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Claerhout's hoto andfilm studio .;.1:.t,:. I a.:a .::.


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$TFq$LS'Y#ilfT- flr$4#TflJffi ilq&Ffth{Yil)Hffi T$vffi $-$ v$#ffi'ffiF-4 $f\T.ilild,-s-ffi ffiffifllq

,;!t:i.:. r,:::'lL.:; :l:::i::i" a wellknown Claerhout advertising agency withpublicity consultancy, digital interactive layout,photography, hypermedia, etc...asmostimportant activities. Theirbrandnewofficeshavea triangular inspired surface by the shapeof the (blocks premises. A prismshaped basevolume A & C)is cutintwobya bigparaf (block C). lelepiped Blocks A & C contain offices, stairways, enkance hall,... In blockB allstudioactivities takeplace.Theroofontop of blockB is a curved metallic scalewhichseems to connect A & C. thetwoofficebuildings Theinterior wallsof thisbuilding aremadeof Topargex fair-faced masonry because andacoustic of bothaesthetic reasons. qualities thatTopargex It is wellknown blockshaveexcellent sound absorbing and intheworldof advertising especially thesequalities aredecisive. I

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Fn#iffiâ‚Ź+FinH 6r. Bure Sieyer - Wiflnijk {fantsvreria} !r" &ure Se+skmroms- 6h*nf


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A tradition;ihr":use conirieleiyr;lbiiliiwiih Lrii:ai:r:til'ttng blacit

A housewith traditions &


l*nstriltii,in: Oirt*rlurails: 29 cm i-ecabrricirng blricks innelu'.rails: 12 rn Lecahliiclingbiocks inl*rrfil siair$and rp*n file witl',chiililfl't usingLeca bL:ilding L: i*r k s* f v a n o u si h i c k n *ss 'lre*tmerl: [{tsrinr: plastefaild lintewash inteiicr:*ifrstsr*nd lin':ewash filrl,hs;'fret;rils: unclcr",flcrr h*atingopen pian Lrplo rocf, *co' tri:rr iii lr:rf insulaiicri )esign: s*iirJ!-er:*burlding hriocks in $tnlctilralparti. irl;]itsi with variedtintingandwondfacade

Pbie(t H o ge sto d 3 I:2 1 Size: | 37 m" Owner Jiirgen Ellfors, Viixiii Architect Arkiiekt & Inredningsotelie, Viixiii, Jiirgen Ellfors

Thisusedto beanoldlistedhouselongduefor renovation, However, it proved to be in suchpoorcondition thatthe architect andowner,JorgenEllfors, decided to it andreplace demolish it witha building in thesamestylebutusinga structure of Lecabuilding blocks. Thistypeof house is verytypical of southern Sweden. Originally, suchhouses were builtof brick.lnthissearch for a building material withthesamecharacteristics, the - a modern architect discovered Lecabuilding blocks variant of traditional brick.At thesametime,theyfittedinwiththeaimof building anecological house. Thehouse usesLecabuilding blocks inboththeinnerandouterwalls. Natural materialshavebeenusedthroughout. Roofinsulation is of eco{ibre. Thebuilding hasan openplanrightupto theroof,giving a wonderful feeling of spaceandatmosphere. heating is provided Under-floor in everyroom.Theinteriorclimateis verypleasant economy is excellent. andheating During construction, it wasfoundthatLecabuilding blocks opened thewayto improvisation. Usingimaginative solutions, a variety of unusual details were andfeatures created, suchas thestairsoveran openfine.JorgenEllforssaysthatit is easyto workwithLecabuilding blocks - justmeasure, sawandplaster. Limewash in differwasusedontheplaster entcolours to create exciting contrasts. I

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Transparent arcade

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(W),Italy, Thebuilding, builtbetween 1990and1991,is Montebelluna andis owned specialized by a company, in manufacturing textilelabels andoffering a fineniche product. personalized thatthebuilding It wasnecessary couldgivea precise elegant image (faqades byusingpolychromatic materials outdoors weaving) combined withbuilding andmaintenance minimum costsandwithbuilding a pleasant workplace withcorrerooms. latedindoors pointof view,largeboundary Fromthetechnical andlorpartition walls,alternately dividing officeandproduction area,a modular composition element for smalland andarchitectural bigopenings, details easyto bebuiltsuchasheadsills, abutments, skirtroofs,etc.combined withspecial itemswererequired. Inconclusion, therewasa needfor a sheltering andqualifying element: a lightand porticoenclosed transparent between twoclosedanddullflightsof stairs.Thebest wasconcrete, solution fromandpolycarbonate for the porticoanduncovered expanded clayblocks fortheboundary andstairs walls. prefabricated. Thesupporting skucture waspartially builtonsiteandpartially Portico, stairsandboundary wallscanclearly be distinguished andareable,either singularly or altogether, to givea precise image. It hasto be underlined thatmasonry is uncovered indoors andoutdoors andthat overtheyearsthebuilding hasbeenwarminwinter andcoolin summer. Nomildew hasbeenfoundonthewall,notevenonthenorthern andeastern ones.Blocks have kepttheircolours excellently overtheyears.I


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Proiect ond works direcfion Gionni Cenedese, orchitect Monfebellunc (TV)

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Stotic onolysis ing. Gionfronco Andreqzzq Monrebelluno (TV)

tr.:tiif ii;,riCiirg ii.iyi;g!.11: nr.i ;l* iG 'trr *rcirs+ ihe s'i:ts: "siil::cllingi:,:eli" suprp, ileigciagf i:els:'delrr;1:t* .r,t;ii" io di:irngrisiith* 5;rberL:*::rrri,:i+ri'.jifre

Building compqny Froncesco Groppo Monrebelluno (TV) Photogrophy Aurelio Ponfcnoli

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Renovation of the Saint LambertSquare &r\ffi T[-frH & hiKWt&Yffi[_jT *#ruSTffiL"jtTH#hd ffiF A $$".{*PP UffiAffiffiAffiffi AruMAru il r,,x ffiffiffiffiffiffitJt\Jffi ffit",$s sTATH#rru


Conslruciion Engineers Lesoge of Bressoux Archilects Lequerre of Alleur (Li69e) Atelier de 5ort-Tilmqni of Tilff (tidge) Controciors A. M. de Bogeci - Besix - Fronki - Gcldre



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& project in Lidge, including a newlayout Square of theSaintLambert Therenovation has busstation, arcadeandan underground of a shopping andthe construction andnumerous difficulties Unforeseen in thepastquarter century, famous become considerably. slowed downtheprocess changes firmSart withthearchitect's intheearlynineties, together Argexcameinthepicture helped of theproduct characteristics Theveryspecific Tilmant of TilffnearLidge. problems Wewouldn't difficult to overcome. thatwereextremely solvestructural project" can onlyArgex butfactisthatbyfarallthesolutions darecallthisan"Argex (structural - lightweight- thermal& properties stability offerdueto its remarkable - fire+esistant) here. wereapplied insulation acoustic The thestreetcoarse. underneath Between 1990and1996thesoilwasheightened road,it must Asthisis a national a newlayout. to enable latterhadto be replaced withloadsup to 360 transports exceptional lawbe ableto withstand by Belgian parkingunderneath the of the underground structure tons.Whenthe concrete asthat.And werenonexistent, assimple wasbuilt,plans forthisroadcourse square weight wasof vitalimporcutting thevolume of thewholeintoconsideration, taking tance. in widthfrom hasbeencastvarying about8"000m' of Argexconcrete Therefore, weighslessthan650 kglm3as concrete 30 to a 120 cm. As this cavernous (app.1,800kglm'). heightening to a normal opposed clinkers. sandandporphyry concrete, stabilized of cavernous Thefinalsoilconsists A textilesheethasbeenplacedunderthe streets,togetherwithan extensive drainage system. dating the square, underneath Andthentherewerethe ruinsof an oldcathedral churches. A moremodest anditselfbuilton ruinsof earlier fromthe 12thcentury Thesitewasimmediately for thecontractors. annightmare feastfor archeologists, protected to beableto visita wanted thepublic Thecitycouncil bythegovernment. parking wasalso partof theruinsandbaptized An underground rt "Archeoforum". planned atthrsveryspot. whilstlargespansof at werecompletely outof thequestion, Knowing thatcolumns Argex conforthe"Archeoforum", werenecessary to builda ceiling least20 metres Thisalsoenabled the andlightweightwastheanswer. cretewithits lowdensity structure of the underwhilstthe concrete thickness, floorto keepa reasonable parking ground anychanges. didn'thaveto undergo putforward 500 Lesage, approximately engineers by conskuction Forthissolution, This of y < 1.600kglm3andR > 30 N/mm'wasutilized. m3structural concrete constairs, outof reinforced namely themostsubstantial including someelements, crete. thatis forthejoistsof thesquare, wasapplied concrete Againin 1997prestressed About600m3of semicavernous arcade. andtheshopping to saytheArcheoforum studied wasusedandcastwitha hasbeencarefully Argexconcrete pointcharges. to important capitels andresist to beableto receive withgrits a raising services of thecityof Lidgesuggested Stillin 1997,theplanting square. ontheNotger to create a greenareainthevicinity, withdraining capacities inbulkas sub160m3of Argexpellets metby usingaround waseasily Thrsdemand andvegetation. soilforsubstratum effectof a largearea Theunderground busstationwiththe typicalreverberation proposed visible masonry TheArchitect's FirmLequerre askedfor sound-proofing. blocs about350m3Topargex Forthispurpose, withhighquality soundabsorption. parking the is adjacentto thistunnel, inthistunnel. Astheunderground wereutilized wasanother advantage. blocks, capacities of Topargex fire+esistant -)


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conis to protectthejoistsoutof reinforced Wecometo 1999,wherethechallenge of the cretefromfire,Thesejoistswillin a laterstageserveto allowextensions abovetherailroad. Palace of Justice nomainterequirements: absolutely Railroad Company's Andwecometo theBelgian levelof 4 hoursminino riskof coming looseanda fire+esistancy nancerequired, justa few.Thesolution wasfoundinusingpanels, to thisproblem mal.,. to mention andthatthetotalsurface aresuspended intoconsideration thatthesepanels Taking is no lessthan3.000m'?,again,cuttingweightwasof theupmost to be protected imoortance. plus, noproblem whatsoever, saying thatthefirsttwocriteriacaused It goeswithout Rf = 4 hours,whichwas ceilingpanelshavean outstanding the fire-resistant of about1.500 by applying a layerof only14 cmthickof Argexconcrete obtained concrete. of 20 cmthickordinary kglm'instead for substratum and in bulkhaveserved as subsoil in 1999,Argexpellets Andfinally buildings thatwere to create"RoofGardens" on the roofsof apartment vegetation quarter, nearby theSaintLambert Square. intheSaintMichael recently finished !

of Argexhaveclearedawaythe numerous All butoneof the specificapplications is far asthisproject obstacles thathadto be met.0r willoccur,., andcomplicated fromoveryet,I





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Lecafi|lingof TerreArmee ARGEX expanded clayis oftenused Inthe Netherlands as a weight-saving fillingmaterial to reducehorizontal loads, finerconstruction and andvertical thusenabling A ppl i cati on-examples a r ef illingof avoi di ng settl i ng. quaywalls, etc... crossings, roadbeddings, ditches, ARGEX Recently for thefirsttimein the Netherlands wit hTer r e hasbeenusedas fi l l i ngi n combi nat ion Armee. of prefabconTheTerreArmeeconstruction consists withstrip-anchors. creteelements thatareconnected -mostly sandand Thefrictionbetween fillingmaterial strip-anchors ensures thestability oftheconstruction. worksnearRotterdam-Europort theuse ln road-building w asnecessar y of a l i ghtw ei ght fi l l i ngi n a crossi ng anda watertransportbecause of weaksoilconditions crosses theroad. oipe(d=1600mm)which A studyby allthe partiesinvolved showed thata filling givesthedesired reduction af loadon both withARGEX thesoilandthewaterpipe. Thestability of construction depends on anchor-reacbetween tion,whichin turndepends uponthefriction andfilling, andthedensity of thefilling thestrip-anchor material itseif. A R GE X has a densi tyw hi chi s 7/3 th at of sand (650kglm3instead of 1800kglm3). (dueto the lowerdensity of Thisloweranchor-reaction of the horizontal ARGEX) is compensated by reduction (toppressure pressure elements of theprefab-concrete hasnotbeentakenintoaccount). proofs settling andhasa SotheARGEX filling to reduce neutralizing effectuponstability. r Inthisproject 7000m3ARGEX 8/16mmis used. II

to Extension Preservation-worthy UrbanDwelling ,.{ ;


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Beer.Inthe Nicolai house for architect Thehouse wasbuiltin 1922as a detached prizefor goodarchitecture. Sundt's sameyear,thehousewasawarded staircase as stylewitha centralexternal Thehousewasbuiltin a strictneoclassical motif. anentrance , n eof w hi chusesthe mai n g a sd i v i d e idn totw o p a rts o l n 1979t he buildi nw atthistime. intoa kitchen roomwasconverted Theoriginal reception entrance. is on a mezzanine the kitchen anddining/living Theextension contains to thegarden. floorandhasdirectaccess andground between thebasement linkof glass.Inthis byaninserted fromthemainbuilding Theextension is separated preservatton-worthy building. to continue to seeallof theexisting way,it is possible to thestreet,whileonthegarhasthesamestrictfaqadeexpression Theextension glasswalltowards theloggia. upwithanunbroken densideit is opened in relation to is notgreater thannecessary Theroofis flatin orderthatthevolume andlets ceiling lightlendslifeto theroofsurface A pyramid-shaped themainhouse. lightintothecentreof theroom. withlimeplaster cavity walls,plastered house wasbuiftwithTrondheim Theoriginal withlimepaint, andpainted withfineplaster onthe blocks is madeof supporting Lecainsulating Theextension paint.Inside plasterboards and50 mm arelathed Painted withKeimsilicate outside. wool.I mineral

Gudmund Slokke, groduote orchifecf, MNAL (Member of the Norwegion Insfitufe of Architectsl Phoioj Jorn Sundby Address f ndustrigoten 21, Oslo, Norwoy Owner Morit & Gudmund Stokke Architects NARUD - STOKKE - WllG Arkirekrer & Plonleggere AS Mosonry/Engineer Jon Nes Block producer o.s Norsk Leco

'fi.;'uvrnir grrde[ tile side,lle rri.ensi*l rs lprricd rp v;ilh ail Lilbrrk{iilgia::l'u,i;ti ir,)wfii'dr t.!e iilggit I'itehrL*+ gg*,1frr:n l.[c rlr*+t.


i"i'!r:;r:;rrt:rf:!\e*ilthg baserlter:i :r*d g|L:rl'1il*rj!'aniif it$ rj;f*ijt,:i[esr i* 'iilegefihil. A *';ran:r*"shapr:cl r*ililrgirgitiir:iiLliliie tr iir* icti ,*rf.ri* ;:irLltrts ligiriirltoil-rer.lfilf{-r *f roi:ri 'ih* in a :;lriri r:*Lxi;rs:laist3,'ie wrlh;: i:lLlic r:;;: i:l.rrii {.eitir.ilt:,ii.*i'rai siaittasent an oniranteIi..tji. /in inr*rlru irirk*i gla,;shei\""eeil Lhsexi*riii'-riiard tiir+ nrin Srildinil:fi*ar$ lh;ii il ir riili frrstibleh serl,:1itf ilir litr;-rrJfilit;' hti;liiiilg. $r*:i':r"u;r


Technological boat ffifi HffiATH ruffiPffiF,$T ffiTruHffiT tru ffiffiffiffitffi ffi[vfifi[_$A Thisprojecttopicwasthe building of a plantfor the production of overheated waterto implement thetown network of the remoteheating underthe management publicservice bodyAGAC. Theprojectforsawthe plantdevelopment overthe yearsfromthefirsttwo production unitsto thefinal fourones.Thisplantgrowth wasvisually accompanied to by adding twofurtherbig chimneys corresponding therespective boilersystems. growthupto thecurrent Thenecessary fourplantunits hastherefore characterized the longregularfrontsof withthe largeopenings to fit the respective chimneys themachines inontheeastern sideandcorresponding side to thefourlargeglassed openings onthewestern lookingon to the railways. Thesewesternopenings wereconceived as a kindof verticalshedscaoable of inside avoiding directwatching theplantfromoutside granting andhowever a pleasant shedlightindoors by meansof skylights ontheroof. Theneedto limitremarkable noise caused transmission by the machines in the surroundings andthe safety requirement of continuous ventilation arein a certain wayresponsible for theseskylights located underan gangway inspection on the roofandbuiltin the structurein orderto createa kindof traofor the noise. which is soscreened bythebuilding upperborder. position were Thelot angular andirregular structure givingvalueto fundamental for the choiceof strongly roadandbythe theaxesrepresented by theapproach railway, whichis nexto theringroad,thusunderlining theimportance of thedriveto thekansparent entrance hallof theplantbuilding thedistance to byamphasising the computer controlroomsat the first floor,from thoseyoureyescanlineupthewholesetof plantstidilycontained inthemachines room. )

Proiect Ufficio Progefli Asgocioti Reggio Emilio Glorgio Adelmo Berloni, or.hilect Froncescc Vezzoli, orchifect Stotic onclysis Pcolo Guideri,


Building compony Areo scrl - Reggio Emilio Clienr AGAC - Reggio Emilic Plcnt monogemenl Sestonle spo - Reggio Emilio Phorogrophy Poolq De Piefri Giorgio Adelmo Bertoni Mossimo Bertcni



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*:-!'' I :* *.j i - j - a - ... l :1 ,.

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"i hr i;iro-rr:a1.eriii|; crr-rlui:*.ciiyb',r Lrteriir bi;ritilhe irliing i:i*t ir{i'r',.r tliliI Lrf;rtiiei.,,;rili:!relir;si lir'i ald iirs 1L:rr(tiiriircai ircirsl*ii:c ch;ntn*yri i'*ll.riki:Ji"it*iiririi;rriiritl


$i' a fiini,liar{jriiii titiiirjljj

Forsurethe structural choicefeelsthe effectsof the prerequirement to keepa checkon costs.A classical pilfabricated systemcomposed of reinforced concrete lars,reverse concrete T beams, rooftilesandboundary panels wasused,Nevertheless, theintroduction of supporting uncovered boundary blocksmadeof expanded reinclayconcrete, vertically linked andlined,internally forcedwithironandfilledwithconcrete madeit possiwhich, inmy bleto strongly characterize thefrontwalls, opinion, havenotgotthatlookof falseprecariousness s n da l l o w eodth e rre l e v a n t o f s t andarhung d pa n e l a advantages higher thanREI90, suchas fireresistance e x c ellent s oundab s o rp ti o nth, e a b s o l u te lsya m e quickness, indoors - outdoors finish, thegooderection getting neat,incisive, I sculptural surfaces.

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Thishouse is situated inFAborg ontheisland Fyn,westof theharbour ontheFiborg Bay.The175sqmhomeis designed asanindepended element, butin itsscaleand detailing it respects theoldprovincial urbanhouses andis situated in thegarden belonging to oneofthese. pavilionlike Although its timberconstruction, character andfreeformset it apart fromthebricktownhouses along thestreet, Theplanconcept is basedon a dramatic connecting corridor thatis situated along theglassfacade towards thewater, anddifferent functions ofthehouse. Thereis a spatial significance in thewayonecanmovethrough the building and its unusual experience sitewitha preserved canonemplacement intheforeground andthewaterinthedistance. Theindividual roomsliebehind andopento thiscorriwhich dorsequence, isterminated bythebathroom - thefish. Thehouse didnotcomespontaneously on site.It tookthreeyearsfromthesketch to thefinished building. Butthelittlesketch idealast.Whatappeared asa simple meeting of freeforms,surviveda structural disciplined hole. "l thinkit takesa goodclient to builta goodhouse. Thearchitect cannotputhimoff withbadarchitecture." Thehouse serves asa homefora family withtwochildren. Thechildren's roomsliein themiddle of thehousebehind thecorridor, whtchalso formsa sortof anteroom. Theparent's bedroom liestowards east.Thecorridor terminates toward westin a cubicformthathouses thekitchen anddining areaontheground floor,anda living roomwitha wonderful viewof theF6borg Fjordonthefirstfloor. Thehouse hasa timberstructure withvertical boardsiding. Theroofis seemed zinc. Inside thewalking linesandin the kitchen thefloorsareZollenhofer marble. The curved wallsin corridor, kitchen andbathroom aremadeof Lecabricksby a very skilled bricklayer. Floors onthefirstflooraremahogany wood.I

Villathe Fish

in Feborg

DENMARK Architect of the hosse is Toge Lyneborg, Copenhogen who is slso professor qt the Royol oeodemy of Fine Aris in Copenhogen.



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": Fromthe qchoolyard N G E BR AT ESNCH OOL

grades8-10,wasbuiltfor fifteenclasses. Engebr6ten School, Thegrossareaof the schoolis approximately 7500m2,of whichthe sportshallwithchanging rooms for approximately accounts 1200m2.Theschoolhas450 pupils and55 employees.Inthefuture, theschool is planned to beextended to take540pupils. An important aspectof thearrangement of thefloorplanwasto givethe schoola clearmainentrance witha goodoverview of the site.Greatimportance was goodmultiuse attached to finding solutions for theschoolafterschoolhoursso that theschoolis alsoa user-friendly facility forthelocalenvironment anddistrict. Thesiteis divided intothreefree-standing buildings. Themainbuilding houses the school's administration rooms, department, subject theschool's assembly halland thesoortshall. Theclassrooms, whicharenormally accessible onlyto theschool's users, arelocatpavilions ed infree-standing around theschoolyard. Architectural Design Thesiteis located ona gentlewesterly morainic slope,Theareaabutsanopenarea of smallhouses to the NorthandEastandopenlandanda futurecemetery to the SouthandWest. Animportani aspectof thedesign of thenewschool wasto locaieanddimension the in harmony buildings withthe landscape houses. Theschoolis divided andexisting intothreefree-standing buildings. Thesearelocatedin harmony withtheterrainso thatit is stillpossible to experience theslightly undulating morainic slopeof thesite. Thedimensions of theschool havebeenadapted buildings to thesurrounding houspossess es,whiletheschool is alsoa public building andmusttherefore theappropriate symbolic value.

lJlaterri*ls used Theexternalwailshave15fi mrn instlatedfiamework.The exlcruaiclaclding is plaster*rl,pai*tedLecawithw*oden panelling teaturesard somelargeglats areas.Slliratepaint vra$ilsedon extsrna!plaster. 0n sl*pingterfain,the rno{sare particularly exposedto ihe surrorndingholrser:. lt was importanL io producea rnntrr:lled .1-he rnof la*dscapedesign. blueroofingpaperwith a lath structureffiatrhesthe t;nsmith's nnrk in zincwellin ternrs*f c0lflur. Thefloorsin stiiircase:,the snLrancs hailancir'vetroomsafe granitetil*s. tlledwithdry'pressed

Skuctures The.building isfounded directly which ontheloosemasses consist of clayoverrock. Theschoolhassite-poured structures against theterrain walls. andsomeinternal Themainsupporting systemis in concrete, steelandlaminated wood.Laminated wooden beams weregenerally usedintheroofs.Thesportshallandassembly hall haverooftrussesof steel.Thefloorsare prefabricated, hollow stress+einforced floorelements. r

Photos: Ostgoord


A5 ond Jiri Hqvron

Address Kopellveien l20, 0493 Oslo, Norwoy Owner Schools Depcrtment Architect snd Proieci

# .;.' E-'r

-''-l .- ::



Mqnogemenl Qlslgoord Arkitekrer A5. Technicol Monager: Terie Gronmo Proied Mdnqger: Kiell Louis Johcnsen Proiect Plonning Group Monoger: Tor Styrkestod Employees: Knui Eriksen, Hilde Groneng, Gunnor Kind, Rolf Sonne Londscope orchitect I 3.3 Londskopsorkitekter A5 Consuhing engineers, civil engineering Reinertsen Engineering ANS Contrqclors: Soil ond foundotions: Selmer ASA Mosonry, ploster, tiling, etc.: Totclentreprensreren Yeqr of construclion:. 1996/7 Gross oreq: 75OO m'



Dunkelstein foresteco-estate AUSTRIA

project Theaimof thisambitious of Ing.PaulBraunstdtter wasto buildthefirstzeroenergy housing estate inAustria onthesouthern slopeof theDunkelstein forest. The principals alsoattached importance to applying a construction method whichwas totally sympathetic to theenvironment. Projectcriteria Theproject comprises sixdwelling unitsintwobuildings to serve22 people astheir permanent residence. Thebuildings areprecisely oriented to thesouth, witheachdwelling unithaving a two-storey conservatory attached to thefront,andon the northern, eastern and western sidesareembanked to rooflevelandgrassed. Masonry facingtheoutside air,whichwasoriginally specified as brick,wasbuiltof Lecaton masonry in viewof an alternative offerfromthefirmLeitner. Melk.which wascontracted to carryoutthebuilding work.Lecabrickswerealsousedfor the interior (east,north,west)was andpartition walls.Theremaining exterior masonry constructed asdouble-wall masonry withanintermediate layerof heatinsulation. Theentire internal wallplasterwork plaster (bvthe wascarried outas loammachine firmNaturundLehm, Roland Meingast, Baden). Ancillarybuildings Tothenorthof thetworesidential buildings arelocated a workshop andthecovered car-parking spaces. Theroofof thisancillary building, whichhasa slopeof 45 degrees andfacesexactly south, incorporates a solarenergy installation witha collectorareaof 120m'?. Thisinstallation supplies theenergy requirement for thehot watersystem andsomeof thespaceheating. Wastewaterdisposal Aninnovative approach is alsoapplied to thedisposal of sewage andeffluent inthe eco-estate. Theestate's ownplanfbased sewage treatment facility is nearing completion whichwillmaketheresrdents independent plant,which of a publicsewage doesnotyetexist. Ventilation During themonths whenheating is required ventilation of theliving spaceis provided bya ventilation system withsupply airandexhaust airfansdesigned to change the airin thebuilding 0.5timesperhour.Theexhaust airis conducted through a concreteductwhichalsocarries supply air in PEpipes.Heatis transferred fromthe exhaust airpipethrough thesoilintotheadjacent supply airpipeaswellas intothe ground intheclosevicinity as storage medium. When theoutside temperatures are verylowheatfromtheground is alsousedto preheat thesupply air. lnsummer thissystem is usedto coolthefreshairsupply, if necessary. According to requirements andthe heatsupply, thesupplyair canbe introduced directly intotheroomsof thehouse, conducied through theconservatory andheated up or (inlateautumn) conducted through a ground storage medrum to thenorth of thebuilding. Heating November-December: Inthesummer months twobufferstorage unts eachwitha capacity of 8000litresfortheheating anda third8000-litre storage unitforthehot watersupplyareheated up by the solarenergy rnstallation, Thelowtemperature heating system viawallandfloorsurfaces is onlyactivated if thisheating requirementcanno longer be metbytheheatrecovery facility of theventilation system. lf nodirecisolarpoweris available theground storage unit,whichserves asa ground collector, is cooleddownto about14 to 15 degrees by a brine-water heatpump. Theheating system isthensupplied fromthebuffer units.


hasbeenconsumed during thesummer stored Oncetheenergy December-January: solarpower systemandthepassive unitintheventilation storage theheatrecovery requireTheresidual to supplyenergy. continue inputsthroughthe conservatories fromthegroundstorage bytheheatpumpwhichnowdrawsenergy mentis covered daysthesolarpowerunitcanalsocoverthelowtem0n sunny unit(orcollectod. perature system. rangeof theheating theenergy canagainsupply InFebruary thesolarpowerinstallation February-March: no furtherheatpumpenergyis watersystem,andusually required by the service inMarch. required Lardercooling whichis locatcoolthelarder it possible to cheaply heatpumpmakes Theinstalled maintain a temperature registers cooling Theinstalled of thehouse. edinthemiddle for the available theheatrecovered andtheheatpumpmakes of 8 to 12 degrees ! hotwatersupply.


Thursis a smallisland whichis situated in beautiful surroundings nearthetownSvendborg. is oneof theoldestandthe secondlargest Svendborg townontheisland Fyn. Nearby on the island TisingethelovingcoupleElvira Madigan andSixtenSparrecommitted At that suicide. get married time150yearsagotheycouldn't because of theredifferent moreand backgrounds Nowadays morepeoplewantto livernthe countrysidefar away placesnear fromthe bigcity.Oneof themostpopular Svendborg is theisland Thuro. 50 - 60 yearsagoa boatwascarrying islanders, animals,wagonsetc.overthe soundbetween Svendborg andThurs.Today anembankment is buildwithoneroadpopulation way.Concurrently withthegrowing onThursit wasdecided, a fewyearagoto builda bicycle track, Neartheembankment thesubsoil is verysoft- it consistsof mire,clayandsand. youhaveto usepiling,compensaTominimize settings tionwithLecalightfillingmaterial or just replacethe softsoilwithsand.Thecompensation method waschosenbecause it wasthecheapest andmuchmoreeasy to handle. Thelightfilingmaterial wasnon-graded Lecafrom0 to 20 mmgrainsize,TheLecawasplacedon geotextile in layersof 40 cm- thencompressed witha caterpillar machine. 0n top of theLeca,geotextile wasplacedto avoidmixture withthesurrounding materials. Thesand andgravelwerelaidoutandfinally asphalt. Oneof thespecialities inthisembankment wasplacing a n dc om pac t ing t he L e c au n d e w r a te rl e v e l B . eing lighterthanwater- approximately density 300 kglm'it seemsan impossible in practice it is task.However no problem. Firsta bagof geotextile is placedin the waterto prevent theLecafromflowing away. It is not necessary to fastenthe geotextile to the bottom of the basinas the Lecawillfill out the bagand placeit correctly. automatically Whenthe Lecais filled intothe waterthe firstgrainswillof courseflow.The following tonsof fillingwillpresstheLecadownto the bottom. Afterplacing theLecait is important to secure theconstruction by placing the heavyfillingon thetop. lf not theconstruction canflowawayincaseof highwater. Theamount of Lecausedas compensation fillingwas 850 m3non-graded Leca. Thevearof construction was1997.r

Engineer Rosbek Svendborg Contrsctor â&#x201A;Ź.G. Jensen, irhss

The Thurg

embankment ;,.1;aA.u:t:


etingen OFT H EM O N U ME NATN D AN SF OR M IT IN T OA H A LL F ORE U R H Y TH MIC S In 1853 the B el gi anA rmyaskedarchit ectLouis R oel andt to desi gnandbui l da ri di ngacademfyor Belgium's cavalry.Unfortunately thisbeautiful building wasneglected andafterWWllthearmyevenusedit as a deposit for armyvehicles.In the 70'sthe building wassavedfromdemolition andput on the list of protectedmonuments. ln 7997 the city of Ghentandthe organizalion Forza (Zomergem) Ritmica askedarchitect RudyCoopman to restorethe monument andtransform it intoa hallfor eurhythmics. 0n a surfaceof about1.000m'?,the architect hadto designan entrance hall,a surface for ballet,eurhythmicsandaerobics, 5 dressing rooms, a cafeteria, sanitaryfacilities, ... Themostimportant criteria werethebuilding's acoustical performances. Foreurhythmics, a sportsbranch wheresoundandmotionsteeltheshow,echoes areto avoid.Whilethe existing roofandwallshadto keep theiroriginal shapeandappearance, thisacoustical requirement wasn'teasyto realize. Fromthe veryfirststartthe architect assumed that boththeconstruction's propershapeandthematerial's problem. tieshadto resolve thiscomplex Firstof all he designed roundshaped standsalongthe kaining surface. S econdlTopargex y fai r-faced masonr was y used because qualit ies. of i ts aestheti cal andacoust ical Architect Coopman evencombined Topargex blocks withdifferent textures.Blocksshowing a sawnsurface alternate withbothcoarseandfinetextured blocks. Theprojecthasbeenso successful thatnotonlysports practice teamsbutalsochoirsandorchestras in "Arena VanVletingen". Evena partof Flanders Festival willtakeplacethere.r

Arenq Vcn Vletingen Lange Violetteetftat 277 A B-9(XX} Ghenf Archilecr Rudy Cmpmon Conlrcclor Geninl (Ghenr)



blocksin outerwalls ilther delails:Lecainsulatton Lecabuildingblocksin inner\ralls af Leca slablaidon groundorithedgeinsulation Foundalion biocks foundation iayer insulating Concreteslablaidon 300 rnm anti-capiilary qualiV aggregate,anti-capillary 12'10 nrm Lecalightweight

A maintenance-free dreamhouse wheninteriordesign as possible wasto be as maintenancejree Thedreamhouse "VillaNorrdngen", together Margareta Linneldesigned thestonebuilding consultant Bo. withherhusband wantblocks,theLinnells to useLecainsulation blocksandbuilding Beforedeciding to visitoneof thefactories anddecided beingmanufactured ed to seethematerial wheretheblocksaremade. relations between the hasbeenbuilton excellent Sincethen," VillaNorriingen" the ownerwereableto Throughout the project, andsupplier. contractor designer, specific solutions. theworkanddevelop influence timber,the supplier Whentheyfellfor the ideaof puttingin beamsof demolition withbuildwindowlintelscomplemented usingthinner thisandsuggested arranged courseabove, ingblocksinthemasonry construction, theyalsofoundthatthe upperpartsof the windows Afterbeginning replaced andq newblock werenotquitetherightsize,Thelastblockwastherefore thedesired cornice. halfasthickprovided

Proi6Gf "Villo Norrtingen", Size: 230 m" Owner ftldrgqretd

creto incorporate smalldetails sizermakesit possible Theuseof blocksof various A ledgeof blocks,a typicalfeatureof bothoutside andinside. atinggreatinterest andtheceilingon theroofontheoutside stonebuildings, surrounds olderSwedish theinside. thetemperature it wasthought thatit wouldtakea longtometo regulate 0riginally, is andenergyconsumption However, thishasprovedsatrsfactory in the building. function, whichmakesthe the blockshavea climate equalising low.ln addition, andwarminthewinter. housecoolinthesummer


ond Bo Linnell

Architert Mdrgqreto cnd Bo Linnell

is provide Thehotwaterheateris placedinthebathheating throughout. Under-floor withan exhaust air heatpump.Here,alltheheatusedin thehouse room,together to thesystem. is recycled for a longtimein 'VillaNorrdngen" is a housethatwillremainmodern blocksin the outerwallsandsolidblocksin the innerwalls. usesLecainsulation The witha coatof silicate. andpainted Boththe insideandoutsideareplastered withoil.I madeandtreated windows arespecially


]:i l:-l::,.::::';:



A US T RI A f ore s te c o ,-e s ta te Dunk els t ein B E LG I UM Cla. er houtpho ls t,o a n dfi l ms tu d to

PRODUCT LECA- initiallettersfor Light ExpandedClay Aggregate- consistsof small,lightweight, bloated particlesof roastedclinker.

Renov at ign of t h e S a i n tL a m b e rtSq u a re 25

A r enaV anV leti n g e n


DE NM A RK V illat he F is hin F i b o rg


T heT hur sem b a n k m e n t


ITALY T r ans par ent ar c a d e





t !



,..'j;lt -i.1.



,, S

,,:"Community trademark.

W or ldwideLECA has been establishedthr ough a co- oper ation between the LECA pr oducer s i n Austria,Belgium,Denmark,Finland,Germany,ltaly, Netherlands,Norway,Portugaland Sweden.

- Denmark. O Copyrightby Lecalnternational trademarkownedby Leca LECAo.s a regrstered Trading& ConcessionA/S - Denmark. Printedin ltalyby OfficineGraficheDe AgostiniSpA - Novara Printedin year2001,in approx20.000copies, a]} fp


LECA - byggeinformation, Vestre Teglgade 16, DK-245O Gopenhagen SV, Denmark

:: :.-

l:=' ,

2. LECA - WorldWide  

.d Blocks A &amp; C contain offices, stairways, enkance hall, ... In block B all studio activities take place. The roof on top of block B is...

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