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building creates uniformity between all of

Link is partnering with local groups like

the spaces.

the Umbrella Arts Association and other dance programs. These organizations

[Layer 4.] The roof grid partitions the

will rent out the facility during off-hours,

building into three zones which acts as an

creating more of a community.

organizational agent.






resources that provide safe environments Levels of scale: throughout the building

which are interesting and desirable to

there is a language of breaking down

inhabit. The Link helps close the



gap for those families who are unable to

experiences for each type of person. For

physically be with their teens after school.

each wing, there is a collaboration lounge

The development and integration of The

where users can view adjacent activities

Link as a built environment strives to

and communicate with each other. The

enrich the lives of the youth in Eugene

experimental theater is wrapped with a

through social development, character

thick wall that has niches cut out along

growth and academic achievement. The

the perimeter to provide spaces for more

hope is that through this program, a

intimate and separate activities.

strong and dynamic relationship between

Focus Space. The theater construction is

the youth and the local community would

steel stud framing with typical gyp board

be created.





and plaster. The outside layer is perforated mild steel with a custom pattern that reveals pops of color in the background. Focus Space. Providing flexibility and variety are two key aspects of the smaller spaces. -The music wing is separated from the main corridor with a thick wall that houses cubby space for personal belongings, acts as visual display and storage of instruments and ultimately creates a sound barrier. Connection to the community: The after school program runs during specific times of the day which leaves the building vacant for ma jority of the time. The


The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  
The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  

Comprehensive Studio Project Bachelor of Interior Architecture 2012 University of Oregon