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Presidential chat

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A presidential chat The Presidential top tips to staying afloat

Make the most of your time There can be no doubt that one of the hardest things for any delegate or official at an EYP session is the ability to keep going despite having little food, sleep and time to relax. Here are my top four tips to staying afloat in Berlin to ensure that you get as much out of this experience as you possibly can. Remember my tips, think of your own and keep going! Full steam ahead! Ben Brown President of the Session 52* 33* N 13* 22* O

Logbook 2nd Issue of the Baltic Sea Youth Session | April 22 - 25, 2012 | Berlin

2 - List to portboad!

1. Coffee Break- It sounds obvious but it is something which is often taken for granted. In my experience when you get the opportunity to have a coffee break ensure you make the most of it. This can vary from drinking copious amounts of coffee or simply getting a full breath of fresh air. Either way, do not stay in your committee rooms, get out and recharge your batteries. 2. Make the most of your Energizers- Again this is another part of EYP which in my experience is taken for granted. When you get your chance to run around outside, crawl on all fours or play the role of a Ninja do so with as much enthusiasm and energy as you can muster and you will reap the rewards. In addition to this, as I am sure you are all aware by now, you really can have a good laugh at yourselves and, dare I say, each other. 3. Sleep- This is naturally something which none of us really have time to consider at any EYP event and I am certainly not advocating that you all rush to your beds at the earliest opportunity to get your eight hours sleep. However, I urge you all to get as much sleep as you possibly can when you think you can. I, like most officials here in Berlin, have pulled back-to-back all-nighters and my only advice to you, is that it is not as much fun as you think. In my experience one hour is always better than none at all. 4. This is it!- The final, and in many ways, most important piece of advice is that this is it and you will never get this opportunity again in exactly the same way. As members of EYP we always remember our first experience at a session abroad and this in itself should inspire every single one of you to keep bright eyed and bushy tailed so you can contribute to this experience as much as possible.

Starboard side! Ship ahoy! - 3

Organic Baltic Sea water by the Committee on Enviroment and Food Safety (ENVI)

Let‘s see what ENVI tells us... We only drink magnetized, mineralized organic Baltic Sea water. We use algae as our soap, tooth paste and shampoo. When using these products, we get soft and incredibly shiny hair, just like Arielle. Next to this we eat toxics fish for breakfast, but only blue magnetized plankton for lunch. Additionally, during the evenings, we eutrophicate ourselves and Arielle to transform our body in a massive muscular body, as Neptun has. The mineralized and magnetized water helps us to be very spiritualized during Committee work and in mediation mood during GA. ENVI is a magical gift sent by heaven and supported by loads of organic beer. Even the finish beer tastes good, when it´s organic, that’s what we figured out during the Pirate Sailor and Arielle party. We shower with the organic essentis hotel shower gel and then become so powerful that we can smash all the pollutants out of the Baltic Sea. It is our utmost pleasure to work on this organic inspirational topic in order to save Arielle, our committee hero, from upcoming Baltic Sea catastrophes. We´re ENVI and we know it – ENVI, vidi, vici!

52* 33* N 13* 22* O

Logbook 2nd Issue of the Baltic Sea Youth Session | April 22 - 25, 2012 | Berlin

4 - List to portboad!

Transport up and down by the Committee for Transportation and Tourism (TRAN)

Looking for some mean of Transportation - by car, hitchhiking. Somehow they are also really good at drawing. Maybe a ticket is cheaper when you show such a picture.

Starboard side! Ship ahoy! - 5

52* 33* N 13* 22* O

Logbook 2nd Issue of the Baltic Sea Youth Session | April 22 - 25, 2012 | Berlin

6 - List to portboad!

Starboard side! Ship ahoy! - 7

REGIO meets AFCO A short note and a huge picture

REGIO leaves a message

Recently Finnish, German, Norwegian,

AFCO looks handsome

Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Russion representatives met at a session


girl was a wrestler and it raised some questions

German song Tannenbaumat the committee work


the middle, a Polish laughed like a hors

Other Polish fellow lady played ukulele while finishing her IB course


who played a German car came to Berlin to find a bar


Finnish quy was asking random questions what caused the Russian laugh obsessions


and Lithuanian names were impossible to remember Together with our awesome chairs they made Switzerland a EU member!

A like Awesome, A like Adorable, A like Amiable, A LIKE AFCO! Let's go AFCO! 52* 33* N 13* 22* O

Logbook 2nd Issue of the Baltic Sea Youth Session | April 22 - 25, 2012 | Berlin

8 - List to portboad!

The BASS boat instructions a paper boat by the Paper Boy

A simple instruction to fold an origami boat. To make this canoe you only need the empty sheet of paper you will receive in the bus back home and this folding instruction. You will need it. Have fun.

Fold your paper in half lengthwise to make a skinnier rectangle and unfold. Fold one of the long sides over on top of itself to meet the crease in the middle. Do this for the other long side.

Fold the corner of one of the short edges diagonally on top of itself to meet the crease in the middle. Fold the other corner and the opposite short edge in the same manner.

Fold it diagonally on top of itself again to meet the crease in the middle. Do this in the same manner at every corner creating an arrow at each end.

Open the flaps that meet at the crease in the middle, and invert the folds, pressing the opposite side of the paper so that the edges curve in the other direction.

Shape the inverted folds to make a canoe.Good Job! Feel free to personalize your canoe with some decorations.

Starboard side! Ship ahoy! - 9

Fashion victims Presidental reception and GA call for proper closing

For those of you who don’t know how to tie a tie, a short but precise instruction for a Double Windsor Knot...

HIGH HEELS ON! BY ANA MARIA CROITORU from parexcellence, Pardubice 2011 “High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead.” - Christopher Morley There is no recipe with the ingredients that results in a “red carpet”-worthy walk in high heels. It is not the height of the stilettos that makes the lady look charming but the balance between the body language and the proper attitude. If you just left the Converse comfort zone, start slowly from 1 to 2 inches and, as practice makes perfect, in time go higher and higher. Keep your legs straight while you walk. Lead with your hips rather than by bending your legs. This will help you keep your body lined up and your weight evenly on each shoe while looking both classy and sensual. Try to take small and sure steps in order to look confi dent and show that you are proud of your shoes. Be the one to wear your shoes don’t let yourself be carried by them!

52* 33* N 13* 22* O

Logbook 2nd Issue of the Baltic Sea Youth Session | April 22 - 25, 2012 | Berlin

10 - List to portboad!

Candlelight Dinner by the Paper Boy

Sabine Raun Kristensen, AFET (DK) & Mathias Westbrand Emilsson, TRAN (SE) “We were devouring each other with our eyes” – were the first words that came out of Mathias’s mouth when he was thinking about Sabine. A good-looking, Danish girl is everything a guy can dream of – at least for the Swede.

Aleksandra Pędraszewska, REGI (PL) & Maxim Polo Leon, AFET (DE) “Aleksandra, the tall beautiful Polish Lady?” Maxim seems to be still taken by his date. If only she hasn’t come to Berlin together with her boyfriend… Because yes, then he would not hesitate to date her once again.

Otto Laitinen, TRAN (FI) + Sofie Rosten Løvdahl, ENVI (NO) + Michał Maśny AFCO (POL) 1+1+1=3 “The food? Sticky Shit…” Even though Otto had the honour of spending the evening together with a really, really nice girl and a cool Polish guy there weren’t any (sexual) tensions to be detected. -

Starboard side! Ship ahoy! - 11

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Session Paper of the Baltic Sea Youth Session, Berlin 2012. Brought to you by the inofficial Press Team "The Paper Boys"