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user scenarios Name : Rebecca Johnson User : High School Senior Female| 17 Q: How did you hear about The Link? A: My teachers are the ones that told me. Ya, they started telling us at school about how this was going to start up soon. A few friends and I thought we could at least come check it out once, and if it was lame.. then we wouldn’t come back. We have been hoping that it would be cool though, because sometimes we just get sick of staying at home and doing nothing but watch TV and check Facebook. Q: What have you liked the most about this program so far? A: A few people I know are into dance, and I have been wanting to try it out but it’s really expensive to join a studio here in town. We’ll spend about an hour learning new choreography in the dance studios, which is really fun. I also really like that they give us time to work on homework and get it out of the way. There is one lady who supervises us and she started helping me plan for college and figure out application processes for each school, she was really nice-Iiked her. Q: How much do you interact with the younger kids? A: We don’t even really see them much. They keep us pretty separated because we have our own spaces to work in. My friends and I were hanging out in the lounge earlier though, and a bunch of middle school kids were running around, so I guess that’s where we see the younger kids the most. Which I’m glad we don’t have to be in the same spaces as them.


Name : David Reynolds User : After School Instructor Male | 24 Q: What do your regular activities look like while at work? A: I have a full time job that is during the day and I just come straight here afterwards. Our office and lounge area have been very useful for me because I need a few minutes to get settled and place my belongings somewhere. For the days I decide to bring food, I’m able to keep it in the fridge over in the kitchenette. I typically prepare my lessons a week early so when I get to work each day I just have to look it over to see what I’m doing. Our days alternate. Today we are meeting the kids in one of the larger studios-I have ages 11 to 14 in mine, working on break-dancing. After that, I will meet with smaller groups of kids in our study rooms to go over homework or tutor those who need it. We try to create a variety of group sizes to meet different social needs of the kids. Our day usually ends with a few of the multipurpose spaces opening up for activities and games for the kids to do until they go home. Q: Are the kids separated by age? A: Ya, my coworkers and I each have an age group that we work with, and during the week we alternate who gets what size space. The only time all the kids will interact with each other is during free time at the end. Q: What has been the most useful space for this facility? A: I would say the multi-purpose rooms have been great for our program. It allows us to hold events for the kids like movie nights, large game activities, etc. Also, when the spaces are not being used for the kids, we have been able to use the spaces for banquets or other gatherings.

The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  
The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  

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