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Whe n I was 10 years old

I saw a vampire who was talki ng to a werewolf.

I was very frighte ned. I felt alo ne i n the castle. O ne alie n dow n o f her house,

was dri nki ng blood, He saw me.

I'm wo rried, because the mo nster are very angry with the witch, he witch was very dangerous, because

had magic hands.

I'm very impressed because a skeleto n ate a black cat. I we nt to the bed o f my pare nts, I was talki ng with they. whe n poo f, I woke up

from that ho rrible nightmare.


My story When I was thirteen years old I went to an old castle in the mountains, out from Spain, with my parents,my brother and my friend.

The castle:

One day, my friend and I went to explore the castle. We found a secret room. There were images of ghosts and skeletons. My friend and I were frightened and ran.


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The skeletons and ghost.

We told that at all my family and they were worried. My father saw a black cat and he thought that a monster and decided come back home.

By: Nerea Delgado JimĂŠnez 2ÂşESO Bd.

My stor y When I was seven years old I was lonely in a castle of my grandfather. I Was worried because my grandfather aren't with me.

When I was in my bedroom, I saw a black cat in the hall, I went to the cat and was desappered. I went to a garage, and I saw a vampire, skeletons, monsters,...

I ran put of the castle and I lost on the way. Finally, I got up, and only was a nightmare!

By: Rafael Uriar te Gutiérrez 2ºESO Bd.

My story When I was thirteen years old I went to París for holiday. We went to eat and we heard one monster.

The monster ate one black cat, they frightened. The monster was sad, and lonely. They went to the monster's house, the castle.

The next day went my house. I was happy!

By: Julia Cuenca Bohórquez 2ºESO Bd.

Horrible Story When I was ten years old I went to England, with my mother,father,sister and grand-father. We went to island in the Pacific Ocean, I slept with my sister and my mother,father and grand-father in the other bedrooms. At the night my sister started cry, I heard and got up, my sister went looking too, there is a witch whit her black cat fliying from the sky, she is very happy, this night my sister and my didn't can sleep. I the morning I looking from the window and I saw one women in the sky, she went to my bedroom and she started cry with my sister but... All are a dream, my sister is cry because she didn't can sleep.

María Ruíz González 2º C-D



Scary stories  

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