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A Catalogue of Greetings Cards – 2014 The size of all square cards is: 15 x 15 cm (envelope: 15,5 x 15,5)

Steve Brown, June 2nd 2014 (The blue background to each illustration in this catalogue is not part of the card. The image goes right to the edge of the card.)

01: Puig de Misa, Sta Eulalia, Ibiza

02: Puig de Misa, Sta Eulalia, Ibiza

03: Chertsey Bridge, Reino Unido

10: Barco Loco

12: En el Mercado del Leon

25: Cables de RENFE, CelrĂ

27: Casas del Onyar, Girona

65: Pimientas

68: Parc de la Devesa

70: Celrà in a naïve style!

71: Casa de Onyar en azul y gris

73: La Catedral de Girona

92: Playa de Castell (near to Palam贸s)

93: Rainy Day in Girona

95: Dos Barcos

100: Libros en Acuarela

080: Arcos de Pals - Cuadro en Acuarela

096: A Surreal Cathedral

100: A Different view of the Cathedral

074: Plaรงa de Independencia - Day

075: ‌ and during the evening

014: The Church of St Esteve, Madremanya

099: The Eiffel Bridge, Girona

064: Cristophe Colomb, Barcelona

072: A Rainy Day in Barcelona

Christmas Cards 015




102: There is a new Christmas card each year. This was published in December 2013.

069: A Toyshop Nativity