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APPLYING TO CUNY (City University of New York) MGI/GEAR UP @ Hunter s Guide for11th Graders


are affordable ($4600 a year)

—  CUNYs

allow you to commute from home and save on dormitory costs —  CUNYs are located across the 5 boroughs —  CUNY offers a wide variety of majors

CUNY s 4 Year Programs —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  — 

Baruch College in Manhattan (1, 6, F, W R trains to 23rd) Brooklyn College (Q, 2, or 5 trains) City College of New York (1 train to 137th) College of Staten Island (R, 1, 4, 5 to ferry) Hunter College in Manhattan (6 train to 68th and Lex) John Jay College of Criminal Justice (A, B, C, D, 1 to Col. Circ.) Lehman College in Bronx (IRT No. 4 / IND "D" to Bedford Pk) Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn (2, 5 to President Street) New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn (Jay Street) Queens College (7 train to Main Street, Flushing) York College (E, F, J to Jamaica Station)

If you complete a four year program, you will attain a bachelor s degree. We recommend that you complete a four year program if you don t have a specific career goal in mind.

23 CUNYs – Narrowing it Down Do I have a specific career goal or major? Do I want to attend school close to home or my job? Do I want a 2-year or 4-year degree? Do I want a high degree of academic challenge? MAKE AN APPOINTMENT IN ROOM 117 D!! YOUR MGI/GEAR UP COUNSELOR CAN HELP YOU WITH THESE QUESTIONS!!!

Application Fee = $65 For $65, you can apply to six CUNYs. Many guidance counselors suggest this approach: 1 – Reach School 2 – Reach School 3 – Good Fit School 4 – Good Fit School 5 – Safety School (often a 2-year) 6 – Safety School (often a 2-year)

Example Student: East Side George GPA: 86%; Favorite CUNY = Baruch; SAT: Critical Reading 430; math 420 Career Interest: Business Wants to attend school in Manhattan

1 – Reach School – Baruch SEEK Program 2 – Reach School – Hunter SEEK Program 3 – Good Fit School – Medgar Evers 4 – Good Fit School – City Tech 5 – Safety School (often a 2-year) - BMCC 6 – Safety School (often a 2-year) - Laguardia

How Does George Evaluate Where He Stands with His Favorite CUNY, Baruch College? CUNY is a by-the-numbers institution. You can predict whether or not you will be admitted by looking at your GPA and test scores. That s what George did. The rule of thumb: are you within 5 points of the average GPA and within 100 points of the average SAT score? If so, that particular CUNY may accept you as a student. Average Baruch GPA: 88.3% George s Average: 86% Difference: -2.3% (Not so bad‌ within the 5 point range) Average Baruch SAT (Critical Reading + Math): 1237 George s SAT (Critical Reading + Math): 870 Difference: -367 points (Not close enough!) Unfortunately, George will not be granted admission to Baruch. But, he can apply for one of the approximately 100 seats in Baruch s SEEK program for students who display academic potential. He may not get in because this program is so popular, but it s worth a try.

CUNY Locations If you need to stay close to home, look for the campus closest to you with your favorite majors.

Your Major,Your Guide Many students select their top CUNYs by thinking carefully about potential majors and possible career options. If you want to study business, for example, Baruch has a very wellregarded program. If you re interested in criminal justice, you should look at John Jay. If you are interested in psychology or English, or math, you can go to many CUNYs and get a great education.

How to Research CUNYs When You Know Your Potential Major or Career Path Use  the  CUNY   Choices   Viewbook  to   explore  your   op.ons!!   Find it HERE! The academic grid, which helps you see which schools have your major, can be found here!

The 49 page CUNY viewbook is a great way to look at highlights of different CUNYs. admissions/undergraduate/ downloads/ com11_ViewBook.pdf For example, Brooklyn College is an academically challenging campus with an emphasis on supporting students who are underrepresented in the sciences. More than 80% of Brooklyn College graduates attend grad school.

CUNY MATH Now that you ve found your favorite CUNY also need to be realistic!! Will you be able to gain entrance? Use the chart on the following page to compare your GPA and SAT with your favorite CUNYs. If you are within 5 points of the average GPA and 100 points of the average SAT, you have a good chance of being accepted at this school. If not, consider applying to your favorite via the SEEK program and pick a 2-year school as a safety choice.

Applying to CUNY —  You

need your household tax forms and W2 forms from the previous year. —  You need to know your GPA and SAT score —  You need to choose your top six schools —  You need to have $65 – if someone in your family can pay by credit card, that s best! —  Download the freshman worksheet to practice: undergraduate/downloads/ FreshmanWorksheet-2010v4web.pdf

First step is to create a CUNY password & login. Do not lose this! Email it to yourself and write it down as well!!

Helpful hint: You need to have your parent or guardian W2s and tax forms from the previous year to complete part 5 of section 2.

Applying to CUNY  

Applying to CUNY Presentation for MGI advisors

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