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2020 VOLUME 2

Principal’s Message As we approach the last stretch of 2020, we look back upon a year upended with extraordinary events that have made an impact on us all. We witnessed dedication, selflessness and a can-do spirit as staff and students made the necessary adjustments with new daily practices, new methods of teaching and learning, and alternative ways to continue with the work at hand. I am heartened that the MGS heartbeat still persisted amidst the pandemic restrictions, with school events taking new forms and shapes so that they continue to contribute to the schooling experience of our girls. I am even more proud that our girls and teachers have surpassed themselves in creating new experiences and memories through their spirit of innovation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the need to be flexible, agile and resilient. It also brought home the fact that we need to adapt to new ways of engaging one another so that as a community, we continue to inspire, encourage, support and uplift all. The many good stories recorded in the pages of this issue are testament to how we can meaningfully play our part as an empowered MGS community. We thank God for His constant protection and provision, and for encamping MGS with His presence. 2 Timothy 1:7 has been a constant reminder and booster for us in these extraordinary times. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. To God be the Glory. Ms Grace Ng

By Vidhi Goel (1S) and Nadia Penu (5.3) Do you know that the human brain is primed to make lemonade out of lemons? MGS Stay Creative! was launched during the Circuit Breaker, to encourage both Primary and Secondary staff and students to share their creativity. Nadia Penu Yi Ning (5.3): With restaurants closed, my family had to get creative with our meals. After attempting 15 sandwich recipes, we started working on our own bread recipes. I soon learnt that creativity takes time. We are usually so busy with school, tuition classes and CCA that we hardly have time to experiment with creative ideas. Let’s hope this sparks even more creativity! Vidhi Goel (1S): We decided to be more innovative with our favourite desserts when we could not buy them during the Circuit Breaker. Like many others, my mother and I decided to be home bakers. By the end of the Circuit Breaker, we could bake and decorate chocolate, pineapple, mango and orange cakes. I was so proud of them! Staff also shared their amazing creations, like paper flowers and watercolour paintings!


A FOOD DONATION DRIVE BY 1G By Lea Faith Tan and Nicole Ng (1G)

In April and June, Secondary 1G initiated a food donation drive for Food From The Heart (FFTH), collecting canned food donations for the less fortunate. Our form teacher had shown our class the FFTH website and the moment we saw it, we knew we wanted to help those in need. So we decided to initiate a food donation drive. First, students from our class collected spare cardboard boxes and labeled them. Next, we placed the boxes at a central location within the school so that students could donate. The food collection drive took place over 2 days in April and 5 days in June. This VIA project has taught us that no matter how small our contribution, we can still make a difference in improving the lives of others.

PROJECT ATARIA a gateway to kindness during HBL By Ashley Sudjono and Elena Koh (4G) When MOE announced that schools would be carrying out Home-Based Learning (HBL), people raised concerns about the heavy technological use during this period of time. This led us to think about students who may not have the privilege of owning laptops at home. We heard River Valley High School teachers expressing their concerns about whether their students would be able to successfully carry out HBL. Hence, we decided to both raise awareness about this issue and collect personal computers which would be donated to the school. We boosted our collections by promoting our project on Instagram and Whatsapp, where most of the donors came to learn about our initiatives. Through this project, we managed to give 20 laptops to the students who needed them.


By MG Dance and MG IDEAS During the circuit breaker, MG Dance and MG IDEAS organised the MGS Stay-Home Sessions which comprised the inter-class dance and origami art challenges. Prior to that, dancers from MG Dance taught their peers choreographed moves through live Google Meet sessions, and pre-recorded dances for the Primary students to learn. It was a really heartwarming experience for the dancers as not only did they learn how to teach online, but seeing their peers’ active participation gave them a sense of achievement. MG IDEAS taught their peers some simple homemade crafts. The IDEAS ExCo spent a lot of time and effort preparing for Art Challenge 101 - creating proposals, pre-recording craft tutorials and live demonstrations, and judging the final submissions. Through this experience, they gained more confidence in planning such an event and and in taking initiative. The girls are thankful for this opportunity to lead and inspire their peers during such a time as this. Dance Challenge Winners: 3E, 2I, 1G Art Challenge Winners: 3D, 2G, 1O

Green Photography Competition By Ashley Goh (P6.3) The inaugural Green Photography Competition was launched this year to raise students’ awareness of environmental conservation and help them to appreciate the rich natural heritage through imagery. The theme “Go Green! Live Green” encouraged students to adopt an active green lifestyle and to conserve their natural environment. Students shared their unique stories and effort in waste conservation through photographs. The top three winners from each level received attractive prizes including a World Wildlife Fund plush toy each. “When I took photos during the Circuit Breaker, I learnt that the way we view a situation is similar to the way we frame it: even when a situation seems daunting, there are still small things to be thankful for, friendships forged as we helped one another and hope for a brighter and greener future when we trust in God.” IN AND AROUND | 3

Hearts for the Elderly By Isabelle Koh (1S) During the COVID-19 outbreak, we decided to help protect the elderly by packing 30ml bottles of hand sanitiser for them to easily carry in their pockets or purses. These handy mini-bottles would help them to clean their hands when they were out and about. We believed that this would also help the elderly to develop a habit of sanitising their hands regularly. We contacted St. Luke’s Eldercare (SLEC) to let them know of our intentions. We used the May school holiday to create 280 encouragement cards to attach to the sanitiser bottles. In the first week of Term 3, we worked as a class to pack the bottles of hand sanitiser. In total, 280 bottles were delivered and presented to SLEC on 9 June. We are glad we did our part in fighting the virus.

PROJECT MENTOR Reading Programme with Henry Park Primary By Ashley Sudjono and Elena Koh (4G) In light of the COVID-19 situation, the Circuit Breaker was put into place and students were to switch to full home-based learning (HBL). Hence, we decided to provide online tuition to under-privileged students in need of academic help, and those whose parents were essential workers. Many parents were concerned that HBL would affect their children’s education, but were unable to afford private tuition. Furthermore, all tuition centres were closed. By providing online tuition to those students, we could address their concerns. Lastly, we hoped to set up a textbook and assessment book donation drive as the students would require study materials. In total, we successfully conducted six tuition sessions. We were happy to discover that many of the children started to develop an interest in reading as they became more enthusiastic with each subsequent session. 4 | IN AND AROUND

Mother’s Day with a twist By Laura Lang (1S)

The “Mother’s Day With A Twist” fundraiser was organised with the goal to bless single mothers. Family Life Society (FLS) supports needy single mothers both physically and emotionally, and we wanted to help. We launched an online fundraiser using the giving.sg platform, and created infographics as well as a video performance to promote our fundraiser. We recorded a virtual song, Sunday Mornings by Maroon 5, to express our well-wishes to mothers. We were pleasantly surprised to know that our teachers and FLS staff helped enthusiastically to publicise this event. We reached our targeted goal of $5000, and were happy to bless and support this community in need.

Soles4Souls Shoe and Clothes Drive By Wang Xinyue and Toh Wei Ting (1S)

This collection drive was initiated to assist women in developing countries. The shoes and clothes collected are sent to them free of charge, so they can sell them for a living. This is to help empower women to step out of poverty, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, when their livelihoods are at risk. Therefore, our team worked together with Mr Sak, the director of operations of Soles4Souls, and our teachers, Ms Lydia Loy and Mrs Grace Wong, to hold a donation drive in school. After collection, we dedicated our lunch periods and after-school hours to disinfect and dry the items. Then, we brought the donations to the Soles4Souls warehouse with the assistance of parent volunteers. In countries like Haiti and Honduras, the sale of 1 pair of shoes meant food and education for a family for one day. This experience has taught me that every donated item can make a difference. IN AND AROUND | 5

MG House Pages By Rachel Kam (5.1) and Kristen Magnus (5.1) When we first heard that we would be designing a website together with other student leaders, we were more than thrilled. As we designed the house pages, we wanted to make it fun and interactive for students while fulfilling its purpose of sharing interesting information about the four houses. Since most of the activities were cancelled this year, this website was a virtual space to keep MGS a fun place through this unprecedented time. The website was launched during MG Week and we were delighted that we received positive feedback. We were proud of the collective efforts of the House Leaders and all the challenges we faced while designing the website was well worth it. This is truly a website made for students by students! URL: https://sites.google.com/mgs.sch.edu.sg/ mgpri/home

House Quiz By Eunice Tan (5.1) and Sophie Tan (5.1) The house quiz was one of the highlights with the launch of the MGS student website during MG Week. To encourage students to participate in the house quiz, we designed a publicity poster as well! The house quiz was created not only for students to earn points for their respective houses but also for students to find out how well they know their houses. For the lower primary students, it was an opportunity for them to learn more about their houses. As many of the activities were cancelled this year due to COVID-19, the quiz was one of the ways we could foster house spirit in a safe manner. As we scrolled through the comments on the website, we felt a sense of satisfaction as many students enjoyed the quizzes and wanted more. We learnt that a lot of time and teamwork had to be put into all the stages from planning to the launch, and that all the effort was worth it.


SYF 2020 Art Exhibition and King Albert Park MRT Station Art By Tan Tze Rui (1M) and Arielle Tang (2G) We were honoured to have the opportunity to showcase our artworks in the King Albert Park MRT station after participating in the SYF Art Exhibition. With safety measures in place due to COVID-19, we were thrilled to still be able to come together as a local art community to express our art through the exhibition. Despite the current pandemic, we hope that others with a passion for art will also participate in similar events in the future. After viewing the artworks of other students, we were deeply inspired! With


By Kristen Lim (4.6) and Skye Matthews (4.6) Our first duty as newly-elected Class Chairpersons was MGS Gives Thanks which allowed us to lead our classes in showing appreciation for the non-teaching staff in MGS for all that they have done for the school. We created and decorated a personalised card with our class photos and origami hearts. The activity allowed us to express our love and care for people around us by showing them that their hard work did not go unnoticed and that we are truly grateful to them for all the extra work they have to do to keep us safe during the Covid-19 pandemic period. We held discussions with the rest of the classes to decide on who to give the cards to and many

‘Artist and Technology’ as this year’s theme, we hope that our artworks have enlightened viewers about the benefits and drawbacks of technology. We are extremely grateful to have been a part of this event. 99 Sec/Year 1 and 101 Sec/ Year 2 students’ artworks were showcased in KAP; 14 of our girls’ artworks for SYF 2020 Art Exhibition can be found in this online catalogue: https://www. singaporeyouthfestival.sg/artexhibition/the-online-art-gallery

of us took the initiative to find out the actual names of “aunties” and “uncles” so that the cards could be directly addressed to them, making it more personalised and meaningful. Some of us also created online video guides for our classmates and to teach them how to fold origami hearts. Due to the time constraint, the online tutorials allowed our classmates to learn how to fold the hearts during their own time so that they could bring the hearts to school to paste onto the cards. We felt that this was a meaningful activity as we got the chance to interact with our classmates and bond with them. This activity also provided us with an excellent opportunity to put the leadership skills that we had acquired during our training session into practice. IN AND AROUND | 7

Student Leaders Investiture By Dayna Yeo (3S) The theme for this year’s Student Leaders’ Investiture was ‘Taking the First Step’, a reference to Peter stepping out of the boat at Jesus’ invitation in Matthew 14. The devotions by Pastor Tay Li Ping made me reflect on what it meant to have the courage to accept failure and to bounce back from it. We should accept our mistakes and learn from them. We should not fear failure but try to look at it from a positive perspective, no matter how hard it may be. Although it is daunting to start a new term of service with new responsibilities, I am excited to be mentoring and guiding my juniors. With God’s grace, we will endeavour to be the best student leaders we can be.

By Tessa Teo (Head Prefect 2020-2021) and Cate Chan (Vice-Head Prefect 2020-2021) This year, the annual Student Leaders Investiture was conducted online. Our Principal and Pastor Benjamin Lau reminded us that as leaders, we should always have the courage to do what is right; be surrounded by critical friends who will give us valuable feedback; and to have the courage to fail. This greatly inspired us as we received our appointments for next year. For those in charge of the video recording, we were nervous as we wanted to be the best representatives of our cohort. Our face mask actually helped us hide our nerves during the recording. It was indeed a unique and memorable experience for us. As a special token this year, we took home personalised bulletins with individualised profile photographs and new badges. They serve as reminders for us to be good role models to the student body and lead the school as Godly Women of Excellence with a Heart of Love. 8 | IN AND AROUND

BLUE AND YELLOW DAY By Jane Loke (5.3) and Keziah Shee (5.3) We celebrated “Blue and Yellow Day” on 15 July with a twist. It was one day a year where staff and students could dress up and adorn ourselves in the school colours in celebration of our 133th Founder’s Day. The Primary House Leaders worked together to create a photo-taking session in each class. All of us had different responsibilities, like creating the video and posters to promote the event, making photo props for each classroom for the photo taking. We were very happy when many girls lined up to take photos because we put in effort to create a special photo booth experience. It was fulfilling when we saw the photos uploaded in our new MG website. As House Leaders, we learnt the importance of responsibility, teamwork and leadership.

MGScape Room our first ever MGS Escape room By Faith Moey (5.6) and Klarisse Ng (5.1) With the launch of the MGS student website during MG week, the MGscape room was one of the highlights. It was certainly an enlightening experience creating this virtual escape room. In line with the MG Week celebrations, we created the MGScape room for the students to have fun and to help them increase their knowledge of the MGS heritage. However, it was not just the participants who learnt new things about MGS. We also learnt more about MGS while creating this escape room for students. We also picked up many ICT skills. Creating the MGscape room encouraged us to use our creativity in designing exhilarating questions for students to work on. It was certainly rewarding to see students work enthusiastically on the MGscape room and give positive feedback. We hope for more of such opportunities in the future.


133RD FOUNDER’S DAY MGS commemorated our extraordinary 133rd anniversary in a different format via a Founder’s Day Service broadcast on 17 July. In their classrooms, students tuned in to reflect on how we have been empowered for this special year, and to give thanks for God’s blessings and protection over MGS. Following that, we celebrated the achievements of our prizewinners. Videos by the Infocomm Club and performing arts groups showcased the myriad talents of our girls, and the entire MGS community, guests and stakeholders who attended the service were deeply moved by the school spirit and sense of togetherness. To mark the occasion, students and staff also donned their one-of-a-kind navy MGS masks. Although we could not have the Class of 2019 back with us for their graduation service due to COVID-19 constraints, a Zoom webinar was organized for the cohort to reunite virtually. As we turn 133, Miss Sophia Blackmore’s pioneering spirit, faith, and heart of service continue to light our way as we live out her legacy in these extraordinary times.


MGS SUNDAY Every year, Covenant Community Methodist Church (CCMC), located in MGS, dedicates a Sunday to celebrate and affirm her close partnership and loving support of the school. With physical church services restricted due to COVID-19, MGS Sunday was held as an online broadcast. MGS parents, alumnae, staff and students were invited to join this special MGS Sunday service recording on 26 July. Secondary girls from various CCAs performed a stirring rendition of the MGS theme song for 2020, ‘Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me’. Our Vice Principal, Ms Hannah Chia, accompanied by teachers from both the Primary and Secondary school, led the worship segment, and Ms Grace Ng shared about God’s provision and leadership in preparing MGS for what is ahead so that we may be empowered for these extraordinary times.


Racial Harmony Day By Jennisa James (3E) This year’s Racial Harmony Day was a quieter affair. Unlike past years, we were unable to participate in mass activities. I was chosen to share what racial harmony means to me. When we respect each other, we have the opportunity to learn more about other races, bringing people together. There were simple class activities such as a racial harmony quiz and scenario-based activities. It is important to celebrate this day as we can avoid misunderstandings between different races and make our country a society where we can all face obstacles together, especially during this Covid-19 period.

By Kristin Ng (5.1) and Gloria Leong (5.1) MGS commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 16 July with the theme ‘Multicultural Singapore’. Due to Covid-19, we held class-based activities instead of the usual celebrations with ethnic food and games. However, we still proudly wore our colourful ethnic costumes. The form teachers engaged our classes in fruitful discussions of race issues in Singapore and the international Black Lives Matter movement. We learned much from the enriching conversations. We ended the day more aware that we should embrace racial diversity in multicultural Singapore. We also learnt to become more inclusive and mindful in our interaction with friends from different races.


National Day By Alison Lim (5.3) and Rae Heng (5.3) MGS celebrated Singapore’s 55th birthday on 7 August. The prefects organised interesting games to engage the students, who learnt fun facts about the history of Singapore and played Pictionary based on Singapore’s historical icons. The Primary 6 students had competed in exciting Kahoot quizzes about Singapore. Primary 5 students had to create posters based on the theme “Stronger Together” and the lower primary pupils had to create and decorate a National Day mask. The finale included a delightful video montage of teachers and school leaders singing a popular National Day song.

Although we could not gather in the Hall, this year’s National Day celebration was still significant. We will never forget the fun we had playing the games and the knowledge we gleaned through the activities. As prefects, we had fun organising this event. We also learnt that we can organise meaningful National Day activities in the midst of a new normal.

By Celeste Tong (3I) Our National Day celebrations this year were different but no less special. Since the observance ceremony was pre-filmed, it allowed more room for improvement and editing. It was definitely a refreshing change as from the different photographic angles, the Colour Party could be seen close-up. This is something that some might not have had the chance to observe closely in previous years. Furthermore, I was less tense when delivering my lines, since I did not have a huge crowd before me. During the class celebrations, through mask designing, writing letters of appreciation to the frontline workers and singing National Day songs, I felt blessed. Despite the lack of a mass gathering, I could still feel the patriotism many of us have for Singapore.


The Green Platter Challenge The Green Platter Campaign was organised by the MGS Environment Committee in Term 3. This campaign aimed to promote eating plant-based food as a lifestyle and raise awareness about food wastage in MGS. The activities organised allowed students to have greater insight into how their eating habits affect the environment. The committee also introduced the novel concept of being a flexitarian as an alternative to being a vegan. This Challenge

allowed students to use a digital platform to express their thoughts about their experience of having a plant-based diet. Participants were also encouraged to engage their family and friends to switch to a healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. The MGS Environment Committee is delighted to announce that a total of $660 was raised and donated to the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund through this campaign. We are also happy to find out that there are many likeminded students in our midst. Thank you for your wonderful support! Stay Healthy, Stay Green!

VOICES OF THE WEST A speech competition for West Zone Cluster 3 schools organized by MGS Sophia Society By Valerie Lee (3S) and Lim Rae-ann (1R) “Voices Of The West” is an inaugural speech competition for West Zone Cluster 3 schools organized by MGS Sophia Society. On the day of the finals, Ms Grace Ng, our principal, and Mr Lee Seng Hai, the WZ3 superintendent, gave illuminating speeches. On the judging panel was Ms Sharon Tong and Ms Suzanne Jung, former Channel NewsAsia journalists and Gifted Education Branch officers. Over 150 supporters joined in via Zoom, engaging in quizzes and voting. For the junior category, the winner was Chan Yin Kay from Frontier Primary. The first runnerup was Elena Madonini from Methodist Girls’ School (Primary). For the senior category, the winner was Saravanan Tanisha from Jurong West Secondary. The first runner-up was Teo Yang Yui Kasper from Westwood Secondary. 14 | IN AND AROUND

I felt extremely proud to have organized this competition along with my fellow Sophia Society members. We would like to thank our CCA teachers, Mrs Grace Wong, Mrs Catherine Cheong and Mr Christopher Ow for their support and guidance in organising this inaugural event which was born in the crucible of a global pandemic.

eBOX Cafe

AN ENTREPRENEURIAL PROJECT BY IDEAS @mgeboxcafe https://sites.google.com/mgs. sch.edu.sg/eboxcafe/home The much awaited eBOX cafe at MGS is open! IDEAS (Innovation. Design. Entrepreneurship. Art for Society) has just launched its entrepreneurial project - eBOX Cafe on the 20 August. All students and staff are now able to buy and sell handcrafted products using the Entrepreneur Boxes found at the eBOX cafe located at the Red Phone Booth area near the canteen. With a rental fee of $1 for three weeks, students can display and sell handcrafted items such as notebooks, bracelets and pouches to the MGS community using these eBOXes. When you buy these one-of-a-kind products, you are also blessing the needy with your purchase as some of the proceeds go to charities adopted by IDEAS. So please check out the variety of handmade tote bags, 3D-pen art, and adorable crafts in our eBOXes today!

Scan this QR code for more information


y a D ’ s Teacher rations Celeb LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION:

HOLLYWOOD! By Abigail Toh (3S)

This year’s Teachers’ Day celebrations were held online with the theme ‘Lights, Camera, Action: Hollywood!’ With a spotlight on our teachers as our real-life celebrities, the students of MGS planned a fun programme for them, beginning with a warm welcome by the student leaders dressed as bodyguards, at the Teachers’ Breakfast. Our celebrities were then heartily received by their form classes at their respective classrooms where they enjoyed a class party and viewed the concert programme on YouTube. The Dance Club, Drama Society, String Ensemble and House Leaders presented items to entertain the teachers while MGS students paid tribute to them! The concert ended with a heartwarming song presentation by members of the Choir. Although this Teachers’ Day was held online, we hope that our celebrities had a fantastic time!




By Stacia Lee (5.2) and Liao Jiaxuan (4.2)


The theme for Teachers’ Day Celebrations was “You Are My Inspiration!” We wanted to show our appreciation to the teachers, to thank them and most of all, to put a smile on their faces.

decorated with balloons, streamers and an interactive wall that was filled with postcards designed by the prefects. Each postcard contained meaningful and encouraging messages.

To kick start the celebrations, the teachers were treated to breakfast in the canteen. While this was happening, in every class, many students wrote encouraging messages on the class card, decorated the whiteboard and came up with creative ways of warmly welcoming their teachers back into the classrooms.

As the Prefects planned and executed the programme, we learnt the importance of being inclusive as we worked in teams. In addition, we have learnt to accept and resolve challenges like miscommunication, disagreements and hiccups during the planning.

This was followed by an online concert which included a dance tribute to the teachers, a skit that depicted the struggles of Home-Based Learning and a sing-along where the students sang for their form teachers. After the snack break, every class was bursting with energy as they played Quizziz and Charades games. The teachers and students had lots of fun.

It was truly a very memorable and unique Teachers’ Day Celebrations.

The House Leaders had also conducted House Games for the teachers as a form of fun exercise. We watched the video highlights and saw a different side of our teachers – young at heart and competitive! Last but not least, the teachers were welcomed into the Auditorium that was IN AND AROUND | 17

UNSUNG HEROES “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” These words were an apt description of this year’s Staff CSR. Due to Covid-19, we were unable to bring cheer to the usual group of underprivileged elderly. Undaunted, the Staff Welfare Committee decided to show their appreciation to the unsung heroes in MGS! Involving the entire staff, the committee raised funds from the sale of aromatherapy candles, ice-cream and fish skin snacks. Generous staff also contributed to the fund and a substantial amount was raised to purchase goodie bags, each consisting of a lovely lunchbox, USB fan, supermarket vouchers and a refreshing beverage. It was a memorable and touching moment when our Principal, Ms Grace Ng, gave away the goodie bag to the cleaning, maintenance and security staff - our unsung heroes.

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or what you’ve accomplished... it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better.”


Introducing Ms Hannah Chia By Elizabeth Chew (5.1) and Tessa Teo (5.3)

Our new vice-principal, Ms Hannah Chia, was posted to our school in June this year. There is no better way of introducing her than in a manner she chooses to best describe herself. Ms Chia studied in a full school just like ours at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School for both her primary and secondary years. Before becoming a teacher, she aspired to be a soundtrack composer or a triathlete. She enjoys reading as well as watching thrilling sci-fi films in her free time.

Ms Chia was doing her Masters degree in Stanford University in the United States. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she returned to Singapore earlier this year and completed her course online. Though she had to come back prematurely, she agreed that it was comforting to return home and connect with her family in such times of uncertainty. Going out with her friends had become more valuable to her these days. This pandemic has truly taught her the importance of relationships. After work, Ms Chia enjoys unwinding with her niece and parents. She tries as hard as possible not to do any work at home, in order to spend quality time with her family. Taking advantage of empty pockets of time where there are no urgent

tasks to be done, Ms Chia would often go for a run or a jog. If she could tell her younger self something, she said, “I would tell my younger self to be more observant, and to always try to understand the events occurring around me.” As Ms Chia had previously taught only in secondary schools, she found it refreshing and interesting to be in a primary school environment. The energy level, vibes and interaction with the students are quite different. She felt that generally MGS girls are warm, outspoken and willing to share their views. A deep impression was left on her when she received cards from P1.2 as a welcoming gift. Ms Chia was touched by the girls’ warm words and felt embraced by the MG family. Ms Chia feels that it is a privilege to be a part of a child’s maturing years, as the youngest years of education for a student would affect the performance of him or her later in life. There are two main areas Ms Chia wishes to see MGS girls grow in. Firstly, she hopes for us to develop the ability to be compassionate to others. We are very fortunate to be living an advantaged and sheltered life. It is thus important to be aware of the diversity in society, empathize with the less fortunate and render them help. She is a firm believer in giving back to our community. Secondly, she wishes for us to be resilient in the face of challenges and failures. Some failures in life are inevitable. What matters more is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and move forward. We look forward to Ms Chia’s guidance as she journeys with us to be Godly Women of Excellence with a Heart of Love.



Mrs Chitra Thirumaran

All of you are so unique in your own special way. Out of my three classes, one is serious and task-focused, one is laidback and likes to engage in exploring ideas tangentially, and the other is friendly and loves to chat about anything under the sun! I cherish all three because you show me how God has placed such different gifts and inclinations in each and every one of you. And in those gifts and inclinations I know that God will lead you as you take your first steps out of MGS.

This is, by far, the most resilient batch I’ve taught in MGS. The pandemic proved to be a challenge but they converted it to eustress. They soldiered on, motivating one another and faced back-toback challenges and overcame them! I recall fondly the way they wrote positive notes to one another, sneaked a hug when watchful eyes did not catch them, kept their cheerful spirits up even when it seemed bleak and shed a tear or more in the last week of their post-prelim revision…

Ms Sarah Poon

My heart goes to this batch for the never-say-die attitude. Strive on girls!

Dear 4Dreams, I am ever so blessed to have taught all of you. You ladies are a class act, always grateful and always willing to learn. I could not ask for more from my students! Your liveliness and positive attitude are always infectious, and even on the most tiring days, entering your classroom often brings a smile to my face; yes, even behind my mask! I will never forget the moments of hilarious hysteria we get into, and I thank God for all of you in my life.

Mrs Grace Wong

Dear Sec 4s, as the saying goes, “rough seas make skillful sailors”. Thank you for rising to the occasion and riding the waves of change to steer us all smoothly over new, unchartered waters. God bless and stay buoyant! The best is yet to be!


Mrs Sally E

Dear class of 2020, you are the most special batch of Sec 4s - the ZOOMers!! I am filled with tremendous joy seeing so many of you who have matured this year, caring for your teachers and peers. You have overcome all sorts of challenges yet are always cheerful and giving your best. I praying that God will continue to use each of you mightily to be a blessing to one another as you conquer the O levels together. Keep up the good work and let God do the rest! “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. “ Isaiah 41:10

Mr Ling Lek Suan

I would like to share with you two of my favourite quotes:

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” - Kahlil Gibran, Lebanese poet “Nana korobi ya oki” (fall down seven times, stand up eight) - Japanese Proverb

Mrs Catherine Choo

Class of 2020, you are a special lot! You have intelligence and character, inner beauty and personality. I will hold dearly the sweet memories of HBL and the last few sessions at LT 1. Graduation is not the end; it is just the beginning. Continue to show courage and be women of great substance. Be striking and memorable wherever you go. Make me proud! Do know that I will always be around if you need a friend after graduation! Go girls!!!

Mdm Basheera Begum

Mdm Siti Maya

Dear girls, it feels like everything you have done for the past 6 years has led up to this defining moment, hasn’t it?

We are on to the final lap now! I know how tired you must be, mentally and physically. Take heart that it will all be over soon. Regardless of the results, always give your best first so that you will have no regrets later on. I am very proud of you and how far you‘ve come! Remember the efforts you made that brought you towards every little improvement. I truly believe that all of you are capable of amazing things and I am honoured to be one of your teachers. YOU GOT THIS!

Mrs Maria Tan

Dear Girls, as you enter the examination hall, know that God is there with you. God is only a prayer away. Believe in yourself and have faith that you can and will do well. I want to leave this verse taken from Philippians 4 : 6-7 with you:

Dear girls, it has indeed been a challenging year for “Do not be anxious about anything, but in you because of Covid-19. every situation, by prayer and petition, with You were adaptable and thanksgiving, present your requests to quickly switched to learning God. And the peace of God, which through online lessons. You transcends all understanding, will are resilient for you have guard your hearts and your minds persevered and come this far. You will reach great in Christ Jesus.” heights with the right attitude. Remember to give your best in whatever you do. Hard work never fails and the harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it. You are a STAR, continue shining in your own unique way. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill IN AND AROUND | 21

Mrs Tse Nan Shing

Dear students, In every pursuit, it is not about how bad we want it. It is about how hard we are willing to work for it. Yes, it is about effort. Though we don’t always get what we wish for, we will get what we work for. And the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra” effort that we put in every single day. In addition, the Bible in Deuteronomy 31:6 reminds us, ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.’

Mrs Thilaka Ruben

Dear Girls, the big aim, tough grind and persistence lead to success. Indeed, you have worked very hard for your exams. Continue to believe in yourselves and do not lose heart. Do remember that all of us will be praying for you. May the favour and grace of the Lord be with you always!

‘May He give you the desire of your heart & make all your plans succeed.’ Psalms 20:4

Mrs Magdalene Tan

Dear girls, it only seemed like yesterday that you were in primary one. Look how you have all blossomed! A journey of adventures awaits you. Never be afraid of the future even though there may be times it gets a little bumpy for God goes with you every step of the way. Be the light and salt wherever He places you. Trust Him and keep close to Him because He loves you with an everlasting love. Always remember that there is only one


special unique you. You have been made in His image and for His glory. You are His masterpiece! This is my prayer for you. May God watch over you, protect you, guide you, strengthen you and give you much joy and wisdom wherever you are.

Mdm Nasuha

Dear Girls, face any challenge with the right attitude and you will soon realise that opportunity will present itself anywhere. For every success you tasted, may it spur you on. For every mistake you ever made, may you learn from it and be better. The learning journey of life is going to get more exciting for you. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. :) It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela

Mrs Chan Lai Har

Dear girls, I know many of you are feeling stressed or even fearful. Take heart, you are not alone in this journey. God is always with you even though you may not feel His presence. The whole MG family (Principals, teachers, parents and friends) is supporting you in prayers. We are always there for you.

Remember our theme verse for the year. “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, of love and self-discipline.” Remember to have breakfast to power up your day.

MINDEF & MHA SHARING insights to life in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Singapore Police Force (SPF) By Laetisha Wee (3R) and Meredith Ng (3T) On 21 August, Captain Hannah Foong, Captain Caressa Lee and Assistant Superintendent Jolene Lau took time to give the Secondary 3 cohort insights into life in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Singapore Police Force (SPF) through a Zoom video conference. CPT Foong left a deep impression on us regarding National Service, emphasizing how achieving Singapore’s sovereignty was not just the duty of the SAF, but that of every citizen. CPT Lee shared how serving the nation was beyond just a job ― it was an enriching experience which reinforced her deep appreciation for serving with a cohesive work family. In taking up a meaningful career that contributes to society, ASP Lau, an MGS alumna, epitomises a woman of excellence. As NCC cadets, this outreach has definitely increased our sense of belonging and given us a glimpse of what we might experience, should we follow the paths these women have forged. To serve with pride and dedication!




YOUR FUTURE WORKPLACE By Tan Yun Xuan (3G) and Georgia Gwee (3T) On 17 July 2020, the Secondary 3 cohort embarked on a journey to learn more about ASEAN. The theme for this year’s MGS Humanities Day was “ASEAN - Your Future Workplace”. This year’s event was slightly different due to the COVID-19, which required us to adopt safe distancing in the Auditorium.

we learned more about the different living and working conditions in ASEAN. The panelists were alumnae who had worked in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. There was an enlightening Q & A session as well. Lastly, we were tasked to conduct research on an industry and write a resume for a job in our assigned ASEAN country.

Through this year’s Humanities Day, the Secondary 3 cohort learnt about the career opportunities available to us in ASEAN. First, we listened to a Keynote Address delivered by Mr Tan Yinglan, the Founding Managing Partner of Insignia Ventures Partners. Following that, we participated in an online Zoom forum where

2020 Singapore Moo-O awards

Joey Lim (3.4), Melody Sim (3.4) and Samantha Ong (3.4) We represented MGS to take part in the 2020 Singapore Moo-O awards on Wednesday, 15 July. This is a competition using an app that transforms learners into story characters. The recording took place in the Computer Lab. The story ‘Giddy Up’ was chosen as it allowed room for more challenging voice and facial expressions. We had to read clearly and enunciate our words well while not forgetting to add in our own expression to bring the characters to life. It was 24 | ACADEMIC

a funny story about the making of a low-budget cowboy movie. Although we tried our best not to laugh, we could not help but giggle as we saw our faces being superimposed onto the characters in the screen as we read our parts in the story. It was an enriching experience for the three of us as we had tried our best and were proud of our efforts in working together as a team. We are blessed to have this wonderful experience and in winning the bronze award!

Online National Chinese Challenge


National Chinese

Creative Writing Competition《新蕾奖》 In July this year, 25 of our secondary students from our school participated in the 2020 Online National Chinese Challenge preliminary round. In this competition that tests participants’ Chinese language knowledge, our student Li Feng from class 3M demonstrated her talents and ranked top 13 in the individual category.

今年7月,我校25名中学学生踊跃 报名参加了2020年全国“华文大比 拼”比赛。在这场考验参赛者华文 知识储备的比赛中,恭喜3M班的李 丰同学脱颖而出,获得了个人第十 三名的好成绩。 同时,在新加坡举行的第十八届全 国中学生创作比赛“新蕾奖”中, 来自3M班的冯思羽同学展露头角, 凭借一篇自创文章荣获组别最高奖 项“新蕾金奖”。

At the same time, in the 18th National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition XIN LEI JIANG, Feng Siyu from class 3M was awarded the most prestigious Gold award for her self-created article. We are indeed grateful for the valuable opportunity the school has provided for students to improve their learning skills and make further progress in learning Chinese. I believe that the students will step forward and make better achievements in the future.

非常感谢美以美女校为学生们提供 如此宝贵的机会,锻炼她们的学习 能力,为华文学习增添别样的色彩。 百尺竿头,更进一步,相信学子们 一定会再接再厉,为学校争光!


9th International Biomedical Quiz 2020 By Nicole Teo (4T)

On 19 February, 23 girls represented MGS at the 9th International Biomedical Quiz 2020 organised by Anglo-Chinese Junior College. The theme of the quiz was Otorhinolaryngology, where we learnt about the anatomy, physiology and common clinical conditions of the ear, nose and throat. To prepare for the quiz, we attended five training sessions by specialists in the field, where we learnt more about these organs, and even watched videos of surgeries performed by the doctors! It was fascinating to see how intricate some of the surgeries were. MGS did well in the Quiz and was awarded 4 Golds, 5 Silvers and 5 Bronzes. In addition, many of the girls were also awarded the honourable mention and certificate of merit. We would like to thank the doctors who volunteered their time to train us and our teacher-in-charge Mrs Marilyn Ng for her constant guidance and support.

Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2020 By Naomi Chia (3G), Kay Ng (3S) and Tan Jie Xin (3S) From November 2019 to March 2020, a group of Year Three and Year Four students participated in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF), a national competition for students to showcase their passion in various scientific fields. The students conducted a research project and learnt how to present their findings in a clear manner that would be easily understandable by the public. Due to COVID-19, online judging was held and students submitted an elevator pitch. Questions were then posed via email and students were given 24 hours to answer them. 26 | ACADEMIC

The Y3 team participated in the Junior Scientists category and attained the Commendation award, which is the highest level attainable for this category. They also received a Merit award for the video contest. The Y4 team participated in the Main category and attained the Participation award. We would like to thank our teacher-mentor, Mrs Lam Mei Kien, for guiding us through the project and helping us to achieve our sterling results we had.




Written by Huyen Chinh (2S), Gracia Chua (2S), Audrey Tong (2T) and Mahima Manoj Adattuvalappil (2T) A collaboration between DSA STEM, Infocomm Club, Sophia Society and the Environment/ Math/ Music/ Science/ Y4 Independent Studies Representatives, STE(A)M Week was held from 9 - 13 March to educate students on the theme of Sustainable Living. Tabitha Ng (1T) created a beautiful STE(A)M Trail map to showcase the activities. The student-designed booths exhibited various STE(A)M applications in plastics, Robomasters, oil spills, solar energy, food science, water, music and math puzzles. Students were engaged in art, 3D printing, making of hand sanitizers and plant-based nuggets. The enthusiastic team

effort seen in the classes, in their race to win the interclass competition, heightened the convivial atmosphere of the event. More students brought reusable lunch boxes and many pledged to eat plant-based food for that week. The week ended with an exciting speech competition, where participants presented their ideas on sustainable living to their classmates. STE(A)M Week was a resounding success!

SINGAPORE GEOGRAPHY CHALLENGE (NUSGC) From January to May this year, Alexa Ling (4S), Amanda Gwee (4S), Keisha Tang (4S) and Natalie Ng (4T) participated in National University of Singapore Geography Challenge, in both the Creative and Individual components. Alexa and Keisha received the Gold Award, Natalie received the Silver Award, and Amanda received the Bronze Award in the Individual component. This competition has given them the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Geographical concepts and their applications in real-life scenarios. The girls are thankful to Mrs Lim Yin Yoke and Mr Benjamin Tan for their guidance throughout this journey.


3RD TEXT RECITAL COMPETITION 第三届中小学课文朗诵比赛 On 10 May, Tee Kai Xin Vivian and Vera Swee Pei Jun from Primary 4.4 participated in the 3rd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools. The objectives of the competition are to raise students’ Chinese Language reading proficiency, ignite students’ love for learning the Chinese Language and deepen their understanding of the Chinese texts in their textbooks. In line with COVID-19 precautionary measures, this year’s competition saw the online judging of video entries. The participants are judged according to their choice of texts, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness and stage presence. Tee Kai Xin Vivian won the Silver Award and Vera Swee Pei Jun won the Bronze Award.

deliberation, I decided to choose《我要长 高》because it was a story that I enjoyed the most. Over the next few days, I read out the story out loud in front of a mirror to watch myself as I delivered it. To my utter dismay, I was making mistake after mistake. It was much more difficult than I thought! In spite of that, I persevered and continued to practise because my father always says “practice makes perfect”. At long last, I was relieved my hard work paid off when I could recite the entire text without a hitch. I am grateful to my parents for cheering me on and being my pillar of strength. Despite their hectic schedule, my parents patiently took the time to listen to my practices. I would also like to sincerely thank Mrs Michelle Sin who supported me in this journey. Without her encouragement and guidance, I would never be able to take up this challenge.

Reflection by Vera Swee (4.4)

Reflection by Vivian Tee (4.4) During semester 1, I was elated to be able to take part in this year 3rd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools. In this competition, I had to select a story from the Chinese textbook to narrate. After much


It is truly a blessing that this competition was carried out as planned despite the Covid-19 situation. This competition has given me the opportunity of putting to practice what Mrs Michelle Sin has taught me and my class about confidence, articulation, voice modulations and expression during oral or public speaking. The experience I gained from this competition has definitely enriched my journey in the learning of the Chinese language and galvanized my love for it.


(French for eclectic)

MGS first virtual MEP concert By Gwendolyn Ranice Seet (3R)

On 15 August, the MEP students had our firstever virtual MEP concert “Éclectique” (French for eclectic). The concert showcased a diverse repertoire of musical pieces from periods ranging from the 1960s to contemporary, as well as original music compositions. There were also SYF Youth Station song submissions, two of which received Honourable Mentions.

I had the chance to showcase my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) music arrangement on GarageBand that we learnt in Sec 3 MEP Creating class. Whilst it was challenging since it was my first attempt, it was an eye-opening experience as I could put in my own touch to the song arrangement. I learned to exercise my creativity by using the smart instruments and loops. With no physical boundaries, the concert gave the MEP students the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Even though the pandemic seems to have changed everything, it did not deter us from sharing our love for music.

Say NO

A Better World with Less Plastics Designing with TI Graphing Calculators Competition By Kimberly Lum (2T) and Jenna Ng (2S)

The Design with Graphing Calculators Competition is an annual competition held in July. The theme this year was “a Better World with Less Plastic”, and participants were required to use the TI-84 Plus series graphing calculators to create designs using mathematical equations. 10 entries managed to clinch individual awards while MGS came in 2nd in the school category. Feilin Liangga Putri (3O), Liew Sam-I (2S), Trinity Ong (2G) attained the Gold Award. Jenna Ng (2S), Kimberly Lum (2T), Ma Zhiyu (2S) attained Silver while Chen Zixian (2S),



Aryanna Shetty (2T), Grace Hu (2G), Tan Xin Wei (3M) attained Bronze. Under the guidance of Mrs Grace Poh, we were exposed to different equations, and researched the different calculator settings. Mrs Poh helped us solve the problems in our equations and patiently answered our questions. We also conducted online training sessions with our mentees! Through this experience, we gained the skills of using a graphing calculator, and overcoming challenges.


27th Commendation

Awards Ceremony 2020 Secondary School This year’s Commendation Awards Ceremony, held on 1 September, was a virtual one broadcast on YouTube. A total of 316 awards comprising Colours (28 recipients), Distinction (124 recipients) and Merit (164 recipients) were presented. 14 deserving recipients were awarded the MGS Sports Award. The MGS Outstanding Sports Girl is Arianne Tay (Sec 4D) and the Wee Kim Wee Award was given to Chloe Syn (Sec 3D). Congratulations to all the awardees!

Primary School This year, the 27th Commendation Award Ceremony was e-broadcast to all the P4 to P6 classes on 24 September 2020. A total of 39 distinction and 40 merit awards were given out to the deserving pupils who were from the Infocomm Club, Brownies, Girls’ Brigade and the Student Leadership. The Model Student Award was presented to Samantha Tan from 6.3. Her many acts of empathy and strong sense of initiative in serving the community within and beyond MGS truly makes her a role model who continues to lead, care, and inspire others.

30 | CCA

Netball School Team


By Adele Wee (3G), Hannah Lau (3R) and Kimbery Lum (2T)

With the suspension of all National School Games, our team held an internal division Netball Competition so that our seniors could participate in one final competition. A variation of the game was created, where a shot into the goal was valued at 1, 2 or 3 points, depending on its distance from the pole. We also included a ‘power play’ quarter, in which all points scored by that team were doubled. Another rule allowed us to bench a specific player from our opponent’s team for 1 quarter.

This adapted game kept us on our toes and forced us to come up with different winning strategies. Most of the pressure fell on the shooters as they were the key to their team’s success, their stress heightened during the power play quarters. Soon, the pressure wore off and the adrenaline shot up, with one player scoring numerous 2-pointers on her own, and a few others scoring 3-pointers outside the goal circle! Although this was not a conventional competition, we thoroughly enjoyed having a unique alternative to challenge ourselves during these unprecedented times. We hope that we will be able to play this game again.

CCA | 31


Broadway-singing Masterclass

By Elizabeth Lang (3G) and Alison Cheong (2H) During the March holidays, the MGS choir held our annual march camp. An invited clinician, Mr TJ Taylor, conducted a broadwaysinging masterclass for us It was a fruitful experience for everyone as we learned a huge variety of singing techniques, participated in exciting activities and bonded together as a whole choir. We learnt to sing the Frozen Medley using proper techniques such as belting and dramatisation.

We also incorporated fun, synchronised movements to be added into the performance so as to make it even more enjoyable, both to sing and to watch. This made us realise the importance of singing with expressions and how vastly different we can sound after learning to sing with proper musical technique. It was an amazing experience for the choir, and we feel extremely blessed to have a chance to attend this camp!

MGS Dancers Continue to Sparkle!

By Megan Neo (3E) and Leanne Man (3D)

2020 has been full of unexpected circumstances for the Dance Club. Due to COVID-19, the Dance immersion trip to Korea and the biannual Dance Night were cancelled. Everyone was disappointed but with the encouragement from our teacher advisors and fellow members, we decided to stay positive and focus on our passion: dance. Every cloud has a silver lining. Despite the cancellations, we got a taste of something new: e-CCA sessions! Having CCA over ZOOM sounded daunting in the beginning, as it would be harder to pick up choreography and network issues were a challenge. Yet as time went on, we learned to cope with the difficulties and had great fun. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

32 | CCA


HARVARD INNOVATION CHALLENGE SOUTHEAST ASIA 2020 By Caitlin Lau (2T), Amelie Peh (1G) and N. Miruthula (1G)

From 27-30 July, five girls from the Sophia Society and the Integrated Programme engaged in the Harvard Innovation Challenge (HIC), a platform for youths around the world to learn about solving global issues. This year, HIC chose to focus on how COVID-19 has affected

public health and education. Delegates from different countries were teamed up, and worked together to solve specific issues in a post-pandemic society. In the public health track, we heard riveting discussions on how to combat dengue in overcrowded rural areas, while delegates in the education track debated solutions to elitism and technological issues persisting in online education. We are happy to share that Claire Lim (2S) managed to clinch first place with her team. HIC was an insightful experience for all delegates, as they had the privilege of listening to the opinions of like-minded youths from around the world.

By Justine Chan (3I) and Gwendolyn Ranice Seet (3R) On 3 July, we had our first TGIF after months of being cooped up at home because of the Circuit Breaker. Because of the current restrictions on live performances and singing in particular, we could only screen pre-recorded items. We took this opportunity to showcase digitallyproduced items, such as our GarageBand music arrangements and videos of Sec 1 students performing in Pop Bands during Semester 1 music lessons. Students were able

to enjoy these performances on a big screen in the canteen during their breaks. Although COVID-19 took away the chances for us to perform live, it definitely did not dampen our spirits. The audience cheered when their friends’ items were played, which made the whole TGIF experience even more heartwarming. This event was truly the highlight of our week. Thank God It’s Friday! CCA | 33

TREASURE BADGE WORKSHOP Designing our Own Tote Bag By Tania Han (5.1)

The theme for this year’s Girls’ Brigade Treasure Badge was ‘Conserving the Earth’. On 14 February, we got the opportunity to design a tote bag to reduce the use of plastic bags. Firstly, we were taught how to write calligraphy to design the tote bags. The lesson for calligraphy was very fun and interesting as we got to know all about the history of calligraphy and the different fonts. The teachers were very patient and gave us a lot of advice. Following that, we were each given a blank tote bag to design. The GB girls helped one another and we had a great time together. Lastly, we dried our bags and took our “masterpieces” home. I had a great time with my friends and I hope we can continue to play our part to conserve our Earth.

GB Annual Fortnight We observed our annual Fortnight from 13 July, which was also our GB Day. We were delighted when we could finally adorned our GB uniform to school with pride and dignity! 14 GB girls received their ‘Junior Brigadier Brooch’ awards too! On 17 July 2020, we had our annual P6 Blessings! It is a time when we showed appreciation to our P6 GB girls for their commitment and blessed them for their upcoming examinations. Though we could only have our celebration online, our GB teachers ensured that it had to be a memorable one. Mrs Tay Poh Imm delivered a special devotion for our P6 GB girls. The GB teachers and JLs compiled a video for the P6 girls, thanking and wishing them well. Our P6 girls were indeed touched by this gesture. Even though P6 Blessings was online this year, unlike previous years, we knew our P6 girls enjoyed every second of it.

34 | CCA



By Lois Tang (3G)

With in-persons CCA sessions suspended, SALT Club held our Sec 4 Farewell via Zoom meet. For the graduating students, this significant event concludes their 4 fruitful years in SALT Club, and for the current students, a new beginning as they now take over the running of the CCA. The programme included praise and worship, our seniors sharing their testimonies on how God has guided them throughout their years in MG, playing Kahoot games to see who knew our seniors the best, and having a virtual handover ceremony. The recorded video messages from everyone in SALT was gifted as a CD to the Sec 4s, on top of message cards in written form. While we lament being unable to meet in person and bid farewell to the seniors, yet we are thankful to our God for uniting our hearts together and watching over each one’s going out and coming in!

ANNUAL CAMP By Wong Yu En (4G)

On 13 March 2020, the last day of Term 1, 20 SALTies came together for our annual camp. Group gatherings of more than 20 or an overnight camp was no longer allowed in the face of the Covid-19 situation. The SALTies had much fun together through the games, and bonded and fellowshipped during dinner and a movie time together. The inspiring film, “Overcomer”, reminded us to face challenges with an indomitable spirit, more so in an unprecedented times like these. This camp was a lot more special as most of us had a sensing that this could possibly be the last time we would be able to meet as a CCA in persons, and this knowledge made our camp so much more special and memorable.

CCA | 35

ACJC Orator’s Trophy 2020 By Natania Leow (4T) This year, the ACJC Orator’s Trophy was conducted online; three rounds were held over the span of one month. Instead of the usual five minutes, contestants now had a week to refine their speeches. Prepared speeches brought about a new set of challenges - unpacking obscure prompts, filming countless times, and of course, changing the sharing settings of the videos. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had achieved third place in the Upper Secondary category. I am grateful for the advice and support from teachers and friends who have helped me become a better orator. To God be the Glory!

Guitar Ensemble By Jenna Ong (3M) This year has indeed been one of growth, learning and fun for MGS Guitar Ensemble. With practice sessions being conducted virtually, many of us were trying to adapt to the situation and carry out these sessions effectively. Although we faced a few obstacles initially, we managed to overcome them by seeking advice from teachers, rallying our members and engaging in activities to bond the ensemble. A sense of camaraderie was fostered as we relied on each other for support and readily lent a helping hand when anyone was in need. In June, 12 of us had the honour of participating in the SYF virtual stage. To say that this event was enjoyable is an understatement. This platform allowed us to showcase our talents and bring together individual parts into a piece of music played in unison by our virtual ensemble. We are thankful for everything this year has brought about and look forward to many more new experiences to come! 36 | CCA

String Ensemble By Skyler Goh (3H)

Mentoring and SYF Pieces Reimagined In Term 3, Members of MGStrings mentored MG Primary Strings and the Dazhong Primary Junior Orchestra online. As we guided the younger strings players, we learnt how to be patient and encouraging. Watching their weekly progress was rewarding and gave us a new appreciation for our teachers. We also took part in SYF Pieces Reimagined by forming two virtual ensembles and recorded our pieces using the Kinemaster app. This was a novel experience for us all and we learnt many new skills, like video editing.

Virtual Ensembles: In God We Trust and Teacher’s Day video A group of Sec 2 to 4 students got together and did a virtual ensemble ‘In God we Trust’ to bless our school community and partners. We customised the video as part of a ‘Happy Nurses Day’ tribute to the nurses in Woodlands Health Campus who have persevered through these tough times. MGStrings was part of the virtual concert that was screened for our teachers during the Teachers’ Day celebrations. As a virtual ensemble, we played the piece “In This Moment”, as a tribute to our teachers. We are grateful for this opportunity to express our appreciation for our teachers.

CCA | 37



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