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Top Of The Line Shaving Supplies Provide A Smooth Shave When you put money into high-end shaving supplies, you want to couple those tools with the proper shaving techniques for the best look. After all, you only have a brief minute to make a first impression. Step One: Fully Moisten The Face Razor burn might be a very common problem for many shavers, but by thoroughly wetting your beard, you're going to get a smooth shave without the burn. Wet hair is easier to cut because the absorbed moisture makes the hair weak. Some men elect to shave in the shower due to this. Be sure to apply a good amount of water to the area to be shaved when shaving if the shower isn't an alternative and before using a razor, hold a moistened towel to the face for a couple of minutes. Step Two: Use Moisturizing Shaving Cream Foam is what you get when you purchase inexpensive brands of shaving cream from the grocery store. Avoid these foaming creams, as foams enables a lot of air to displace the cream when you want as much contact between the lather and your face as is possible. Instead, select a top-quality cream that provides a nice lather; this lather will hold the whiskers in place and reduce the amount of wear on your shaving blade. For the best results, carefully spread the lather on the surface of your face and then allow it to sit for a few minutes. Step Three: Appreciate the Value of the Shaving Brush Why would you purchase a shaving brush when you could just use your hand to spread the lather? In all honesty, the shaving brush is an essential tool. The brush works to lift the hairs, so that the blade gets close to the skin. It also works to produce a rich lather. Exfoliating dead skin cells on your face is also a result when you use a brush. Using a great brush can reduce the prospect of blemishes and nicks. Use the brush to apply shaving cream in small, circular movements. Step Four: Select a Top Quality Blade Another contributor to shaving rash is a dull blade. You can get a nice, close shave with a sharp blade and a high quality razor. Remember that you commonly remove surface skin when you shave and a sharp blade will treat your skin more kindly than a dull blade. Most experts advise that you change or sharpen the blade on your razor between every three to nine shaves. You will have to decide for yourself the number of shave you can get from the blade because every man's beard is different. As soon as it becomes dull, replace or sharpen your blade. Step Five: Shave in the Direction of the Beard Growth Shaving against the direction of hair growth is a common mistake that some men make. These men typically end up with cuts and ingrown hairs. Beginning at the side, shave with the hair and then move to the moustache area and then down the chin. If you shave properly, the razor should BullGoose Shaving Supplies

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Top Of The Line Shaving Supplies Provide A Smooth Shave do most of the work without pressure from you, and you should not have any trouble with razor bumps. Complete Your Shave After you have finished shaving, rinse your face with warm water and then use a facial wash. Follow this with a cool rinse. Then to restore moisture, use an after shave lotion. There are lotions that are made particularly for men; select one of these. You will have a smooth shave and the confidence of knowing you look your very best if you comply with these six basic steps and use the best shaving supplies. Your skin can look and feel its very best if you choose the finest quality shaving supplies. Go to to find out more information on BullGoose Shaving Supplies.

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Top Of The Line Shaving Supplies Provide A Smooth Shave  

Your skin can look and feel its very best if you choose the finest quality shaving supplies. Go to to find...

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