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Rundkørsel Lystrupvej Århus DENMARK – 1993

Roads (01-010-A)

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Cubic Area: 2,400 m3.

Problem Bad subsoil.

Load: ADT = approx. 20,000 vehicles/day. ADTT = approx. 2,000 vehicles/day

Composition Road bed Total thickness = 60 cm. Base LecaÂŽ 10-20 mm, thickness ~2 m. Subsoil Bad subsoil.

Construction No data.

Lengthways crack in the middle of the road.

Building method 2 m soil exchange for load compensation.

Quality control No data.

Performance Fault in the transition area. Measurements No data. Flaws/damage Type: see appraisal. Time: no data. Visual appraisal as of 05.06.2004 Deformations lengthways: crossways:

- crests towards Lystrupvej; - faults in the transition area. - unevenness, 2-5 cm; - virtually continuous longitudinal crack along the middle of the road and along the kerb.

Numerous repairs / patches

Transitional/contact areas Numerous cracks, faults in the transition area. Road surface Numerous cracks, lots of wear; Many shallow asphalt replacements/patches.

construction is

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Maintenance work Probably frequent and extensive.

Appraisal/Experiences Road probably too low over Leca® fill for the heavy load selected; Possibly shoddy work during application and compaction of the Leca®; Intense wear suggests bad quality road surface. maxitGroup AB, Box 415, SE-191 24 Sollentuna, Sweden Tel.: +46 (0)8 858 70 64 00, E-mail:

construction is


DENMARK – 1993 Roads (01-010-A) Measurements No data. Construction No data. Flaws/damage Type: see appraisal. Time: no data. Subsoil Bad sub...