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Morrisons Purdey’s Tigerprint Wedding Invitations Dialogue Exhibition Cakewalk Bakers Elegant Avenue Ballet Scene

Morrisons Collaboration Competition Brief: YCN

CREATIVE CHALLENGE Morrisons is 4th largest supermarket in the UK. Every week 11 million customers pass through the doors, and 132,000 colleagues across the business work hard each day to deliver great service to them. It is renowned for its great value and particularly for the fresh produce sold in Market Street, all of which is now also available in local convenience stores and online. The target of this brief is the next generation of busy family supermarket shoppers – those

currently in their teens or early twenties who will have the same busy lifestyles and tight budgets but will be expecting a different kind of shopping experience than our current family shoppers. Morrisons has recently renovated their stores, to give it a fresh new look. The brief was to design a series of future instore innovations that will further Morrisons mission to make food buying enjoyable rather than functional for the next generation of customers.

MY EXPERIENCE Morrisons was the second major competition brief I took on board within this module. Despite doing collaborations in big groups before on the course, this was my first serious partnership, where I really wanted to push the brief & didn’t want to let my partner down. I partnered Sam, a fellow peer on my course who I have admired her work ethic & concept development from the start of the course. I believed that the pairing went well, because we had different strengths this worked in our favour. Sam & myself came up with the innovative idea of supermarket sweep…. We intend to encourage teens & young 20’s that shopping is fun rather than functional. In order to achieve this we have created an event called, The Secret Sweep. This will be an ongoing event in store in which you need to look for products with stickers on which you take to the till and collect points, to earn prizes.

From this project I have realised that if you walk away from a project and work on something else to refresh your mind, then a solution will come. For instance when we was struggling with the design of the promotional material, we took a break & then Sam thought about creating a pattern to help the blank background. I believe our design boards were clearly laid out & explained the concept thoroughly. Sam was great to work, she was very strict with deadlines and therefore our time management was second to none & it created a strict work ethic. We worked logically within the pair as we split the work to create a vast amount of content for the submission.

purdey's Individual Competition Brief: D&AD

CREATIVE CHALLENGE Purdey’s niche audience has developed largely over the last couple of years. They wanted to widen their audience without using marketing. They wanted to let people know about their brand but without revealing their secret.

MY EXPERIENCE My main concept was to engage a wider audience by giving them more information about the drink. This concept was developed through my primary research that’s Purdey’s looks too clinical and uninviting to taste the drink. The purpose of the illustrative lettering was to connote the natural ingredients to create this drink. The redesign of the bottle now gives the consumer to see whats in the bottom, making it more attractive & vibrant allowing them to choose according to their tastes. The choice of this brief was something I wanted to do as I haven’t design a bottle before. I have learnt a lot about mocking up & how to make things look realistic

due to the proposals needed rather than actual products for submission. When it comes down to evaluating my progress on this project, I am very proud of the design of the bottle, although I do think that the mock-ups could have been better. And I wish I had managed my time better so that I would have had time to carry the brief further with my initial ideas of the riddle printed on the lid top so they can interact with social media to upload their answers. Overall, I wish I would have submitted more entries to YCN & D&AD but I do feel that I have built upon my confidence to submit to more in my final year.

card design Individual Competition Brief: Tigerprint

CREATIVE CHALLENGE Tigerprint runs card design competition briefs constantly throughout the year which can lead to a placement at their Bradford studio. The creative challenge was to design a greetings card for any occasion as long as it includes hand drawn type.

MY EXPERIENCE This was a great quick turn around brief. The brief was very open & therefore it made it easy to define my design. Although it was easy to develop a design the initial concept was hard to distinguish because of the very wide direction. Overall I was very happy with my submissions as I felt they really reflected the target audience they expressed. Although, unfortunately my designs were not chosen or shortlisted, this was very disappointing, as I felt they were strong contenders when I looked at the other entries to the competition. Tigerprint has just released a new brief in which the title is floral mother’s day cards, therefore I am going to resubmit my mother’s day card.


wedding invitations Individual Live Brief: Client

CREATIVE CHALLENGE My friend’s sister who is getting married in the forthcoming year approached me and asked if I would be able to design her wedding invitations for her. This was perfect timing, as this was just a couple of weeks after we started the responsive module. From our conversation, I realized that she wanted something to set the scene of the ceremony, a “wow” factor. This when I researched and found the use of wood as a stock & I thought this would work very well due to them not having a specific colour scheme.

MY EXPERIENCE This was a great quick turn around brief. The brief was very open & therefore it made it easy to define my design. Although it was easy to develop a design the initial concept was hard to distinguish because of the very wide direction. Overall I was very happy with my submissions as I felt they really reflected the target audience they expressed. Although, unfortunately my designs were not chosen or shortlisted, this was very disappointing, as I felt they were strong contenders when I looked at the other entries to the competition. Tigerprint has just released a new brief in which the title is floral mother’s day cards, therefore I am going to resubmit my mother’s day card.

dialogue exhibition Individual Competition Brief: Yoke

CREATIVE CHALLENGE This was a brief set by two third years that was creating an exhibition based on the concept of dialogue. This was going to be achieved by layering up entrees work through the method of screenprinting. You had to submit a black & white print ready to be screenprinted. Therefore, when they come to observe their work they will begin conversation it the entrees they have been collaborated with.

MY EXPERIENCE This was a good brief that I could complete in one afternoon. . I found this competition brief an interesting brief to be apart of. Due to the idea of you not knowing the outcome of your work & the curators of the exhibition processing the final outcome by collaborating you with a unknown individual. Overall I was really pleased with the outcome but I believed it could have been developed even more, although they did say that the submissions didn’t have to be intricate when they briefed us on the brief, due to the method of overlaying of prints. From this brief I learnt how to create impact & a strong concept through a simple design.

logo design Individual Competition Brief: Cakewalk Bakers/99designs



This was a competition brief that was on 99designs, to create a logo for a bakers company in America. They provided mandatories such as the colour scheme & the logo needing to include the name of the bakers. The challenge was to‌

This brief was another quick turnaround brief that I completed near the end of the brief, due to me scanning for my success on the last logo brief I submitted. From completing this brief I have realized to fully scrutinise the information given before starting a project, as this took me longer than expected because when reading the brief a second time I realised I was not answering the briefs key points.

branding Individual Live Brief: Elegant Avenue Beauty Salon

CREATIVE CHALLENGE When the responsive module was briefed I instantly thought of this as a possible brief. I knew that a distant relative was opening up a beauty salon and therefore a chance to brand the shop could be a good possible challenge. She instantly took me up on my offer & I felt more confident this time, as it was my second client. Upon our meeting she told me her interior plans, which I believe was going to be the biggest challenge the use of black, white & silver. Her plans for the salon were clinical & sharp, which I thought wouldn’t work, due to the idea of beauty been elegant & natural.

Beauty Salon

MY EXPERIENCE This is one of my larger briefs, which I am proud of, and on the back of this, clients have started to approach me about various tasks. I found it very interesting and opened my eyes to the many different factors you have to think about when branding for a longterm business. Due to her plans only existing on paper at the moment, I have tried to cut down the cost of the printed material in areas. This has been a very enjoyable brief to complete, as again the client was happy with most material I presented to her & therefore no changes needed. It has pushed me into tasks, such as ringing around print companies and asking for competitive rates, whereas this is something I wouldn’t have done before.

logo design Individual Competition Brief: Ballet Scene/99designs

MY EXPERIENCE CREATIVE CHALLENGE This was a live competition I entered at the beginning on the Easter holidays. I noticed this, due to ballet been a keen hobby of mine since I was young. I thought this would be a good brief to complete due to my background knowledge without in depth research. The brief was to design a ballet shop logo that would be applied on print & digitally.

Sadly I wasn’t shortlisted to the final, which I was saddened by. Although, I was happy with the logo itself, I think I need to start using a variation of typefaces rather than just using lettering that I created freehand, as this can create an unprofessional aesthetic. I am not expanding my options on fonts due to the uncertainty of licenses etc‌ I also, gave the slogan the after thought, therefore this is a downfall of the design. All aspects should be given consideration rather than just hindsight of the design.

EVALUATION Overall I have really enjoyed this module, especially the ability to work with clients and have a background experience of how things really work within the industry. I personally choose a series of projects according to my own interests & abilities but I also completed briefs, which had deliverables, which I haven’t had a chance to try yet within the course. Most of my work I have created reflects my emerging creative interests & ambitions within graphic design. The module has really benefitted my time management due to the different ways of working within quick turnaround briefs and longer development briefs. The most challenging part of the module was right at the beginning of the module, when we had the chance to do anything we wanted. This freedom really struck me and I found it hard to decide on a brief for first project. I think what didn’t help mainly was the lack of inspiration I received from most of the released briefs on D&AD & YCN. Most of the D&AD briefs where not based about design but more animation and technology. I also found it hard to mold my mindset to designing for the client rather than for my own desire. I found it really hard to start the development of the beauty salon logo, as her inspiration for her interior of her salon was very clinical and sharp. Whereas, my vision for typical beauty salons, are classy & calming, this made it hard to get myself in my clients’ mindset. But I soon came round by adding some of my own touch within some ideas and also giving some examples that she was expressing to me. This way of working worked in my favour as she went for my twist of incorporating the classiness and sharpness together.

I found that I concentrated on my live brief work more than my competition briefs, I think this was purely due to my interest within the D&AD competition as this choice of brief was to try something different, which I found wasn’t a good choice overall. I also think that I felt I had to impress my client, the face-to-face meetings where very daunting and I felt sick everytime, I took them more development incase they didn’t like etc… I do feel I had a very light view of the client relationship overall, due to them liking everything I did and therefore little needing to be changing every meeting. I feel the regular meetings when working with clients make the design decisions easier & therefore quicker, as they would choose the designs they preferred although, when working on competition briefs, this process tends to take longer due to you having to go on your won design decision in which you think they are asking for from the brief. One thing I have learnt is to make sure you submit for competition brief well in advance. The experience I had with the D&AD website was will I will remember. I will definitely not make this mistake again. I told my collaborative partner about my experience with submitting for D&AD and suggested we submit 2-3 days before the day of the deadline of YCN. She agreed and we made sure that this something that we planned towards, although the YCN website was much easier to follow I am still glad that we decided to follow on with this wise decision. I believe that I have developed many skills within this module; developing a strong concept, presenting work to clients, effective communication with work colleagues & finally design board layout with a deeper knowledge of realistic mocking up.

I can now see how much presenting your work really effects your delivering & ptiching of the final design. Taking lots of photos of each deliverable, that has been either well crafted will set yourself, for good feedback from clients. I now feel even more confident using Photoshop now as I used lighting effects to make the mock-ups look more realistic when using own photography for placement of finals. I have realised that just taking time to play around with the programme before the placement will allow myself time to develop with trial & error. I was very pleased with my bottle label mock-up for Purdey’s overall, which was something I was very worried about at the start of the brief. Overall, I think the wedding invitations was personally my favourite brief. It allowed me to go back to my crafting side and adding different medias and making them work together as a set. This is what started my lettering and I really enjoyed the ability to be able to stylish lettering and allow them to work as a set with each other. I am very pleased with the outcome of this project and I will be helping with the process of making these over summer. One brief I completed that I wasn’t too happy about the outcome was Secret7, I thought this would be a good chance to get another quick turnaround brief under my belt. But this backfired, as it took longer than expected and the outcome was not how I had envisioned it within my head. This was disappointing but I submitted it anyway, it didn’t get shortlisted which wasn’t to my surprise but I do feel that I have now realised to do more in depth research before starting to design even if it is just for a short brief as this will save you more time within the long run.

I am extremely proud of our concept on the collaborative brief, I do believe that we did work strongly as a team and that we both considered each others opinions. We would try each others suggestions, even if was reluctantly at times. There was a time when we both wasn’t as interested in the brief as we was initially, I think this was due to the difficulty of the design decisions due to us wanting to use the primary colours of the Morrisons brand but also believing this was effecting our event branding, making it look cheap. After a critique we has Sam had a brain wave of using a pattern as the background rather than white of yellow, from this stage on we both became very determined to create the best outcome we possibly could as we both agreed that we didn’t want to let the concept that we both thought was the selling point of our final outcome. Overall, I do believe that I have developed my awareness of the industry within this module. I do wish I did as many briefs as I possibly could. Although, I do think that some of the briefs I have completed could have been pushed further. I have created a range of designs with a variety of responses, all of which I gave a good amount of time and gave great consideration for the result. I now feel confident enough to hand my business card out to possible clients, & ask them to contact me if they would be interesting in me completing any work for them, this is a great turning point for myself as I really didn’t believe in my work before. Is has definitely been my favourite module that I have complete on the course so far due to that true to life experience, the chance to work on a brief that is set for you, rather than completing a brief you have written for yourself.

Melissa Gater RESPONSIVE OUGD503

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