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Al. Papanastasiou 207 542 50 Thessaloniki Greece

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0030 6978 480 162 mobile 0030 2310 323 075 home

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Ioannina, Greece 22 October 1984

STUDIES Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / Faculty of Engineering Diploma of Architect Engineer 2002 - 2009 Grade of diploma: 8,27 Title of thesis: Viviendas de bajo costo: Architecture to the poorness Grade of project: 9,75 Tutors: C. Conenna, C. Spyridonides Presentation: 12 March 2009 Title of research project: From the houses of the poor to the architecture for the poor Grade of project: 10 Tutors: C. Conenna, C. Spyridonides Presentation: 9 October 2007 Instituto de Cooperación en Habitabilidad Básica / Universidad Politécnica de Madrid XI Course of Especialization: Cooperation for the Development of the Human Settlements in the Third World Postgraduate programme, title of specialization January-June 2008 Grade of degree: 9 Title of project: Proyecto de ordenación territorial y plan general de desarrollo del municipio San José de Cusmapa Tutor: Felipe Colavidas Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid / Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Participation in semestral programme Socrates – Erasmus January-June 2008 Graduated in 2002 from the Music School of Thessaloniki

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Studio of the architect Janis Chatzigogas Architectural composition October 2009 - present The Vidal Partnership /Heineken U.S.A. Shopper marketing Strategy / Visualizatión 3D of markets - colab.: arch. Oscar Sanabria January 2010 Neurological surgery, Tríkala, Greece Interior design November 2008 - March 2009 Studio of the architect Stelios Terzis Residential design / interior design of surgeries, shops February - December 2007, September 2008 - June 2009 Universidad de la Salle, Bogotá, Colombia Internship programme IAESTE Investigation and urban design of a neighbourhood of social interest August – November 2006 Archaelogical excavations in Despotico of Antíparos Design of achitectural members and walls July 2005 Opera of Thessaloniki Scenography and costume assistant for the representation “Greek Passion” of Martinu directed by Pamela Howard May - June 2005 Theatre group XNOY Scenography and costumes for the represantations: Romeo y Juliette of Bost directed by Efi Zioga Les Mouches of J. P. Sartre directed by E. Zioga March - April 2005 / November 2005 - January 2006 Film “Homeland” directed by Syllas Tzoumerkas Participation with auxiliar role October 2008 Post office of Sifnos Programme of the General Secretariat of Youth “Vacation and voluntary work” August 2009 Olympic Games Athens 2004 Voluntary work August 2004

WORKSHOPS EWSEMS: Eastern and Western Southern European Market Squares Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University / Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Socrates Intensive Program 2-17 June 2006 Sensibilità, creatività, sostenibilità SAIEnergia, Bologna International workshop held by Mario Cucinella 28-31 October 2009

EXHIBITIONS / CONGRESSES LOW COST AND LOW ENERGY SUSTAINABLE HOUSING Saie - Salone internazionale dell’edilizia, Bologna Participation with the thesis 28-31 October 2009 Beyond Media: Visions Participation with the project “Urban Strategies / The city regains its park” in the exhibition Spot on Schools, Florence July 2009 5th European Biennale of Landscape Architecture Participation in the International Exhibition of Schools of Architecture and Landscape with the project “Re-designing the park”, Barcelona 25-27 September 2008 Un-built / International events of architectural research 2008 Vyzantine and Christianic Museum of Athens in collaboration with SARCHA Participation with the project “Urban Strategies / The city regains its park” 15 July - 30 August 2008 Quintos encontros internacionais de arquitectura: search and research Santiago de Compostela, Spain Assistance in the congress 8-10 November 2007 Meeting “Visual and architectural education” School of Architecture, Univ. Aristotle of Thessaloniki Participation with the project “Rubik’s cube - compositions” 13-14 March 2005

AWARDS SAIE Selection 09 Bologna First prize in the category student/wood September 2009 World Architecture Community Award Thought-provoking for the thesis May 2009 Technical Chamber of Greece Proposal for award for the thesis July 2009 Amics d’ UPC Barcelona Commendation for the A.U.Th. Participation with the project “Re-designing the park” September 2008

PUBLICATIONS Magazine Epiloges #11/688, title Prize with the “goodmorning”, January 2010 Interview Magazine Marie Claire #254, article mchero, January 2010 Interview Magazine Ecotec #50, title Ecological construction in the Third World, November 2009 Interview Radio station MARCONI programme human works, 03.11.2009 Interview about the prize SAIE Selection 09 and the thesis Magazine VIMADECO #25, article the newest, November 2009 Title Ecological profile Television station ALTER programme here and now, 30.09.2009 Interview about the thesis Newspaper THE NEWS #19.544, article horizons, 29.09.2009, Title Prize for a house made of bottles Radio station SKAI programme, 29.09.2009 Interview for the prize SAIE Selection 09 Magazine CORPUS #68, article archaelogical news, February 2005 Title New temple of Apollo discovered in Despotico

LANGUAGES Greek Maternal language English Certificate of Proficiency in English / University of Michigan (2001) First Certificate in English / University of Cambridge (1998) German Zentrale Mittelstufenpr端fung / Goethe-Institut (2001) Zertifikat / Goethe-Institut (1998) Spanish Diploma de espa単ol como lengua extranjera (Nivel intermedio) (2007) + 10 months in Colombia an Spain

COMPUTER PROGRAMMES KNOWLEDGE Autocad Archicad SketchUp Artlantis Studio Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Dreamweaver Form Z Microsoft OS Microsoft Office Suite Mac OS

INTERESTS photography music (piano, saxophone) sewing travelling web design


thesis A.U.Th. research project project of postgraduate programme of ICHaB competition: Intercontinental Hotel, Business Center, Houses fifth course project A.U.Th. internship project U.Salle Bogotรก workshop Sensibility, Creativity, Sustainability neurological surgery annual project of composition A.U.Th. competition: logo design

Viviendas de bajo costo: Architecture to the poorness thesis, U.A.Th., School of Architecture tutors: Claudio Conenna, Constantin Spiridonides consultants: Felipe Colavidas, JuliĂĄn Salas, Nikos Panagiotopoulos


In the village à ngel 2 of Nicaragua and under conditions of extreme poverty, malnutrition, lack of road net, markets, potable water, sanity, electricity and with the danger of landslide in certain places, are designed sustainable houses of low cost incorporated in a frame of interaction and public space. Taken as a unit a plot of rural dimensions to guarantee autonomy, the plots of the families are placed organically according to the special morphology of the ground. Each one of them is formed by a house with possibilities of expansion, a rain-water collector tank, a fertilizer latrine, while the rest of it is disposed for cultivations. The design of the house facilitates its formation according to the users’ needs, preferences and uniqueness. For the construction are used local materials, such as wood and earth, which is combined with plastic bottles through the system of ECO-TEC for the construction of strong walls. The public spaces are disposed exclusively for the use of pedestrians and children. Also, they are formed by natural elements, like packed earth for the horizontal levels, wood for the benches and trees for shading.


spring 2009

PRIZES | SAIE Selection 09 / WAC Thought Provoking / Proposal TCG

spring 2007

From the houses of the poor to the architecture for the poor research project, U.A.Th. School of Architecture tutors: Claudio Conenna, Constantin Spiridonides project group: Evi Bellou, Marina Gousia

Is architecture able to contribute to the improvement of life of people living in slums? Until what level could that happen? Do the habitants want to change the conditions of their lives? These are some of the questions that were set in the beginning of the project, so they could get an answer at the end through the research. The process was consisted by the following steps: 1. definition of the term “slum” 2. search around the phenomenon of the urbanization of poverty 3. impact to women 4. impact to the formed city 5. specification in Latin America 6. specification in Colombia (civil war, relocation of the population, children) 7. specification in the neighbourhoud of Bogotá, La Merced (urban formulation, nets and free spaces, house typologies, construction) 8. general solution strategies 9. architectural attempts 10. study of the solutions of a student competition 11. study of professional examples

spring 2008

General plan for the development of the municipality of San José de Cusmapa, Nicaragua specialization project, postgraduate programme, ICHaB Univ. Politécnica de Madrid tutor: Felipe Colavidas project group: Lidia Fernández, Silvia Gómez, Marina Gousia, Laura Vispe

The project is part of the programme “Aldeas del Milenio” that is about the development of some certain places of central America and Africa. It is centred in the municipality of San José de Cusmapa, in the north of Nicaragua. The progress followed was: collection of the information about the country, analyzation of the information concerning the municupality, diagnostic process (problem tree, map of poverty), study of development possibilities, formation of development programmes (ground manipulation, economical development, urban planning and housing, health and nutrition, roads and transportation, infrastructures) and, finally, development of the programme of urban planning and housing in one of the places that the expansion is favoured. The project is about one of the poorest municipalities of the country, without infrastructures and road nets that connect the villages in between, but also with the municipalities around it. That’ s why the programmes are proposed in economical and completely realistic limits. The development is based on the financing by the municipality, the government or the donations of NGOs, for example in the nutrition programme.

winter 2009

selection for second round

Open International Competition on the Development of an Architectural Concept for an International Business Center with an Intercontinental Hotel in the City of Yerevan, Armenia competition collaborators: Chrysoula Fotsitzi, Marina Gousia, Sofia Chatzigeorgiou, Christina Krystallinou, Christina Tsompanoglou

The principal objectives of the proposal is to create a new landmark for the city and to preserve the green area of the site. This is achieved through a tower of 101m, which includes the hotel complex and whose sculptural shape will rise from the green hill as a visual landmark recognizable from all sides of the city. The design takes advantage of the inclination of the area in two ways. Firstly, a ramp that connects the complex with the urban tissue, offering a promenade for the visitors, is designed. Secondly, the same vocabulary is used for the design of the residential complex, whose form follows the inclination of that part of the plot. That concept intensifies the verticality of the tower, preserves independency for the residencies with ideal surroundings and creates a part of green free landscape in the centre of Yerevan. The form of the tower is chosen as a reference to the monolithic architecture of the buildings found in Yerevan, though interpreted in a contemporary way, by using a light, semi-transparent material. This perforated element not only enables the view from inside out but also makes the tower distinguish during the night with the illumination of the inner spaces.







spring 2007

Urban strategies: The city regains its park project of urban design, A.U.Th. School of Architecture tutors: Titi Papadopoulou, Tasos Telios project group: Marina Gousia, Lena Kanta, Chloe Saita

Object of the theme is the regain and the reformation of the space of the HELEXPO in Thessaloniki after the transference in new position and the imputation of an open space to the city. The proposal aims at a park of mixed uses that concludes public functions, like open market - art laboratories, parking, green, squares of different character and design museum, part of the school of fine arts, ice-rink, museum of contemporary art, sports center in the existing buildings. These new uses are placed in a grid that receives the linings of the city and distorts them. In that way, a patchwork of uses and materials is formed in levels that each one of them gets its own inclination. Elements of the last reformation of the entrances to the HELEXPO are maintained, integrated and reused in the new one, so to connect it to the former one.

commendation for A.U.Th.

autumn 2006

Barrio La Merced, Bogotรก D.C. project - internship, Universidad de la Salle - urban laboratory, Bogotรก, Colombia tutor: Mario Tancredi

The object of the project is the improvement of the living conditions of the dwellers of the neighbourhood La Merced of Bogotรก. This is achieved through the improvement of the existing situation, but also of the exploitation of the free spaces: 1. construction of market and houses 2. formation of concentration place, that due to the inclination is favoured by a small open air theatre 3. construction of a pool - Bogotรก is far away form the sea and the children may never have the opportunity for contact with the water 4. exploitation of the old brick ovens as a musem space of itinerancy 5. square entrance to the museum space. The proposal exploits the large inclinations of the ground.

autumn 2009

Sensibility, creativity, sustainability workshop, SAIEnergia 2009, Bologna held by Mario Cucinella

The subject of the project was to let a significant quantity of light to enter in a space of 30x30x30 with architectural, sustainable and esthetical qualities. The proposal is inspired of the thick walls of the old traditional houses, whose windows have a small outer hole, that opens to the inside and the light pervades the house, and of the form of the chimneys. A single module is selected to fill a 3x3 grid repeated while turning around itself. An additional quality of light is achieved by turning the module twice upside down creating inside a sense of spot light.

autumn 2008

Neurological surgery in Trikala, Greece

The aim was the design of a modern surgery room for a new neurologist with waiting room, office - examination room and second examination room in a low cost context. The two examination spaces are connected through a door independently of the waiting room, which was designed in such way as to be adaptable in future changes, like the placement of a reception desk.

autumn spring 2005

The garden of poets annual composition project, A.U.Th. School of Architecture tutor: Chrysa Sahana project group: Antigoni Geronta, Marina Gousia

The object of the project was the design of a sculpture museum with the theme of poets’ busts. The idea of the proposal results from 2 straight lines. The first of them signals the entrance and the second breaks in smaller parts. The intersection -as the lines are in different levels- creates an indoor place, where somebody can find the reception. An external stair leads the visitor to the level of the second, broken line that gives directions to the exhibition place. After a detailed study of the work of every poet of the list, their biographies and the general social-politic situation, are designed spaces of different meaning for each one or for a group of them. In such way, one bust is isolated, others are positioned in adapted niches or rooms. At the end of the line was created a special indoor place of projections, that constitutes in the same time the external place of the cafÊ of the museum, that is positioned on a third level.

spring 2009

Sostre competition: logo design


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CV Portfolio Marina Gousia  

CV Portfolio Marina Gousia / english / 2010

CV Portfolio Marina Gousia  

CV Portfolio Marina Gousia / english / 2010