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In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

Raising good slaves Some people have many children, some have few, some have none. I have friends in all categories. Whether you have many, a few or none, we thank Allah for deciding this for us. We would not be able to make this big decision for ourselves. When we look at the many orphans, the many children without major limbs, the many children starving, we are grateful that our children are with us, that their destiny, at least for now, is not like that, but rather it reach very far to the other spectrum--with comfy beds to sleep on, with abundant food and entertainment to their heart desire, with trendy shoes to wear, just to name a few. But are we teaching our children to be grateful to their Creator for what they have? We cannot say we are until we teach our children how to pray and to pray the way the Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him peace, prayed, and they are doing it voluntarily. When our children were little, we taught them to sleep at certain times--we were very adamant about this because we know it is good for them--they need that rest so they can grow healthy and their brain can function properly the next day at school. They must sleep or some "punishment" would follow--you take away certain things from them, no TV, no toys, etc.

Prayer is the main pillar of Islam. Just like a house, what will happen if the main pillar is not there or weak? Sooner or later it will collapse. We don't want that to happen to our children. May Allah protect our Iman. So, put a conscious and as much effort in making sure that our children pray, and pray the right way, as we made sure that they sleep at certain time, starting at age 5 or 6. This is the age that your children are easily molded the way you want them to be--because they are like sponges. In the matter of inculcating the love to pray, we cannot postpone it to later time. If you wait till they finished middle school, they might not do it at all. They are going into the teenage rebellious stage. They have their "own minds." They are more concerned at how they look and what their friends think of them. They listen to their "friends," not you. You can't tell them what to do. This is what you want to avoid and directing them to Allah from a very young age, Insha'Allah you will avoid the social disasters that many families are facing. Don't delay teaching your children the love of Allah and performing the prayers is the starting point. And you have to start now--even if it is one prayer today with you and increase the number gradually.

May Allah increase you in all good. Ameen.

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When we look at the many orphans, the many children without major limbs, the many children starving, we are grateful that our children are w...

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