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300 m section with Leca as insulation of a new pipeline in shallow trench. A renovation of a local road placed over the pipeline also include this project. The problem was feasibility of a trench to frostfree depth in soft soils and clay. With a shallow system the trench depth was reduced with about 50 % of normal excavation depth. This simplifies the excavation and problems with slope stability and ground water level. The trench was excavated to desired depth at about 1,20 m, and a geotextile was laid out on the bottom and covered up along the slopes. An adjustment of the bottom with crushed fine fraction of rock was carried out before the pipelines was laying out. After this the Leca was blown directly into the trench up to a level about 0,3 m over the top of the pipeline. The geotextile was now laid out over the top of the Leca and crushed rock and gravel for the sub base of the local road was installed.

NORWAY TECHNICAL DATE OF THE PROJECT Designer: Fjellanger Widerøe as. Contractor: Valdres Anlegg as. Place of job: Nesbukta in Asker. Period of job: 2002. Volume: 800 m3. Type of material: Leca® 10-20.

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construction is

7.001 - Norway - Nesbukta - 2002  

Trench Nesbukta - Shallow Trench Insulation with LECA - Asker

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