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Gastric sleeve surgery: a great kick to weight loss! The world is experiencing one of the biggest epidemics in the present time – obesity. The number of obese people has really exploded in the last decades. In spite of trying out every way to reduce, those stubborn extra pounds didn’t find their way out. Looking to this everyone focused on only one option – surgery, as it gave a definite guaranteed result that helped people to reduce weight and to look like as they wanted to! Thus, procedures like gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery are the surgical interventions that have been developed for treating morose obesity. Generally, gastric sleeve surgery is chosen as it is intended to offer a quick weight loss by rendering a reduced stomach along with reduction in craving for food. Is Gastric Sleeve right for you? As a surgery brings a dramatic change in one’s lifestyle, undergoing it requires a great effort. The decision of undergoing the surgery is really a major one as you even need to choose between all the available bariatric procedures that are available for weight loss. If you wish to take an expert advice before finalizing things, you can opt for consultation as this will enable you to decide that which bariatric surgery will help the most and will be best for you. If you intend to select the gastric sleeve surgery for your weight loss, then below mentioned are certain conditions that will help you to determine that whether you are a right candidate to opt for the same. • • •

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The candidate must be between the age group of 18-65 years. The BMI i.e. the Body Mass Index of that candidate must be more than 40. if the BMI of a candidate is less than 40 and between 35-39, and is suffering from obesity health problems like sleep apnea, diabetes or joint problem – then he may be considered for gastric sleeve surgery. The candidate must be facing this problem of overweight and obesity for minimum five years, and then only he is eligible for this surgery. He/she should not possess Hernia Hiatus or any other type of gastric problems. If the candidate is thinking to opt for surgery, he must be firm and should mentally be prepared to face dramatic and long term life changes post surgery. He/she must be healthy enough to bear all the physical stress of the entire procedure and should be able to accept the surgical risk parameters.

There are certain precautions that must be taken by the candidate before surgery: • •

If you are a chain smoker, then it is very important for you to quit smoking, as it has greater chances of having the risk of infections Opt for a special diet course before undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery.

Thus, proper measures and precautions will surely enable you to stay fit by making your life – a healthy and a colorful one.

Gastric sleeve surgery: a great kick to weight loss! - The decision of undergoing the surgery is really a major one as you even need to ch...

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