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Ethernet Connector - P1

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The RJ45 Ethernet connector has eight pins and the wire scheme is based on the T568A standard. The pins are wired straight through the cable, that is, pins 1 through 8 on one end are connected to pins 1 through 8 on the other end.

RS485 serial interface – J41 This board has one RS485 serial interface for both 2-wire and 4wire communication. The communication can be in half duplex or full duplex. The RS485 supports also multi-drop serial networks for half duplex.

Relay – J1 Pin 1 = RCOM Pin 2 = ROPEN Pin 3 = RCLOSE

Service interface – J43 This interface can be used for SDK SW development. Do not use the Service interface as a regular system interface.

RS232 Pinout - J42 (3 Wire) Pin 1 = TX (Blue) Pin 2 = RX (White) Pin 3 = GND (Silver)

Power Supply - J31 Pin 1 = POS / + (Red) Pin 2 = NEG / - (Black) Listed or Certified, Class 2 or LPS power source suitable for outdoor use, rated 24Vdc, 1A Wiegand / Mag-stripe - J2 (4 Wire) Pin 1 = D0 / CLK (Blue) Pin 2 = D1 / DATA (Blue/White) Pin 3 = CL / LOAD (Brown - Rarely Used) Pin 4 = GND / GND (Brown/White)

Access System

External Source DC Voltage

In some scenarios you may have to add Pull-up Resistors to the Access System side to read the Wiegand Format correctly



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