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Gastric sleeve surgery Mexico: A better option for all obese patients The present scenario states that Mexico has become a great hub and a popular destination for carrying out various medical procedures like gastric sleeve surgery for treating obesity. Now there are many questions that may be arising in your mind: •

Opting for a weight loss surgery in Mexico is really fruitful or not?

What are the side effects, the benefits and disadvantages that can erupt while carrying out the surgery overseas?

There are certain advantages associated with carrying out the gastric sleeve in Mexico. These advantages are mentioned below: Advantages of opting for Gastric sleeve Mexico: Cheaper cost The first and foremost concern of every individual is cost as money is a factor that is considered by every people despite of their income and status. When compared, you will come to know that the cost of the medical procedures in Mexico is cheaper than USA. If you undergo a gastric sleeve in mexico, the surgery will cost you around 50% cheaper here than in U.S. Quality healthcare Quality healthcare is an issue that is very sensitive. Everyone will wish that the place where they are treated should be clean and pure. Mexico is one such place where it has been ranked at 61st position in terms of quality healthcare by WHO.

Mexico has a high number of specialists and highly experienced bariatric surgeons.

It has a good number of technically equipped hospitals which becomes a great attraction to many medical tourists.

No waiting lines An attractive feature is that here, there is a facility of providing immediate treatment to the patients. The concept of waiting lines does not exist over here.

Proximity Because of its geographical location, Mexico is too close to US and Canada and this makes an easy option for all the North Americans. Cheaper drugs Not only the treatment, but, even the medicines available over here are 50% cheaper than the US. Because of this, the cost of entire treatment comes down! No Visa Requirement If Americans want to opt Mexico for the treatment, then they won’t require any visa as they just need a tourist card that can be easily obtained at all Mexican consulates. Thus, the problem of getting visa is eliminated over here. Mexico: a wonderful city with many tourist destinations: Apart from all this, Mexico is a wonderful city that offers a variety of tourist attractions like the sunny beaches, awesome colonial architecture, fascinating ancient sites and its rich culture!

Gastric sleeve surgery Mexico: A better option for all obese patients