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International trade arbitration competition. On January 2012 begun the Moot Madrid, an important trade arbitration competition in Europe, it has two phases, send documentation to analysis and oral phase in different law firms in Madrid. ULACIT had its first chance to participate, as a Central American University was the one, to face Universities from, Europe, Sud-America, and USA. To choice the team, there was a communication to all Law students, and two of them respond, Michelle Freixas and Alonso, with the support of Xiomara Arias Law teacher expert in international arbitration. The founds comes from the help of the ULACIT and personals, finally at the end for May the travel came true and the Oral Phase competition begun, an last 5 days.

The benefits to the team crew were to get the chance to face international teams and certificate arbitrator as judges, To ULACIT represents the start in European Competitions, and the chance to listen its name as representative of a Country of America.

national territory. There are two methods used in criminal law:

The Criminal Justice System When somebody committed an act defined legally as a

crime, cause that

affects certain basic conditions for social life, the State responsibility is punish such conduct.

In the case the State punish a person for the first time, must follow certain procedures, some steps that allow investigate and finally resolve the issue. The criminal justice system is the way for the Government to investigate and punish crimes committed in our country or even crimes committed outside

Oral procedures, are characterized by the prevalence of speech over writing. Orality facilitates the connection between the judge and the litigants in the trial judge's presence at the hearing is a condition of validity of the act, making it impossible task shifting. In the oral proceedings at trial, the judge is forming its conviction that occurs as the test and develops the debate. Supporters of writing state that it allows the judge, in the quiet his office, to weigh the reasons, compare the arguments and form their belief in the silence of his cabinet and close consultation legislation and case law applicable to the case. The judge has some contact with the test since decisions to issue the detention order or turn arrest. His order impartiality is compromised by the system constantly and may hear the parties separately in his office. In Costa Rica in the criminal trial uses the oral hearings which prevail over the written and every day more processes are performed orally. In the future the State wants all processes become oral.

The Spain Traditions In the Old Continent Spain is one of the most emblematic places, too many different traditions show us the soul of its people. In the City of Pamplona enhances the traditional races bulls, during the month of July. In that even yearly reports of multiple victims who chose to run with the bulls in the speed and dexterity on the streets of the city. The celebration is in honor of the holiday St. San Fermin – patron saint of Pamplona and Navarre. Usually these days, people in crowds take to the streets, drink wine, sing songs, and the most striking element is the traditional bulls running through the streets of the pen town of San Domingo to the scene to battle the bulls “Plaza de Toros.�

There are other important activities as the Holy Week traditions or Semana Santa. Holy week is the week immediately before Easter, in this time the people may see most celebrations in the region of Andalusia, in Seville and Malaga, as a catholic religion holiday. A common is the almost general use of the nazareno or penitential robe for some of the participants in the processions. It consists in a tunic, a hood with conical tip (capirote) used to hide the face of the people. The colors and forms of these robes depend on the particular procession. The Nazarenos carry processional candles or rough-hewn wooden crosses, may walk the city streets barefoot, and, in some areas, sections of the participants wear dress freely inspired by the uniforms of the Roman Legion.

As a conclusion, traditions represent an important part of the culture, shows what

the people appreciate, and make them fell part of a society.


government offices will be closed and most non-tourist business will definitely be closed on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Different religions celebrate activities during the holly week; this is a tradition in the whole world, in Central America, catholic religion has much activities schedule for this week. In Costa Rica there are celebrations in the different provinces, parades to represent the “vía dolorosa” the way Jesus walk to the crucifixion. The streets are decorated with flowers, palms leaves, and flags. Semana Santa or Holy Week is considered to be the most important religious celebration. Beginning with Palm Sunday, most Costa Rica’s will take vacation from work, banks and

There are two important processions which involve the re-enaction of the crucifixition of Jesus Christ. Tres Ríos in Cartago. With live human participation, the event is something that cannot be missed if you happen to be in Costa Rica at this time. The procession includes Roman-like actors who beat Jesus during his journey. The dramatization is as much of a statement of what occurred brought to life in real times. Many line the streets to participate in the reenactment. Another such event is held in San Joaquin de Flores in Heredia and is televised for those who don’t want to come out to see the procession. (CostaRicaCLOSEUP, 2012) Guatemala has different activities, for example During Holly Week, Antigua Guatemala hosts the most beautiful religious celebration in the America, they

say, when huge processions wind their way through the town’s streets. When Antigua streets are thronged with processions and reverent spectator. The processions consist of big floats, or 'andas', bearing statues of Christ with a cross, that are carried by hundreds of purple-robed men. A float with the Virgin Mary Follows by women dressed in black clothing. The processions move slowly through. Antigua cobblestone streets, the feet of the bearers cushioned in the sawdust carpets, which are destroyed as the procession passes over. Visiting Antigua during lent and Holly Week means an extraordinary spiritual rewarding experience which you will never forget.

Antigua Guatemala is famous for its spectacular and elaborate religious festivities during Easter Week (Holy Week - Semana Santa). But let’s not forget the Carpets tradition (Alfombras de Acerrín), national and international visitor’s crowd streets not just to see the processions, but also to participate in the detailed elaboration of these colorful carpets to adorn the processional route. (Guatemala, 2012) As a conclusion, the Central American countries has similar religious traditions that includes culture elements comes from the colonial times, such as Spanish and indigenous.

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The legislation in Costa Rica

Every day we listen at the news about a new law will be approved. Generally people know costarrican laws are discussed and approved in the Legislative Assembly, a part of the three powers of State. Legislative Assembly is formed by 54 deputies, in charge to study and approved new laws in our Country. The procedure begins on the proposal by one of the deputies, the different themes are treated by de Legislative Assembly in three different ways: 1. The President requires the discussion of a new proposal by de deputies, one of the last

important projects was the “Plan Fiscal� or tax agreement, those kinds of initiatives are known by the deputies on an ordinary assembly, in a period between January to May every year. 2. Deputies get their own proposals to discussion on extraordinary assembly from June to December. 3. Civil groups may push proposals to discussion on extraordinary assembly, but first they need support, by at least one deputy. The procedure on Assembly begins readings the projects, and then deputies have chance to present proposal to change original document. The last step is vote to approve the new law, for this the assembly need qualificate majority, it means half plus one of all deputies present during the voting.

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