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FALL 2022

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Home Grown Talent by JIM DEWLING, MGCA President One of the greatest things a leader can do is listen. With recognition and respect right behind. Employees generally will tell you what their needs are, whether it’s verbal or nonverbal. Is that easier said than done? Of course it is. With a shortage of labor, a manager is filling in those gaps, and as they say, “the struggle is real”. It seems all areas of the operation are being hit, with front line service personnel being the hardest to find and keep filled. Let’s not forget the back of the house. Throughout my career in the industry these entry level positions have always been the hardest to fill. Add in generation style communication differences, no matter the decade. It seems that since 2020 these issues have intensified for our industry with issues out of our control. Housing, child care costs, competitive pay, and others. What is in our control? Making an employee feel recognized is such a simple and effective way to have a person feel heard.

Having weekly team meetings to listen to what they are experiencing with customers and their daily interactions. They are the ones that are interacting with the customers every day, and keeping their morale high and service level high is our jobs as leaders. If we recognize and listen to our employees, they

Michigan Golf Business ANNUAL CONFERENCE & VENDOR FAIR Nov. 28 - 30, 2022 Soaring Eagle Resort Mt. Pleasant, MI

will do the same with our customers. Creating “Home Grown” talent and addressing our agronomy labor shortage in our state, is what MGCA has been

Tee Off Times is published 4 times a year by the Michigan Golf Course Association. Opinions expressed by guest writers do not necessarily reflect the views of the MGCA. For information on Tee Off Times please contact us at info@MichiganGCA.org

working on in 2022. Registered Apprenticeship “Golf Course Maintenance Technician” was official as of June 2. The apprenticeship was designed with collaborative input from Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, MI Golf Course Superintendents Association, and Michigan Turfgrass Foundation. Wow! Receive a national industry recognized credential and exposing our wonderful industry to a labor pool that may have never considered it before is a no brainer. Having the MGCA work alongside the other allied golf associations to be proactive and preserve our best interests is outstanding. Come to the MI Golf Business Conference and Vendor Fair November 28-30 at the Soaring Eagle Resort to learn more about the Registered Apprenticeship “Golf Course Maintenance Technician” and many, many other critical issues that are affecting the golf business.

SOARING EAGLE ROOM INFORMATION Soaring Eagle Resort & Casino Official hotel of the 2022 MI Golf Business Conference & Vendor Fair. Reserve your room for the conference now at www.soaringeaglecasino.com or call 877-232-4532. Use MGCA group code MGCOA112822 for special conference room rate.

Board of Directors President

Vice President


Past President

Kathy Aznavorian Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center

Bernie Friedrich Boyne Golf

Bay Paul Course Logix

Susan Vanderburg Indian Lake Hills

Corey Crowell Indian River Golf Course

Jeff Hoag Scott Lake Country Club

Tom Schwark Sycamore Hills

Chris White Fenton Farms

Bill Fountain Majestic at Lake Walden

Toni Joers Concord Hills

Chris Sobieck The Mines Golf Course

Jim Dewling Total Golf Inc.

Jim Szilagyi Lynx Golf Course

Bill Mory Meridian Sun Golf Course


Gilda Johnson Lake Forest Golf Club


FALL 2022

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FALL 2022


Cultivate Your Plan by JADA PAISLEY, Exexutive Director Used in a business setting, the defini- critical agronomy workforce needs. With this new apprention of cultivate is generally thought of ticeship, MGCA has formed and will continue to foster as business development or customer relationships with the U.S. Department of Labor, MI Dedevelopment. Although that is still the partment of LEO (Labor and Economic Opportunity) and case for the golf business, there are so Michigan Works! At the conference there will be a session many other areas of golf business this on this apprenticeship and others offered through the MI year that have expanded the definition. Restaurant and Lodging Association. The shrinking labor pool and economic conditions are The education sessions at the MI Golf common themes that I have consisBusiness Conference and Vendor Fair tently heard from members this year. are focused on the expansion of the defCultivate Golf course owners and operators are inition. Cultivate your network, policies, 1: to prepare or prepare and use always looking to network to learn procedures, marketing and customers. for the raising of crops from each other and learn best practicCultivate your “voice”, succession plan, es to be more streamlined and efficient. workforce development, technology, 2: to foster the growth of and new partnerships. Cultivate your The MGCA Educational Support 3: further, encourage continuing knowledge of the golf busiFoundation Trustees asked our memness, or the next generation around you. bers to share their knowledge at the con4: to seek the society of: 2022 has moved quickly and the ference in a recent survey. As a result on make friends with MGCA is excited to be proactive for the conference agenda will be new and the golf industry and now offers a Registered Apprentice- seasoned MGCA members that want to actively engage in ship “Golf Course Maintenance Technician” Development leading panel conversations. In addition, we are pleased to from within, or “Home Grown” as Jim Dewling likes to say. bring to you in person, Kraig Kann, from Kann Advisory Continued on page 18 Moves the Michigan golf industry forward addressing the



FALL 2022


FALL 2022


MGCA Registered Apprenticeship Program The Michigan Golf Course Association, in coordination cian Apprenticeship.” with the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Op“There has arguably never been a better time to get into portunity and U.S. Department of Labor, announced the the golf course management profession. There are opportucreation of a new apprenticeship program: Golf Course nities at every level and this apprenticeship is just another Maintenance Technician, on June 2, at the Lynx Golf example of that. We’re happy to work with the MGCA, Course in Otsego, MI. MiGCSA and MTF to provide this Through this Registered Apprennew resource for our members and ticeship program, interested candiprovide an additional avenue for indates can further their agronomy eddividuals to get involved in the inucation, work alongside field experts dustry,” said Shelia Finney, Senior to gain on the job learning, and gain a Director, Member Programs at GCnational occupation credential. SAA. “There are nearly 800 golf courses “The need for qualified people in Michigan. MGCA knows how in the golf industry is critical. The important golf is to Michiganders turf programs around the country Signing the Apprenticeship documents are: (left to right) and tourists. To keep our courses in Jada Paisley, Executive Director, Michigan Golf Course are trying to keep up, but it is clear top-notch condition, we must get Association; Russ Davis, Michigan State Director, US De- there is a more immediate need to more people involved in the art and partment of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship; Jim Szilagyi, help facilities equip their employees General Manager and Owner of the Lynx Golf Course science of agronomy to consider job on staff with the information they opportunities at golf courses. This registered apprentice- need to grow into a more managerial position,” added Adam ship program opens the door to help golf courses increase Ikamas, Executive Director of Michigan Golf Course Sutheir workforce and offer advanced career opportunities,” perintendents Association. “This program will help fill that said Jada Paisley, Executive Director, Michigan Golf Course need for so many courses around the state that simply have Association. no other options right now. Hopefully, this can provide an Interested candidates will receive access to online content avenue for loyal and dedicated staff members or new hires supported by Golf Course Superintendents Association of with some agronomy background to further their educaAmerican (GCSAA). MGCA received collaborative input tion and possibly pursue a career in the golf industry.” from GCSAA, MiGCSA, and Michigan Turfgrass FounTo learn more about the Golf Course Maintenance Techdation in designing the “Golf Course Maintenance Techni- nician apprenticeship visit www.michigangca.org

Michigan’s State Apprenticeship Expansion efforts are administered by the Office of Employment & Training within the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO). “When people think of Registered Apprenticeship, they typically think of careers in fields such as construction or manufacturing – but this isn’t your father’s Registered Apprenticeship,” said Stephanie Beckhorn, Director of LEO’s Office of Employment and Training. “Registered Apprenticeship is now commonly used to train workers in a variety of industries including energy, healthcare, information technology, mobility and now hospitality and tourism! We congratulate the Michigan Golf Course Association for taking a non-traditional, but proven, approach – Registered Apprenticeship – that will bring many related benefits to its members.” Turn the page to find out more... 7


FALL 2022

PHASE 1 Consultation Phase In this phase find out more about the apprenticeship designed with collaborative input from GCSAA, MiGCSAA, and MTF.

1 2 3 4

Through the MGCA Registered Apprenticeship program, interested candidates can further their agronomy education, work alongside field experts to gain on the job learning, and gain a national industry recognized credential.


FALL 2022


Contact MGCA

If you’re interested in learning more, contact 800-860-8575 to set up an implementation consultation.

Consultation Call

MGCA will walk through each detail of the program and answer any questions you may have.

Review the Occupation Competencies and Standards

Take the time to review all of the program documents provided following the initial consultation to determine if apprenticeship is right for your golf course.

One-on-One Support

MGCA will provide technical assistance and manage administrative burdens throughout the entire process, while walking you through step by step to make adoption as simple as possible.

Make it Official

Sign the Employer Agreements to become part of the program.

MGCA Will Connect you



MGCA will connect you with a Talent Development Liaison from the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity. After learning about your needs as an employer you will be connected to your local Michigan Works! Agency to assist with recruiting and potential funding.

PHASE 2 Registering Apprentices Once you have signed on the dotted line, you can begin enrolling apprentices. The next steps consist of recruitment and enrollment, on-the-job training, and progressive wage increases. Those activities can happen simultaneously.


Enroll Apprentices


Completing Registration


Related Instruction

4 5 6


Review the Apprenticeship Agreement.

After selecting apprentices, complete and submit apprentice registration worksheet.

Related instruction supports on-the-job learning and is available through GCSAA online and MSU extension.

Check Off Competencies

Your apprentices will follow the Maintenance Technician competencybased program. Mentor(s) have discretion to determine when the competencies have been mastered.

Report Skills Gained and Wage Increases

Apprentices will earn a progressively increasing wage (at least two wage increases) as they gain competencies and experience during their apprenticeship, in accordance with your HR policies.

Keep MGCA in the loop


FALL 2022


Completion and Attainment of Professional Credentials At the end of the apprenticeship program, the apprentice will receive a nationally recognized certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor.

For employers, Registered Apprenticeship is a proven talent pipeline solution:

Immediately fills job openings with motivated workers Starts a rapid transfer of knowledge from current to future high-value workers Provides flexible, customized training to ensure workers develop the right skills Reduces turnover – 94% of apprentices stay with the employer after graduation Improves access to state and federal resources for talent development Fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace Improves your bottom line!

Ready to learn more?


FALL 2022





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FALL 2022

Legislative Update by ALEXA KRAMER, Director of Government Operations, SBAM With these investments, Michigan is positioning our future and current workforce for success. Additionally, some recent developments within the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has included strategic work to focus on small business growth within the state. MEDC has hired and promoted 3 positions with the sole purpose of focusing on small businesses. We look forward to working closely with these individuals and the entire MEDC staff to continue to make Michigan the premiere place to own and operate a small business. One item that we will continue to monitor is the recent court case regarding paid sick leave and minimum wage increases. Last month, a Court of Claims decision has threatened to strike down legislative changes enacted in 2018. The Court has also put a stay on this decision, meaning current law still stands. The stay is for 205 days, or through February 19, 2023. In the meantime, SBAM will be remain deeply involved in this effort to keep the current law on the books as is. We expect more to come to light over the next several months. As always, your dedication, involvement, and voice in advocacy is critical. We still have more work to do on behalf of Michigan’s small businesses.

Small businesses everywhere rely on SBAM to the be their trusted advocacy voice. In these last few months, with items like inflation, supply chain disruptions, and workforce shortages, we know how important it is to create policy and systems that support our small businesses. SBAM was pleased to see several small business items included in the state budget for Fiscal Year 2023, some of those including: • $6B for roads and infrastructure • $2.65B to reduce public debt • $180M for the state’s rainy-day fund • $2.5M for the Michigan Tri-share program that makes child care more accessible and affordable • Increases for our per pupil foundation allowance, bringing the total to $9,150/student • 55M for the Michigan Reconnect Program, a last dollar tuition scholarship allowing displaced workers to earn a degree or certificate at a local community college • 9.2M for a Center for Adult Success, to bolster completion rates at our community colleges and universities • 55M for the Going Pro Talent Fund

MGCA Members are also SBAM and NGCOA Members. Renew or join at www.michigangca.org

Guidelines for 17-Year-Olds Serving Alcohol 3. They must be under the direct supervision of someone 18 or older. 4. They must successfully complete an alcohol server training course by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. Michigan Golf Course Association has relationships with Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association (Serv Safe Alcohol Training) and Michigan Licensed Beverage Association (Techniques of Alcohol Management), both of which are on the approved alcohol server training list provided by MLCC. For more information please visit https://www.michigan.gov/ lara/bureau-list/lcc.

House Bill 4232 was signed by Governor Whitmer in June 2022 and went into immediate effect. The change helps small businesses fill labor shortages in restaurants by expanding the eligible workforce to allow 17-year-old waitstaff to sell and serve alcohol at restaurants and other businesses. The individual must have completed a server training program as required by the Liquor Control Commission. Here is what you need to know: 1. The employer must follow all applicable laws in the Youth Employment Standards Act. 2. They cannot work at an establishment where alcohol constitutes 50% or more of the business’ total sales. TEE-OFF TIMES

FALL 2022


NGCOA Legislative Update by RONNIE MILLS, Senior Director of Advocacy, NCGOA With the 2022 election nearing, the House has all 435 seats up for election, while the Senate will have 34 seats decided this election cycle. Couple that with 36 gubernatorial seats and more than 7000 state and local seats up for election this year, we could see a major shift in the political landscape. These factors will create great urgency for legislators to pass legislation shaping future policy and the direction of our communities and country. While much of the legislation NGCOA and the golf industry have been engaged in may not see a vote before the end of this term, there are a few we continue to advocate for and against that may be incorporated in larger legislative packages. Here are a few federal bills that we continue to monitor;

the definition of independent contractor. This follows the model passed under CA AB-5 with no exceptions. US - HR6670 SCHEDULES THAT WORK ACT - Bill would require employers to provide employees a work schedule 14 days out. Any changes in the schedule would have to be agreed upon by the employee. On-call and scheduled time not worked due to employer decision would require the employer to pay ½ the employee standard rate of pay. At the state level, we see a similar rush to pass legislation. We were happy to see the Michigan state courts prevented implementing a bill that would have dramatically increased labor costs for most of our golf course owners and operators. However, we are still watching HB6153 (MI) - Labor: hours and wages; certain employers; require to double hourly wages. This bill would require paid holidays for employees scheduled to work on desigUS - HR3897 H2B RETURNING WORKER EXCEPTION nated federal holidays. ACT OF 2021 - This bill would exempt up to 66K returning NGCOA will continue our work of advocating on your H-2B workers from the annual visa cap, doubling the total behalf. Check out our legislative tracking map to see all number of visas available. legislation we are monitoring. Email me at rmiles@ngUS - HR5143 PROTECTING INDEPENDENT CONTRAC- coa.org with your questions or comments. Have a great TORS FROM DISCRIMINATION ACT OF 2021 - Bill revises summer!!

Creativity=Grants from the Educational Support Foundation Starting back in 2005 with a grant from the Dul Family, the Player Development Leadership Award has for the past 15 years provided over $20,000 in grants to golf course owners and operators who developed proven steps to cultivate new golfers and new rounds. These on-going programs overcome the non-golfer’s perceived barriers to playing golf and/or encourage golfers to play more. The award(s) are presented to MGCA members that demonstrate creativity

and success in growing the game. Each year the Scott Family Educational Support Foundation reviews dozens of applications for these grants. If you would like to be considered, visit the MGCA website for details. Watch for the entry deadline and check it out at michigangca.org. To be considered, an MGCA member’s program must include actual playing opportunities, not just golf lessons. The following criteria will also be considered when reviewing and judging the entries: • BACKGROUND How did you develop the program and how long has it been in existence? • GOALS What is the goal of your program? Who is your target customer? • INNOVATION What is innovative about your development program? • IMPACT How do you measure its impact or success?



FALL 2022

Are You a Potential Disruptor? by STEWART HEALEY, President, Handicomp Market growth through disruption rarely comes from within, especially in a market as tradition bound as golf! If I were to ask you to name a disruptor in golf (Topgolf aside), could you do it? First, you might ask, “What is a disruptor?” Well, for the purpose of this article we’ll use the following Oxford dictionary definition – a company or form of technology that causes radical change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation. Now can you name one? If you need more help, google “top disruptors” and see if that shakes something loose. A strong argument could be made for LIV Golf, but it exists within the narrow vertical of championship golf and should have little effect on rounds or how the game is played. Is there another? Powered carts? Computerized handicapping and tournament management? Metal woods? Internet tee times or dynamic pricing? Mobile scoring and golf apps? GPS? … Or are the listed innovations little more than a product of natural evolution, borrowing on the cre-


FALL 2022

ativity of other industries? All good questions. I’ve always been fascinated by course owners and their business models, maybe because I computerized so many golf shop operations back in the 1980’s and 90’s. In my view owners have significant control over access to the game (golf ’s greatest asset) and to some degree how it is played. An argument could be made that owners have always been in the best position to effect original thought and become disruptors. As an owner, let’s say you have an idea in mind and want to be a disruptor. Maybe your idea will solve problems related to slow play or something of the like. Will it be easy? Probably not! You may have to consider how you’ll be treated if you invest those thoughts. Will traditionalists and those in power tolerate your innovation? Those within LIV are learning, at least as of this writing, the answer is No! Real disruption isn’t for the weak, it is a heavy lift! Fortunately, real disruptors never say it can’t be done. They put aside fear, uncertainty and doubt and move forward with determination. So, to the original question, are you a potential disruptor?




FALL 2022

MGCA and MRLA host Career Exploration Event by AMANDA SMITH, Executive V.P. Education, Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association Partnership, working together, and many hands make light work are so overused we often forget they ARE what makes the dream a reality. The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association (MRLA) and the Michigan Golf Course Association (MGCA) have been working together for many years (at least one name change for both of us). Together we have new food law requirements covered, additional responsible alcohol servers trained, and worked together to make compliance happen. It was only logical that once again we work side by side to address the crisis level of Michigan’s hospitality industry employees. The MRLA Educational Foundation and MGCA are hosting a career event on November 30 as part of the MGCA annual conference. Our goals: • Show food and beverage students all the opportunities within the Michigan Golf Industry. This will include hearing from a ProStart Alumni, Jacob Austin, currently the executive chef at the Saginaw Country Club. • Educate students in college programs, about opportunities within the Michigan Golf industry, including pro shop management, special event coordinators, and event sales. • Inform educators about the registered “Golf Course Maintenance Technician” Agronomy Apprenticeship and the various Line Cook, Kitchen Manager, Hotel Manager, and Restaurant Manager Apprenticeship programs.

experience can help them attain the Certificate of Achievement; this requires 400 work hours to pass the level 1 and 2 exams. This makes the current ProStart students excellent part-time employees. ProStart Alumni are outstanding employees with practical experience and training. ProStart alums who earn a Certificate of Achievement have access to college credit and have completed 25% of the restaurant manager apprenticeship standards. COLLEGE PROGRAMS

Michigan is home to several fantastic college programs. We invite college students to attend the workshop and explore the robust opportunities offered. Students don’t know what they don’t know. For example a student knows they want to be an event planner. Does that student realize they can be an event planner for a golf course? Helping hundreds of non-profits plan their golf outings? Do they know how many meetings you host in your clubhouse that all need an F&B order? What about the member special events? This event will allow face-to-face interaction where we can showcase multiple careers. Watch your email. There will be requests to be part of the career exploration event, where you will be asked to sit at a roundtable with students and share what a day in the life of your job title looks like. APPRENTICESHIPS

The Line Cook, Kitchen Manager, Hotel Manager, and Restaurant manager apprenticeships are part of a National Department of Labor Hospitality Sector apprenticeship program to address the core foundational staff needed to run kitchens and manage hospitality sites. Apprenticeship programs reduce turnover costs, increase productivity and create a more skilled, diverse, and competitive workforce. The “earn while you learn” model of apprenticeship combines related instruction and paid on-the-job training, providing an affordable alternative to the massive debt of college tuition. During our career event, we will look at the hospitality sector apprenticeship programs, how long they take to complete, how many supervisors are needed for each apprentice, and the reporting requirements. Developing our talent can sound like an overwhelming task, but studies show that Gen Z wants to work for employers with a clear path forward. They want companies that will invest in them, help


The MRLA Educational Foundation administers the ProStart program across the state at 65 high school career centers and 12 correctional facilities. The students are taught the Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts and ServSafe. The class does precisely what the text title suggests. It builds foundational skills in aspiring food and beverage professionals. Culinary skills include knife cuts, cooking techniques, stocks & sauces, and plating. Management principles include costing, food rotation, menu development, marketing, front-of-the-house leadership, and food safety. ProStart students are great hires at all levels. Students that are studying food and beverage are interested in the profession. For students still enrolled in the program, their work TEE-OFF TIMES

FALL 2022

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swing into refreshment


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FALL 2022

Property Tax Appeals by FRED GORDON, Esquire, Law Offices Of Fred Gordon, P.C. the basis for TCV. From the market data, the net operating income (NOI) is determined to which a capitalization rate, a function principally of prevailing interest rates, is applied. From the resulting value, the contribution of personal and intangible property, principally based on the personal property assessment is deducted to calculate the TCV. Taxable value (TV) is 50% of TCV. By law, TV is increased annually by the CPI to a maximum of 5%. Therefore, the reduced TV is permanent, subject to increase by the CPI regardless of subsequent increases in the TCV. Reduction of the TCV resulting in a lower TV can be appealed. Prudent financial management dictates engaging an experienced Property Tax Consultant to file a 2023 appeal. A list of consultants is available from the MGCA. Appeals are filed during February 2023 through May 31. Preparation of an appeal during 2022 will expedite settlement of a 2023 appeal, possibly to reduce the July 2023 tax bill.

Present inflation and interest rates dictate filing a 2023 property tax appeal with the Michigan Tax Tribunal (MTT). The Property Tax Law provides the true cash value (TCV) of a golf course is determined by the income generated by the real estate, green fees, cart rentals (golf course) and food, beverage, banquets (clubhouse) based on market data. Income from membership fees, special events and other sources are not generated by the golf course, clubhouse. The going concern, appraisal value is not the TCV. Engaging an experienced property tax consultant is required who will arrange for an Appraiser who is knowledgeable as to the Property Tax Law. The appraisal is based on the Appraisal of Real Estate 14th Edition and decided MTT Decisions which require comprehensive analysis of market data derived from competitive golf courses. Historical income is not

Career Exploration Event Continued from page 16

them develop new skills, grow in knowledge and salary. How great would it be to have a team member work with you for a year, or two years, and increase the longevity of your team members? Apprenticeships take a commitment on the employer’s part, but they also require commitment from the employee to work and grow with you and your organization. The MRLA Educational Foundation has several other

workforce development programs that support careers in the hospitality industry. You can find out more about the programs online at www.mrlaef.org. We will have a table at the Business Conference and look forward to co-hosting the Career Exploration event on November 30. If you have questions before then, please reach out to me at asmith@ mrla.org or 517-377-3927.

Cultivate Your Plan

Contact us

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Group. If you attended our 2020 Virtual Conference, you know how impactful and relevant his presentations are. Kraig will be delivering new presentations to our MI Golf Business Conference attendees on Tuesday morning and afternoon. Please reach out if I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with you yet. MGCA is here for YOU, the members. The MI Golf Business Conference and Vendor Fair exists for YOU, the member. As you finish up the last few months of the season, start planning (or cultivating) your agenda for the conference. Either for yourself, or your team. Use your time at the conference to start preparing for the 2023 season. Watch for registration information coming soon. TEE-OFF TIMES

FALL 2022

Michigan Golf Course Association

Jada Paisley - jpaisley@MichiganGCA.org Milt Senter - msenter@MichiganGCA.org Mary Brodin - mbrodin@MichiganGCA.org General Mailbox - info@michigangca.org Phone - 517-482-4312 Toll Free - 800-860-8575 Fax - 517-267-8984 18

Michigan Golf Business ANNUAL CONFERENCE & VENDOR FAIR Nov. 28 - 30, 2022 Soaring Eagle Resort Mt. Pleasant, MI

Register for the full conference before 10/14 and the Preconference Education will be complimentary! Visit the conference website at MichiganGCA.org for how to register, make your hotel reservations, and for the best value to bring your entire team!

Sneak Peek MONDAY

Pre Conference Education starts at 2pm. Point of Sales Systems are just one tool that help develop processes, policies and procedures at your course. Process, Policies and POS Sessions 1 and 2 will be a deep dive into procedures and policies that help streamline efficiencies at your golf course. Networking time with fellow operators will be built into the sessions to learn from others how they utilize systems at their own courses. Griffin

Additional topics this afternoons will involve panel led discussions on Opportunities and Trends in customer service with Millenials and GenX, facilitated by Ken Griffin-Boyne Golf and Workplace Culture: Then and Now. Opening Night Reception marks the official start of the conference from 6:00pm-8:00pm



Kraig Kann is our opening and afternoon keynote “One Organization, One Voice: Can you get our attention?” Get ready for a fast paced, interactive and inspiring keynote presentation that dives deep into the key component to real leadership presence - the importance of communication, and why you need to own it. Kraig is a former lead anchor and studio host for NBC Sports’ Golf Channel and then progressed to Chief Communications Office for the LPGA before becoming an entrepreneur. Your choice of breakouts for the day will include choices for your entire team. Government Affairs and Golf will Alexa Kramer, Director of Government Affairs, Small Business Association of Michigan and her update on the recent election and things to be mindful of moving forward. Hear from a team of experts on “ENDtrepreneur: A succession plan with a strategy,” or “Food and Beverage: Realities of 2022” where your peers discuss how the supply chain, inflation, and technology have helped and hindered their golf operations this past season.


Celebrate your peers at the Annual Awards Banquet to end your day.


Michigan Golf Course Association and MI Restaurant and Lodging Association team up for a Career Exploration Event. Food and Beverage students, college hospitality/tourism students and educators will be invited. The goal of the morning is to raise awareness of the opportunities within the Michigan golf industry for food and beverage operations, and to inform educators on the different apprenticeship opportunities available. Smith

Registered Apprenticeship “Golf Course Maintenance Technician” session will be for you and your agronomy team to learn more about this opportunity for your course and how to start. 19


FALL 2022

Tee-Off Times


1005 Abbot Road Suite A East Lansing, MI 48823 (517) 482-4312 www.MichiganGCA.org

Address Service Requested

Tee-Off Times is published by the Michigan Golf Course Association, editor – Jada Paisley. MGCA offices are located at 1005 Abbot Road, Suite A, East Lansing, MI 48823. Phone (517) 482-4312, Fax (517) 267-8984. Articles written by outside authors do not necessarily reflect the view or position of the MGCA. MGCA’s position on key issues will be clearly stated. Manuscripts are accepted at the approval of the editor who reserves the right to reject or edit. Appearance in the Tee-Off Times does not constitute endorsement of the advertiser, its products or services, nor does Tee-Off Times make any claims or guarantees as to the accuracy or validity of the advertiser’s offer and reserves the right to reject any advertising deemed unsuitable. Advertising rates and other information available upon request.



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