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The elevation that bring in the most

recent years the building has lost it’s

daylight is the North elevation which

quality and desperately needs updating.

faces Broadway street with storefront

The Lord Leebrick Theater Company is

windows. The rest of the elevations

temporarily renting out the central retail

have limited fenestration however there

space for rehearsals but the other retail

is potential for the roof to open up for

tenant spaces are currently vacant.

skylight construction to bring in more daylight as well. The existing condition

The two main reasons I wanted to use

of the building is separated into three

this building is that it is located in the

retail spaces that are determined by

downtown district in proximity to other

the structural grid. The structure has a

community facilities and the structural

column grid which roughly creates 30-

grid is very open and non constrictive

70’ bays and a truss roof structure which

which is important for dance studios. This

allows for a very open floor plan. The

building is clearly outdated and run-down

exterior shell appears to have a concrete/

which provides room for a lot of potential

stucco construction. The interior walls

for design and repurposing the building.

are non load-bearing walls and can be

Hopefully this new proposal will bring

removed for the remodel. The overall roof

in more people to the area, making it a

height changes and reaches it’s highest

more lively part of downtown.

point on the South end. This unusual ceiling condition limits the location and square footage of the second level and will need to be further investigated. The design of the exterior shell is very unusual. Further investigation is needed but from it appears, the concrete stucco finish was later applied to the building in attempt to hide doors from original building design. The exterior facade has signage from a previous tenant (Shaw Med) which just shows the lack of attention paid in recent years. When the building was originally built in the 1960’s it was well used and maintained, however as the tenants changed and in most


The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  
The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  

Comprehensive Studio Project Bachelor of Interior Architecture 2012 University of Oregon