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Double track railway stretch Ski-Moss, Section: Tveter-Vestby NORWAY – 1988

Railways (02-004-A)

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Problem Extension of the Ski-Moss railway stretch to double track on subsoil with low load-bearing capacity; Construction without interruption in traffic.


Cubic Area: approx. 14,000 m3. Load: 100 units/day.

Superstructure Track bed.

Flaws/damage Type: settlements –› small damage at culverts and slopes. Time: not known.

Base Crushed rock; ® Leca 0-32 mm (<400 kg/m3), thickness 1-2 m; Geotextile as separating membrane.

Maintenance work Normal, small repairs necessary.

Subsoil Marshland; Soft clay; Unconsolidated clay with high proportion of organic components.

Appraisal/Experiences ® Use of Leca has been successful.


Building method Construction in sections 1. Removal of the organic material + excavation to ground level; 2. Partial pre-loading of the subsoil; ® 3. Application of the Leca by tipping from a site road running alongside; ® 4. Spreading and compacting of the Leca with a bulldozer; 5. Application of the crushed rock layer; 6. Construction of the superstructure.

Quality control No data.

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NORWAY – 1988 Railways (02-004-A)