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Dear myself, I am kind of thoughtful these days (I think you have noticed) so I think I will write about it. It is because of something that has happened to me (I mean‌ to us). I have had to make a very important decision related to my future (yes, the one you know: going to England to study the International Baccalaureate) and it has been so hard for me. Not just because I will miss my family and friends but because I will miss my high-school too. You, and nobody better, know how important it has been for me. During this almost four years I have learnt a lot. But not just about different subjects as Mathematics, English, History, and Chemistry and so on. But about me (I mean us again). So, let’s make a review: First of all, I want to say that I have always been lucky. The reason is that the biggest percentage of things that have happened to me have been good. For example, I am part of the first class which has been from 1st E.S.O to 4th E.S.O inside the bilingual project and I am really glad of that. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot of English, to have had the best teachers ever and also the best partners ever. Being in the bilingual project has given me the chance to discover what I really like. Languages. I have to give thanks to the person who has taught me everything I know. Encarna. I simply admire her. The way she is amazing. She is a really hard-working person. Each of her classes is prepared and what is better, they all are amusing. Another person I have to give thanks to is my French teacher, Catalina. In 3rd E.S.O, she planned an exchange, and we did it! It will

always be an unforgettable experience. Pedro is another teacher who has given me these kind of experiences. With him, we have gone to Don Leandro and twice to the Cidemat. Even sometimes he laughs at us, and can be a little crude, he worries a lot about us. Another teacher who worried a lot about us was Rosario, but this year, she does not give classes to us. I miss her and the way she taught the group. Well, I could be writing about them for a long time, but although teachers have helped me to grow up somehow there are other people who have done it too. My friends. They have carried out a really important role in my life. Before I started high-school, I did not have any friends, but it became different. My partners chose me as the delegate in 1st E.S.O. and there was a very good rapport among us. That made me be more outgoing. Years passed and that self-confidence they attributed me, let me show my real likes. I changed my hairstyle, never minding what people could say. And, that way, I met myself. Nowadays, I feel really comfortable in my own skin. In conclusion, I found you (myself) thanks to those people. Pedro

Dear diary, People usually say that adolescence is the best part of our life, I confirm that. I haven’t lived for a long time, I’m fifteen years old, but what I have lived I will keep it for all my life. Most of time I spent it in the high school, good and bad moments. I’m not a bad student, I’m a normal girl, tall, thin and with brown hair and eyes, I don’t have anything special. I usually get good marks, but when any teacher says EXAM I get nervous as every one. Neither I’m that kind of person that studies weeks before if it is not a long exam. I have had good luck because my high school is really good, it is not big but is not small, it’s cute and it’s got also a bilingual project. Most of the teachers teach very well, but there are exceptions. I have never had problems with my partners, the students are very tolerant. My friends make the high school a fun place. I have known incredible people and I have good experiences: I will never forget one time when a friend felt down the stairs, or when a friend got locked in the toilets... I have a lot of time ahead to confirm that the above statement is true. Paola

Dear Alison, I hope you are very well. I’m happy to write to you again. I would like to tell you about my life at my high school and my objectives for the future. Right now I’m studying fourth level of ESO in an EnglishSpanish spoken class . We are thirty students and _have ten teachers. I have to study a lot to get good marks and pass successfully to junior studies. The subject I like the most is history because it seems very interesting for me. It is wonderful to learn how governments were done, how people achieved their rights… Also I like foreign languages, English and French, so much. My relationship with my fellows is good. I get in touch with all of them, with some more than with others, but everyone is friendly. We spend the break time together and we keep laughing all the time. It is true that we change our personality or in my case, I didn’t belong to the bilingual project in my first two years and sometimes it is difficult to know all about your classmates. Anyway, I have a lot of friends of different courses and groups of the high school. At weekends, I go out with my friends and we have a good time. We go to the cinema, shopping, bowling alley… In this year, I decided to choose humanity studies because I don’t want to study any science carrier. I want to be a lawyer as my father and I am sure I will learn a lot with him in his lawyer’s practice. Besides, my father teaches law at the university of La Laguna, he is my model to imitate. This fact will make that my carrier will be easier for me. Anyway, I know that I will have to study hard. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Yours with love, Patricia

Dear Lucy, I haven’t seen you since last summer and I have so many things to tell you about my life and I have really wanted to see you. I have changed of house with my family and that’s why I have had to change of high school too. At first, I was scared because I didn’t know how it would be. I thought that making friends would be difficult to me, but when I arrived there, I realized that it would be different that my first thoughts. I have made friends that have showed me all the school around. People there are nice. Hope you’re well and the next time we meet, you will tell me about your changes. You know me, I’m undecided. Anyway, I really know now what to study and what to be in the future. I want to study Art, because I love paint and draw. By means of art I can show my life, in a simple painting. I like imagination and creation because it’s beautiful express your feelings in this way. Colours and pictures can make you feel different. Don’t you think it’s beautiful? That’s what I want to do and I hope you like it. Greetings and kisses! Bye Laia

Dear Taylor, Hello! How are things? How is your family? I hope that you are ok! I am very well. I am writing this letter to tell you how my school is .My school is called Teobaldo Power and I am studying 4º of ESO. I love studying in this school. The teachers who teach me are the best. For me, my school is like my second house because there I have a lot of friends. There I met one girl who now is my best friend. Daniela with her I feel better in the school, because the time passes much faster. Some other things that I love are the excursions. The better excursion was when we went to Don Leandro´s house because all the class was friendly and we were all together. On Christmas and May there are festivals. At these festivals the students participate: singing, dancing, doing sports, writing stories... I always participate singing in the choir and writing stories. It´s really fun. Let me tell you that I have won awards every year! Finally, I am going to comment that in the afternoon there are activities and I am rehearsing for a musical. I am very happy because I am going to perform at the Auditorium of Tenerife next May. I love my school there isn´t any time to get bored. I must say goodbye because I must go to my school. Bye! See you soon! Kisses Amelia

Hi! I’m a student at Teobaldo Power. I’m studying fourth of ESO. In my high school there are at least six hundred teenagers and there are a lot of teachers, there are so many, that in my four years in the high school I don’t know all of them yet. Every day we have six classes, they are organized in three parts. In the first one we have three sessions, it depends on the day. Then we have a brake time and we go to the playground where we have fun, we eat something and finally we socialize with other teenagers. Then we have three other sessions. Apart from this we have extra-school classes; these classes are for the people who wanted to do sport with school friends or, for the people that need to improve their marks. Referring to fourth of ESO, we only have remedial classes of physics and chemistry. Also we have remedial classes for all those who have failed one subject in the previous course. My sister attends these classes. In the high school I feel well when I’m with my friends, but I feel a distance between me and the other teenagers because I don’t know them. Personally, I’m making the science option, because I want to study medicine and specified in forensic and anesthesia. Maybe it is because I like it but, also it is because I would have a good salary. This summer, I will do the first aid course if I get the money enough to pay for it. If I had the opportunity I would do it because it would help me to have more options to get well-trained from very young age. Gabriel

Hello! My name's MarĂ­a and I'm 14. I'm at 3rd ESO. I'm going to tell about my experiences in this high school and many other things: When I started at high school it was a little difficult for me. All the things were new and all the people were very tall and big. I remember a lot of days about the first year at high school. The first day, Raquel, a partner, went with me on the tram, and we were very nervous. Raquel was sitting in the seat, and she stood up, the tram stopped and Raquel shut up. It was very funny and I laughed a lot. I remember too, when on Tuesday 13th, I fell down the stairs twice. When I started at high school I had few friends, but over the three years I made many friends, very good friends. When I was at 1st ESO, my class and me went to a rural house, we went at nine o'clock and we did a lot of activities, we played many games and it was a very fantastic day. At 2nd ESO I wrote to a French student. It was a very nice a new experience. This year, I hope that we can travel. I want to go to Galicia or Asturias. I don't know Asturias but I Galicia because I have family there. I went when I was 5 years old and I don't remember much. I hope too that we go on many excursions. I like the high school, a lot of people say that school is boring and they don't like it, but I think that the high school teaches you and I think too that it is a place to make friends, and some of these friends will be for all your life.

Hello, I am a student of the Teobaldo Power High School and I want to give my impressions of the life and difficulties we students have. It is important that we are responsible for our studies and we can choose to study hard or not. We need the help of our families and teachers to obtain the education that we want. This can be difficult if the family or the teachers are not interested. Another worry that we have is that the future could be difficult. Many young people do not find jobs when they finish their studies so it is important to study the right subject. All students worry about exams and if you do not pass them then possibly you cannot be able to do the job that you want. In my case I have always wanted to study to be a midwife. I hope that I can work in this job as quickly as possible. Claudia M

Hi! I am a teenager that studies at Teobaldo Power high school. Many students know who want to be in the future and my friends too. Almost everybody wants to study. As for me, I still don't know what I'm going to study in the future. I have one thing clear: I want to study science. I like mathematics, chemistry and physics. Therefore, my family says that I will be an architect, teacher, etc. In my high school we are always talking about tests. Many partners say that they study a lot but they fail exams. I haven't happened this failure so far. My opinion is if you try it but you fail your exams, your effort will be rewarded in due time. Only with patience we will get everything we want. I think my behaviour is appropriate with the teachers and classmates but sometimes we have moments of laugh and commotion in our classes. Bye! Claudia H.

Hello, I’m (anonymous), a student from IES Teobaldo Power. My teacher has told me that I have to write about my high school and my opinion about it. Well, first I want to write about my teachers. They’re excellent at their work, the contents are clear and they use different but effective teaching forms. I can say that my principal preoccupation is to get good marks. Teachers teach great, but they teach many lessons too. If you don’t study, you won’t get good marks. I study so hard and try to do all the homework. I think the atmosphere in my high school is good and, in general, the teachers are very gentle. If somebody wants to come to my high school, he or she is welcome! In my opinion, this atmosphere makes students responsible and good classmates. I have a good relationship with almost all my classmates, and they usually pay attention to the lessons. My high school is the best high school in the island! A…..

Hello: In this letter, I’ll try to tell you something about my life. I’m 13 years old and I study 3rd course of Secondary Education. I’m a “normal” teen, or, at least, I think that. I like all kind of music, specially Spanish and Classical ones. I play clarinet. I have been at the Conservatory since I was eight years old. I play piano, too. I do karate and I’m Green-Blue belt. I like to go to the swimming pools in summer and in winter I love read. I love travel when I’ve got time. My favourite foods are mushrooms and Spanish omelette. In the High School, I’m happy, but classes are a little bit boring. My favourite subjects are Biology and Maths, and I dislike Language because I don’t like at all the teacher. She sends us too much homework. My partners, they’re a little bit noisy, but they’re really cool. I’ve got a lot of friends and we talk about our lives in the break (or sometimes, during the lessons). My teachers, they’re OK, but some of them are too hard with us. I think that we’ve got only five years to be teens and, if we’ve got too much homework and exams, we cannot enjoy our youth. About my future, I want to be a diplomat and work in foreign countries representing Spain. I want to study Law and Politics Sciences, and, after that, an International Relationship master. I want to move to the Mainland, because there is more work and you can travel more because you don´t have to take a plane, just a train or a car. I hope that you liked this letter and I wait, if you want, an answer.

Helllo My name is Pepe and I study 2º ESO at Teobaldo High School. In my school there is a cafeteria, a library, a gym, 2 playgrounds and a games room. We have a lot of subjects (11): Science, Maths, History, P.E., Language, Music, Technology, English, French,… I really like Maths and Science. We don’t have uniform, then we can wear the clothes that we want. We always change classes for each subject, and during this change of class we talk and laugh, and we also study for the next subject. We have to be at school from 8:00 to 14:00. We have a break from 10:45 to 11:15. The best thing of this school is my classmates, and the worst thing is that we have only got a break in the middle of the morning. Bye

Hello! My name's María and I'm 14. I'm in 3rd ESO. I'm going to talk about my experiences in this high school and many other things: When I started at high school, it was a little difficult for me, all the things were new and all the people were very tall and big. I remember a lot of days about the first year at high school. The first day, Raquel, a classmate, went with me on the tram, and we were very nervous. Raquel was sitting in the seat, and she got up, the tram stopped and Raquel fell over. It was very funny and I laughed a lot. I remember too, when on Tuesday 13th, I fell down the stairs twice. When I started at high school I didn´t have many friends, but over the last three years I have made many friends, very good friends. When I was in 1st ESO, my class and me went to a rural house, we went at nine o'clock and we did a lot of activities, we played many games and it was a fantastic day. In 2nd ESO I wrote to French students, it was a very nice new experience. This year, I hope that we will go on a trip. I want to go to Galicia or Asturias, because I don't know Asturias and I have been to Galicia because I have family there, but I went when I was 5 years old and I don't remember it. I hope too that we will do many excursions. I like the high school, a lot of people say that school is boring and they don't like it, but I think that you learn at high school and I also think that it is a place to make friends, and some of these friends will be for ever.

Hello! My name is Ada and I´m 13 years old. I was born in Venezuela but now I live in Tenerife, Spain. I study at “Teoblado Power High School”. My class is 1st of E.S.O (Secondary Education) so this is my first year at this high school. Then first impression I had from high school is that it is really big, and I thought I would get lost more than one time. But since then, I haven´t got lost for the first time. LOL. My favorite subject is Maths but I also like English, Science and Technology. On the other hand, I hate French and Spanish literature. My parents believe that my education is very important. When I finish my studies here, I hope to have a good level of English to go to a good university. I´m not sure, but I would like to study Graphic Design, to do cartoons like “Shrek”, or Law. Regards, Ada.

Hi! We are Olaya, Valentina, Shara, Pablo and Mario. We live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. We are students at Teobaldo Power High School, in 1º ESO. This is our first year here. Our high School is wonderful, the people are very nice and we have got a cafeteria where we can buy snacks. In our class there are thirty students: 17 boys and 13 girls. In our school there are many students from different countries, like Venezuela, Russia, Chine, Bolivia, Ecuador, … Our break lasts thirty minutes and we have fun. But when we are in class the teachers often tell us off because we talk a lot. Usually, we only study for the exams, but we know that we should study more. We hope to go to university to study to be teacher, nurse, …. But we would like to work half time at the same time to earn some money for our hobbies. Bye, bye

Letters from Spain  

Letters from Spain