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A  Friends  Elementary  and  Middle  School  Serving  Bright  Children  Who  Learn  Differently  

Winter  2013     Dear  TQS  Families,     We  have  arrived  at  the  season  of  giving  thanks.  It  is  a  favorite  time  of  year,   exciting  and  promising.  Thanksgiving  Day,  a  truly  American  holiday,  invites  all   to  celebrate.  Everyone  is  welcome  to  a  table  to  share  a  great  meal,  a  moment   of  peace  and  a  break  from  the  very  busy  lives  we  lead.  This  Thursday,  our   wonderful  Parents  Association  hosted  our  annual  Thanksgiving  Feast.  Each   year  it  gets  better  –  our  fantastic  moms  and  dads  dedicate  themselves  to   cooking  up  a  storm  with  everyone’s  traditional  favorite  foods.     Welcome  to  New  Additions  to  our  Student  Body  and  Teaching  Staff   As  always,  we  have  much  to  be  thankful  for.  Our  school,  serving  children  whose   endearing  minds,  energy  and  creativity,  are  our  special  “claim  to  fame”,  is   thriving  and  bustling  with  new  families  joining  us  nearly  each  week!  Welcome   to  those  students  who  have  entered  since  September:  Finn,  Ryan,  Samira,   Selah,  Alex,  Isabella,  and  CT.  We  are  so  glad  you  have  joined  us  and  we  hope   you  are  happy  to  be  here!     With  the  addition  of  so  many  new  students,  we  have  added  a  new  teacher.   David  Mendlewski  specializes  in  literacy,  has  a  terrific  teaching  resume,   including  several  administrative  posts.  Fortunately  for  us,  he  is  seeking  a  full   time  administrative  position,  and  we  hired  him  for  this  interim,  as  our   enrollment  is  bulging.  For  the  remainder  of  this  year  he  will  be  working  with   fourth  through  seventh  graders  in  reading  and  writing.   In  addition  to  David  M,  we  also  have  added  to  our  counseling  team  and  PE   staff.  Dr.  Adam  Berman  joins  us  for  a  few  hours  each  week  to  consult  with   teachers  regarding  optimizing  classroom  behaviors.  Amanda  Hoade,  a  PE   teacher  with  certification  in  Adapted  PE,  is  working  with  the  middle  school  PE   class.  Dave,  Adam  and  Amanda  all  started  last  week  and  are  becoming  part  of   our  weekly  routine.  

“I Can’t  Believe  It’s  Five  O’Clock  Already”   This  very  successful  pilot  program  has  brought  parents  together  to  talk  about   their  own  challenges  with  organization,  planning  and  time  management.  In   opening  this  conversation,  parents  recognize  that  others  share  the  same   challenges  and  share  solutions  and  suggestions  with  Nancy  West,  our  facilitator   for  this  program.  The  next  meeting  is  Friday,  December  13,  9:00-­‐10:30am.  You   are  welcome  to  attend  whether  or  not  you  have  been  before.     An  Impressive  Guest  Speaker   John  Dearing  graduated  from  TQS  three  years  ago.  He  is  now  a  junior  at  Bucks   County  Technical  High  School.  John  came  to  speak  to  the  middle  school  about   his  life  after  TQS.  Always  an  interesting  topic,  John’s  story  is  a  bit  bigger  than   life.  At  the  wise  old  age  of  16,  he  already  has  his  own  tech  support  and  website   business.  He  shared  his  philosophy  with  our  current  future  high  school   students,  “Set  your  goals  and  stick  with  them.”  John  encouraged  everyone  to   understand  their  learning  differences  and  to  embrace  their  passions  and   abilities.  John  now  reads  at  grade  level,  after  years  of  struggling  with  the   limitations  of  dyslexia.  As  he  pointed  out,  dyslexia  also  gave  him  the   extraordinary  visual  and  spatial  skills  that  are  integral  to  his  already  successful   career  path.       OT  Updates    Parents  are  interested  in  TQS  providing  more  direct  instruction  in  keyboarding   and  handwriting.  Terry  Carroll,  our  OT  has  increased  her  hours  with  us  to   include  more  focused  consultative  time  in  the  classrooms,  as  well  as  supervised   keyboarding  and  handwriting  classes.  For  anyone,  learning  efficient   keyboarding  or  handwriting  requires  quite  a  lot  of  practice.  Students  learning   these  skills  are  encouraged  to  practice  at  home  to  ingrain  the  skills  and  build   efficient  habits.  Terry  is  available  to  answer  parents’  questions  about  acquiring   these  important  skills.         A  Few  Special  Thank  You’s   • The  TQS  PA  has  established  some  already  beloved  new  “traditions,”  such   as  popcorn  for  snacks  and  running  a  cool  school  store.  The  recent  movie   night  was  a  roaring  success.  Dana  Eschallier  and  Cindy  DeGeorge  are  the   co-­‐presidents  and  deserve  special  recognition  for  their  enterprising   work!     • Special  Equestrians  in  Warrington  is  a  very  special  place  in  the  lives  of   students  in  homerooms  one  and  two  –  we  thank  them  for  the  

opportunity for  our  little  ones  to  have  this  unique  experience  learning  to   ride  and  relate  to  child-­‐friendly  horses.     Bob  Gold,  our  music  teacher,  has  made  an  incredibly  positive  impression   on  his  students.  There  is  nothing  like  a  jam  session  with  Bob  to  get  our   students  communicating  and  creating  together.   Jaime  LaBonte  and  I  have  been  writing  blogs  on  a  regular  basis  that  are   posted  on  our  website  and  TQS  Facebook.  Each  week  Jaime  adds  to  her   class’s  journal  and  snaps  a  few  friendly  photos.     Nicole  Adamoyurka-­‐Negro  organizes  our  annually  successful  Book  Fair   combined  with  family  fun  night  at  Barnes  &  Noble  in  Willow  Grove.  Last   Thursday’s  Book  Fair  was  a  well-­‐attended  lovely  event  ~  I  hope  you  were   there  to  enjoy  it!    Winter  and  spring  book  fairs  raise  money  that  go  into   purchasing  books  for  the  TQS  library  and  classroom  literature.   All  of  our  Families  deserve  a  big  thank  you  for  all  you  do  to  keep  our   school  the  positive  and  busy  place  it  is.    

Giving  Tuesday,  December  3,  is  an  online  fundraising  campaign  that  is  directed   to  non-­‐profit  organizations.  It  is  designed  to  encourage  people  during  this   season  of  giving,  to  give  to  the  non-­‐profits  that  are  dear  to  their  hearts.  Spread   the  word  through  your  own  email  and  Facebook  –  encourage  your  friends  and   family  to  help  you  thank  your  school!  We  hope  that  you  will  visit  the  Giving   Tuesday  website  and  make  a  donation  of  any  size  to  The  Quaker  School  at   Horsham.  As  always,  we  thank  you  for  all  the  many  ways  you  help  our   school  to  thrive  and  grow.         Wishing  you  all  the  best  possible  winter  season,  with  happy  holidays  all  around.   Don’t  forget:    

~~ Our  Winter  Holiday  Assembly  is  December  20  ~~    

                                                           See  you  there!!   Looking  forward,   Ruth   Ruth  Joray   Head  of  School   250  Meetinghouse  Road,  Horsham,  PA  19044   phone:  215-­‐674-­‐2875      fax:  215-­‐674-­‐9913   web:  

Head of School Letter_Fall 2013  
Head of School Letter_Fall 2013