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2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of HIV/AIDS. We have the potential to finally turn the tide on AIDS and to get to a point, by 2015, where the beginning of the end of AIDS is in sight. Now more than ever, we must recommit ourselves to the fight against HIV and to achieving specific, measurable goals. By 2015, we want to see a world in which: 1. No child is born with HIV 2. 15 million people are accessing AIDS treatment 3. The rate of new HIV infections is drastically reduced Beginning on December 1st, World AIDS Day, ONE and (RED) invite you to join the fight for an AIDS Free Generation by 2015. Together, we can let the world know that the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV is within our grasp and we can help start the beginning of the end of AIDS. Here are a few ways you can help‌

(2015)QUILT – The Digital AIDS Quilt You can be part of a historic online advocacy movement. The (2015)QUILT is a groundbreaking piece of digital artwork from people all over the world who are fighting for the first AIDS free generation in 30 years. Add your panel and help ONE and (RED) spread the word about our virtual AIDS quilt by lifting up your voice to friends, family and colleagues on social media. These panels are a declaration of our commitment to the end of AIDS – so the more people we get involved, the stronger our support will be. Here’s how you can make sure that your messages are liked, RTd and shared online:

What to say: On Twitter Our official hashtag for our digital (2015)QUILT is #endofAIDS. r I’m supporting an AIDS Free Generation by 2015 w my panel on (2015)QUILT. @ONECampaign @ JoinRED #endofAIDS www.2015QUILT.COM r I just created my panel on @ONECampaign & @JoinRED’s (2015)QUILT. Make yours now: www.2015QUILT.COM. #endofAIDS r Create a panel on @ONECampaign & @JoinRED’s (2015)QUILT & show your support for an AIDS Free Generation. www.2015QUILT.COM r For #WorldAIDSDay, I’m making a pledge to support an AIDS Free Generation by 2015 w/ @ ONECampaign & @JoinRED #endofAIDS

On Facebook Make “ONE” and “(RED)” live by tagging it with the @ symbol. r I just created a patch for ONE and (RED)’s digital (2015)QUILT. Make one now and show your support for an AIDS Free Generation by 2015. www.2015QUILT.COM r Create a panel on ONE & (RED)’s virtual AIDS quilt and make your voice heard. The beginning of the #endofAIDS starts with you. [LINK to their panel on the quilt] r Join millions of (RED) and ONE supporters by adding your panel to the (2015)QUILT. Once you add your pledge, you’ll receive one of @THE KILLERS’ (RED) Christmas songs for free. www.2015QUILT.COM


Ideas of what to do with your panel: r If you have a blog, blog about it! r Use it as a social media avatar. The options are endless: Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare etc. r Share your panel on online pinboards like Pinterest, online photo sharing albums like Instagram or microblogging platforms like Tumblr – your followers might be interested in making a panel of their own! r Make it your Facebook timeline cover. r Make it your background on your laptop, mobile phone or iPad. r Print it out and hang it on your cubicle or dorm room door. r Get crafty. Print it and use it in a collage.

How else can I share it? r Ask a friend with a big Twitter following to tweet about the AIDS quilt. r Ask a friend with a big number of Facebook friends to share it on their wall. r Post it on the wall of a Facebook page. It could be the page of your favorite band, movie, celebrity, or the page of your alma mater – either way, it might grab someone’s attention. r Email it to friends, family and colleagues. r Have an AIDS-quilt making party with friends, students and coworkers. r Share (RED)’s video

How to keep the conversation on AIDS going Once you’ve made your quilt and asked your network to share it, you might want to educate your friends, family and colleagues on social media about HIV/AIDS. Here are a few things you can share. Remember to use the #endofAIDS hashtag on Twitter! r r r r r r r

1,000 babies are born with HIV every day 30 million people have died from AIDS worldwide For every 2 people newly infected, only 1 gets treatment An HIV+ person on treatment is 96% less likely to pass HIV on to others 15 million HIV+ people are in need of treatment, of which 6.6 million are currently on treatment There are 22 countries in sub-Saharan Africa that have reduced new HIV infections by more than 25% “The goal of an AIDS Free Generation is ambitious. But it is possible, with the knowledge and interventions we have right AIDS free generation would be one of the greatest gifts we could give to our collective future.” – Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Department of State

Do More Share Our Posters and Banners: Take your advocacy efforts to the next level and print our campaign posters to display on your computer desktop, on your social networks, or print them out and display them on bulletin boards in town, church, school, or work. Put our ad banners on your blog and social network pages. Help us spread the word… the AIDS Free Generation starts with you! URL:

Join (RED) (RED) harnesses the power of companies and people to help fight AIDS. When you choose to buy (RED) a portion of the profits goes to HIV/AIDS programs. To date, over $180 million has been generated for the Global Fund with 100% of the money going to work on the ground. Over 7.5 million people have been impacted through Global Fund programs that (RED) supports. To learn more:

Download Progress. Proof. Promise. The Beginning of the End of AIDS Thirty years ago, the first cases of a new virus, HIV, and the disease it caused, AIDS, were discovered. The disease quickly reached pandemic proportions, sweeping across Africa and other parts of the world. For many years, to be diagnosed with HIV was an almost-certain death sentence. Today, thanks to the political will of leaders from around the world—including in Africa—6.6 million people are the proof that life-saving programs like PEPFAR and the Global Fund really work. Read our inspiring stories of hope and determination and learn how we could see the beginning of the end of AIDS by 2015. URL:

ONE & (RED) World AIDS Day Social Media Toolkit  

You can be part of a historic online advocacy movement. The (2015)QUILT is a groundbreaking piece of digital artwork from people all over th...