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Eastern access road to the Carl Schurz business park in Bremerhaven GERMANY – 2001

Roads (01-006-A)

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Problem Soft subsoil with low load-bearing capacity.

Cubic Area: 3,000 m3. Load: ADT = 3,000 vehicles/day; ADTT = 3,000 vehicles/day.

Composition Road bed Conventional road surface construction, 79 cm in total: 4 cm of stone mastic asphalt 0/11 S; 8 cm bituminous binder course 0/22 S; 14 cm base course CS 0/32; 53 cm frost protection course, crushed stone mixture B2, Ev2 > 120 MN/m2. Base Separating textile; 0.4 – 1.0 m expanded clay; Separating textile against the subsoil. Subsoil Clay and peat to a depth of 22 m below ground level.







Pavement Cycle Lane



Safety Strip

Cross Section 6-6, Grauwallring – East, Station 0 + 544.40

Grass Verge



Crushed stone mix B2 ®


Raised kerb 12/15/30 with three-channelled masonry gutter in B15 concrete

Concrete edge beam 8/20 chamfered, in B15 concrete ®

Base of Leca gradient: 1:1.5

Pavement / Safety Strip 6.5 cm slabs / 6.3 cm clinker, red 5.0 cm paving chips 53.0 cm frost protection course crushed stone mix 64.5 cm

Concrete edge beam 8/20 chamfered, in B15 concrete

Geotextile / Fleberflex – Textile, Type F – 400 (GRK 4) Membrane thickness 5.0 m Overlap width 0.50 m

Carriageway 4 cm 8 cm 14 cm 53 cm

SMA 0/11 S bituminous binder course bituminous base course frost protection course crushed stone mix

frostproof surface 79 cm

frostproof road bed

Pavement 6.5 cm 5.0 cm 53 cm 64.5 cm

slabs paving chips frost protection c. crushed stone mix frostproof surface

Building method 1. Removal of surrounding earth to grade level (base relieved through replacement with Leca®); 2. Application of the Leca® layer and spreading/ compaction with the bulldozer; 3. Conventional road surface construction.

construction is


Base of Leca gradient: 1:1.5

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Quality control Required value for frostproofing layer = Ev2 > 120 MN/m2: complied with.

Performance Measurements No data. Flaws/damage Type: none. Time: -Visual appraisal as at 08.07.2004 Deformations: lengthways + crossways: impeccable condition. Transitional/contact areas: impeccable condition. Road surface: no visible flaws.

View of the approach road crossroads: no detectable flaws.

Maintenance work Normal.

Appraisal/Experiences Use of LecaÂŽ has been successful. maxitGroup AB, Box 415, SE-191 24 Sollentuna, Sweden Tel.: +46 (0)8 858 70 64 00, E-mail:

construction is

1.006 - Germany - Bremerhaven - 2001  

Eastern Access Road to the Carl Schurz Business Park

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