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E 16 Ringerike Road Bærum NORWAY – 1989

Bridges and Walls (03-006-A)

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Problem Bridge abutment backfill using rock caused serious settlement of the embankment, as well as of the bridge abutment, which was built on piles. Reduction of settlement through the use of Leca® as a lightweight fill material.

Composition Road bed Conventional road bed. Base Leca® 0-32 mm, thickness 0-4.0 m; No geotextile used. Subsoil Layers of silt with high water content.

Cubic Area: approx. 2,500 m3. Load: 13,000 vehicles/day.

Flaws/damage Type: none. Time: -Maintenance work Little required.

Appraisal/Experiences Use of Leca® has been successful.


Building method 1. removal of the rock fill; 2. application of the Leca®; 3. spreading and compacting of the Leca® with a bulldozer; 4. construction of the superstructure directly onto the Leca®.

Quality control No data.

Performance Measurements Settlement measurements available –› acceptable reduction in settlement after one year maxitGroup AB, Box 415, SE-191 24 Sollentuna, Sweden Tel.: +46 (0)8 858 70 64 00, E-mail:

construction is

3.006 - Norway - Baerum - 1989  

E 16 Ringerike Road

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