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Proof of Concept Sewbo’s technique was demonstrated with an off-the-shelf industrial robot and consumer sewing machine Demonstration produced the world’s first robotically-sewn garment

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Note: Off-camera, manual labor was used for molding and welding panels, but robots routinely carry out analogous tasks in factories today

Reception: • Overwhelming, mostly positive • Huge demand for automation • Capex sticker shock

Engaging with Manufacturers on a Global Scale

Note: The list presented here is not exhaustive

Next steps to commercialization: • Fundraising • Team building • Industry partnerships

Future is bright for automation • Labor costs ↑, Tech Costs ↓ • Capabilities will expand. • Time to shift attitudes now.

Implications of Automation Reduces demand for low-cost labor - But does not eliminate it - @sewbo_/ @jonzornow

Session01 Speaker02 Mr Jonathon Zornowo Sewbo  
Session01 Speaker02 Mr Jonathon Zornowo Sewbo