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Week 6 : Midterm Review - 3 Schemes

Review 1: Erin Cunningham -Don’t isolate entry or bottleneck it -Further develop the inner core of the building where the theater is -Think about ways to create space without using solid walls or partitions and how each space blends into the adjacent room/space -There needs to be a very clear logic and legitimate reason for having a second floor and what goes in it. -Think about making the costume shop an exciting place to look into rather than tucking it back into the dark corner of the building. -Suggested making a lighting model to mock up daylight conditions Review 2: Allison Hirzel -What am I trying to showcase? -Think about the purpose of this place and what you are trying to show -Pay attention/think about the spatial layout and push barriers, break boundaries and limits with space -How does this project/building reach out to the community? Building Scheme 3: -Weird location for office… walk straight into building and see a blank wall… think about views from the street and entry. -Consider combining scheme 1 and 3… idea of theater taken and put in scheme 3

-Make second floor full strip rather than squares… too impractical and choppy -Think about levels of permeability, similar to scheme 2 -Look up the contemporary art academy in Boston. 1. Is/Was my work clear? -Diagrams are abstract but were easy to understand and read -Models begin to lose translation and are confusing. They need to be able to represent the spaces but still be somewhat simple -2nd floor drawings are very confusing and not well thought out -Program diagram needs to change -I try to make big moves in my plan with the theater or other spaces but then ruin the moment by putting an office in the way or by making the entry bottleneck into the larger space


The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  
The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  

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