and

the whole cohort agrees with me when I say that the

relatable, and in each speaker’s heartfelt passion, I finally

programme was definitely very fulfilling and educational!

saw the vast picture of what culture was. Not merely a philosophical concept, or the beating of drums - but a collection of communities in which we each have a place. After this experience, I will truly never view culture identically again.



IP Symposium By Natalie Ho (4T)

By Lim Rae-Ann (3S)

Finally, for the first time in two years, the Years 1 to 4

Over the course of the three days of this year’s much

students were blessed to be able to attend the long-

anticipated IP Symposium, the Year 3 cohorts from both

awaited Integrated Programme (IP) Symposium at Anglo-

MGS and ACS(I) participated in a plethora of activities

Chinese School Independent (ACS(I)) from 12 to 14 July

centred around the topic of inequality, which fell under

this year. Through various level themes such as poverty

the symposium’s overarching theme of “Go Global, Our

for Year 3 and the energy crisis for Year 4, we engaged in

World, Tomorrow”.

thoughtful and innovative discussions as to how we could be good stewards of our society.

A learning journey to four different HDB blocks was organised, so as to allow us to experience first hand such

We were privileged to learn more about the company

inequality; we caught a glimpse of the living conditions of

Magorium from Ms Oh Chu Xian, founder of the deep-

the rarely talked-about lower echelons of Singaporean

tech start-up that has been striving towards solving the

society. Additionally, students played three games —

world’s plastic waste problem. The entertaining and

crafted by the ACS(I) teachers — whereby scenarios of

meaningful moot parliament skit was also a highlight of

inequality locally and globally were replicated, placing us

the symposium.

in the shoes of those who face inequality on a daily basis.

We forged precious memories and friendships across

The third day of the symposium consisted of us collating

classes and schools which will definitely be remembered

our findings into a showcase, in which we shared our

for years to come! We look forward to the enriching and

findings with the entire cohort through various creative

exciting new chapter of our lives as we continue our

modes of presentation.

education in ACS(I) in the coming years. All in all, the symposium was an enriching experience that opened our eyes to the pressing concern that is inequality, alerting us to the fact that we, as the generation leading Singapore’s future, need to address this issue for the betterment of our society.



29th Commendation Awards Ceremony By Faith Tan (3I) On







Ceremony (CAC) took place in MGS, during which leaders and outstanding members of the various CCAs were recognised for their grit and outstanding achievements. As we stepped onto the stage with our peers from the same CCA to receive our awards from the Guest-ofHonour, Mrs Clara Lim-Tan (Director of Arts Education, Ministry of Education), one cannot help but take pride in our respective CCAs and feel an overwhelming sense of camaraderie. This year, the 29th Commendation Award Ceremony was finally reinstated to an in-person ceremony. The ceremony

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so

was held in the school auditorium on 30 August 2022 with

you can see the world.” Mrs Lim-Tan shared this quote on

Mrs Clara Lim-Tan (Director of Arts Education, Ministry of

humility by David McCullough Jr. with us, but not before

Education) as the Guest-of-Honour.

reminding us that we should all embrace our unique gifts and talents and persevere when we face struggles along

The awardees had the chance to receive their accolades

the way. The CAC was indeed a humbling and fulfilling

in the presence of an accompanying parent, their school

experience that we will never forget!

mates and staff. A total of 309 awards were given this year. 69 Colours Awards, 162 Distinction Awards, 77 Merit Awards and one Model Student Award were given out to the deserving students. The Model Student Award was presented to Chan Yu Ya, Alethea from 6.3. Her many acts of empathy and strong sense of initiative in serving the community within and beyond MGS truly makes her a role model who continues to lead, care and inspire others.



Artistic Gymnastics Junior Division By Chrys Chan (5.3) The 2022 Artistic Gymnastics National School Games took place on the 1st and 3rd of August at Bishan Sports Hall. My teammates and I were very happy to be able to take part in the Level 3 & Level 4 Junior Team competitions after two years of COVID-19 pandemic. The team felt very nervous, knowing that it would be a tough fight. Our coaches and teachers encouraged us to do our best and we cheered each other on. By God’s grace, our team did well and achieved 1st place in Level 4 and 4th place in Level 3 in the overall team category. Our individual prize winners also brought back several medals for our school. We learnt that resilience, confidence, and sportsmanship are important values for success. We will do our best in the future and to continue to fly the MGS flag high.

Senior Division By Heidi Phua (6.5) In April 2022, our MGS Senior Artistic Gymnasts competed in the National School Games (NSG). Prior to the competition, we spent many months training for it, doing our best despite our hectic schedule, hoping to bring glory to the school. As the NSG Junior was cancelled in 2021 due to COVID-19, we were extremely excited to be able to finally compete this year. Before the competition, our principal, Mrs Wilson prayed for God’s protection over us. We stepped into the competition with a frisson of excitement. By God’s grace and 110% of our effort put in, we are happy that we came in 2nd and 13th placing in the all-around events.



Artistic Swimming Fina World Championships By Isabelle Tang (4G) The FINA World Championships (FWC) is one of — if not the largest — competition in the realm of artistic swimming. The competition took place in Budapest, Hungary, in June this year. If I could only use one word to describe how I felt about competing in the FWC, it would be ‘honoured’. I was grateful to have gotten the opportunity to meet incredible athletes from numerous different countries, train in such close proximity with world-renowned artistic swimmers, and best of all, compete alongside the greatest team members I could ask for. This was an amazing experience for me, where watching and learning from other teams was just as important as competing itself. During the short breaks in between training sessions, I often found my eyes drawn to the teams from China, the United States, Greece, Japan and many others. My mouth was agape whenever I gawked at the sheer beauty of their choreographies, movements and expressions. I felt truly humbled just to be able to be present at the competition venue and witness all of us “make history”, echoing this year’s FWC motto. Although our scores were modest, I am proud that our efforts paid off, with the team scoring 74.1444 for the Team Technical routine and 75.4333 for the Team Free routine, finishing in the 16th position for both events. 42


FINA World Youth Championships By Lauren Teo (2R) This year’s National Day was particularly special for five artistic swimmers from MGS: Lea Tan (3G), Yvette Chong (2D), Kiera Lee (2S), Lauren Teo (2R) and LeAnn Koh (1M). While we were many miles away from home, our hearts beamed with pride as we represented Singapore at the FINA World Youth Championships held in Charlotte, USA. Despite an exhausting 34-hour flight, our spirits were high and we plunged into the pool training the very next morning. Swimming amongst 136 athletes from 21 countries, our team emerged victorious, reaching the Finals for the Solo, Duet, and Team events, setting record Personal Best Scores for each of them. Competing






championships since the pandemic was stressful yet invigorating. Above all, we forged stronger bonds with one another, learning to conquer challenges as a team. We are grateful to MGS for supporting us on our journey. To God be the Glory!

Bowling C Division By Kong Wei-Lyn (2T) For many of us in the school’s Bowling team, this was our first NSG since the onset of COVID-19, and it is also our first time representing MGS in an inter-school competition. Naturally, these factors caused us to put a lot of expectations and pressure on ourselves to perform well. On the lanes, it was a lot more challenging than we had expected, especially with so many people from other schools watching us. We had our highs and our lows, but we pushed through, encouraging each other along the way. MGS emerged victorious and clinched the First position for the ‘C’ Division! Throughout this experience, we learnt to be resilient in spite of difficulties thrown our way, to work together as a team, and most importantly, to enjoy ourselves throughout the process.

B Division By Darlene Kan (4T) From 4 to 8 April, our school’s Bowling team took part in the annual ‘B’ Division National School Games (NSG). This year, spectators were allowed to cheer during the competition again and it was a great joy to experience our teammates encouraging and cheering each other on. MGS were the defending champions of last year, and we fought hard to retain our title. And even though we did not manage to hold on to that this year and came in only Second in position overall, we have faith that MG will come back stronger next year. I am proud of the effort our team has put in and was touched by the camaraderie and team spirit displayed throughout the whole competition. We would sincerely like to thank our teachers, parents, friends and fellow ‘C’ Division members for their unwavering support!



Bowling Junior Division

Senior Division

By Colette Yeo (5.1) and Christine Tan (5.2)

By Rachel Foo (6.1)

National School Games (Bowling) was held at SuperBowl

National School Games (Bowling) was held at SuperBowl

Mount Faber @ SAFRA from 25 to 27 July 2022. It was the

Mount Faber @ SAFRA from 25 to 29 April 2022. Team

first time Team MGS participated in the Junior Division

MGS (Seniors) clinched a total of 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and 2

after a two-year hiatus. Team MGS (Juniors) emerged as

Bronze medals during the competition. In addition, MGS

1st runner-up for Overall Schools (Junior Division).

emerged champion for the 6th consecutive year.

“As it was our first NSG, we were filled with anxiety but

“One thing that motivated us was the ongoing cheering

we did not let it bring us down. We knew that it was not

and team spirit. Although we faced some challenges, we

only the effort of the individual bowler but as a whole

stayed calm and supported one another throughout the

team. When a friend threw a strike or a spare, we would

games. The hours of hard work put into training had

congratulate her by clapping and cheering, showing team

certainly paid off for us. Bowling has deeply instilled

spirit and sportsmanship. It was a great experience for all

values such as sportsmanship and determination which

of us. We learnt to be more resilient and persevere until

are the hallmarks of every member of the team.”

the end.”



Chess Fair By Zeba Tasnia (3M) “Every chess master was once a beginner.” ~ Irving Chernev, prolific Russian-American chess player In mid-August, MGS held its inaugural Chess Fair. Organised by the Chess Club, the event took the school by storm. Our students showed a strong interest in arguably the most well-known game in history. The Chess Fair provided everyone with a chance to delve into this creative quest with endless opportunities and break up the monotony of back-to-back lessons. Many students were seen milling around the Trellis, going head to head with friends and teachers in intense matches. Those who were unfamiliar with this strategy game were eager to learn and were filled with enthusiasm! Despite being beginners, many showed great potential. The members of our club were undoubtedly pulled together by this fair and that many others gained an interest in Chess through this event.

73rd National School Individual Chess Championship By Zeba Tasnia (3M) In March, 17 members of the MGS Chess Club took part in the 73rd National School Individual (NSI) Chess Championship. Our students participated in a gruelling seven-round Swiss Tournament after putting in much effort training and preparing for the competition. We reaped the benefits of our efforts as we were rewarded with ten members winning positions in the Top-10 West Zone category, while four were placed in the Top-20 National category. It was a wonderfully enriching experience for all of us, from the Sec 1s who had their very first experience at NSI, to the Sec 4s who had a rather poignant time at their very last encounter there. Though not every one of us won a medal, many gained invaluable experience from the competition.



Girls’ Brigade First Aid Course By Shayna Neo (4I) The Girls’ Brigade attended a First Aid course that was held over two days in March. It was such an enriching experience for all of us. In the first session, we learnt various bandaging techniques such as the sling, and the arm, head and eye bandages. Through the expert guidance of the instructors, my friends and I had a blast practising our newfound bandaging techniques on each other! During the second session, we learnt how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), when to perform it and how to use the automated external defibrillator (AED). After learning the theory, we practised on a dummy. It was energy-draining to continuously perform CPR for 2 minutes, so imagine how much more tiring it is doing CPR in a real emergency for 10 to 15 minutes! Overall, the sessions were very engaging and we had a lot of hands-on learning. The skills taught were very useful and practical, and we gained a lot of potentially life-saving techniques in just two sessions. The instructors were patient, experienced, helpful, and the lessons were wellpaced. Through the course of both sessions, I have been constantly reminded that life is fleeting, and incidents may occur unexpectedly. Oftentimes, doctors and paramedics get all the glory and praise for saving one’s life. While they do deserve to be lauded and appreciated, the unsung heroes — the first responders — are the ones who truly give a patient a chance to live by prolonging his or her life.



Girls’ Brigade

Girl Guides

West Division Day P6 Blessings

By Clarissa Tan (3D) and Janice Chay (3M) On 26 March 2022, both Coys 1 and 2 of the MGS Girl Guides

By Sarah-Anne Ch’ng (5.6) and Cassidy Loh (5.2)

took part in the annual West Division Day celebration.

P6 Blessings is an annual farewell session to thank the

Guides from the other schools in the division as the event

Despite not being able to meet physically with our sister P6 GB members. Together with the P3 to P5 members, we managed to put up many balloons, paper cranes and streamers to decorate Wesley Hall beautifully. It was an exciting experience for a few of us as it was our first time leading in worship. The Junior Leaders presented each P6 girl with a handmade card filled with personal notes from their squad members to encourage them and wish them well. This year’s P6 Blessings was meaningful as we played games and bonded with our seniors. We are thankful for the planning experience. We wish the P6s all the best for their PSLE.

was held online, we gathered together as one to call to mind this year’s themes of “Climate Action” and “Gender Equality”. Many of the competitions held throughout the event revolved around these pertinent issues as Guides all around the world have been called to take greater action in tackling them. Eight teams from both units also participated in both the various asynchronous and synchronous competitions, challenging sister Guides from schools all over the West Division. We are proud to announce that we managed to clinch the First and Second positions in the majority of the competitions we took part in!



Girl Guides Enrolment Ceremony By Lim Si En (1R) I recall my state of nervousness as I gathered with my patrol members for the very first time this year, not knowing what to expect in joining the Girl Guides. Fortunately for me, my seniors turned out to be warm and friendly. Throughout the first term, my fellow recruits and I completed a range of modules leading up to enrollment through a series of games, skits and competitions. Not only were those experiences fun and engaging, they also helped us to make new friends and collaborate with each other. On the day of the actual Enrollment Ceremony on 20 April, the weather decided not to cooperate and the skies opened up. Thankfully, our Guiders quickly came up with an alternative plan to hold the Enrollment Ceremony in the Sky Loft instead of the quadrangle so that it could still carry on. Mrs Wilson, our Principal, also graced the occasion and bore witness to the many recruits becoming full-fledged Girl Guides! Since that fateful day, my ongoing Guiding journey has been a memorable one, and I look forward to contributing more to the worldwide sisterhood of Guides!

West Division Campfire By Jessica Tan (3T) After two years of social-distancing measures, the MGS Girl Guides were finally able to gather to celebrate the West Division Campfire. It was truly a heartwarming experience to be able to interact with our sister Guides to complete the different challenges as one combined MGS unit, even though the campfire was held virtually with the other schools in the division. It was very intriguing to see the wonderful performances the Guides from the other companies put up. We sang along to the campfire tunes too, and it was so nostalgic — not to mention cathartic — to sing those cheerful songs again! The West Division Campfire was certainly a memorable experience and helped build closer bonds between the Guides!



Girl Guides International Camp By Clarissa Tan (3D) From June 1-4, 21 Girl Guides from MGS participated in the International Camp 2022, organised by Girl Guides Singapore. Held every five years, this year’s camp took on a slightly different arrangement as overseas participants took to the interactive virtual platform to engage in the many activities. Local participants such as ourselves could participate virtually too, or even carry out the camp in a blended format. Through the specially designed website by Girl Guides Singapore, our Guides were able to meet and forge friendships with our other sister Girl Guides, Brownies and Girl Scouts in the Asia-Pacific region, some

West Division Learning Day

from as far as the exotic-sounding Cook Islands!

By Tricia Fung (3R) and Grace Chan (3R)

This year’s theme, “She Can”, revolves around global

As part of the annual West Division Learning Day held on

issues such as mental health awareness, environmental

31 July, the two of us represented the MG Girl Guides in

issues and gender equality, hoping to empower Guides

a team tasked to host a division-wide workshop centred

from all over the world to speak up and take action in such

around “Free Being Me’’, a worldwide Guiding programme

pertinent matters. Distinguished female guests, including

aimed at promoting body confidence in girls.

our very own President Mdm Halimah Yacob, were invited to speak at the camp and indeed, they inspired many of us

The four-hour long workshop introduced participating

to consider taking concrete action towards improving the

Guides from the West Division to the concept of the “image

situation pertaining to the above mentioned issues.

myth’’, an unattainable beauty standard that the media promotes, and the negative impact it has on young girls

We got to meet and interact every morning with the other

today. We were heartened to know that the participants

participants from all over the world during Guides Own,

took away priceless insights on body confidence, and that

which was held virtually via Zoom. Every night, our Guider

they felt they had been empowered to be “just the way

also met with our own Guides virtually to help us reflect on

they are” by the end of the programme.

the day’s activities. We have made a few friends along the way, despite the mode that the activities were conducted.

From learning to respect and edify ourselves to be “free

International Camp 2022 was truly an unforgettable

being (us)”, to understanding the value of teamwork

experience and we have learned so much from it!

and collaboration, “Free Being Me” has truly been an enriching and priceless encounter. Through planning and facilitating the workshop, our skills in event and project management have been enhanced. We have also learned to cherish one’s character and moral values over outward appearances, and will continue upholding the virtue of empowering other females!



Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Performances After a four-year hiatus, the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Performances finally made a comeback this year. Due to the pandemic, some of the performances had to be cancelled in 2020. This year, the different Performing Arts groups were able to perform at various locations between July and August. With CCA only starting face-to-face in full force this year, the students had a short period of time to prepare for their performances. This year, International Dance, Choir, String and Handbell Ensembles performed for not only a live audience, but also industry professionals who provided feedback for continuous learning and improvement for the different groups. Here are the reflections of the students from the different groups.

String Ensemble By Khoo Shu Min (5.2) The past one year leading up to our performance was challenging. Not only did our weekly practices increase to twice a week, we also had to concentrate on expressing the dynamics of the piece. Performing in front of a live audience was a challenge too. Backstage Before going onstage, we had to calm our nerves down. Thankfully, we managed to deliver the pieces as how we wanted them to be. The String Ensemble can all agree that through this experience, we learnt the importance of working as a team to achieve the end result we want.

Handbell Ensemble By Kaelyn Lim (6.3) We are extremely grateful for the opportunity we had this year to finally play our piece to a live audience. The chosen SYF piece was a challenging one. Our performance was well-received by the audience. We rose to the occasion and persevered especially considering the fact that we had to cope with the rigour of schoolwork and rise to the occasion if there were last minute changes to the notes assigned to us.

International Dance By Chelsea Angela Kusuma (6.1) We were slow at the start after a year of only online CCA sessions. Our instructor and teachers motivated us and did not give up on us. We trained diligently and in just five months of tedious training sessions, we put together our SYF performance, which was titled “Believe”.



Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Performances Choir By Kaitlyn Lee and Hannah Josephine de Souza (5.5) After months of intensive rehearsals, practising at school until 6pm on Thursdays, the day of our performance had finally arrived. We were excited, yet nervous, for this was our first performance as a choir. Even though our hearts were palpitating with fear, we bravely went on stage and sang our very best. Thanks be to God - our performance went well and the audience cheered loudly.

Netball ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division: ‘A’ for Effort! By Audrey Chow (3I), Lim Ruici (3E), Bernice Tan (4D), Faith Ow (2G), Abbie Chang (2H) and Shayna Menon Rakesh (2T) When the final whistle was blown during the Finals of the West Zone ‘B’ Division Netball Championship, screams of joy and pride could be heard resonating through the indoor sports hall when MGS emerged victorious against Nanyang Girls’ High School. We had been trailing behind by two points in the first half, but we fought hard and persevered, and clinched the Gold medal to become the West Zone ‘B’ Division Champions. All those years of training hard as a team had finally paid off. In a similar nail-biting tournament, our ‘C’ Division team were defeated earlier on in the Semi-Finals when they faced Nan Hua High School. However, despite the loss, we were heartened to see our juniors display much persistence and put in their best effort throughout the season. With grit and determination, they fought hard and won the Bronze medal while playing against Bukit Panjang Government High with a score of 39-17, emerging as the Second Runners-up of the West Zone ‘C’ Division .



Netball Senior Division By Sarah Lim (6.2) and Lou-Ann Lee (6.6) Notwithstanding






senior team managed to pull through and clinch the championship title for the National School Games West Zone Netball 2022 Senior Girls Division.

Through the

intensive training sessions and tournament, we fostered many friendships and learnt to work together as a team. Netball requires us to make split-second Our shooters trusted our teammates to pass the balls to them and in turn, the shooters were trusted to shoot accurately. Cheering team members on the side lines helped to boost our morale and keep the team spirit up. It was certainly a treat for us when Mrs Wilson and Ms Chia came to cheer us on in our final match. We were elated to receive the championship trophy after a closely fought game. This has certainly been an exciting and unforgettable year for all of us!

Junior Division By Freya Kylie Lim (5.5) As this was the first National School Games our team has played since the pandemic, we were new to the competition scene. We trained very hard and the coaches had prepared us for every possible scenario they could think of. But once the games started, our passion was stirred up, and we were looking forward to every game. As the season progressed, we learnt a lot from our opponents and also how to stay humble and let God work his ways. As we worked harder to reach the Finals, one by one, our teammates were benched due to COVID-19. We went into the Finals with 2 main players down. The rest of the team rallied together and worked harder than before, some even played positions they had not trained for. With God’s grace, we came in second in the West Zone Championships. Though we did not claim the Champion spot, we are Champions in our own way as we learn how to cope with fear, new experiences and the stresses of the competition. With the support from the school, our teachers, our coaches as well as our family, we emerge anew, ready and raring to go. 52


Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior Division By Audrey Seah (5.1) and Kate Louise Loh (5.5) On 12 August, the Junior Rhythmic gymnasts participated in the annual National School Games. The National School Games (Junior Division), held at Bishan Sports Hall, were cancelled in the past two years, and we were very happy that we could finally represent our school in the competition. Whenever one of our teammates was about to step onto the competition mat and perform their routine, we would all cheer for her exuberantly. Although we had spent many hours of vigorous and tiring training sessions, we always knew our hard work would pay off. We were proud that we were able to bring back several medals for our school. From this competition, we have learnt that success is not instant, it requires effort and hard work on our part. We must persevere and never give up. We are thankful to our families, coaches, teachers and teammates for journeying through this with us and we hope to continue to fly the MGS flag high.

Senior Division By Crisllyn Tay (6.6) and Sara Lynn Kok (5.3) On 21 April, our girls participated in the annual National School Games Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship (Senior Division). It was held in the Bishan Sports Hall. We took part in various individual events to showcase the skills we have learned so far. In the months before, we underwent a tiring and vigorous training regime. It was tough but we encouraged one other to persevere. The National School Games made us work better as a team. It also made us stronger and more resilient. Despite all the challenges, we persevered and bounced back stronger with every challenge. We are proud that MGS earned 1 gold and 4 bronze medals. We will continue to strive to do better next year!




softball back when we were in Sec 1. But we trusted in our training experience and executed Coach Elaine’s game plan to the best of our abilities. This saw us through the group-stages and we gained in confidence with each victory. However, the knockout stages proved to be more challenging but we rose to the occasion and managed to reach the Finals where we faced a disciplined and determined team from Raffles Girls’ School (RGS). Drawing on all our reserves of grit and determination, we managed to win the game to emerge as ‘B’ Division Champions on 22 April 2022. Our juniors in the ‘C’ Division had the opportunity to enjoy some pre-season warm-up games at the Singapore Recreation Club’s Softball Carnival in June. This really helped the team to build their spirit and confidence as they prepared to compete in the ‘C’ Division NSG in Term 3. Due to the presence of more schools in this division, our juniors had to play through two rounds before reaching the knockout stage. They did well to win all their matches and reached the Finals where they also came up against RGS. On 18 Aug 2022, with the vociferous support of their

By Jenna Yip (5.3) and Natalie Chen (5.3) On 20 and 21 April 2022, the Primary 5 and 6 girls Senior Softball team participated in the National School Games after a two-year hiatus. We persevered, trained hard, and put in our best effort to prepare for the games. Although we did not emerge winners, we learnt from our mistakes, played as a team and persevered to close up the gap between both teams in the last game. We may not have advanced to the semi-finals but we will learn from this experience and prepare for next year’s competition with more experience and confidence. In addition, we would also like to thank the coaches and teachers for their continuous support and encouragement throughout this whole experience. Together, the softball team will emerge stronger, united and more resilient! To God be the glory!

By Zara Choo Yanchi (4E), Frances Angelina Buckle (4D) and Ong Yuan Jing (4T) After two long years of training without any softball matches due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we finally had the opportunity this year to test our mettle against other teams in the National School Games (NSG) Softball Championship 2022. The ‘B’ Division team was initially really nervous as we did not know what to expect having last played competitive



parents and some seniors, our ‘C’ Division managed to narrowly edge out RGS! With these two victories in tow, MGS has successfully completed a clean sweep of both divisions’ championship titles for the first time in the school’s history! We are grateful for the support of our parents, teachers, and coaches. Their unwavering support was what made all the difference.

Swimming Junior Division By Elizabeth Low (5.4) Swimming has taught us about perseverance and to have better time management. These are crucial life skill sets we have to bear in mind while balancing schoolwork and training sessions. Even though our training sessions were disrupted by the pandemic restrictions the past two years, we had to keep up with our vigorous training regimes in preparation for the competitions, training between 6 to 18 hours per week. It was tough but our passion for our sports kept us motivated and we encouraged one other to persevere. This experience has made us more disciplined and to look out for one another.

Senior Division Eight students from Primary 6 represented MGS in the National School Games Championship (Senior Division) held between 26 to 27 April 2022 at the OCBC Aquatic Centre. The students took home the Silver in the divisional championship and earned 1 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze medals in total. Even though the students were unable to compete in the last two years, they kept up with their rigorous training regime in preparation for the competition. It was amazing to see the students put that hard work into action. Kudos to all the students for trying their hardest in their individual and relay events, supporting and cheering for one another!



‘Sharing is CCA-ring’: An inter-CCA skills-sharing experience On the morning of 2 June, the Girls’ Brigade, Girl Guides, Infocomm Club (Imaging) and NCC (Air) came together to share niche skills specific to each of their areas of expertise in the inaugural ‘Sharing is CCA-ring’ session. It was a time of hands-on student-led activities that helped all Sec 3 members of the four CCAs learn more about each others’ fortes.

Girl Guides: Camp Craft (Knots & Gadgets) By Ciera Lim (3E) On 2 June, the Sec 3 members from four CCAs were given a chance to experience what each of the other CCAs were skilled in during the joint ‘Sharing is CCA-ring’ session. I really enjoyed the sharing session as it was a very good opportunity to catch a glimpse of what my peers were doing during their CCA meetings. I also got to participate in a range of activities and learn new and interesting skills, like folding an aeroplane that would give the best flight performance, using my camera phone to take brilliant photographs, and bandaging an injured head. Overall, it was a very fun experience and it was definitely worth waking up early during the holidays for this! I would highly recommend having the session on an annual basis!

Infocomm Club (Imaging): Photography 101 By Caitlin Goh (3D) As members of the Infocomm Club (Imaging section), ‘Sharing is CCA-ring’ was especially meaningful for us. Having a skills-sharing session with the school’s Uniformed Groups was an eye-opening experience. We learnt a plethora of skills from the UGs, from the fruitful, interesting lessons on aerodynamic forces and how a plane’s shape affects its flight by NCC (Air), to learning how to bandage a friend’s ‘injured’ head by the Girls’ Brigade and, of course, building a functional clothes rack from wooden poles by the Girl Guides. Overall, stepping out of our comfort zone of our CCA was extremely rewarding, and we had fun along the way too!



Girls’ Brigade: Basic Bandaging By Eve Tan (3R) Through this experience, many of us learnt about the unique skills that each CCA focuses on mastering, for example, understanding the physics behind a plane, knot-tying, composition of photographs and basic first aid. Other than getting a foretaste of performing these demanding skills, we also learnt to debunk some misconceptions that we might have had about other CCAs, and that we should not judge them based on these baseless assumptions. We felt that this sharing session was extremely enriching and interesting, despite the fact that it was just one short session. It was really eye-opening, especially since most of us are part of the same CCA for our whole secondary school lives, so this was a good opportunity for us to experience what our peers experience in theirs. While there are certainly improvements to be made, overall, all of us would recommend future ‘Sharing is CCA-ring’ sessions to our juniors!

NCC (Air): Basic Flight Theory By Hana Tan (3I) ‘Sharing is CCA-ring’ was an eye-opening experience for many of my fellow NCC batchmates. It was a good opportunity for us to get a taste of the other four CCAs’ activities, and we were able to learn useful skills from all of them. We were also glad that we were able to bond with our fellow Sec 3s as we were grouped together throughout the sharing session. As a member from a Uniform Group (UG), it was a delight to be able to learn more about the skills and lessons taught in the other CCAs, as well as interact with their members. It was a good time to get together and connect over CCA-related topics, mainly due to the fact that inter-CCA bonding is rare in school. While there are certainly improvements to be made, I hope that more of such sharing sessions will be organised in the future, and for more activities to be added to the programme.



Tennis Junior Division By Shanelle Ee and Sharmaine Ee (5.5) From 5 July to 29 July, the MGS Tennis Junior Team participated in the National School Games. The Junior players took part in two categories - the Green Ball (Singles and Doubles) categories and the Orange Ball category. We played in the classification round before moving on to the tiered round. Throughout the competition, we would always encourage one another and think of different strategies to win the matches. We also tried our best and did not give up. We are very proud to see the perseverance from all the Junior Team players, thus leading to our team’s achievements in the competition.

Senior Division By Ho Zi Leng Janie (6.5) Over three intense weeks of competition from 12 April to 5 May, the MGS Tennis Senior Team took part in the National School Games and clinched the senior division championship. This year, we played in a one-group single round robin format. Although some of us felt the pressure to win every match that we were in, we continued to encourage one another to do our best and to display good sportsmanship. As the captain, I am proud of the team’s hard work and perseverance before and during the competition and it has been an honour playing with them for the school.

C Division By Gwyneth Khng (2M) After a two-year suspension of the National School Games due to the pandemic, the MGS Tennis team finally managed to participate in the tournament this year and clinched the coveted Championship title! During the intensive training period, we not only sharpened our skills but also strengthened our bond as a team. Through the guidance of our coach and teachers, we learned to be both mentally and physically resilient in our performance on the courts. The presence of our supporters during the Finals also helped us stay motivated and spurred us on to achieve victory. Winning with a score of 4-1, our team is even more motivated to do better and defend our title next year.



Live On Festival Essay Competition By Evonne Toh (2G)

This June, many of our Sophia Society members participated in the annual ‘Live On Festival’ essay competition, which is part of the main event started by the National Organ Transplant Unit (NOTU). We submitted essays based on the topic: “Donor families find hope in organ donation. What are your views?” We are happy to announce that two of our members — Clarissa Chee (1M) and Evonne Toh (2G) — were awarded the First and Fourth positions respectively among over 200 submissions! As organ donation is a scarcely mentioned topic amongst many students, this competition really widened our perspectives on the issue and gave us a creative platform to immerse ourselves in an unconventional yet refreshing milieu. This has truly been such an unforgettable experience.

Track and Cross Country By Esther Lee (4O) Semester 1 was one filled with much activity in the Track and Cross Country CCA. Amidst the intensive training to prepare for the National School Games (NSG), we embarked on a student-initiated project to raise funds for SHINE, a leading social work organisation in enabling vulnerable children and youth in society to maximise their potential. After months of planning and collaboration, ‘Project Kibo’ finally took shape. We are proud to have raised over $1000 through the sale of brownies and cookies for our beneficiary. Being able to involve everyone on the team in this project also made the experience extremely enjoyable. Furthermore, not only were we able to bless our friends and family with these desserts, we were also able to do our small part for the community.

in competitive running. Despite it all, it was a joy to see so many of our fellow teammates improve in leaps and

After the flurry of sales, we pounded the track. The

bounds with some even going on to compete in the finals

past months were a blur of vigorous training for all

of the various competitions and win medals for MGS!

the athletes in the team. With the NSG and the Cross Country Championship in mind, we really pushed each

This year’s competitions not only allowed us to reap the

other throughout the season. The pandemic had led

fruits of our labour but also led to many newly forged

to the cancellations of previous years’ events. Hence,

friendships with athletes from other schools. Indeed, it

many of our teammates were relatively inexperienced

was a rewarding and enriching experience for all.



Girls’ Brigade

Dr. Low Guat Tin Challenge By Sarah-Anne Ch’ng En Xin (5.6) Ever since I joined the Girls’ Brigade, it had simply been packed with interesting events that our teachers had painstakingly planned for us. One of which that would definitely be carved in my memory is the “A Friend In Deed” programme. I found it extremely meaningful. The “A Friend In Deed” programme is a unique programme as the Girls’ Brigade Headquarters had asked the elderly citizens staying around Choa Chu Kang area what they wished for. Upon collation of the gifts they had wished for, we then proceeded to deliver them to their homes. This simple act of kindness towards the elderly was certainly priceless because seeing all the smiles on their faces after delivering their blessings touched many of our hearts. Through this mini event, I also learnt the importance of working well with my peers as we had to be quick when we arranged all forty bags in order for the rest of the girls to deliver them. This programme was truly exceptional and I look forward to many more learning and growing experiences in GB in the future.

A Friend in Deed By Alyssa Chua (5.4) Ever since I joined the Girls’ Brigade, it had simply been packed with interesting events that our teachers had painstakingly planned for us. One of which that would definitely be carved in my memory is the “A Friend In Deed” programme. I found it extremely meaningful. The “A Friend In Deed” programme is a unique programme as the Girls’ Brigade Headquarters had asked the elderly citizens staying around Choa Chu Kang area what they wished for. Upon collation of the gifts they had wished for, we then proceeded to deliver them to their homes. This simple act of kindness towards the elderly was certainly priceless because seeing all the smiles on their faces after delivering their blessings touched many of our hearts. Through this mini event, I also learnt the importance of working well with my peers as we had to be quick when we arranged all forty bags in order for the rest of the girls to deliver them. This programme was truly exceptional and I look forward to many more learning and growing experiences in GB in the future.



MGHB VIA By Loh Yanyi (2G) and Charis Goh (2R) In July 2022, the Handbell Ensemble engaged with the elderly from the St Luke’s Hospital over Zoom. Before the event, the Ensemble pre-recorded familiar tunes like “Di Tanjong Katong” and “朋友” (“Friends”) and screened the recordings for the seniors. We also played games like “Bingo”, “Guess the Price’’ and “Spot the Difference” with them virtually. We quickly discovered that our main challenge was to adjust the difficulty level of the games for the elderly, but we were able to adapt swiftly to this need and they continued to enjoy the rest of the segment. Prior to the event, we prepared ourselves by holding several technical runs with our teachers and the staff of St Luke’s

Blessed to be a Blessing By Esther Gabriella (3O), Klara Sciffi Richie Gavrila (3O), Jocelyn Valencia Agatha (3O), Jeanice Angela Wong Susanto (3I), Kate Chen (3O) and Bethany Cheong (3O)

Hospital, so as to ensure that the games were suitable for the elderly and that the transition from screening the performances and playing of games went on seamlessly. The valuable lessons that we learnt through this VIA project were the importance of adaptability and being forward-looking. For instance, we faced the potential






It is said that “to make an elderly person happy is the

of the games, so we made quick adjustments for

noblest act a young person can ever do.” Thus, a group of

the next game so that the event would end on time.

us decided to pay a visit to Hannah Active Ageing Centre during our June school holidays to share our blessings

We are grateful to our teachers and conductor for

with the elderly there. We also invited some friends to join

helping us along the way, and for giving us suggestions

us, and this experience drew us closer to one another.

for age-appropriate songs that the elderly would enjoy. The enthusiastic facilitators at St Luke’s Hospital who

Goodie bags filled with fresh fruits, nutritious nuts, fancy

helped us to engage the elderly were also invaluable in

towels, hand sanitiser, soft toys, marshmallows, and

the assistance that they provided, ensuring that it was an

drinks were lovingly prepared for all thirty residents

enjoyable experience for all!

there. Through conducting small art and craft projects, we bonded with the elderly, bringing them a sense of warmth and affection. We were overwhelmed by the residents’ joy upon meeting us, and this also brightened our faces with smiles. From our interactions with them, we learnt the importance of cherishing every single memory in our lives, and all of us concur that this experience has brought us closer.



Being A Blessing Inspired by the selfless giving of Miss Sophia Blackmore, the primary school embarked on a school-wide service learning project, “Being A Blessing” as part of MGServes, with the hopes of giving back to our community. Guided by the three broad areas of being green, being friendly,

Digital Art Workshop for MGS (Pri) Art Club by IDEAS (Sec) By Naomi Shee (3I)

and being considerate, the students made commitments of what they wanted to do. For example, students, who

Last August, members of IDEAS from MGS (Sec) organised

committed to being green, took public transport to

a digital art workshop for our younger counterparts

school, while those who committed to being friendly,

from the Art Club in MGS (Pri). Through the use of the

greeted neighbours or fellow commuters that they saw

software application ‘ibisPaint X’, the forty primary-school

on their way to school, and those who committed to

participants were introduced to basic techniques such as

being considerate, boarded and alighted promptly at the

layering and operation of various tools.

concourse to alleviate traffic congestion. As the IDEAS members prepared for the workshop a Reflecting on her actions, one P6 student wrote, “I took

few months beforehand, we were able to carry out the

the bus [instead of taking my mother’s car]. My rides

programme proficiently. Although there were minor

were not as quiet as before, nor as comfortable. However,

hiccups along the way, we were heartened to see that

even with the loud chattering of the other children, I was

all our young participants enjoyed creating their digital

happy to make a small change in my carbon footprint. A

pieces of artwork.

small ripple makes a big wave.” While these may seem like simple actions, students realised that no action is

Personally, I think it was an invaluable experience for our

too small when it is part of a collective effort to make a

IDEAS members as we got to bond over the planning and


preparation process. Furthermore, we were able to bless our younger ‘sisters’ from MGS (Pri) with our digital and artistic skills. It is our goal that IDEAS continue to deliver more meaningful and enabling projects for others both within and outside of the MGS community.



Thank You for Supporting The Little Red Swing Campaign The book, The Little Red Swing, a compilation of stories and poems written by our own MGS students revolving around the themes of identity and belonging, care and inclusiveness started in 2020 as a fundraising effort to bless SPD. MGS has been supporting people with disabilities through SPD since 2017. We are thankful to the MGS community that through platforms such as and the sales of The Little Red Swing books, we have raised a total of $11,464 and this has exceeded our initial target of $10,000. With effect from 30 September, we are no longer selling the books on The MGS Store. We are grateful that the school community has supported us in our sales and we would like to encourage our girls to continue to benefit from the creative writing and illustrations, and be inspired by the poignant story pieces. Hence, we are happy to share with you the e-version of the book on our MGS website. Kindly scan the QR code.

MGS will continue to partner with SPD to further the work in enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. We hope that you will join us in this partnership as well. Please refer to their website: for more information on how you can get involved.



ParentLink X MGServes Post-a-blessing On 13 July, all MGS girls participated in a school-wide activity to pen appreciation or encouragement messages for loved ones on specially-designed postcards during their recess. In collaboration with Singpost, this MGS signature event sought to educate girls on the (almost) lost art of writing snail mail and to provide them with the opportunity to ‘post’ their letters into mailboxes. ParentLink members sold stamps and guided the girls each step of the way, whether it is affixing stamps or writing of addresses. The girls cherished the opportunity to bless others through their handwritten postcards, and also to meet the postmen who visited MGS with their scooters for this special event!

Raising funds for Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home To support the work of the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home to care for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, ParentLink conceptualised a range of merchandise which was sold to raise funds for the Home. These comprised custom-made items such as Hydroflasks, bucket hats, stationery sets, t-shirts, nail stickers and EZ Link cards that were launched on 1 July. Proceeds amounting to $9296.15 from the sale of these items from 1 July to 30 September 2022 were donated to Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, and we thank the MGS community for supporting this meaningful initiative. Another $6000 was also raised separately for the Home through parent-led initiatives bringing the total funds raised to $15,296.15.



MGS plants 135 trees On 14 July, MGS welcomed 30 new ‘residents’ to Blackmore Drive. To support Singapore’s OneMillionTrees movement, MGS had collaborated with NParks to plant the small trees opposite the school in this purposeful MGServes endeavour towards a Green Singapore. The tree-planters comprised students, staff, ParentLink, the Board of Management and Alumnae Association as well as Minister for National Development Mr Desmond Lee and Adviser for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC GROs Mr Christopher De Souza. It was a memorable experience for all who had participated in this tree-planting initiative organized by ParentLink, and the school was glad to have had the support of NParks to make this meaningful event possible. Part 2 of MG tree-planting took place on 21 July at the amphitheatre grounds within our school campus, adding to the total count of 135 trees (including saplings housed at the community nursery) planted in commemoration of the school’s milestone 135th anniversary.






Love GOD