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Expert Witness Testimony In Mining Operations Litigation The knowledge and expertise of mining-related authorities is required for several of the issues and facets of the mining industry. They are often required to prepare expert witness testimony based on their technical assessments. These specialists also act as witnesses during litigation and share their knowledge on various aspects of the mining field. The testimony should be based on in depth analyses of geological, economic and engineering aspects which are helpful in resolving and also explaining mining issues that are complex to the judge and jury. Experts may include geologists, mining engineers and consultants, environmental scientists and professionals with backgrounds in engineering. Along with knowledge, these consultants need to have practical experience and a good perspective on operational, technical and commercial issues that are frequently encountered in the mining industry. An additional benefit to the testimony is their ability to share technical knowledge about geology, mine design and planning. For the litigation, experts can develop and also support their testimony with the use of comprehensive engineering, geological, and economic analyses and exhibits. Litigation and the need for an expert witness to testify based on their experience and knowledge is commonly associated with some particular aspects of the mining industry. Long-Term Planning This area involves the strategic planning of the mining operation and incorporates a general strategy of extraction for the long term operation. The forecasting and management of cash flow from the operation of the mine also are involved. Included as well are the plans for running the mine and extracting the minerals and may also include a future plan for land reclamation. Evaluating Property Value Various methods of developing valuations for mineral properties and projects are involved in mining property valuations. Consultants compute property value utilizing standard industry techniques which include present value of potential income and market valuation principles. If the property is in the exploration stage, it can be a challenge to give a possible value to future extraction through mining. Health and Safety There are extensive regulations and requirements for the safe operation of mines and for the safety and health of the miners. To ensure healthy and safe work environments for miners, inspections and investigations are performed. Violations are all cited and then within the proper time frames, they have to be corrected. In addition to setting standards for safety and health for the purpose of preventing unhealthy and harmful conditions, reporting of accidents, illnesses and injuries is required. Another requirement may be approval for the use of specific equipment. Thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations for safety and health is important for complete Resource Technologies Corporation

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Expert Witness Testimony In Mining Operations Litigation compliance. Coal Supply Contracts It appears as if more industries and utilities are turning to coal to provide a greater amount of their fuel requirements for the future. In fact, over one-fifth of the world’s coal reserves that are usable and accessible, are located in the United States. Coal supply contracts are used by electric utility companies and others to get coal from the coal companies or from brokers. Because of this, more attorneys may soon be confronted by a host of legal challenges that are associated with the negotiation, drafting and enforcing of coal supply contracts. It's important that expert witness testimony be provided by professionals considering the wide variety of facets and the variety of challenging issues in the mining business. These experienced and knowledgeable witnesses come from many professional backgrounds and can share their understanding of the mining industry. They can offer their technical assessments, along with their educated opinion in the courtroom, whether they are geologists, engineers, mining consultants or scientists. You will have a stronger case when you use Resource Technologies for their expert witness services. Much more information on Resource Technologies are readily available at the business' web page,

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Expert Witness Testimony In Mining Operations Litigation  

You will have a stronger case when you use Resource Technologies for their expert witness services. Much more information on Resource Techno...

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