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02-2002 NORLITE

Sagtikos Parkway Bridge LOCATION Long Island Expressway Long Island, New York

Bridge Damaged by Fire Norlite Lightweight Aggregated Used in Inverset™ Redecking

STRUCTURAL ENGINEER New York State DOT LIGHTWEIGHT CERAMIC AGGREGATE PRODUCER Norlite CONTRACTOR Hendrickson Brothers PRECAST PRODUCER The Fort Miller Co., Inc. OWNER New York State DOT SPECIFICATIONS Span: 95’ 6” Lightweight Aggregate Concrete 5,000 psi @ 120 lbs/ft3

The Sagtikos Parkway Bridge on the Long Island Expressway shortly after collision of a gasoline tanker

BRIDGE DAMAGED BY FIRE The collision of a gasoline tanker resulted in damage to and subsequent removal of Span 2 and Pier 2 of the Sagtikos Parkway Bridge on the Long Island Expressway. The repair/replacement project required that a minimum of one lane of traffic be maintained during the reconstruction project. LIGHTWEIGHT INVERSET™ UNITS REPLACE CENTER BRIDGE SPAN After construction of a new pier, Inverset™ units were used to replace the bridge section. According to Peter J. Smith, P.E., Vice President of Market Development and Product Engineering at The Fort MIller Company, Inc., “The sizes of the Inverset units were the largest ever made up to that point. For that reason, lightweight aggregate concrete was used.” Inverset™ units are manufactured in the Fort Miller’s plant using a unique inverted casting process to yield the highest quality deck surface. TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS (Inverset™) • • • • •

Lightweight Concrete: 5,000 psi • Dry Unit Weight: 120 lbs/ft3 Number of Spans: 1 • Number of Units: 5 • Design Live Load: HS-25 Structural Steel: A572 Gr. 50 with 3 coats Epoxy Urethane paint system Skew: 20.29 degrees Over-all Width: 43’ 9” • Over-all Length 96’ 2” • Span 95’ 6”

ESCSI Sagtikos Parkway Bridge


NORLITE LIGHTWEIGHT AGGREGATE SOLVES PROBLEM Rotary kiln produced Norlite expanded shale lightweight aggregate was used in the precast Inverset™ units to achieve desired measures of strength and weight. Huge 96’ 2” precast Inverset™ unit ready to be lifted from transport and put into place

96’ 2” Inverset™ Unit

Inverset™ Unit placed on existing bridge supports

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Completed placement of Inverset™ Units on the Sagtikos Parkway Bridge.

ESCSI Sagtikos Parkway Bridge


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Sagtikos Bridge