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L181, connection to the Sereetz Retail Park GERMANY – 2001

Roads (01-008-A)

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Problem Extension to existing roadway, bad soil for building and therefore uneven settlement expected.

Cubic Area: 8,000 m3. Load: ADT = 500 vehicles/day; ADTT = 50 vehicles/day.

Composition Road bed 10 cm interlocking sett paving; 3 cm paving sand; 60 cm recycled concrete layer.

Building method 1. Removal of surface soil; 2. Construction of the side support structures; 3. Positioning of the geotextile on the road bed; 4. Application of the expanded clay, spreading and compaction with a light bulldozer; 5. Wrapping of the expanded clay fill; 6. Surface construction with paving.

Base GRK 4 geotextile as separating membrane; 8 – 16 mm Leca®, thickness: ~1.8 m; Wrapped in GRK 4 geotextile; Mineral side support fill. Subsoil Peat and peat clay to a depth of 9-10 m; Medium sand in the area of the existing roadway.

Quality control Plate-bearing tests On the road bed: plate ø300 mm: Ev2 = 86.06 MN/m2; Ev2/Ev1 = 2.81.


Fill soil Leca® Topsoil Separating membrane Exact separation line to be


Sand Soft peat Peat

Peat clay

System diagram with ground profile On Leca® plate ø600 mm: E v2 ~ 86.2 MN/m 2 ; Ev2/Ev1 ~ 6.7. On recycled concrete plate ø300 mm: Ev2 = 46.25 MN/m2; Ev2/Ev1 = 1.95.

Site plan

construction is

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Performance Measurements Settlement gauge: settlement of 23-27 cm within 2 years of completion.

Time – Settlement Diagram from completion. Length of time [d]

Settlement [d]

Cracks in the paving surface, repaired area lighter

Gauge 1

Gauge 2

Flaws/damage Type: grooves, shifting/turning of paving stones; Time: shortly after completion.

Maintenance work Repairs required.

Appraisal/Experiences Damage to the paved surface due to bad quality recycled materials (very low Ev2 value); Cracks in the paved surface in the transition area between fill sand and Leca® –› possible cause: differing levels of rigidity in the base; Settlement greater than expected.

Photos taken 30.07.2004 Flaws in transition area

Unevenness/cracks in the transition to the Leca® fill maxitGroup AB, Box 415, SE-191 24 Sollentuna, Sweden Tel.: +46 (0)8 858 70 64 00, E-mail:

construction is


GERMANY – 2001 Roads (01-008-A) Composition Building method Load: ADT = 500 vehicles/day; ADTT = 50 vehicles/day. construction is Constructi...

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