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Link provides auditorium




spaces that facilitate sessions for tutoring

to exhibit to the community seasonal

and nurturing those relationships being

performances that the students learned,

built between the students and the

and also be available for the community to

mentors. There is currently a growing

rent out for other venues, having flexible

relationship between The Link and

design to suit­­­. The design of this facility

University of Oregon students to open the

promotes people to inhabit the spaces for

opportunity for students to volunteer and

longer periods of time, creating a sense

tutor the kids at the after school program.

of “community.” For the parents who pick

By providing this spatial resource, The

up their kids and are waiting can use the

Link is a place of encouragement and lounge and café to watch classes finishing accountability that these kids need to be

up and converse with other parents.

triumphant in their studies.

Since this building contains a very active environment, deliberate circulation will be

The original goal of this recreational

key for quick way finding and transition

facility was to look at how design can

between activities. The Link is a place

choreograph spaces for both the classes

that facilitates a stronger connection

as well as open free time for the users.

between school and home, as well as

Through design the variety of spaces

bridges community and students together.

facilitate both individual growth, and growth in team building. The Link provides

The city of Eugene has been continuously

space and design requirements to reach

working on the revitalization of downtown,

across the age groups and caters to each

making it a desirable place to inhabit by

learning level. The Link has enough space

‘cleaning up the streets.’ By locating The

to serve up to 300 students across the city

Link downtown, the program becomes a

of Eugene. A large team of 30 employees

central “hub” for the youth in Eugene as

work together each day with the youth.

well as promotes a better and cleaner

During the day when school is in session,

downtown area by keeping in an active

the facility is open to the community to

environment. Placing the facility downtown

rent and use the spaces for their personal

is appropriate because it is in proximity


to other resources like the Eugene Public

Spaces and rooms in The Link

Library, the LTD Bus Station, and the Hult

are designed in such a way that encourage

Center. The proposed building is the Old

interaction between community members

Market Building adjacent to the new Lane

and students by linking them together

Community College building and housing

with a common gathering “hub.” The

in the downtown business district. This


The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  

Comprehensive Studio Project Bachelor of Interior Architecture 2012 University of Oregon

The Link Afterschool Program for the Performing Arts  

Comprehensive Studio Project Bachelor of Interior Architecture 2012 University of Oregon