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Replacing Recall Surveys With In the Moment Surveys


Recall Surveys: Surveys taken by the consumer sometime after the contact experience asking the consumer to remember specific events and emotions outside of the original context that they occurred within.

Recall Surveys vs. Point of Emotion Surveys •

Point of Emotion Surveys: Surveys taken by consumers during or directly after the contact experience, when thoughts and emotions are clearest and strongest.

What is Recall Bias? • Refers to the skewing of data that occurs the further that a respondent gets from the actual events. • Factors involved in Recall Bias: o o o

Inaccuracy of memory Differing emotional states Interference of media and peers

Avoiding Recall Bias

• Framing questions effectively, using control groups, and considering pre-event data can be helpful in reducing recall bias. • Gathering data as close to the event as possible is the most effective way to reduce or recall bias. • Gathering data as the event is occurring is the only sure way to eliminate recall bias entirely.

• App for mobile devices allowing consumers to give feedback before, during, and after the point of decision. • Offers in the moment data from consumers without requiring a transaction, allowing access to extremely valuable information about non-purchasing potential customers. • Reduces or Eliminates Recall Bias Entirely.

Surveys On The Go

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Mobile research is opening the door to consumer insights never before thought possible and Mfour exists to help you uncover them. We design the best platform, recruit the best panelists and deliver the highest-quality mobile market research in the world. Available for Droid and Apple smartphones and tablets, our Surveys on the Go app was designed by researchers and programmed by a team of the most talented in-house developers around, which is why Surveys On The Go is the most downloaded, highestrated and technologically advanced native application in the mobile research market. Email Here or visit us at

MFour’s Replacing Recall Surveys and using In The Moment Surveys  

A recall survey is a survey that inquires "recall bias." Our surveys are sent to people are the point of emotion, which is exactly when they...

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