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Road embankment

The longest road bridge over ground in Denmark is situated in the Skive Ådal stream valley. The 441 m long bridge is part of a connecting road south of the town of Skive and is constructed in a typical soft soil area. Two 10 m high embankments form the connection to the bridge. The core of the embankments consists of compressed lightweight aggregate – a solution that, in addition to being economical and easy to work with, reduces differential settings between bridge and embankments to an absolute minimum. The problem for the Danish Road Directorate and the consultants in connection with the Skive Ådal embankments was to limit the pressure of the 10 m high constructions on the soft valley soil and thus minimize the risk of settings in places where the bridge itself and the embankment met. By using Leca lightweight aggregate as filling as opposed to traditional soil or sand filling, a considerably smaller pressure was achieved – approx. 2 tons less per m3 and an effective reduction of the differential settings. Experience shows that roads with lightweight aggregate as lightweight fill will settle max. 1-2 cm, even several years after opening. The core of the two embankments is constructed of a total of 13.000 m3 of lightweight filling based on 0-32 mm lightweight aggregate with an average dry density of 300 kg/m3. The lightweight aggregate is applied in layer thicknesses of 75 cm and in order to avoid mixing of materials, the lightweight aggregate is “wrapped” in a fibre cover with a 50 cm overlap at the joints. The lightweight filling core is covered with a supporting layer of earth fill. This provides a both stable and simple solution to the geotechnical problem faced by this project. maxitGroup AB, Box 415, SE-191 24 Sollentuna, Sweden Tel.: +46 (0)8 858 70 64 00, E-mail:

DENMARK TECHNICAL DATE OF THE PROJECT Designer: Geoteknisk Institut. Contractor: Højgaard & Schultz. Place of job: Skive Ådal, Denmark. Period of job: 1995. Volume: 13.000 m3. Type of material: Leca® 0-32 mm. Others: Denmark's longest road bridge over ground. 441 m long bridge.

construction is

3.001 - Denmark - Skive - 1995  

Skive Adal Bridge - Lightweight Ramps for the Bridge Connection Skive Adal

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