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Wellington is New Zealand’s centre of government. It is also New Zealand’s cultural and artistic capital.

“Wellington world’s coolest capital” - Lonely Planet in 2010

In Wellington you’ll find excellent quality of life.

Smart and friendly people People from Wellington are well educated and highly skilled. World ranked universities are in the heart of the city. Thinking and achievement radiate from here out across the country and around the globe.

Safe and compact Students do not get lost in the crowd here. Everything that a great city has to offer is within walking distance in Wellington and a familiar face is never far away. We celebrate diversity and welcome international students.

Beautiful and vibrant Wellington prides itself on being a city rich in cultural. The air is clean and you can see the stars at night. The sounds and smell of the fresh ocean and gardens hang in the air.

Key facts: Population: 480,000 (70% European) Temperature: Summer 20.3 degrees C (average maximum, February) Winter 5.9 degrees C (average minimum, July) Quality of Life: Ranked as New Zealand’s best place for families and New Zealand’s greenest city Public transport: 30% of Wellingtonians use Public transport Universities: Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University

Kia Ora and Welcome I am delighted you have chosen to continue your tertiary education at Making Futures Happen (MFH) International Institute. We look forward to playing a key role in your academic development.

At MFH, we are committed to providing a successful and rewarding time for our students. As an MFH student you will not just enrol in a class, but benefit from our complete package that works to build your future. We assist with every aspect of your life in New Zealand so your main focus can be reaching your learning goals.

We look forward to working closely with you to make your time at MFH an exciting, memorable and rewarding experience!

Executive Director CAREY TENG


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Introduction to MFH


Your Pathway Institute


Business Diplomas and Certificate


English Programmes


Tailored Programmes for Groups and Individuals


Cambridge TKT Test


Government Credentials

Code of Practice for Pastoral Care

Fee Protection


Student Life Map


Student Pastoral Care and Support Service


Government Funded Programmes

English for Migrants

Intensive Literacy and Numeracy

Industry Partnership Programme


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Introduction to MFH Making Futures Happen International Institute is a leading New Zealand government registered and approved educational organisation in the beautiful capital city of New Zealand – Wellington.

MFH was established in 2002 by a team of professionals committed to quality education. At MFH, we are passionate about providing a nurturing environment for students with the aim of fostering academic excellence. MFH has built a solid reputation in providing a high standard of educational tuition and student support services. Our achievements are acknowledged by national and local government, communities, overseas institutions, students and their families.

MFH provides a combination of Diploma qualifications, English Language, Workplace Training, University pathways and services to support international students and migrants, as well as domestic students. Our qualifications are tailor made to meet the needs of a wide range of students of diverse ages, education backgrounds and ethnicities.

MFH embraces learner-centred teaching principles and maintains a strong focus on outcomes. This is reflected in every aspect of our operation. From the time of admission to the point of completion of studies, our friendly and dedicated staff offer individual support to ensure your time with us is a rewarding experience.


MFH Features •

Individual attention and high standard of services

Smaller classes to support higher chievement

Academic pathway and cross credits to Degrees

Highly motivating ‘family’ environment

Dedicated and enthusiastic team

Prime location and excellent facilities

Your Pathway Institute Whatever you education background, you will find a suitable programme to meet your learning needs at MFH. •

English programmes Level 3

Diploma Level 5

NZIM CLCM certificate Level 4

Diploma Level 6

We provide a range of pathways to meet your academic goals •

Our programmes are designed to elevate your learning to a

Our Academic Partnership agreements with New Zealand

higher level; and

government Institutes of Technology will provide you with

You can transfer credits gained at MFH to other institutes;

an even faster track towards Bachelor Degrees Level 7.



Academic Pathway fast track With MFH International Institute

at Polytechnic

in University

Master / PhD IELTS 6.5 or above Bachelor Degree Level 7 IELTS 6.0

Our Advanced

NZDipBus Level 6 IELTS 6.0 Diplomas Level 5 IELTS 5.5 Certificate Level 4 IELTS 5.0 ESOL Course

Improve language proficiency step by step.

Integrate English language and culture with management skills to gain credits towards Diploma study.

average 9 months

6 months

English skills

equivalent to 2 Diploma paper credits (if average B or above)


These courses offer a wide range of entry level career opportunities in business. Students will be eligible for 1 year Open Work permit after graduation.

The most commonly acknowledged business qualification by employers and businesses in NZ. Students gain substantial credits toward Bachelor studies.

IELTS classes are designed

MFH Diploma courses provide entry and cross crediting of courses directly toward Bachelor Degrees. Our Academic Partnership programmes provide choices to fast track academic achievement.

1 year

1 year

1 year (fast track)

study 4 more core papers

study 6 core and elective papers (plus 1 more paper if transfer credits from NZIM)

study 6 elective papers to gain internationally recognised Bachelor degree

to help students who aim for a higher IELTS score in order to meet the entry criteria for University and work.

* All durations include study breaks.

Pathways to University or Employment All of our Level 5 and 6 Diplomas qualify for the following Immigration NZ Student Visa entitlements: •

Part-time work up to 20 hours per week (full time over Holiday

50 points under the Skilled Migrant Category


extra 5 points for NZDB Level 6 (two years of full-time study in New

1 year Open work permit for Diploma graduates (you can only apply once in NZ)

Diploma Diploma



Business - Level 5

New Zealand Diploma in Business - Level 6

transfer credits to University Bachelor Degree (minimum 3 papers, B- or above)

apply for 1 year open work permit of Immigration NZ (However, you can only apply once in NZ)

NZIM CLCM - Level 4

Bachelor transfer credits to University Bachelor Degree - Level 7 (up to 8 papers, continue study average 2.5 more years) • University may require IELTS 6.0 to enter. apply for 1 year open work permit and start business career development in NZ


New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6 Qualifications that work for your future Course at a glance NZDipBus Level 6 is the most commonly acknowledged business qualification by employers and businesses in New Zealand. The qualification recognises advanced business skills, knowledge and competence required for people to undertake business operations, planning, coordinating and supervisory roles in a workplace. Qualification ownership

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (MFH is accredited to deliver)

Course code

NZQA 9003 (MFH 601)


240 (NZQA Level 6)

Subject area

Business and Management , Marketing and Accounting

Entry criteria

IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550


1.5 ~ 2 years (full time)

Tuition fee guide

$14,900 per year (refer to 2011 pricelist)

Course structure NZDipBus consists of 6 core papers and 6 elective papers. The selection of papers can be as follows: First year (core papers)

Second year (elective papers)

400 Accounting Principles

430 Quantitative Business Methods

510 Introduction to Commercial Law

501 Accounting Practices

530 Organisation & Management

630 Leadership

541 Fundamentals of Marketing

636 Applied Management

550 Business Computing

642 Marketing Research

560 Business Communication

644 Buyer Behaviour

Entry criteria •

International students must also have an IELTS 6.0


Domestic applicants under 20 years of age must have

(Academic) with no individual band lower than 5.5, TOEFL

a minimum of: 50 credits at level 2 or above NCEA with

550 or pass an MFH internal entry test.

at least 12 credits in each of three subjects, including a minimum of 8 literacy credits at level 2 or equivalent.


Intake dates MFH provides flexible intakes to meet individual learning needs on the following Mondays in 2011:








31 14 18 23 11 15 19 Please refer to our website for the latest information.





Study Pathways Through our exclusive Academic Partnership programmes with Government Institutes of Technology, MFH NZDipBus Level 6 graduates are permitted direct entry into the final year of a Bachelor Degree. This provides choices to fast track academic achievement.

NZDipBus provides entry to and cross-crediting of up to 8 papers towards the second year of a University Business Degree.

You may also combine the NZDipBus with Level 5 Diploma qualifications by taking one or more extra papers at MFH.

Career opportunity NZDipBus offers a range of career opportunities within the business sector. Positions may include - Office Manager, Manager, Sales Manager, Team Leader and Accounting Technician.

Immigration NZ permission (INZ) International students are required to hold a valid INZ Student visa. Students will be: •

eligible to work up to 20 hours per week while studying;

eligible for a 1 year Open Work Permit after graduation; and


gain 50+5 points towards Skilled Migrants application


MFH Diplomas - Level 5 Course at a glance MFH has a range of introductory qualifications as part of the NZDipBus programme. These Level 5 qualifications recognise general business skills, knowledge and competence for people to undertake business operations working under supervision, or for students to progress to completing the NZDipBus Level 6. Course

Diploma in Business and Management

Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Marketing and Tourism

Course code

NZQA 112858 (MFH501)

NZQA 112859 (MFH502)

NZQA 112860 (MFH503)

Qualification ownership

MFH International Institute


120 (NZQA Level 5)

Entry criteria

IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 525


1 year (full time) 400


















Papers (20 credits each paper)

Entry criteria IELTS 5.5 (Academic) with no individual band lower than 5.0, TOEFL 525 or pass MFH internal entry test


NZIM Certificate in Language, Culture and Management Level 4 (CLCM) Course at a glance CLCM integrates English language and culture with management skills. The course is specifically designed to meet the language and cultural needs of people with English as a second language seeking work in New Zealand or students wishing to move to Diploma study. Qualification ownership

New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM) (MFH is accredited to deliver)

Course code

MFH 401


60 (NZQA Level 4)

Subject area

English language and Management

Entry criteria

IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 500


half year (full time)

Tuition fee guide

$7600 (refer to 2011 pricelist)

The Certificate provides an enriched environment of language and culture, with a focus on work processes and management. You will be able to recognise and adapt to the culture (including legislation) of the New Zealand workplace and to use language associated with New Zealand management practices.

Course structure Core paper (20 credits Level 4)

Elective papers 802 Introduction to Marketing 803 Human Resources I: People at Work

880 Language and Culture

805 Introduction to Management 812 Workplace Communication

Entry criteria A minimum IELTS Level 5.0 or pass an MFH internal entry test. This course is designed for students who have not studied management before.

Intake dates MFH provides flexible intakes to meet individual learning needs on following Mondays in 2011: JANUARY



10 14





11 29


Please refer to our website for latest information.

Credit into Diploma Students completing the Certificate can apply for credit for: •

469 Academic Skills for Business Studies; and

20 unspecified credits at level 4 towards the NZ Diploma in Business.


English programmes Course at a glance Qualification ownership

MFH International Institute

Course code

MFH 301 (NZQA Level 3)

Course level

High-Elementary (IELTS 3.5) to Advanced Level (IELTS 6.5 or above)


from 2 weeks ~ 1 year

Tuition hours

from 15 ~ 27.5 hours per week (full and part time)

Tuition fee guide

$345 per week (refer to 2011 pricelist)

General English courses Classes cover all language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

Classes comprise students from all around the world, and can provide students with a great opportunity to practise English language while learning about other cultures. Experienced, native English speaking tutors conduct their teaching in a fun and effective style to ensure all students improve. The average number of student in class is less than 12.

IELTS preparation courses All four language skills are taught with reference to the IELTS exam structure. The course helps students achieve IELTS results needed to gain entrance to a tertiary institute or for a special requirement such as the Immigration New Zealand Skilled Migrants application. MFH has a reputation for helping students achieve high IELTS results.

Study + Work + Live (SWL) Our SWL course is specifically designed for students who want to improve their English and build up work experience in Wellington. It is a full time Academic English course with job assistance and accommodation arrangements.

Entry Requirements •

Student Visa + Variation of Condition (VoC)

Enrolment: minimum 24 weeks full time

English level: must have an IELTS 5.0 (Immigration NZ requirement for VoC)

MFH provides a job assistance service. MFH works with you to seek job opportunities and guides you through the interview process. A successful interview may lead to a job opportunity aligned with your English ability and previous work experience.

Business English + Internship Specifically designed to improve the English language skills students wishing to develop effective communication in the business sector, and those seeking work in their specific field.


English Course structure



General ESOL Level Description



You can deal with predictable day-to-day activities

You can deal with varied familiar everyday activities

You can deal with simple key work tasks

You can deal with complex work tasks

You do not yet have enough language to cope with everyday problems alone, but you can manage the simple interactions of daily life, both commercial and social.

You can make effective and independent use of the language in familiar situations. There are still many mistakes and gaps, but you can communicate and understand general messages in most contexts.

You manage easily enough in quite complex and demanding situations. There are lapses in accuracy in complex situations but communication is easily restored.

You now have an excellent command of the language, consistently fluent, accurate and well organised. You cope well with demanding and complex situations.






















IELTS Band Description

The user ‘has frequent problems in understanding and expression and is not able to use complex language’. Band 4 is not usually accepted for either work or study in English-speaking counties, but if you get this band, or a 4.5, it shows that you don’t have so far to go.

MODEST USER A band 5 user ‘should be able to handle basic communication in their own field’. This band indicates someone whose English might not be good enough for all the situations they might find themselves in, but sometimes a band 5 is accepted for working in computer programming or certificate courses.


The user ‘can use fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations’. At this level, you should be able to travel, work and study in an English-speaking country, although you may sometimes have difficulties. You will be accepted band 5.5 or higher for tertiary study.


The user can ‘generally handle complex language well and understand detailed reasoning’. This is the kind of level you should be aiming for if you are applying for a university place in an English-speaking country, especially at post-graduate level.

Average expected student progress at MFH* (weeks) 8 ~ 12 Study Length

8 ~ 12

8 ~ 12

8 ~ 12

8 ~ 12

8 ~ 12

8 ~ 12

8 ~ 12

* All students are encouraged and motivated to be responsible for their own academic achievement in our friendly English-speaking environment at MFH.


Entry Requirements •

Working Holiday or Student Visa (18 years and above)

4 Weeks English Course Enrolment

English Level: Intermediate or above

English + Travel NZ - MFH exclusive Magic Escape Programme For students who have a Visitor/Student visa or Working Holiday Visa and want to study English and then explore New Zealand at their own pace. This is a great opportunity to travel either with fellow students or solo, and see major tourist destinations, all with improved English skills!

Entry Requirements •

Minimum 4 weeks part time enrolment (*conditions apply)

Age Range: 18 years of age and above

Visa: Visitor/Student/Working Holiday

Intake dates Every Monday except during the 2-week Christmas holiday period. The minimum enrolment is 2 weeks.

Study Pathways Once you reach IELTS 5.0 or equivalent, you will be eligible to enter our Pathway programme from Certificate Level 4 right up to Diploma Level 6 qualification. You can then enter directly into the final year of a Bachelor Degree Level 7 programme via Institutes of Technology through our Academic Partnership fast track.

Diplomas Level 5

NZDipBus Level 6

Bachelor Degree Level 7 (fast-track)

English Certificate Level 3 (Incl. IELTS)

NZIM Certificate Level 4

Study Goal

Improve English skills

Gain 2 Diploma paper credits

Study 6 or 4 Diploma papers

Study 6 Diploma papers

Study 6 Degree papers

Entry Criteria






Course Length

Average 6 months

6 months

1 year

1 year

1 year


* MFH’s Academic partnership fast-track to the final year of internationally recognised Degrees


*Course length includes study break

Tailored programmes for groups and individuals MFH combines English tuition and a cultural experience in seasonal Study Tour programmes. They are specifically designed, 2~4 weeks, for international groups. They offer the ideal mix of English learning while enjoying a range of cultural, social and great recreational experiences.

The student group will have the opportunity to:

learn in fun and interactive English classes; and

visit popular historical sites; and

visit schools, universities and meet with Kiwi students;

stay with a homestay family and share in family life in NZ; and

enjoy many exciting interactive outdoor activities


Please contact MFH to get an individual quote and an itinerary. We will help plan your trip to suit your budget.

Private Tuition for individuals and corporate clients If you desire a unique English language learning opportunity to meet your special needs or interests, we can arrange for a teacher to undertake one-on-one lessons. The nature of these programmes is very flexible.

You can take lessons at a time that suits you and follow a curriculum designed especially for your study goals. You will enjoy personal attention and the flexibility to create your own programme and schedule.


Cambridge TKT test

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) MFH is the exclusive Cambridge University authorised and approved TKT test centre in Wellington New Zealand (NZ005).

What is TKT? TKT aims to increase teachers’ confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the core teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners, anywhere in the world.

Who is TKT for? TKT gives teachers a strong foundation in the core areas of teaching knowledge needed in the English language teaching classroom. It is ideal for all teachers, whatever their background and teaching experience, and is also suitable for people who would like to teach English but do not yet have a teaching position.

The recommended entry is intermediate level (IELTS 4.0). The test registration duration is 7 weeks or over.

What does TKT involve? TKT has 3 core modules. Each module consists of a test of 80 objective questions, lasting 80 minutes. Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Language and background to language learning and teaching

Planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching

Managing the teaching and learning process

describing language and language skills

background to language learning

background to language teaching

planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons

selection and use of resources and materials

teachers’ and learners’ language in the classroom

classroom management

Results Results for TKT are described as being in one of four band scores, 1 to 4 from Restricted, Basic, Comprehensive and Accurate, Comprehensive and Extensive.



“ my

…I am excited to bulid toward goal




through MFH’s fast track Academic Partnership programme…

- Jin Lan Guo

Nationality: Chinese

Age: 23 years old

Study aim: To achieve a Bachelor Degree in New Zealand

Course enrolled: MFH English programme New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6

Achievement: Reached IELTS 6.0 after English study. Lan completes NZDB Level 6 in February 2011. She enters directly into the final year study of the Bachelor Degree Level 7 through our Academic Partnership programme.


MFH credentials New Zealand Qualifications Authority has accredited MFH since 2003. MFH achieved the following External Evaluation and Review (EER) in May 2010: •

NZQA is Highly Confident in the educational performance of Making Futures Happen

NZQA is Confident in the capability of self-assessment of Making Futures Happen

MFH has been a Ministry of Education of New Zealand (MoE) approved signatory to The Code of Practice for the pastoral care of international students since 2003. We view our students as unique individuals with varied needs and provide all of our students with highly personalised care.

MFH has been a Trusted Partner of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) since 2007. MFH meets all requirements in regards to student management, standard of documentation, student monitoring and support.

MFH has been a Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) selected and funded educational provider since 2005. MFH helps domestic students improve English, literacy and numeracy, upskill towards to employment to improve the quality of their lives in New Zealand.

By strictly working with Public Trust – New Zealand Government owned and managed Trust account agency, MFH provides students and their parents with the most secure fee protection and peace of mind.

MFH is authorised by NZIM Institute of Management to provide the NZIM Certificate in Language, Culture and Management (Level 4).

MFH is authorised by the Cambridge University ESOL Examinations to operate as an exclusive Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) centre within the Wellington region.

MFH recognises the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic).

MFH collaborates with the New Zealand Institute of Technology, Polytechnics and Universities through our Academic Partnership programmes to staircase our Diploma graduates to Bachelor studies.

MFH is licensed to use ‘Educated in NZ Brand’ (Education New Zealand Trust)

MFH is a member of Grow Wellington (Education Wellington)


…While I was studying, MFH

assisted me to get part-time work. It helped me build understanding and confidence about workplaces in New Zealand…

- Sharanjit Singh Dhaliwal

Nationality: Indian

Age: 19 years old

Study aim: To complete a Diploma and gain work experience in New Zealand

Course enrolled: MFH Diploma in Business and Management Level 5

Achievement: Completed Diploma Level 5. Sharan successfully obtained the Immigration Open work permit. Now he is employed full time by Shell Ltd and is buliding his future in New Zealand.


Student Life Map As an MFH student you will not just enrol in a class, but benefit from our Complete Package that works to build your future. Our dedicated staff provide clear guidance on every step of your life in New Zealand. MFH is committed to helping you focus on your study and learning goals.

Pre-arrival to MFH •

Evaluate your application; and issue Offer of Place and

Set up individual student file


Arrange insurance

Confirm visa approval with Immigration New Zealand

Confirm Homestay arrangement

Send you Pre-departure pack

Wellington airport pick up

First day at MFH •

Give Orientation and explain policies

Confirm class arrangement

Issue Enrolment pack

Update student account information

Give tours and introduce the dedicated student advisor

Open bank account and mobile SIM card

Provide relevant assistance and training

Learning Progression at MFH •

Create an Individual learning plan

Monitor student academic performance against ILP

Regular review of learning progress and student feedback

Inform student about performance and results

Follow up orientation (school policies, progress, Homestay

Record student performance and achievement in the

and Pastoral care)

Student database

Provide Part time job assistance for eligible students

Provide high standard customer service and assistance

Follows up student attendance

Follow up student survey

Register Diploma result with NZQA and apply for

Course completion and graduation •

Prepare graduation ceremony and celebration

Issue Leaving report or qualification certificate

Qualification Certificate •


Lifetime MFH membership





my Diploma study here, MFH is also offering me voluntary work experience. I am now putting what I have learned about marketing into practice…

- Cristina Sebold

Nationality: Brazilian

Age: 26 years old

Study aim: To complete a higher qualification and gain work experience in New Zealand

Course enrolled: MFH Diploma in Business and Management Level 5

Achievement: Aiming to complete Diploma Level 5 in March 2011 and will plan for further academic study.


Student Pastoral care and support service Prior Learning MFH recognises prior learning and relevant experience. If you have previous work experience or NZQA accredited academic experience that you have completed at another tertiary institution, talk to us about the possibility of crediting it towards your studies at MFH.

Code of Practice As a signatory, MFH has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Minister of Education. goto/international

Immigration and Student Visa Feel free to contact us if you are not sure about your Student Visa arrangement. We will provide you with accurate information and assist you to meet Visa requirements.

Student Attendance Requirement To meet pastoral care and Immigration Visa requirements, students are encouraged to attend 100% of classes at MFH and to take reasonability for their academic achievement. MFH school attendance and classroom policies apply.

Medical and Travel Insurance International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. MFH will recommend a suitable plan for you.

Wellington Airport Pick Up Our staff or homestay can pick you up from Wellington Airport and help you to get settled in. The MFH homestay procedure and policy applies.

Accommodation A Homestay is a great way to experience the New Zealand lifestyle and to improve your English. Students live with New Zealanders in their home and have their own furnished room. MFH will carefully choose a homestay that can provide you with a happy, safe and positive environment for studying.

Homestays are not like living in a motel: students are welcomed as part of the family so they will have responsibilities and play an active part in family life. The cost of a homestay is $230 per week in 2011. An administration fee applies.


…I feel more confident to speak

English and enjoy my life experience in New Zealand so much…

- Kunthida Sooksomsatarn

Nationality: Thai

Age: 18 years old

Study aim: To improve English and get ready for University study

Course enrolled: MFH English programme

Achievement: Get more more confident speaking English. Planning for future study.


Student Pastoral care and support service Go Flatting Most students choose to live independently after they settle down in Wellington. You can rent an apartment or share a house with friends or fellow students. The average living cost is $200~300 per week. MFH provides current information sources to help you select accommodation.

Part-time work assistance MFH provides a part time job assistance service to students who are eligible to undertake part time employment in NZ. Students must have a permit from by Immigration NZ to work. Our dedicated Career advisor will assist students with CV writing, job interview skill training and interview arrangements.

Access to learning resources Students have access to Internet, printing, copying facilities and learning resources. These resources are designed to meet learning needs. MFH school policy applies.

Student activities and trips Wellington is a city with a heart! It is a fascinating place to live, study, work and play. Our student activities and trips will give you more opportunity to enjoy what this great city has to offer. In Wellington you’ll find: •

New Zealand’s best arts and entertainment

Beautiful beaches and nature

Exciting festivals and sporting events

Plenty of fun things to see and do

A café on every corner

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our home city with you, your friends and family.

Uni placement MFH has partnerships with leading tertiary institutes in New Zealand. Our Student advisor will assist you with your future course arrangements. The institutes include all universities, Polytechnics and High Schools. This is a free service.

Find out more on our website Please find our new course development on our website: 22

Government funded programmes MFH is a long standing New Zealand Government Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) approved and funded contractor. We deliver Intensive Literacy and Numeracy (ILN), English for Migrants programme for TEC.

English for Migrants As an authorised EFM centre, we welcome migrant students all year around. We help improve their language skills. Our friendly learning environment provides migrant students with an immediate opportunity to mingle with other students. Students enjoy learning and sharing information with each other.

Alongside the English for Migrants programme, MFH also provides a wide range of services and aims to help migrant students: •

Improve English language and literacy proficiency, and self

Provide a foot in the door to career development in


New Zealand

Obtain New Zealand employment awareness, skills and

Gain study skills, opening pathways to other institutes


Better integrate learners and their families into New Zealand

Pursue further training for apprenticeships or employment

culture and society


Intensive Literacy and Numeracy (ILN) Intensive Literacy and Numeracy (ILN) is one of the New Zealand Government’s long-term strategic focuses. ILN targets stronger literacy and numeracy learning gains through an appropriate structured delivery with strong community links.

The required key elements are: •

Intensive provision that consists of 100 hours of direct

have before and after measures of learning gain

delivery of literacy and numeracy learning within a 5–20

are based around the learning progressions

week period.

are delivered by appropriately qualified staff

Quality learning opportunities that:

Strong community links

– have clearly articulated literacy and numeracy outcomes We use flexible delivery methods in order to meet the individual needs of employers and participants. It includes: •

1 on 1 Needs Analysis and management; and

Classes and workshops; and

Pair practice, Group sessions; and

Guest (employer) speakers according to the plan for the group

The outcome of the TEC Intensive Literacy and Numeracy programme is to improve literacy and numeracy skills against the TEC and NZQA Learning progression. The pre-employment, job placement and work support service are added benefits of the programme. We have met the target of: •

Over 90% of learners have completed the programme

100% of Individual learning plans were developed and followed

over 30% of the group received part/full time employment assistance

100% of learners received ongoing support


Industry Partnership Programme MFH is a Work and Income approved Industry Partnership Programme provider. It aims to provide employers with employees that are specifically trained to their entry-level requirements. It enables Work and Income clients to get and keep jobs that turn into careers and become valued employees within the workplace and the industry.

Our programme consists of carefully selected content appropriate for the level of the target group. We maintain a flexible design that meets individual learning needs through skills development and supportive workplace practices. It is designed to supply skills required by the industry through our responsive education and training system. It assists students with communication strategies, job search skills, interview skills and basic employment skill, basic keyboard and office skills. All programmes are designed in consultation with the businesses we connect with in the Hospitality and Retail industries: Programme 1: Chef course (a range of tasks required including chef and assistant, food preparation and associated tasks)

Programme 2: Hospitality and Retail customer service course (a range of tasks required in hotels, supermarkets and retail outlets.)

Each programme consists 6-week training plus 6-month in work support: •

Part 1: first 6 weeks, individualised training (assessment,

Part 2: second 6 weeks, job placement

selection, training

Part 3: then, 6 months in work support (career support, plan and coaching)

We aim to provide suitable employees with the right skills required by employers and industries. The course contents: •


Pre-employment matters

c. Workplace context


Communication skills

d. Specific employer’s required skills

We assist employers to find and train suitable participants. We recruit learners with the relevant industry background when possible, matching their skills and experience with potential employers and industry. The employers are fully involved in the selection and recruitment process. They are invited to meet with participants during training process from time to time. They are provided with information about learners and select participants for job interviews according their employment requirements.

Assessment process MFH has a formal assessment system that is complemented by an individual learning plan for each student. The skills learning gain is measured and reported at the completion of learning through a formal assessment system.


How to find us MFH International Institute Address:


Level 3&4,

+644-801 9180

Grand Central Tower, 76 ~ 86 Manners Street,


Wellington CBD 6011,

+644-801 9181


Email: Postal address:

PO Box 24248,


Wellington 6011,



MFH Prospectus 2011  
MFH Prospectus 2011  

MFH Prospectus 2011