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Prince Jørgens courtyard DENMARK

Prince Jørgens courtyard is located in the hart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Historic and important buildings surround the courtyard. The Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Castle, is on one side and on the other sides are the castle chapel, Thorvaldsens museum and the Danish Supreme Court.

applied. Depending of the expected traffic load and sub base conditions, a 30-60 cm layer of Leca® was installed. On top of the layer of Leca® a 20cm concrete slap was constructed with a cover of cement stabilised gravel and granite pavement. A total of 1430 m3 of Leca® 10-20 mm was installed.

Some areas of the courtyard are based on the Castle Island; other areas are based on small islands with more than 200 years of old waste material and other areas based on old marine soil. Above this, fillings have been placed in the beginning of the 20th century. In the year 1983, the courtyard was renewed and a load compensation layer of a Leca® 10-20mm was

In 1993 a 10-year control of the settings was made. The measurements showed that the settings of the pavement, if any, were below 10 mm. The geotechnical solution was designed by Danish Geotechnical Institute. Contractor was Zacho Lind, Copenhagen.

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construction is

1.020 - Denmark - Copenhagen - 1983  

Prince Jorgens Courtyard

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