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Motorway Nørresundby - Brønderslev DENMARK – 2001

Roads (01-012-A)

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Problem Bad subsoil.

Cubic Area: 18,000 m3. Load: No data.

Composition Road bed Thickness: 60 cm; 21 cm asphalt; 20 cm aggregate mixture. Base Geotextile, 400 g/m2, 1.0 m overlaps; 1.2-1.6 m LecaÂŽ; supporting cover. Subsoil Bad subsoil (no details available).

Quality control No data.

Performance Measurements No data. Flaws/damage Type: none. Time: --


Building method Embankment building with lightweight fill. 1. Excavation of surrounding earth to intended height 2. Laying of the geotextile; 3. Application and spreading of the expanded clay fill with a digger on caterpillar tracks in layers of up to 0.6 m; 4. Compaction with bulldozer; 5. Wrapping and covering of expanded clay with geotextile; 6. Construction of the road bed.

construction is

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Visual appraisal as of 06.06.2004 Deformations: - none detectable. Transitional/contact areas: - slight depression at the transition to the embankment fill (exit). Road surface: - impeccable condition.

Road surface in good condition, view towards Nørresundby.

Road surface in impeccable condition.

Maintenance work Normal.

Appraisal/ Experiences Use of Leca® has been successful. maxitGroup AB, Box 415, SE-191 24 Sollentuna, Sweden Tel.: +46 (0)8 858 70 64 00, E-mail:

construction is

1.012 - Denmark - Norresundby - 2001