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Legislative Bulletin by TOM SCHWARK, Owner of Sycamore Hills Golf Course in Macomb

National Golf Day... You Can Make a Difference!

impact on northern Michigan resorts. They have a difficult time filling positions if these workers are not available. Another issue that can have a major negative impact on the golf industry is the Clean Water Rule written by the EPA. The Clean Water Act gave federal jurisdiction over only those waters that were considered navigable. The Clean Water Rule would extend federal jurisdiction to all other waters, such as ponds, ditches, and creeks, which previously had only been under state and local control. The Clean Water Rule has been put on hold, for the time being, but it has not been eliminated. This is important for the golf industry, as well as many other industries. There are many other issues that can have a negative impact on the golf industry such as minimum wage, family leave time, and health care. Size matters in Washington D.C. The more people that go makes a big difference in the perception of the golf industry. Make an effort to send someone from your golf course. You will be able to speak with your elected representatives and develop a relationship with them. It will benefit you and our entire golf industry.

The golf industry is descending on Washington D.C. on April 25 this year to advocate for the game of golf. We Are Golf is hosting National Golf Day for the 11th year. We Are Golf is a coalition of the World Golf Foundation, the PGA, the PGA Tour, the USGA, the NGCOA, the Club Managers Association, the GCSAA, and the Golf Manufacturers Council. Other allied golf associations will be represented including the American Society of Golf Course Architects, the Golf Course Builders Association, and the LPGA.

The purpose of National Golf Day is twofold. The first purpose is two educate our elected representatives about the significance and benefits of the golf industry in the United States. Golf has a $176 billion total economic impact in the U.S., and it provides nearly 2 million jobs. Golf is also very beneficial for the environment. Golf provides 2 million acres of green space in the U.S. Golf reduces water pollution as the turf acts as a filter as rain water soaks into the ground. Turf contains micro organisms that feed off pollutants and purify the water. Golf reduces air pollution as the grass and trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Golf reduces soil erosion as the turf absorbs water and reduces runoff into lakes, streams, and rivers. Another benefit of the golf industry You are invited and is the exercise and fresh air that golf encouraged to attend provides for its players. Many people, Michigan’s “Golf on including children, are not getting nearly the Lawn” annual enough exercise, and golf is a fun way to get outside and be active. legislative day event. The second purpose of National Please watch your Golf Day is to discuss issues with our email for upcoming elected representatives that can have information and a positive or negative impact on the golf industry. One issue is the H-2B registration. Returning Worker Exemption. This issue does not affect most of our golf courses, but it does have a significant


“Golf on the Lawn” Legislative Day




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