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Best Pain Treatment In Los Angeles

We all suffer from pain at some time in our lives. Some of us suffer longer than others, and perhaps the pain is more intense. Perhaps the pain is due to old age, or perhaps due to an injury from a long time ago. Or maybe it is due to surgery. Whatever the case may be, you would agree that pain is an unpleasant sensation! Not only does it prevent you from functioning normally, it also spoils you emotional state.

In spite of suffering, there are many of us who may not be properly informed about either the cause of pain or its remedy. So, the following list of common pain ailments and their treatments has been compiled to educate and enlighten you about the same:

Back Pain Treatment Your lower back provides you both support and protection. The bony lumbar spine, and various ligaments and discs surrounding the spine, nerves and the spinal cord are located here. In addition, the lower back enables movement.

There are many causes for lower back pain, such as strain on the lumbar region as well as irritation of the nerves. Irritation of the nerves may occur due to a decrease in the size of the openings located in the spinal bones. Another probable cause of lower back pain is a ruptured or herniated disc, which compresses the spine on the nerve roots. This is also known as Spinal Stenosis.

Lower back pain is treated depending on the symptoms and the severity of the pain. Treatment includes surgery, prescription medication or physical therapy. If lower back pain is less severe, your doctor may not prescribe any medication at all, but may opt for heat pad treatment instead. In the case of more severe back pain, you may be prescribed a corticosteroid, or in case of spinal stenosis, surgery.

Sciatica Treatment The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It runs from your lower back to your foot. Therefore, this nerve is responsible for all coordination and reflex activities associated with this region. Sciatica refers to the severe pain symptoms associated with your legs and lower back. You may also feel this pain in the foot and buttocks, and is usually present on only one side of the body. The pain may be accompanied by numbness and tingling. The most common cause of sciatica is disc herniation and disc degeneration. Disc herniation is the result of the leakage of the soft core of the spinal disc, which then irritates the surrounding nerves. Degeneration of the spinal disc is a natural effect of aging, and once it occurs, it can exert stress on the lumbar nerve. Spinal fracture which leads to bulging of discs may also lead to sciatica.

Sciatica may be treated by surgery (in case of severe pain) or other non-surgical treatments such as heat packs, anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medications. Your doctor may also recommend massage therapy in case of acute pain. In the case of disc herniation, you may be asked to take a lumbar epidural injection or spinal cord stimulator.

Disc Treatment Most disc treatments focus on either bulged or herniated discs, which may be the source of your pain. In order to determine the damage in the discs, your doctor may recommend a discography. This procedure will help your doctor identify the extent of damage in your discs, and therefore recommend the next step of treatment. However, your doctor may only recommend this measure if no other medications or surgeries have worked for you. Discography typically takes between 30-45 minutes. It consists of injecting needles at specific disks throughout the spinal area, and an X-ray like image of the injection sites is then obtained. Using a contrast dye, any tears or bulges in the discs are then identified. You will be asked to rate the degree of pain at each needle insertion.

Based on your discography results, your doctor may then recommend suitable disc treatments, such as percutaneous discectomy. This procedure is meant for pain resulting from a herniated or bulging disc. It primarily involves partially removing a herniated disc and passing it through the skin, and in this way, it helps to relieve the pressure on the nerves.

Suffering from pain can be a real challenge to your daily life and work. So, the moment you discover that your pain is continuous and lasts for a long time, you must consult a pain doctor at the earliest. There are several efficient and qualified pain doctors in Los Angeles. Not only do they specialize in treating a whole host of pains such as Back Pain, Neck Pain and Spinal Stenosis, but they also provide you excellent and professional service. Pain doctors in Los Angeles understand that your health is your wealth, and they will do all they can to help you maintain your health!


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