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2021 VOLUME 1

Principal’s Message We started 2021 with a renewed sense of confidence and assurance. Our theme verse that God is our strength continues to anchor and comfort us. With the gradual return to normalcy from the tail end of last year, we welcome the refreshed vibrancy of school life at MGS. The school has been abuzz with a myriad of school activities and events and I am happy to see our girls enjoying the programmes in school with new energy. We also greeted new faces to the MGS family - our Primary and Secondary One students, and are thankful that they have acclimatised well to the schooling environment amidst COVID-19. MGS girls have continued to Master, Grow and Serve through their CCAs, competitions and Values-in-Action programmes. They give their best in what they undertake. We are especially appreciative too of the MGS community who rallied to walk

and raise funds for the school through Methodist Walk 2021 alongside our girls. It was a wonderful school-wide effort that was testament to the oneness and strong ownership of the MGS Community. As we look forward to an exciting year ahead, we are mindful of the challenges and volatility of the landscape. At MGS, we remain dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of all in school as our girls grow, learn and play. Let us continue to challenge ourselves, and find the courage and tenacity to persist in the good work each one is doing and make a positive impact in our respective spheres of influence.

To God be the Glory. Ms Grace Ng

Doodle-A-Wall By Liang Ruiyi (1G), Tan Tze Rui (1M), Arielle Tang (2G), Ashley Tan (2I), Chloe Chan (2E) and Isabelle Tan (2T) Our Doodle-A-Wall designs reflect a slice of life in 2020 which was impacted by COVID-19. You can see images of Zoom and Google Meet classes, Team MG activities, VIA projects to help frontline workers, and more. On one of them, there is a Chromebook screen - the device we use to boost our learning experiences. Many of us were inspired by Among Us, a popular online game, played during the circuit breaker, and included the characters on many parts of the walls. Through this experience, we were reminded to be resilient in whatever we do. Although the painting of walls took rather long, it was a fruitful and fun experience. For most of us, this was the first time we had painted on walls! We hope that through our art, we can remind others to wear masks, stay healthy and safe, and make our days count for all of us!


Baccalaureate Service by Jan Ng (4S)

On 2 October, MGS held a Baccalaureate Service for the graduating batch. The guest speaker, Ms Debbie Wong, delivered a powerful message centered around Psalm 46. In the midst of our preparations for the O Levels and moving to ACS(Independent) next year, we were reminded to rely on God in tumultuous times like these, as He is sovereign. It was a timely reminder that soothed our anxiety over the future, and encouraged us to try our best in whatever we did, while trusting God wholeheartedly knowing that He has a plan for each one of us.

MEP WALLS By Nayana Kolasseri (2E) After the end-of-year examinations, we worked on brightening up the Music Elective Programme (MEP) centre. Two of the walls were re-painted yellow and blue. Quotes were painted in calligraphy to inspire us in our music journey. Over three sessions, different groups of students sponged the walls, traced the words and painted the words. This was a collective effort of the MGS community - Sec/Year 1 - 4 MEP students, MGS alumna Emily Seck (a full-time designer), Sec 1 art students as well as Nicole from 1G who did the calligraphy. Emily not only created the designs but also came down every session to mentor us through the whole process. This was a wonderful opportunity to bond with peers from different levels as well as with our teachers, who were also part of the artistic process. Overall, it was a satisfying and fun experience which allowed us to leave our mark in the school.


By Priscilla Wong (3M)


Being on LOA since the Movement Control in Malaysia started in April, I was glad to be able to “attend” this year’s online Christmas Service. Pastor Li Ping spoke about superheroes selflessly extending help to the helpless and how in reality, Jesus Christ modelled for us all the qualities we can find in super heroes. Students contributed to the 2020 MGS Christmas Love Gift, benefitting Bethany Nursing Home’s Care-Remodelling project.

Mother Tongue Singing Competition By Hannah de Souza and Emma Koh (P3.2) MGS held our inaugural Online Mother Tongue (MT) Singing Competition, MgSings in October 2020 in order to arouse students’ interest in their MT languages through music and technology. We hope our students will enjoy the process of learning MT lightheartedly through songs and develop their confidence in the language. Students’ Reflections: When we first heard about the competition, we were eager to participate. It was not easy for us to memorise the lyrics but our competitive spirit spurred us on. Our Chinese teacher explained the meaning of the lyrics of the songs he introduced, providing us with more exposure to vocabulary we can use in our Chinese compositions. Emma felt over the moon because she won first place for middle primary. Hannah was a little disappointed as she did not win. However, our classmates cheered loudly and clapped upon watching our song videos, they also reassured us that our best was good enough.

Textbook Donation Drive By Skye Siwan Mathews (P4.4) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, many lost their jobs and many students needed help getting their textbooks for the new academic year. By collaborating with NTUC’s Share-A-Textbook programme, about 300 textbooks were donated by MGS Primary students. I felt grateful because we were able to give the old textbooks a new life, ensuring that they would be put to good use again. I am humbled by the support of my fellow prefects and the school in this meaningful campaign and I hope that through the donation drive, every MGS girl was empowered to contribute meaningfully to the community. IN AND AROUND | 3

Father-Daughter Bonding 2020

Stepping out with my Girl 2

In these challenging times that have us redefining the norms and re-evaluating our priorities, MGS Father-Daughter bonding 2020 organised by ParentLink, saw 150 pairs of fathers and daughters head outdoors to focus on what is really important - family and the relationship between fathers and daughters, enjoying Singapore as local tourists, capturing these precious moments on camera. Given the circuit breaker, our fathers and daughters jumped at the opportunity to go on this fun adventure. In line with safe distancing measures and regulations, we split the participants into three different routes that we had crafted, each comprising exciting activities and phototaking tasks in various locations. The pairs had the flexibility of setting off at their own time to complete the tasks after a morning Zoom kick-off.

Project CARE “Project CARE” is about taking care of the Secondary 4 students 4 | IN AND AROUND

We saw many happy and excited pairs that day venturing into the Kranji Countryside, checking out the West Coast Plan and exploring the beautiful Bayfront. The lively photographs capturing their experiences were uploaded and shared online so that winners for the ‘Best Captioned Shot’, ‘Best Jump Shot’, ‘Most Instagramable Shot’, ‘Coolest Father-Daughter Pair’ and ‘Most Artistic Shot’ could be selected. Stepping Out with My Girl 2 provided the opportunity for fathers and daughters to create beautiful memories together, and we hope that these will be cherished for a lifetime. I thoroughly enjoyed the various activities and the girls got a front row seat on how liberating it is to overcome one’s fear and achieve the seemingly impossible. Yes, I am referring to my encounter with the giant bullfrogs!” Paul Chen , Father of Chen Rei Anne P4 and Chen Rei Lyn P2 (Kranji Countryside)

while they prepare for the GCE O Level Examination. This special initiative allows the school to collaborate closely with the parents. In 2020, it became more challenging due to the various safe management measures that had to be followed closely. Despite all the challenges faced, the Project Care Team worked efficiently and the parents were ingenious in coming up with the

interesting menu. The students were extremely touched by the generosity of the parents and the time spent cooking and serving the sumptuous food to the girls. In 2020, the girls realised that in the MGS family, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds everyone together, and the music that brings harmony!


Oh, The Places You’ll Go On 11 November, we celebrated graduation for our Class of 2020 as we came together for the last time as a full cohort. Based on the Longest Day theme - Oh, The Places You’ll Go, we reflected and celebrated the ups and downs of our Sec 4 journey in 2020. We enjoyed games, photo booth sessions, performances and dinner while adhering to the safe management measures. With the well-wishes from our teachers and school leaders, we are reminded that our potential is limitless and to get excited to explore what is ahead. The night was all the more memorable as we begin a new chapter in our life, not forgetting the memories made and pleasures shared in MGS.

GAMES DAY By Kylie Tan (P6.1) The Primary School celebrated Games Day for the P3 to P6 girls in T3W2 during PE. The Games Day instils house spirit in students, and it helped us, especially the P6s, to also relieve stress as our exams were nearing. During our P6 Games Day, we cheered each other on and gave each other tips so that we could accumulate points for our houses. Points were collated from all the classes and my house, Olson actually came in first. From this experience, I learnt about teamwork and the value of cooperation and encouragement. During the P1 and P2 Games Day, as a House Leader, I had the opportunity to be in charge of

Game stations to lead the younger students. The P6 House Leaders gave our best to make this a fun day for both our peers and juniors. I learnt about perseverance, as we were extremely tired but we still gave our best and continued cheering our juniors. At the end, although Lee was the overall winner, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience in being a participant as well as being organizers in conducting the games for our juniors.


P6 POST EXAM PROGRAMME A range of activities were organised for the pupils in Primary 6 after their PSLE. Due to Safe Management Measures, most of the activities were organised in the classrooms, but this was done without compromising the learning objectives of the programme.

Mother Tongue Activities

to make our classroom look more colourful and lively.

and meaning in work, instead of negative emotions often associated with jobs, like stress or frustration. From this experience, we learnt to embrace lifelong learning openmindedly, expose ourselves to new experiences and consider personal interests, which would ultimately influence jobs we would take in future.

For the Tamil activity, we made diyas which are oil lamps used during Deepavali or Diwali. I really enjoyed decorating the lamps because I got to unleash my creativity.

Science: Building a Terrarium

By Abbie Chang (P6.4)

We were taught how to play Chinese Chess. During the three sessions, we learnt about the different chess pieces, where they are supposed to be placed on the chess board, and the history behind Chinese Chess.

Personally, I found it difficult at first but gradually, I found it easier to play. We had a mini competition amongst our group members and I really enjoyed seeing my classmates so focused in playing. It was truly a wonderful sight to behold!

For the Malay cultural activities, we made songkoks and bunga rampai which are decorations often used for Malay weddings. We then used the bunga rampai 6 | IN AND AROUND

Mini Career Day

By Shannon Khoo (P6.1)

On 10 November, the P6 girls participated in Career Day. Each class was given the opportunity to listen to two guest speakers from different fields share their experiences. The speakers comprising parents and alumnae focused on teaching us how to combine passion with purpose in occupations such that one could find joy

By Keira Ng (P6.3)

I really enjoyed the open terrarium activity. I felt that it was very fun and engaging. It was an eye-opener as it was my first time creating a terrarium. I had to place the pebbles and pour the sand very carefully into the glass container so that sand would not touch the succulent. It taught me to be patient and meticulous. Previously, I thought that caring for plants was never my cup of tea. Now, I appreciate nature and enjoy gardening. In future, I will not hesitate to take part in another terrariummaking activity again!


GRADUATION DAY By Ashley Lim (P6.1), Lauren Teo (P6.3) and Tyra Lian (P6.6) To conclude this unexpected yet exciting year, our teachers, parent volunteers and student leaders planned an unforgettable Graduation day on 12 November, starting with the Graduation Service. We started off with a speech by Ms Ng, where she shared about the 4Cs - care, calling upon others, and having compassion and a composing attitude. With these 4Cs, we realised that we could conquer any challenges that came our way.

to all who have guided us through primary school. Next, the teachers conveyed their well wishes to us through a recording of the song “I wish you Jesus”. Samantha, our Head Prefect, also encouraged us to be shining examples for those around us, bringing glory to God and making MGS proud, no matter where we would go in our next chapter in life.

Ms Trisha Khoo, an alumna, gave a stirring extortion for us to be strong and courageous. She reminded us that God will always be with us to walk us through all the storms we face in life. After that, the head prefect expressed appreciation All in all, the service was nicely summarised in the theme of our graduation where we were reminded that somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world. This theme taught us that every little step that we take can leave a lasting impact. Indeed, once an MG girl, always an MG girl.

The grad party had presented opportunities for team bonding because there were many games which encouraged us to work together as a class. One of the games was “Escape Box” which was inspired by Escape Room. We had to solve riddles to unlock the box. We also had a chance to take photos with our classmates in our classrooms which we had decorated especially for this occasion. As we were gifted an autograph book, we could paste the photos in the book to form lasting memories. The party culminated in a lunch at the canteen where there were performances by both pupils and teachers. Although we were excited for the day, there were many tears as well, as we bid farewell to our last days in primary school. We are thankful for the support of our parents who worked with the school to make the party a meaningful and memorable one.


From 1 to 3 February, the Primary 4 students went for their P4 Adventure Camp held at MOE Changi Coast Outdoor Adventure Centre. The pupils learnt many valuable lessons which could not be replicated in the classroom. It was also an opportunity for them to develop ruggedness, resilience and team spirit.

Gabrielle Ong (P4.2)

This year’s camp was like no other. Even though overnight camps were suspended, we had the most exciting and enjoyable time! I learnt that camp was not only about rock climbing, zip lines or coastal exploration, it was also a time for us to spend together as a class, to overcome our fears and get to know more about nature, our classmates and even our teachers.

Pulau Ubin P5 Reality Outside Classroom (ROCs) By Sophia Wong (P5.5) An interdisciplinary programme, ROCs aims to extend students’ learning beyond the classroom and provide meaningful and authentic learning experiences. The theme this year was Change and Continuity. It allowed students to compare life in Singapore in the past, how it has affected the present and how it may affect the future. The programme was divided into two parts. ROCs 1 was a walking trail at Pulau Ubin and ROCs 2 was an in-house programme. Student’s reflections: We learnt that Pulau Ubin was known as Granite Island in Malay. The walk through the trail of rocks and sand was mesmerising despite the heat and our sweat-drenched tee shirts. We persevered and did not give up. We learnt that Pulau Ubin hosts the largest mangrove areas in Singapore and almost all mangrove plant species can be found there. The refreshing breeze was rewarding after the long walk to the seaside. The trip to Pulau Ubin was enriching as it helped to build our resilience, teamwork and instil a love for learning. It was a great opportunity for class bonding. 8 | IN AND AROUND

ROCs 2 took place in school. We never knew staying in school for a learning journey could be so enjoyable. From sitting back and enjoying the documentary on “Memories of Singapore River” in the auditorium, to donning on aprons and becoming chefs, we gained valuable knowledge on the Singapore River. We painted it on postcards which we will be presenting to our grandparents, the pioneers of our country who helped to play an important role in our nation building, and learnt how to make the traditional Teochew kueh, Png Kueh. This experience will forever be etched in our minds.

Peer Support Leaders’ Training Course By Emberlyn Tham (2O) During the five-day Peer Support Leader (PSL) Training Course in mid-November, we participated in a range of activities that helped us become better helping hands to our peers who may be in need of our assistance. On the first day, we played games that allowed us to get better acquainted with our fellow PSLs, and engaged in a discussion on topics related to mental well-being. The following day, we had an online session on self-discovery using the Strengths Finder test. Then we had a group discussion on an assigned mental health issue and presented our findings. Finally, we took part in an art journaling session with our friendly instructor, a former MG Girl, who shared with us how art therapy has helped her cope with her anxieties. In addition, we learnt about the ‘CHEER’ model (Calm them down, Hear them out, Empathise with them, Encourage them to seek help, Reach out to a trusted adult) as a guideline to help us reach out to schoolmates who are in distress. This whole experience taught us many things and prepared us to be better PSLs.

STUDENT LEADERS SERVICE LEARNING By Shannon Khoo (P6.1) On 2 November, student leaders from Primary 4 to 6 collaborated to bless the elderly residents of Ghim Moh. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not meet them face-to-face like in previous years. Instead, we wrote them letters and sent them materials to write back to us to keep in touch. We also sent them tote bags with unique templates designed by the student leaders. They also received coloured markers to colour the templates in however way they liked. Through this experience, we have learnt to show care to those around us even during this pandemic, especially the elderly, who may feel lonely or neglected. IN AND AROUND | 9

By Amanda Peh and Naomi Baey (P4.4) On 20 November 2020, about 150 Primary 4 pupils became docents during the P1 Orientation. We welcomed our young friends and brought them on a short tour around the school. Several fun activities were also organised for them and these included games in the hall and dance and movements in the classrooms. To prepare ourselves as docents on that day, we tried to put ourselves in the future Primary Ones’ shoes. We anticipated their anxiety and excitement to enter a new and big school they had never seen before. It was a great opportunity for the Primary 4 students to introduce our school to them and to put into practice the skills we learnt during the Docent Training Programme. We learnt to be more understanding and patient with the younger girls. Although we ended the day feeling slightly exhausted, we were grateful for the opportunity to have a meaningful memorable experience as docents.

Orientation Session for MidStream Transfer Students By Chelsea Angela Kusuma (P4.4) On Monday, 23 November, MGS held another Orientation session for a group of new members of the school – the Mid-Stream Transfer Students. 17 Primary 4 Student Leaders, who were the docents for the day, welcomed them at the Concourse before leading them to the Conference Room. As docents, we got ourselves in small groups with them before playing some ice-breaker games. Most of the new students were quite shy at first. Hence, we tried to put ourselves in their shoes and thought of ways to ease them in settling down in a new environment. Soon, they began to open up more freely. We then took the students on a school tour to show them around the school. Once the school tour ended, it was time for the games. Both the new students and the docents found the games fun and exciting. At the end of the whole orientation, it was delightful to see the smiles on the students’ faces as they reunited with their parents. It was truly a memorable and heart-warming experience for all of us. 10 | IN AND AROUND

SECONDARY TWO ARTS APPRECIATION By Pranati Bhatt (2T) On 21 October, The Sec 2 Drama Society members helped facilitate Arts Appreciation for the 2020 Sec 2 cohort, sharing with them three monologues (“The Coronalogues”) and the features that make monologues engaging. Through the interactive session in class, our peers were able to appreciate how humour, tone, body language and movement can help to engage the audience in monologues, and as facilitators, we learnt that teaching is very much like performing, where preparation, practice and enthusiasm can determine the learning that takes place in a classroom. All in all, it was an enjoyable learning experience, where we helped bring the beauty of theatre to light!

Staff Dedication Service In preparation for the new calendar and academic year, the staff met “together” (with a maximum of 50 persons in each satellite location) for our annual Staff Dedication Service on 29 December 2020. Bishop Dr Gordon Wong, the newly elected Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore accepted the school’s invitation to speak to and encourage the staff, from the 2021 theme “God is our strength”. Bishop reminded all that reality brings good days, bad days and hard days but through it all, God is our strength!


Sec One Orientation Camp By Tan Jing Xuan (1E) It seems like just yesterday when I graduated from primary school. In a moment, I found myself in an entirely new environment: MGS. I was extremely anxious, yet excited The seniors running Orientation were enthusiastic and welcoming, which made me feel like a part of the close-knit MG family. My Orientation Group Leaders displayed genuine sisterly concern for us by trying to remember our names and wishing us a happy birthday if it was our special day. I cannot forget the Station Masters, who were very patient with us, despite our chattiness. An indelible memory I had of the orientation camp was the numerous friendships forged with one another, including our teachers. The bonds that we made are still alive even now. My last treasured memory of the orientation was when we stayed back till 7pm for dinner in school. Even though it was a long day, it was a rare opportunity to savour dinner with friends. I think that the orientation camp was a very fruitful and eye opening experience and I am sure that all the other Sec 1 MG girls will agree.

PRIMARY 1 AND PRIMARY 4 BUDDY PROGRAMME by Adelle Ng and Evelyn Ong (P4.5) During the first two weeks of 2021, the Primary 1 students were accompanied by their Primary 4 buddies during recess. It was a wonderful opportunity for us, as the Primary 4 buddies, to introduce the different parts of our school to our younger schoolmates. At the same time, we guided them as they bought their food and drinks from the canteen stalls, as well as showed them how to put into practice the safe management measures that we have in school. As buddies, we tried to anticipate their anxiety and worries and considered how best we could alleviate them. Through this experience, many of us learnt to be more understanding and patient in our dealings with the younger girls. 12 | IN AND AROUND

Virtual Parent Engagements in the new COVID normal

Parent Level Briefings 2021 The annual briefing sessions at the start of the school year for parents across all Primary and Secondary levels went digital for the first time, in view of the pandemic situation. Zoom links were sent out and form teachers prepared for inaugural class zoom sessions to meet with parents. The Principal’s sharing was conducted via largescale webinars for several levels of parents at a time.

The virtual briefings were a welcome change as parents could log in at home in comfort, and leveraging online platforms enabled effective sharing of the school’s directions and 2021 plans for our girls with parents. Thank you for the positive feedback garnered from the engagement sessions!

MGS Coffee Chat 2021 for Secondary/Year 1 Parents ParentLink, the parent support group of MGS, warmly welcomed approximately 100 parents of S/Y1 students at the MGS Coffee Chat held via Zoom on 20 January. Parents got to interact with current Secondary school parents in small breakout rooms to learn more about the MGS culture and the parent community. Instead of a school tour which took place during physical coffee chats in previous years, parents listened to a sharing by Laura Lang, a Sec 2 student as well as parent Ms Yim Swee Yeng on their own personal experiences being part of the MGS community.

Welcome Breakfast via Zoom for ParentLink Level and Class Representatives Another engagement session was also organized by ParentLink to orientate 2021 level and class representatives to how they could work with ParentLink to enrich the school life of MGS girls.

Since this was held virtually via Zoom and there was no breakfast reception, the parent organizers sprung a delightful surprise by arranging for an appreciation treat pack of hot drink mixes and biscuits for each representative. These were distributed prior to the event through their daughters to take home.

We are grateful for the partnership and contribution of our ParentLink representatives. IN AND AROUND | 13

P6 Rock Climbing

By Estelle Lek and Kirsten Joy Lee (P6.6) The relentless sun rays shone through the windows of the bus which was taking us to T-Hall on 27 January. We chatted on the bus and hummed along till we reached the destination. After alighting from the bus, we eagerly ambled into the rock climbing centre. Firstly, we took off all our watches, badges and any sharp belongings and placed them in our bags. We were then taught how to put on harnesses and rock climbing shoes. There were 8 groups in our class and we were all placed in different zones accordingly. After the safety briefing, we were finally allowed to scale the rock wall. We enthusiastically dashed over to our station after sanitizing our hands and raced each other to the top of the rock walls. After ten minutes or so a whistle was blown, signalling that we had to shift to the next station. Our favourite rock wall was the glow-in-the dark rock wall that was located inside a pillar. It was a bit tricky as some of the rocks did not have a good grip. We had to take some time to find the rock we could grip on and pull ourselves towards the top. The hardest rock wall for us was the Rubik’s cube rock wall. We had trouble climbing it as the sides of the wall were slippery and we could not grip on it properly. As a class, we clapped, encouraged and cheered for one other. When the trainers blew the final whistle, signalling that we were done for the day, everyone groaned and sat back on the floor for debrief. Even though our fingers, arms and legs were aching, we were still elated. From this experience, most of us learnt to overcome our fear of heights. We also learnt not to give up easily, persevere to overcome the obstacles and challenges in order to reach the top.


United Women Singapore A dialogue session with Mdm President By Rachel Gong (3M), Vera Wee (3G) and Kayla Chua (3O) On 16 January 2021, we were invited to attend a dialogue session with President Halimah Yacob at United Women Singapore (UWS), where we were privileged to have the opportunity to learn more about female empowerment in Singapore. UWS is a non-profit organisation which aims to eradicate gender inequality by encouraging women to enter STEM-related fields, through programmes such as Girls2Pioneers. Madam President shared some ideas about how women can be more proportionately represented in STEM fields, such as giving women equal educational opportunities. Marginalisation of women often stems from domestic violence, which is why it is imperative that we educate not just women, but everybody, on the importance of representation. It was a very fruitful and enlightening discussion. We are extremely grateful to have been a part of it.


New solar panels were installed on the rooftops of MGS in January as part of efforts to use less fossil fuels for our energy needs. As a school community, we are proud to contribute towards Singapore’s sustainability movement. In becoming a greener school, we hope for more sunny days ahead!

In February, MGShouts was launched as the official Instagram and Facebook handle of Methodist Girls’ School with a refreshed logo designed by a Secondary 1 student. Since then, the MGS social media platforms have been engaging Secondary students as well as parents of both Primary and Secondary girls through posts on the various exciting events and programmes of the school. Managed jointly by a team of students and staff, it has been a timely source of information for everyone to catch up with what has been going on within the school! IN AND AROUND | 15

MRS TSE NAN SHING An Amazing and Inspiring 35 years of Teaching By Chelsea Kusuma and Ng Kai Xuan (P5.1) Mrs Tse has retired after teaching in MGS for 23 years and 35 years in the teaching service. We interviewed her to know more about her and her thoughts about teaching. This is what we found out. Mrs Tse enjoys working with people, so when she was young, she planned to either teach or be a nurse. When the recruitment for teachers was conducted, she applied to be one immediately. When Mrs Tse was on the job, she tried to emulate what her inspiring teachers did and she hopes that she has made her inspiring teachers proud. Mrs Tse thinks that seeing her students learn and grow is extremely satisfying. Money cannot compare to seeing that growth, and that transformation. In the course of teaching, Mrs Tse taught the students a lot and connected with them. She usually shared about herself, her children, her siblings,

the silly mistakes they made, and even about her husband. When her husband was unwell, they knew she took leave to accompany him. When Mrs Tse connected with her students, they then realised that they were not alone. A teacher is like the student, a student is like the teacher. What they face, we face. If we can overcome it, they can as well,” said Mrs Tse. We should be truly grateful for everything Mrs Tse has contributed to MGS. As Mrs Tse aptly said, everywhere she goes, MGS will always be part of her and it will not seem like she has ever left. Mrs Tse, we wish you all the best as you embark on your journey, and we will miss you immensely!

WARMTH OVERLOAD WEEK By Kathryn Lilley (3T) and Clarabelle Tan (3S) In the last week of January, Warmth Overload Week (WOW Week) took place in MGS. There were daily activities which promoted inclusivity and encouraged students to take a step toward a caring and welcoming environment in the MGS community. We kick-started the week with Warmth All Compiled where each class illustrated what inclusivity meant to them; this sparked meaningful discussions. Following that, Warm Wishes saw students starting encouragement chains in the canteen by writing messages of hope on post-it notes and passing them on to other students to do the same. Though COVID-19 has hindered our ability to gather in large groups, we were still able to spread warmth to those around us. WOW Week demonstrated the impact students can have on others with small actions, and highlighted the importance of building an inclusive environment. 16 | IN AND AROUND

GREEN Monday By Melody Ee (3H) Green Monday aims at championing a sustainable food system by advocating a one-day-a-week plant-based meal philosophy. Every Monday, all our canteen vendors @ Cafe Blackmore sell at least one delicious plant-based dish using plantbased protein OmniMeat, which is made from non-GMO soy. This meal option has been available for the MGS community to kickstart their effort for sustainable living! With the introduction of reasonably-priced meals such as the OmniMeat Bak Chor Mee and OmniMeat Satay, students and staff were introduced to delicious and interesting plant-based meals. The MGS Green Monday initiative was also featured in The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao! Over the past months, MG Green Monday has certainly helped to raise the awareness of the environmental benefits of cutting down carbon and water footprint when we choose a sustainable and plant-based diet. We hope to encourage the MG community to adopt sustainable habits in our daily lives.


MGS INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS CELEBRATES CNY By Daphne Chia (3M) On 19 February, 30 MGS international scholars came together to enjoy the annual CNY celebration hosted by Covenant Community Methodist Church (CCMC) over Zoom. Thanks to technology, we were able to celebrate together with all the scholars’ parents, teacher mentors, year heads, school leaders and CCMC host families. Before the celebration commenced, the scholars received special bento box dinners delivered to the hostel and were able to enjoy a sumptuous meal together as well as receive our own personal “yusheng” bowl. After that, the celebration commenced, marking the first time the scholars’ parents were able to view and participate in the celebration. There was a presentation on how CNY was celebrated differently in Malaysia, Indonesia and China respectively. The scholars also managed to showcase their talents through engaging video recordings of performances. We ended off the celebration by taking a group photo, a good keepsake of our enjoyable time together.

CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION By Khoo Shu Min, Lauren Foo, Kaitlyn Lee and Jenna Yip (P4.1) MGS celebrated the Lunar New Year on 11 February in a very unique way this year. Even though we are unable to gather in the hall, that did not stop us from feeling the spirit of the celebrations! We enjoyed performances put up by pupils and our teachers in the comfort of our classrooms. The teachers danced to the tune of Lunar New Year songs. We enjoyed playing an online quiz on Lunar New Year Traditions. We competed with other classes, hoping that our class would top the scoreboard! After the quiz, we gained a deeper understanding of the traditions and culture of the festival by making traditional craftwork such as ang bao lantern and different types of paper-cutting. It was challenging as we learnt to cut the paper, stick the corners together and attach the golden string to the final product. There was a great sense of accomplishment when we completed the lantern! The Lunar New Year Celebration was also the time we were allowed to dress in beautiful traditional costumes!


HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK By Eunice Tan (P6.1) We had our annual Health Awareness Week activities in the last two weeks of Term 1. There were fun activities for the Primary 1 to Primary 6, ranging from Hulathon, Skipathon and Chaptek-thon. When I was practising for the Chapek-thon, it was very difficult! But in the end, I was proud of how my team emerged. I had loads of fun practising, and laughing with my friends at our failed attempts at kicking the chaptek. Through this competition, I learnt about the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Although we could not gather as a cohort in the basketball court like we usually did in previous years, our Houses continued to cheer for one another and raised the Spirit of our respective Houses. Whether we won or lost the competition, I hope that everyone enjoyed these competitions.

P1 Applied Learning Programme:

I AM AN MG AMBASSADOR By Eunice Tan (P6.1) On 10 March, Primary 1 pupils served as MG ambassadors by introducing their favourite places in school to their P4 buddies. They had the opportunity to model effective communication skills in both English and Mother Tongue Languages in an authentic context. The pupils also wrote an appreciation card to members in the school community to thank them for the work they do. Laura Lim (P1.4): “I enjoyed the ALP because I had the chance to talk about the different places in MGS. I also had the chance to talk to the people who work in MGS.” Avery Kim (P1.4): “I learnt that when I give people ‘Thank You’ cards, they will feel happy and I like to make people happy!” IN AND AROUND | 19

Mini World Workshop By Danelle Choi (P6.1) and Faith Moey (P6.6)

In January, the Prefects conducted the TGIF Mini World workshop for 90 participants. During the workshop, we introduced the students to the possibilities of recycling materials to create their dioramas, which are 3D models of places or scenes. What we hoped to achieve through this activity was to encourage the students to recycle materials to create art, as well as let their creative juices flow. One lesson we learnt from planning this activity was that we should see the world around us with an open mind. We were heartened by the overwhelming responses and positive feedback from our friends. Thank you for your support!

My House Mistress Workshop By Kristen Magnus and Rachel Kam (P6.1) On 12 March, the House Leaders conducted the My House Mistress workshop. Using recyclable materials, we guided participants to creatively complete the collage of our House Mistresses. Through the activity, we hoped the participants would remember who their House Mistresses are while getting to know their Housemates better as they worked together on the collages. It was a fun activity and we are thankful for the opportunity!


WOW SEW FUN By Chloe Gan (P5.3)

On 5 April, the MGS ParentLink conducted an Among Us-themed workshop for us. Many students had signed up and we were split into groups. For many of us, this activity was our first sewing experience. We were each given a different coloured Among Us character cut-out felt, a needle and some thread. The parent volunteers demonstrated how to sew the stuffed toy step-by-step and gave us tips on how to improve our sewing. Although some of us kept getting pricked by the needle, we were determined to complete the toy. In the end, our hard work paid off and I felt very proud of myself when I had finished the project entirely on my own!


By Chloe Gan (P5.3)

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, we started the year with two House activities. We hoped that everyone was able to make new friends within their Houses and to learn more about their House. For our first meeting on 15 January, the House Leaders donned props in their House colours and promoted fun facts about our Houses using our very own activity sheets. On 5 February, House members were encouraged to collect and decorate House coloured ping pong balls. House members were then able to toss their ping pong balls in our handmade game to earn House points if they answered a simple House quiz question correctly. Blackmore came in first for both House activities! Many of my friends and House members had fun learning more about the Houses and earning points for our Houses. I definitely look forward to more of these events! IN AND AROUND | 21

Methodist Walk 2021

Amidst the bustle of lessons and activities in March, the MGS community also eagerly anticipated the Methodist Walk to contribute towards a meaningful cause.

The Methodist Walk target for MGS was to raise $250,000 which would go towards making learning and playing spaces more conducive to enhance the schooling experience for the 2500-strong MGS population. For example, this could encompass adding shelters in parts of the school which would enable our school spaces to be more resilient to the weather elements, as well as other improvements to increase the comfort level of our girls during the hours they spend in school. The school’s campaign page at bit. ly/mwalk21-mgs and additional cheque donations garnered a total of $316,714 raised for MGS.


There was also a physical component to the Methodist Walk where the school had set a distance goal of 13,400 km to be clocked by all in the MGS community collectively, in celebration of our MGS 134th anniversary this year.

Students and staff embarked on this endeavour with enthusiasm. PE lessons saw girls walking around the school to clock distances and there was even a House challenge that injected some fun competition among staff and students. Parents were also invited to walk with their girls during the March holidays. It was indeed encouraging to see everyone rallying to contribute towards the goal, and we ultimately exceeded our original target with a total distance of 15,133 km achieved!

PANTONE* Exhibition By Sophie Khoo (2I) and Tan Tze Rui (1M) From 12 October to 13 November, MGS’s annual exhibition PANTONE* was held in the iMaGineSpace with a special edition. This exhibition showcased the MGS creative energy in the Primary and Secondary Art students art explorations, Home Economics courseworks, STEAM challenges, DICE-IPW projects and innovative showpieces done during and post-circuit breaker. During this unprecedented year, it has been hard to find the silver lining in many things. Viewing the exhibition made me realize that Art not only helps people express positive energy, but also feelings of hopelessness and fear that one may feel during this tough period. Seeing my classmates’ artworks displayed also inspired a sense of pride as our efforts in Art class and IPW resulted in beautiful projects that made an impact on others. Art is truly a beacon of hope in difficult times.


STE(A)M ENGAGEMENT post-examinations activities By Mahima Manoj Adattuvalappil (2T) and Aryanna Nish Shetty (2T)

On 16 October, Lower Secondary students had numerous opportunities to stimulate our problem-solving and creative skills through the STE(A)M postexamination activities. The UNTAME Beyond Boundaries programme, conducted by the Science Centre, sparked students’ interests in a fun and educational way through a virtual platform. Students were immersed in a blended learning experience of STEM activities, experiments, DIYs and Build-Alongs such


By Claire Wong (P3.5)

An ‘Insect Mysteries’ workshop was organised for all the P3 classes in school and it was conducted by trainers from Science Centre. We observed specimens of beautiful dragonflies and bees with their distinctive 3 body parts – head, thorax and abdomen. It was fascinating! We had the opportunity to observe live crickets and stick insects very closely and I enjoyed listening to the fun facts about the insects. Did you know that stick insects can regenerate 24 | ACADEMIC

limbs? I also learnt how to differentiate between a male and female cricket! We learnt about how insects can be useful and harmful. Useful ones like dung beetles help to remove waste products from the environment. Harmful insects like termites can destroy furniture in our homes. The amazing facts we learnt about insects make me and my friends want to find out more about them.

as the makey makey graphite maze, optical illusion and drone flying workshop. They also interacted virtually with local and international STEM heroes. The Girls2Pioneers programme, organised by United Women Singapore, commenced with a sharing by Corteva Agriscience, an agricultural company. Students were then treated to a hands-on activity related to engineering. The post-exam activities ended off with the announcement of prize winners of various mini challenges. We all had a very fruitful and enjoyable learning experience.

Future Problem Solving Programme By Dharanipragada Mahima (3T) and Sara Ho (3S) MGS performed very well in the Qualifying Round held from August to October 2020 to qualify for the National Finals of the Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP) GIPS Booklet Team Competition. One team won the Championship Trophy (Middle Division), which qualifies them for the International Competition to be held online in June 2021. Another team received a “Certificate of Honourable Mention”. In the Future Problem Solving “Scenario Writing” competition, Sara Ho of 3S participated in the Qualifying Round, was ranked 10th in the Middle Division, and was invited to take part in the National Finals. Sara went on to receive the “Best Writer” and “Best Team” awards! Her win qualifies her for the International Competition too. Competing in FPSP was an enriching experience and we are grateful for this opportunity. We would like to thank our teacher-coaches Mrs Beatrice Leong, Mrs Loy Kar Wai and Mrs Thory Chew for their guidance. To God be the Glory!

FPSP Scenario Writing Best Writer & Best Team (Middle Division) Sara Ho (3S) FPSP Booklet Team Champion (Middle Division) Mahima Manoj Addatuvilapil (3S) Dharanipragada Mahima (3T) Riyana Kelin (3S) Josephine Pan (3T) FPSP Booklet Team Certificate of Honourable Mention Wong Syn Yee (3T) Amelie Tiong (3S) Natalie Hu (3G) Michele Chan (3T)


SALT Club CNY party

By Kristen Low (4S)

The SALT Club had our own CNY party on 10 February 2021. As this year’s Valentine’s Day coincided with the Lunar New Year weekend, we learnt how to fold origami hearts – a reminder of God’s love towards mankind and our love for our family and friends. Before we proceeded for our Lo Hei fellowship at the canteen, we learned the different Lo Hei greetings and their biblical meanings. Finally, we had our long awaited yu-sheng shaker bowl, together with some mini cakes and pineapple tarts. Though the pandemic affected the way we celebrated CNY this year, I am very grateful for all the blessings God has given and that we are still able to meet up with our loved ones to celebrate during this festive season. Happy NIU year!

Girls’ Brigade Fellowship Day It was the first time this year that the secondary and primary members got together for a GB meeting. With proper safemanagement measures in place, ex-GB girls who have graduated from MGS, organised squad games for girls from the Primary and Secondary School such as ‘Blow Wind Blow’, ‘Pictionary’, and many others.

Fellowship day was a special bonding experience, which we treasure. We made friends with the secondary girls and learnt more about each other. It was a very fun and enjoyable session. In the end, we made new friends, new skills and got to know one another better. I am glad I have older girls in GB to look up to and learn from.

Work Attachment at MamaShop By Siddhi Dattatray Bhartu (4G)

In December of 2020, six students from MG IDEAS CCA had a very valuable Work Attachment experience at MamaShop. We were under the mentorship of the company director, Mrs Vanessa Ong, who is passionate about grooming future women entrepreneurs as well as showcasing eco-friendly lifestyle products. The first group created interesting designs for lunch box covers and packaging bags. They came up with five comic strips that appealed to families for MamaShop’s EcoHusk lunch boxes. We explored paper bag designs following a heritage theme and had great fun doing it. The second group helped MamaShop’s Eco Ambassadors, Titoy and Morchoo, to spread the message of a sustainable lifestyle to young children through interactive postcards, crossword puzzles, word searches and storyboards. We learnt a lot more about corporate life and the design and marketing sector through this entrepreneurship programme. We are very grateful to our IDEAS teachers and MamaShop for making this possible. 26 | CCA

Live On Design Competition 2020

A NEW BEGINNING FROM FEARS TO DREAMS By Lim Yi Xuan (1I) As a new member to IDEAS (Innovation. Design. Entrepreneurship. Art for Society), I was asked to participate in the Live On Design Competition (LODC), organised by the National Organ Transplant Unit. Based on the themes “A New Beginning” and “From Fears to Dreams”, I learn to communicate my thoughts about organ donation and transplantation through art. This was a valuable learning experience for me as I can see how receiving a new organ can grant organ failure patients a second chance in life. Not only have I learnt to empathise with both the organ donors and donees, I was also able to contribute to the promotion of organ donation. The other bonus was that my artwork was awarded the Higher Distinction award!

IDEAS Love in Bloom Project By Chahak Agrawal (2G) 2020 wasn’t an easy time for many, and patients in Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) and their families were no exception. In collaboration with SKH, MGS IDEAS CCA members contributed our artistic skills to create interesting colouring sheets for the patients as art therapy. The sheets were specially designed to bring joy and comfort to the patients when they put colour to the various designs on love and lunar new year. To our surprise, SKH has decided to use the completed colouring sheets done by the patients and nurses for its fundraising initiative during the Lunar New Year. For donations of $888 and above in this fundraising initiative through giving.sg, donors will receive a beautiful framed motif designed by us, and coloured by patients and nurses! We feel privileged to be able to participate in this meaningful initiative, bringing positivity to the patients and their families. Indeed, “for it is in giving that we receive.”

CCA | 27

61st National Inter-School Team Chess Championships In late October 2020, the MGS Chess Club sent three teams from different age groups to compete in the 61st National Inter-School (Online) Team Chess Championships. Our teams participated in a total of six arduous rounds, and despite encountering various setbacks, we encouraged each other and worked together to identify areas of improvement. Our hard work paid off as all three of our

teams placed top three in the West Zone in their respective categories. This year’s competition was definitely a new experience for many of us as it was carried out online. We would like to thank our coach, our teacher-in-charge, and the IT team for guiding us through this unconventional competition. Truly, life, like a game of chess, is not always

about winning, but sometimes, simply about learning. To God be the Glory!

GB Pioneer Brigadier Brooch By Elise Sun Li Lyn (4G) The Pioneer Brigadier Brooch is the highest award a GB girl can attain, once she has completed the Senior and Pioneer programmes and undergone a rigorous selection process. Typically, as part of the process, GB girls have to first go through a brigade knowledge test, followed by a camp. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the camp could not be held and was instead replaced by a reflection that the applicants had to submit. This allowed us to reflect on our GB experience, as well as ourselves. We are very grateful to announce that out of the twenty-eight girls nationwide, five girls from First Company received the Pioneer Brigader Brooch. To God be the Glory!

ACJC Speech Arts Competition

By Sunitha Nandhini (1G) and Cherelle Lee (2G) This August, Sophia Society members took part in the ACJC Speech Arts Competition 2020, where we had to submit our 2-3 minute comic speeches based on the prompts: “A day in the life of…” or “What I want to be when I grow up”. Unlike the usual speech competitions, this one was unique because we recorded our speeches instead of delivering them live. We learnt how to look at different 28 | CCA

perspectives, and incorporate touches of humour into our speeches using word play and dramatic expressions. We adapted to the different format and persevered through times of frustration with technology. It was truly an unforgettable experience. We would like to share good news that Cherelle won 1st Runner-Up and Sunitha was placed 5th among 144 submissions.

Colours of the Sky In October 2020, Secondary 1E worked with Rainbow Centre Singapore to raise funds for their third campus. The class executed a well-coordinated fundraiser which saw them raise nearly $6000 through craft and product sales and online advocacy using their own website, social media platforms and the Giving.sg platform. With the funds raised, we have helped Rainbow Centre to raise a portion of the amount needed for their third campus, furthering their mission to provide education for autistic children. Being autistic myself, I am thrilled that other children like me will get an education tailored to them. This was the main reason why I chose Rainbow Centre as my first choice for the class’s VIA project. Initially, though, I was apprehensive at my classmates’ opinions towards this cause. However, these fears proved to be unfounded because my classmates turned out to be very enthusiastic about the cause and spreading the word to their friends and family.

National Kidney Foundation By Tabitha Ng (1T) This year’s Values In Action project has truly been an insightful and touching experience for everyone in Class 1T. We collaborated with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to assemble and distribute care packages to the patients and medical staff at the Ghim Moh Kidney Dialysis branch, as a way to encourage them to stay strong and boost their morale during the current COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we designed posters and shared them online to spread the word about the importance of keeping our kidneys healthy. This project gave us the invaluable opportunity to properly understand the objectives of the NKF and allowed us to bond as a class through a meaningful activity. From learning about the importance of teamwork, to understanding the significance of keeping our kidneys healthy, this VIA project was a genuinely memorable experience for us.


bless & share Class 4G's National Day VIA Project By Loh Min-En (4G) and Shannon Chua (4G) Last year, we initiated and implemented a VIA project to bless the less fortunate families in Ghim Moh living in one-room flats. We explored different options and decided to give them hampers and fruits, because many people cannot afford basic necessities, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In July, we collected food and monetary donations from residents from Mount Sinai, to be given out as hampers. After we packed the hampers, they were distributed to the residents on 10 August. Through the collective effort of the community, we brought smiles to many faces during National Day. Through this project, we hoped to strengthen bonds within the community so that everyone would remember to help the less fortunate in our community, especially during these trying times.

A Book Collection Drive

PROJECT KACHIN By Renee Tham (1G) Class 1G initiated a book collection drive with a local initiative, Project Kachin. The Project aims to set up children’s libraries and organise reading sessions in schools and camps for displaced children in Kachin, Myanmar. During our meeting with Mr Teo, who helped with starting the initiative, we learnt more about how a donated book can help one child at a time. We also learned about the logistical issues in transporting the books. The committee also designed collection posters and involved the class in sorting and packing books in the music room. It was heartening that the class came together to design bookmarks and write messages for the children to encourage them to continue their reading journey. The class learnt more about the cause and how important teamwork is. This project reminded us to be grateful for our easy access to books. 30 | VIA/SERVING THE COMMUNITY

Mask Making Fundraiser By Justine Ong (2T) Deciding to spend my holidays meaningfully, I used my sewing skills to make masks to raise funds for 70x7, an initiative of Prison Fellowship Singapore, which supports inmates, exoffenders and their families. Many of the children affected by incarceration did not have laptops, WiFi or someone to guide them during the COVID-19 home-based learning, resulting in them falling behind in their learning. I roped in my neighbour, Isabelle Ng from SOTA, and Sarah Lam (Class 2G) to make 150 masks. Together, we also publicised our fundraiser through social media. For a minimum donation of $50, donors would receive a gift set of five hand-crafted masks. We had hoped to raise a modest $1000, but demand for our masks quickly outstripped our supply. We received overwhelming support from generous donors. At project end, we raised more than $10,000, and blessed 150 families from 70x7. God completely surprised us and sustained us through a tiring four weeks. But it was well worth the effort!

A Secondary 3 Scholars’ VIA Initiative

Christmas Blessings at Henderson Children’s Home By Jasmine Stephanie (3I) and Feng Siyu (3M) One week before Christmas, nine Secondary 3 students were given an opportunity to participate in a VIA project which allowed us to share our happiness with children from Henderson Children’s Home. Two days before the event, we began preparations. Aunty Bee Ling was very patient with us and taught us the intricacies of gift wrapping. This experience was not about wrapping the gifts perfectly but doing things with sincerity. On 18 December, we had the opportunity to meet the children from Henderson Children’s Home and organized a cupcake decorating session for them. The children were visibly pleased when they saw how the chocolate cupcakes were transformed into cute reindeer. Seeing the smiles on their faces was truly heartening. We felt grateful to be able to bring love and kindness to them. As the saying goes, “The greatest happiness in the world is to make others happy.” We totally agree! VIA/SERVING THE COMMUNITY | 31

Pink of Health Care Packs for M.Y Big Sweep By Alyssa Tan (4I)

On 21 Jan, our class participated in the level VIA project - Pink of Health, preparing 25 care packs for M.Y Big Sweep, a programme that aims to improve the living conditions of the destitute, elderly, and needy families. While executing the project, we faced many difficulties such as short deadlines and communication challenges. However, we knew that the teachers allocated the project to us as they had faith in us and we managed to overcome these challenges with their help, and learned to be adaptable. We are truly grateful to have this opportunity to uplift others’ spirits and spread festive joy, especially during the pandemic. We are also glad to see that our class was able to rise to the occasion to spread love to our elderly friends.

Decorations for St Luke’s Hospital By Isabelle Chia and Jamie Chen (4S) For the elderly, who understand the importance of time better than most, there can be no better gift than our hours and effort. As part of the Pink of Health programme, our class was tasked with preparing over 350 decorations for St Luke’s Hospital. Spending an intense week making DIY decorations was incredibly fulfilling and not only allowed us to bond as a class, but also helped us understand that a small gesture can go a long way. We are thankful for any chance to give to others, and upon seeing the nurses’ and seniors’ joyous faces, the whole class felt that this VIA was extremely rewarding, as we could light their worlds, if only for a moment. We would like to thank our class for their enthusiasm and our teachers, Mrs Hor, Mrs Cheong, Ms Tay and Mr Auyang, for their invaluable advice and guidance. 32 | VIA/SERVING THE COMMUNITY

4 GIANT HEARTS FUNDRAISER Care Packs for Methodist Welfare Services By Chin Wai Yan, Siddhi Dattatray Bhartu and Ashley Lim (4G) The 4 Giant Hearts fundraiser was organised in line with Pink of Health, and we worked with Methodist Welfare Services to pack 187 care bags for the elderly residents in the nursing home. Coordinated by class 4G, this project also benefited from the contributions of classes 4M, 4O and 4R. Each class contributed more than 40 bags, containing items such as towels and biscuits along with a pair of handcrafted lanterns and a note. Additionally, 4G contributed Chinese New Year goodies like pineapple tarts and love letters too. We also launched a fundraiser where we sold notebooks and enamel pins, taking both pre-orders and onsite sales with a physical booth at the trellis which lasted one week. This fundraiser was very meaningful and enabled us to raise enough funds and achieve our goal of blessing those in need outside of our school.

Hannah Senior Activity Centre By Audrey Yeo (4D), Danielle Kok (4E) and Deanna Jasmine (4E) On 9 Feb, students and teachers from 4DETH distributed care packs to Hannah Senior Activity Centre for the elderly at Toh Yi Drive. As we knocked on doors and greeted the elderly, seeing their smiling made us feel that our hard work was worth it. We were faced with many challenges such as raising the funds required and the daunting task of emailing a company for sponsorship. The process of getting our

class to feel invested in this project also required some creativity on our part. It was very heartwarming to see our class willing to help out by making lanterns out of red packets and writing a personal card for a senior. The actual packing process was a breeze due to the enthusiasm of our classmates. The experience made me realise that blessing others is a blessing in itself.


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