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Introduction to the Magazine Adapted from the work of Peter Yoon, Year 8 “Halloween is on the 31st of October every year. During Halloween children dress as scary characters to go trick-or-treating. This celebration was first called “Halloween” in 16th century Scotland and now it is thought of as one of the most popular holidays amongst kids in Europe and America. “During Halloween, many children stay up until midnight to make jack-o’-lanterns, light bonfires, tell scary stories, watch horror films, or visit haunted attractions. Other Halloween activities include “apple bobbing” which is a game where you have to catch apples floating in a tub of water by your teeth, and “pranking” which is playing a joke on someone. “People eat a lot of sweet foods like cake, chocolate, etc. on Halloween. Some special sweets enjoyed on Halloween include candy apple, caramel, king cake, etc. This all makes the end of the trick-or-treating the best part of Halloween, because you can eat the scrumptious sweets that you collected. However, some parents, like my mom and dad, do not let their children eat the sweets that they collected. “Halloween enjoys great popularity with both children and adults. But unfortunately most Asian children don’t celebrate Halloween because it is not popular and we don’t have time because we have to go to school. Because of this, I was too busy last year to go trick-or-treating. However, I really hope that I won’t get too much homework on Halloween this year, so that I can join the fun.” This probably shows the views of a lot of us on Halloween. We all know that it is fun, that we can go trick-or-treating and enjoy the candy we collect afterwards, so what this issue of the magazine is here to do is to let you have even more fun! There’s something in this magazine for every taste and every situation! This issue of the magazine contains the below and more: • Lists of suggested activities and scary movies from throughout the world for if you can’t think of what to do • Horoscope to give you advice when you go out trick-or-treating with your friends • Three scary stories and a freaky report to give you a healthy dose of creeps even if you have to stay home • Articles about recent events in the school • Recipes that you can use to treat friends coming over And more!

Happy Halloween!

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Top things to do during Halloween 1. MAKE costumes. 2. GO to the zoo at night. 3. PLAY scary tricks on other people. 4. DECORATE your home with scary ornaments. 5. PLAY some scary music while you are at home. 6. GET some sweets from other people’s homes. 7. INVITE people to go trick-or-treating. 8. GO to a Halloween Party. 9. PLAY in a theme park at night. 10. READ a scary book before you sleep.

Scary Movies 1) The Haunting 2) The Exorcist 3) Jacob’s Ladder 4) Poltergeist 5) The Sixth Sense 6) Rosemary’s Baby 7) The Omen 8) The Innocent 9) Psycho 10) The Shining


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The Shanghai Halloween Festival By Kingcheung Wong The Shanghai Halloween Festival will be held on the 28th of October in Shanghai Little Urban Centre from 2:30pm to 5:30pm, and I’ll tell you all about it! The children’s private club will be converted into a 3 story haunted house. All kids 18 months or older can join the club. It will cost only 100¥ for each person (including snacks like sweets and chocolates and drinks). You can play tricks, enjoy games, and do other activities in the haunted house to have some fun: try to wear Halloween costumes if possible. You’ll be allowed to play around in the haunted without any teachers for 20 minutes. While the kids are playing the parents will be provided with drinks (e.g. beer), food, and, most importantly for all parents, WIFI. The haunted house will be loaded up with different decorations like zombies, witches, and pumpkins. Both the outside walls and the insides of the haunted house will be painted black. There will be posters around the mall for you to know where and which floor it would be held on. In any case, if you really want to know more about this you should email / or call (8621) 51872889. If you decide to go, I suggest you bring a camera and take lots of funny pictures, although you can’t take the camera inside the haunted house. Remember to bring 100 RMB for the ticket and also some snacks for after you finish the activities because you’ll be starving by then. Good luck and have a nice Halloween holiday. I know I will!

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Halloween Horoscopes SCORPIO Don’t bother trying put into actions any evil plans on Halloween, since your future will include an overzealous 8-year old superhero on a sugar rush. The same thing applies to big assignment due November first: your attacker will be a monster that eats saved files. SAGITTARIUS Is it really a good idea to satisfy your need for change by invoking evil spirits? That’s what someone does in every supernatural horror film, and the results are never pretty. Go try some safer new hobby. CAPRICORN You will inexplicably have an urge to watch horror movies for the entire night on Halloween. Then the next morning you will realize two things: 1) that you forgot to do a super-important internal assessment, and 2) that there are worse fates than being killed by the girl from The Ring. AQUARIUS Going as a diagram of the Celtic calendar will only confuse people, especially if you would have to attach a 10-page essay to your costume just to explain what it shows. This is true even if you have profound ideas about how it relates to the history of Halloween. PISCES Did you get stranded in the middle of a haunted house or some other horrible situation alone last year? Maybe it’s time to find a friend

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ARIES You’ll be presented with the opportunity to be the first of your friends to venture into a sinister looking place. This place might be a desolate graveyard, or someone’s foreboding-looking house, or the chemistry lab. But one thing is certain: you’ll walk away having learnt a lesson, whether the hard way or the easy way. Just don’t lose your notes! TAURUS Your hard work and determination over the course of the last two months will finally pay off, and it’ll be in the form of candy! Enjoy all that you can, but don’t forget to share it with everyone — yes, even the angry Leo. You know that they’ll just take all the food you have if you don’t give away any. GEMINI What is your worst fear? What is your worst fear that could possibly come true in the next month or so? Unless all your friends/family/teachers (and your twin, of course) know how you really feel, one of them will accidentally make your fear come true. CANCER Why do you say that you’re too shy to wear an eye-catching costume when you hide your real self everyday? Come out of your shell and try doing something that will make others pay attention to you for once! You can always grow a new shell if you have to.

7 7

LEO Don’t want a lame costume to cover your beautiful mane? Worry not: you will monstrous enough without one unless you control your dark impulses. VIRGO If you’re going to rip open lazy group members, or devour their brains, or drain their blood while costumed, just remember that blood, brains, and entrails tend to stain. And so do broken friendships. At least metaphorically. LIBRA Why limit yourself to weighing everyone’s haul of candy when you can judge their very SOULS? Warning: judging living people may have unanticipated consequences. OPHIUCHUS Wearing a feather boa may be fashionable, and real boa constrictors may make a cool costume, but they are called constrictors for a reason: being special bites, or at least strangles.

By Zhenglin Liu Illustrations by Jaerelle Lim and Jordynn Lim

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THE GHOST OF DORM 13 Elena Bell had a clear goal from an early age, from kindergarten through to high school: all she wanted to do was studying engineering at the University of Toronto’s engineering department, which was the oldest such institute in the region. She spent much of her time researching the engineering program and studying, and as a result, she graduate top of her class and was accepted into the University of Toronto. She was elated, for her dreams had finally come true. Alas, she found herself having a difficult time in university because her childhood years had not provided her with the skills necessary to make friends and interact in social situations. As a result, she found herself spending more and more time in the library reading or in her dorm studying. One day, while she was studying alone in her dorm as usual, there was a knock on her door. This was strange because her roommate was out of town visiting her parents and wouldn’t be back for two days. Elena stood up from her desk and walked through the small dingy dorm and arrived at the door where she noticed, as she always does, that there was a small black char mark on the side of the door. The only reason she noticed this was because she spent a lot of time at her desk that was facing the door. When she opened the door, she found herself face to face with a tiny girl who looked no more than fifteen. The girl introduced herself saying that “Hi, my name is Olga, I’m in your engineering 101 class. I was wondering if we could do some homework together.” Elena was thrilled to finally have made a friend and said, “Of course, come on in. Sorry, our dorm is a bit small and I know it smelled a bit like burning but I’ve called the janitor but they can’t seem to find the problem.” Olga comes in to the room and Elena takes her roommate chair and put it next to her roommate’s desk and they proceed to finish their homework, laughing and joking the whole way. After two hours at 10’o’clock precisely, Olga stands up and says in a cheerful tone “Bye, I’ll see you tomorrow in class!” The next day, Elena goes to class, more cheerful than she has been in a long time, but with a slight headache. She shrugged it off and thought that she probably caught a cold the previous night. When Olga showed up in the night, she asked her “Were you in class today?” And Olga said, “Of course, I was sitting in the second row.” Elena thought to herself “That’s strange, I was sitting in the second row but I was probably too focused on the lesson so I didn’t see her.” The next day, Elena went to class and made a point of looking for Olga in the second row so she walked up to the professor after the class and asked “Mr. Brown, is there a student in this class by the name of Olga?” And Mr. Brown said suspiciously, “No, you might want to go to the library and check the whole school reception.” Elena walked to the reception and the receptionist replied to her question “Olga… you can’t be talking about that Olga can you?” Elena was confused, “What do you mean, ‘that Olga’?” and the receptionist answered in a hushed voice… “Ten years ago, a section of the engineering department’s dorm burned down and there was only one casualty in the whole building. It was a girl in Dorm 13.” Elena was shocked. She was in Dorm 13! When she went back to the dorm that night, she waited impatiently to wait for Olga to come: she had so many questions to ask. When Olga finally knocked, she let her immediately to the room. After they sat down and did homework for about 15 minutes, Elena’s curiosity finally got the better of her.” She asked Olga: “Are you sure you’re in Engineering 101?” Olga said: “Yes, of course.” Elena asked Olga “Are you sure you sit in the second row?” Olga said: “Of course.” Elena asked “Olga… Are you dead?” And Olga said: “Yes” By Jeffrey Song and Jay Teo 9 9

A SPOOKY SPATULA By Sahana Devarajan



Preheat the oven to 175


SERVES 36 INGREDIENTS . 1 stick of unsalted butter, at room temperature . ½ cup of sugar . 1 egg yolk . 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract . 1¼ cups of flour .1/2 teaspoon of salt . Green sugar . 5 strands of black licorice 2.5 cm lengths . 36 white chocolate chips . 36 brown mini M&M’s

Mix the butter and sugar in 2. an electric mixer. Add in the yolk and the vanilla extract, then the flour and salt. Mix well. 3. Roll into balls (size of a large marble.) Coat in green sugar. 4. Bake on 2 baking sheets for 12 minutes; at the six-minute mark. 5. After 12 minutes remove the tray from the oven and lightly press your finger into the middle. 6. Push the licorice pieces into the top of the cookie and bake for another 2 minutes.

10 10


Push the pointed end of the white chocolate chip then bake it for 3 minutes.


As soon as you take the tray out at the end of 3 minutes immediately push the M&M into the white chocolate chip.


Wait for the cookies to cool.

GHOSTLY PIZZA Ingredients: . 1tablespoon of olive oil . 450g of frozen pizza dough (thawed) . ž f a cup of jarred tomato sauce .0.25kg of low moisture mozzarella cheese (sliced) . 1 tablespoon of capers

1) PREHEAT oven to 250∘C. Brush the bottom of a baking sheet with olive oil. 2) PRESS the dough down and stretch it evenly to cover the bottom of the sheet. (Hint: If the dough resists at first let it thaw for a minute or so more and then try again.) 3) SPREAD the sauce evenly over the dough, leaving a 2.5cm gap between the edge of the dough. 4) BAKE the pizza until the bottom of the pizza is golden. (Hint: Use spatula to lift up after about 15 minutes) 5) REMOVE the pizza from the oven and use ghost shaped cookie cutters to make the cheese into the shape of ghosts. 6) BAKE the pizza for another 5 minutes and when you remove it put two capers on each ghost as the eyes. 7) PLACE it onto a wire rack and cool for 5 minutes before cutting into pieces and serving. PHOTOS COURTESY OF:

Sounds of the Night Why? Why me? How often do all of someone's tires burst in at 10:45 in the night? All four of them? Not one single tire is working. Here I am, shivering in the blistering cold, staring at my tires, all of them, FLAT. Great, it’s starting to snow. How unfortunate can one person be? All I have got with me is a light cardigan and my mobile phone. My mobile phone. Why on earth wouldn’t I have thought of that before? The worst thing that could happen is… I can’t believe this. This did not just happen. No way. Of all the days I have to be forgetful, I chose today to not charge my phone. Why today? Why me? Why now? It is like my life has turned into a horror story. Like any other horror story, soon I will find myself walking the deep, dark corridors of a vampire’s castle. At this rate that seems extremely likely. Maybe I should just take a walk and see where I turn up. My navigation skills and sense of direction are not that bad. Wait. What am I thinking? That is just a recipe for disaster. Then again, it is better than standing in the cold and waiting for the help that will never come. You can do this. Dig deep and summon that courage that you have stored for the right moment in your life. That is it. I have made my decision. This is it, I am going for a long walk. I am heading in a general south direction but then again I can never be sure. In the distance I can see a dim, flickering light. Great, here comes the bit with the haunted castle. Was this planned? Am I acting in the horror movie of the century? Why don’t I just go get an author to record my life? That would make sense! But any refuge would be brilliant for me right now. Boy, the cold is really cutting through my skin right now. Maybe I should walk a bit faster. The light is getting closer. The hands on my watch are slowly moving closer to 11:30. I have been walking for half an hour now. My legs are pleading me to stop. To take a break. As tempting as it is, I can not waste another second. I drag my feet step by step and slowly inch forwards to the dim, flickering light. I can finally see where the source of the light is coming from. Just as I had predicted, it is a castle looming over me like a kidnapper over a child. I am now hundred percent sure that I am acting in the horror movie of the century. Director? Cameramen? Can we take a tea break? I am less then 700m away. Now would be the perfect time to get my makeup done again. Standing right in front of me is the intimidating castle of doom. Hey, that would be a good sentence for the start of a chapter. But the same thought keeps popping into my head. Any place to stay would be great now. Inch by inch I am making my way to the dark mahogany door. This is really starting to get intimidated now. Right now I am just longing for the comfort of my home. A familiar place. I just really hope that the people in this castle re hospitable, and they have hot chocolate. Note to myself: Next time, bring a warmer jumper. First step, second step, third step and I am standing in the middle of the entrance hallway. Well, maybe this isn’t as haunted as I thought I would be. Wait a second, is it normal for castle to be speaking? Because right now this one is. Is seems to be saying, “One more hour, one more hour, one more hour.” Oh right, I forgot I am acting in the horror movie of the century. Sound effects… 12 12

I am exploring the corridors of the second floor. The castle now seems to be saying “ 45 minutes, 45 minutes.� Maybe now would be a good time to stop the sound effects. Guys? Tech dudes? I keep having this feeling that I am being followed. Every now and then, there is this gush of wind, like a chill running up my spine. Like my life is going to come to an end. Wait. Wait. A chill is running up my spine, a voice saying 45 minutes, and my life is coming to an end. It all makes sense now. Someone wanted me to be stuck on that street, with all my tires flat. Someone wanted me to end up in this castle. Someone wanted me to die. This is not a movie: it is my life. My life, shortened down to a mere 45 minutes. This will be the last, painful 45 minutes of my life.

By Sahana Devarajan 13 13

The Shanghai Rolex Masters Tennis Tournament D’JOURNAL: How would you describe the games AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, last October, Shanghai The Shanghai Rolex Masters being played? Were they interesting? was graced with top Tennis players from around the Mr. Brown: When we got there, we saw Djokovik, world for the Shanghai Tennis Masters Tournament that Berdych, a bit of a boring game, not really exciting, Tennis Tournament was held here in Shanghai. While I am sure that many of you Tennis fans out there were at the venue to see either Federer, Djokovic or Murray, but don’t worry if you did not get the chance to see this event because we have the full account of the event. Mr. Brown has kindly offered to give his account on the event, and to tell us about his experiences at the ATP tournament. D’JOURNAL: Hello Mr. Brown, so when did you go to see the Tennis Masters tournament, and whom did you go with? th Mr. Brown: So, I went to the Semi-Finals, on the 12 of October, I didn’t go to the Finals, because I thought that if I went to the Semi-Finals, I would be able to see three games. I went with Ms. Hobkinson and Ms. Murphy, and it took a long time to get there, where the stadium is, was right at the end of Line 1, and then a thirty minute bus ride as well, so really difficult to get there.

Djokovik managed to beat him without even trying, so not very interesting. The next game however, Federer Vs. Murray, was very exciting, some really good Tennis being played there, and because we were British, we were all cheering for Murray, but where we were at the stadium, everyone around us was supporting Roger Federer, so it was really weird. Funnily, this is the first time I have ever been in that situation, where I have been cheering on the “underdog,” so I was a little bit surprised. It was really nice at the end of it. What happened was that Murray needed one more game to win, but at one point it started to rain, so they had to put the roof to the stadium, and that took thirty minutes to do that. Murray only needed one more game, but the roof had to go across. After the half an hour break, both players came out again, and Murray served and won the game.

Continued… Continued… 14 14

(Continued) D’JOURNAL(Continued) What other sports events in Shanghai that you would like to see? Mr. Brown: Well, there is the golf tournament coming up soon. I love the fact that Shanghai has so many sporting events to offer to anyone living here. I saw the Snooker last year. And I am sure there is more to look forward to. D’JOURNAL: What did you think of the stadium? Mr. Brown: The stadium was fantastic. It was nice, and closed. Around the outside of the stadium, all the facilities were all really good, and there were lots of outlets. Very nice, and reasonable prices too actually, it wasn’t too bad. They had a Hâagen Dasz stand and Papa Johns.

‘FEDERER VS MURRAY WAS VERY EXCITING.’ D’JOURNAL: Did you feel the game was worth your money? Mr. Brown: The cost we paid, I think was around 800 kuai, per person, for the whole day. So we got to see a doubles game, and we got to see three out of the four top players in the world. However, I know that if you went outside the ground on the day, you’d probably be able to buy tickets for just a bit more than half the price, but obviously you are gambling there your chances of getting the tickets. I think they charged that much, because they knew there would be plenty of people to pay that price.

‘HARD WORK AND DEDICATION OF THESE PLAYERS.’ D’JOURNAL: Do you yourself play tennis? How big of a Tennis fan are you? Mr. Brown: I think I am terrible at Tennis, but I believe that I am an “armchair” fan, I’d like to think that I am as good as these players, but when you put a racket in my hand, I am anything but a good tennis player. It’s one of the sports, where the reason I like watching it so much, is because I like to see the hard work and dedication of these players, perfecting their serves. If I were to play for a couple of months regularly, I could serve pretty well. But if you stop for a while, you go back to where you started. So I have a lot of respect and appreciation to the commitment these guys play and the ladies as well at the WTA. But they play pretty much almost every week of the year. So before they came to Shanghai, they played in Japan, and obviously they had a busy summer as well at the Wimbledon followed by the Olympics. and so you have to be extremely fit, and extremely focused, and it is not just about fitness of body but also fitness of mind as well.

The Junior School at the Tennis Tournament.

15 15

D’JOURNAL: What is your favourite Tennis tournament? Mr. Brown: Obviously for me, being from England, I love Wimbledon. I like the fact that the grass surface is always a lot quicker, so it doesn’t last as long as these hard court games. Some of the rallies played in the hard-court went on for forty shots, as much as you are getting your money’s worth, I kind like the short, sharp games like that. I also like the fact that unlike other tournaments, they play in traditional white uniforms; it’s a requirement. For me as a British traditionalist, I like to see a player dressed in white, playing on grass. D’JOURNAL: What was the most memorable part of the day?


Mr. Brown: I think just really at the very end of the MurrayFederer Game, it was a very captivating game to watch, and there was a good banter between us three (the teachers) and the rest of the stadium. Every time there was a point for Federer, they would cheer, and only us three in the whole stadium booed them. Which created an interesting contrast. The best part would be when Murray won that match point, and we could all go “AAAHHHH,” before running and escaping quickly from the angered crowds.

Roger Federer and Andy Murray shaking hands at the end of the match

D’JOURNAL: How could you sum up the experience in a few words? Mr. Brown: It’s a bit hard to sum it as a whole in a few words. Right, so a few words would be: exciting, great atmosphere, victory for Britain, and I think it was proud. It was proud because Roger Federer has been arguably the most successful tennis star of all time, and to see Murray to come against him and to beat him, especially with the crowd not with him, was really something to admire. I have a new found respect for Tennis. Out of ten, I would give it an 8, a big thumbs up! It was a long day, and because of the transport we didn’t get back home until 1:30 in the morning.

The Stadium for the ATP Tennis Tournament.

Interview by: Tanisha Kharwadkar and Warit Techavachara

16 16

About Unique Illnesses: Pica and Self-Cannibalism By Vincent Choi EVERYONE needs to eat something to survive, and everyone has his or her favorite food. However, there is an illness that prevents people from eating their favorite foods. It makes people lick the blackboard, break the window, and consume themselves. This illness is pica. Pica is a mental disorder that makes a person want to eat inedible things, such as nails, clay, chalk, and dirt. It may also make a person want to eat food ingredients that are not prepared in a normal sense, for example, raw potato, flour, or starch. Research suggests that pica is caused by mineral deficiency. The symptoms of this mental disorder are very simple - it is just when a person is willing to eat substances that are not normally eaten. For someone to be diagnosed with pica, his or her unusual eating pattern should last at least one month. There are lots of types of pica, including: ▪ Amylophagia (consumption of starch) ▪ Coprophagy (consumption of feces) ▪ Geomelophagia (consumption of raw potatoes) ▪ Geophagy (consumption of soil, clay, or chalk) ▪ Hyalophagia (consumption of glass) ▪ Self-cannibalism (consumption of body parts, Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome) From the types of pica above, I am going to talk specifically about self-cannibalism (as it is Halloween). Self-cannibalism is, as mentioned before, consumption of one’s own body parts. This can be in a number of different ways: for example, a habit of biting fingernails can develop into the consumption of fingernails. Other forms of self-cannibalism include eating one’s own hair, which may cause hairballs to form inside the stomach. More serious injuries can be caused by worse cases of self-cannibalism, such as when a person is made to consume his/her own blood (autovampirism) or skin. Several well known incidents have happened related to self-cannibalism. In 16th century, Spanish colonists forced the natives in South America to eat their testicles, and in the 1990s, young people in Sudan were forced to eat their own ears. In 2007, Chilean artist, Marco Evaristti, invited his friends for a dinner party. He served agnolotti pasta topped with meatballs made with his fat removed in a liposuction operation. Last year (2011) in New Zealand, a 28-year-old man cut off his finger using electric saw and cooked it with vegetables to eat them for dinner. Mentally healthy people like us would find pica and self-cannibalism very scary and freaky, but we should not think them as being strange, since people suffering from pica and selfcannibalism are still human, just afflicted by a horrible illness.

17 17

JOLTING JOKES A woman whose husband often came home drunk decided to cure him of the habit. One Halloween night, she put on a devil suit and hid behind a tree to intercept him on the way home. When her husband came by, she jumped out and stood before him with her red horns, long tail, and pitchfork. "Who are you?" he asked. "I'm the Devil!" she responded. "Well, come on home with me," he said, "I married your sister!" **** Q: What did the really ugly man do for a living? A: He posed for Halloween masks! **** Q: What is a child's favourite type of Halloween candy? A: Lots a candy! **** A few days after Halloween, Sally came home with a bad report card. Her mother asked why her grades were so low. Sally answered, "Because everything is marked down after holidays!" **** Q: What do ghosts eat for breakfast on Halloween? A: Shrouded Wheat. Ghost Toasties. Scream of Wheat. Terr-fried eggs. Rice Creepies. **** Knock, knock! Who's there? Annie. Annie who? Annie body home? **** Peter: Do you like the vampire? Jack: Yes, it was love at first bite! **** Read more at

18 18

AMANDA By Jay Teo and Lewis Dunn Amanda’s parents had left her alone at home trusting that she would be fine. Little did they know, when they said goodbye to her for the night, it would be the last time they saw her…. in one piece! No one heard her begs for mercy as she begged for her assailant to stop. No one heard her cries of pain as the life slowly ebbed out of. Amanda Clark had died truly without any human company to console her in her last moment. She had been doing homework at the kitchen table. So innocent … Not knowing that in a few hours, her short life would be over. Not knowing that unfinished homework was the least of her worries. The phone rang and she picked it up. “Run… run while you still can, child. You don’t have much time left.” The person on the line sounded old and slightly senile, Amanda thought it was a prank call so she laughed it off. If only she had heed the stranger’s warning, her body parts would not be found scattered all around the house in a few hours. This thought played over and over in her mind during the last few hours of her life. “If only I had answered the phone, oh, if only I had answered the phone.” A storm started and the lights in the house started flickering. Amanda laughed and felt as if she was in a concert. She only started panicking when all the lights in the house went off and a hooded figure carrying a candle entered her house. She whimpered and it took her brains a few moments to register the threatening figure before her. When she did, she started running to her room, hoping to barricade herself in the room and to call for help. The hooded figure shook his head, knowing that her efforts were completely futile. He was on her before she even made it to stairs. She was dragged kicking and screaming to the basement of her house, her screams muffled by the sound of the storm outside. In the process of dragging her to the basement, her attacker’s hood fell off, revealing a gaunt face that looked to be burned by acid multiple times. His eyes were hollow, his nose a slit and his mouth, a barely visible thin line. Seeing her attacker’s face seemed to weaken Amanda’s resolve to live and her screams for help turned into sobs for mercy. He stroked her hair gently and she whimpered softly, anticipating what would happen next. He smiled calmly and produced a box of spiders. He carefully took a spider out of the box and prepared to put it in Amanda’s mouth. Amanda started to thrash and attempted to break free from the man’s grip but she was too weak. The spider slowly entered her mouth and she wanted to scream but doing so would mean swallowing the spider. Her attacker smiled calmly again and closed her mouth in the same way; a father might close a child’s mouth. The tears started to pour from her eyes as she felt the spider creep down her throat. Amanda closed her eyes and willed it all to be over but her waking nightmare was only just beginning. Amanda’s parents returned home from their dinner to find their front door wide open and 19 19

Amanda’s body parts: all of them, save the heart, scattered all over the floor. Eight bottles of blood were stacked neatly on the kitchen table while numerous spiders ran everywhere. Amanda Clarke did not die peacefully. Amanda Clarke was only 17 and had her whole life ahead of her. She did nothing wrong but died painfully and tragically anyways. Now legend has it that Amanda forever haunts her hometown, her soul unable to find peace because of the tragic and painful way that she had died. She plants thoughts in the minds of a pair of young lovers every night, luring them to the woods, and watches them, angry at the fact that she had died at such a young age, never getting the chance to love and be loved. She then mutilates them in the same way she has been mutilated but she saves the heart, she always saves the heart. Amanda Clarke can never come to terms with the brutality of her death and she will never find peace. She will haunt the town of Rosewood for as long as hushed murmurs continues to tell of her and her victims’ horrific deaths.

20 20

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