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Yarra Valley’s

Best Cellar Doors

Gareth Andrews

Helping Men Discover Life Again


A Mystical Island of Legends






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ISSUE 7, 22 july 2014

Publisher’s Note


3 Superfoods

to Supercharge Your Health

MetroWest Magazine is six months old and growing steadily. As the only gloss magazine distributed free to households and public venues across the inner west of Melbourne, we continue to strive to bring you quality interviews, opinion, reviews and information about the best of what our lifestyle and culture has to offer. In this issue we talk to VFL/AFL veteran Gareth Andrews about his LifeAgain Foundation established to work with, connect and inspire men facing challenges in life. We visit exotic Langkawi Island in Malaysia for our international tourism destination and closer to home, the Yarra Valley wineries that produce some of the world’s best cool climate wines. We review one of Melbourne’s culinary gems Miss Katie’s Crab Shack in North Melbourne for some authentic down home, southern style soul food. With cool winter days around us, our food page features classic winter puddings, an old favourite that still warm the heart. Coupled with business, opinion, competition giveaways, fashion, property data and profiling some the best homes for sale in the inner west, we know you’ll enjoy this issue as much as we did. Brad Matheson Publisher


4 Design & Interiors: Yarraville’s Most Delightful Artist Retreat 8 What’s On Guide 10 Profile: Gareth Andrews 11 Book Review: The Story of Cyclone Tracy 12 Fashion: Unique One-Off Knitwear by Cut-It 14 Food & Drink 16 Travel: A Mystical Island of Legends 20 Business & Finance 23 Best West Property Guide cover image: Quentin Berryman

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Most Delightful Artist’s Retreat Jessie and Ellen's charming grey and white Edwardian cottage in an otherwise ordinary Yaraville street does surprise as soon as you enter the front door. With a keen eye for colour and placement, Jesse has created intriguing living spaces within the different utility rooms of the house.

patio leading to Jesse’s studio. An orangery along the fence with an old wooden donkey and cart placed strategically under the trees add a sense of fun. The barbecue and outdoor table setting on the verandah is just perfect for entertaining on balmy summer evenings.

You will be immediately drawn to the lush greenery and light at the back of the house as you walk through the hallway. There is an unfinished needlework landscape with threads in an array of hues in the sitting room. The contrasting blue backdrop against the indigenous paintings on the wall highlights the detail in each painting to advantage.

Jessie, also known as “the rockstar of needlepoint", is inspired by the urban facades and streetscapes of the abandoned and fading structures in Melbourne's inner-west. Her work is a handstitched love letter to her home in Melbourne's west and each piece is intricately threaded together with over a quarter of a million stitches picking up the richness and vibrancy of her work.

The kitchen, dining and family living areas are surrounded by lush tropical plantings in the patio and sidewalk. The garden is divided into an outdoor

Jessie's exhibition opens on the 21st September 2014 at Post Industrial Design.



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The Window to the Soul of the House

We all know the saying “first impression count” but have you ever considered how this applies to your house? The truth is the way people first perceive you and your interior style is often decided within the first few seconds upon entering your home. It gives a sneak peak of what you (and your family) are all about. Whether you use a bold entrance gate or contemporary timber door with feature panels, what you do leading up to and after those also has an impact. 6

A bespoke approach to your entrance’s design experience might be the best option to turn your otherwise dull entrance to a space that surprises and captivates. Colours, shapes and art work can all help create an interesting entrance beyond or leading up to your house. You can afford to be bold in this space as you don’t spend a lot of time in it. It’s a great space to use wallpaper or a strong wall colour. You can even use more than one focal piece. Layer

an over-scaled lamp, have a stack of art books, a cluster of ceramic ornaments or a vase of flowers. Find pieces that reflect your personality. It is the last space you go through before leaving to commence your day and the first room you come home to. So why not ensure it has a positive effect on the start and end of your day? David Hicks’ design philosophy is founded on a holistic approach – considering architecture, interior design and decoration as one.


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what’s on

in your neighbourhood... Supermarket art exhibition

programs, live performance, music

to fathom as they quickly pass by,

Maidstone Community Centre, 21

14–28 August

and art events.

much like a film reel passes through a

Yardley St, Maidstone

Footscray Community Arts Centre


projector. They are still subtitles, but


what are they subbing for?



27 September

45 Moreland Street, Footscray Fascinated by the everyday, artist

Two Mortals

Jayde Houareau explores her local

28–30 August

supermarket, mining the aisles for

The Substation

Airtime: Pixel8 flags exhibition

Yarraville Community Centre, 59

inspiration. She prowls the internet

1 Market St, Newport

until October

Francis St, Yarraville

in search of outdated advertising

This play by Rachael Dyson-McGregor

Skate Park


campaigns. Taking note of every

and Mike McEvoy was created from

Queen Street, Altona Meadows


product that comes into her life, into

interviews with people who work

Airtime is an ephemeral outdoor arts

her pantry, her garden shed and

and live with mortality everyday—an

exhibition that highlights the creative

Screen Printing Workshops

her bathroom, Houareau takes the

undertaken, a minister, a wills and

talents of young people in Hobsons

Saturdays until 29 November

everyday and elevates it to something

estates lawyer, a cryogenicist, a

Bay. Artworks fly high in the sky on

Woods Street Arts Space


carer, a palliative care nurse and

flagpoles at the Altona Meadows

44 Woods St, Laverton


a counsellor. This multi-character

Skate Park. This Airtime rotation

A series of free, creative workshops

recognises the winners of the Pixel8

for 14–20-year-olds, with the aim of

Chemical Free Wholefoods Part 2:

performance uses headphone 4x10 art exhibition

verbatim technique, including pre-

14 August–28 September

show interviews from the audience,

Footscray Community Arts Centre

unique to every performance.

45 Moreland Street, Footscray


The Roslyn Smorgon Gallery will be given over to a community of artists

The Rise of Brotality tour

with a socially aware slant. Each

20 September

has been asked to take up the role

Phoenix Youth Centre,

of curator, nominating an artist and

72 Buckley Street, Footscray

artwork that speaks to them. The

An all-ages punk rock spectacular

baton is passed and each artist in

featuring I Killed The Prom Queen, The

turn repeats the task, creating both a

Ghost Inside (USA), In Hearts Wake,

conversation and an exhibition formed

Bury Tomorrow (UK) and Hellions.

with a collective curatorial voice.

Presented by Maribyrnong FReeZA.


Tickets available from: www.oztix.com. au, 1300 762 545 or at Oztix outlets.

Melbourne Writers Festival


21–31 August

Jacqui Shelton: SUB art exhibition

photographic competition in 2014.

designing and creating a range of

MWF celebrates the talent and ideas

until 28 September


tshirts to sell at local markets and

of hundreds of writers from Australia

The Substation

and around the world, through a

1 Market St, Newport

Your Home, Your Health workshops

vibrant program of storytelling,

In this exhibition, subtitles are taken

until November

conversation and discussion,

from scenes in films and handwritten

2 August

intellectual debate, educational

on blank screens for the audience

Chemical Free Cleaning

arts spaces. Contact arts@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au


what’s on

Myer Spring Fashion Lunch Wednesday 10 September

’ s l r i lG e t i f So ay Out D September

h n wit ingto up m le F C at ne int pring lbour l of s h the Me re acqua g a iv r r it o a t in r W e e p ! h t s rate t y Ou it’s tim es when Celeb l Girls’ Da oaching, rs o h r e d Sofit l fast app heels an le. in sty ts, iva Carn lf with ha g returns e racin yours

day Satur


To mark the beginning of the Spring Racing Season, join us at Flemington’s famous ladies’ luncheon - the Myer Spring Fashion Lunch. This stylish event will feature a Myer fashion parade showcasing the new Spring Racewear Collection. Guests will be treated to a two-course lunch by Peter Rowland at Flemington, beverages and fabulous entertainment. Each guest will also receive a special gift. This annual luncheon is the place to be seen with Melbourne’s fashion and social elite gracing Flemington’s Atrium in the finest race-wear and on-trend millinery.


Right at your doorstep

Highway of Lost Hearts Friday, 22nd August, 7.30pm Williamstown Mechanics Institute | $30 | $20

Melbourne Chamber Orchestra Thursday 4 September, 7.30pm Williamstown Town Hall | $35 | $25

is now on

Call 9932 4074 or book online hobsonsbaytickets.com.au Limited seats Follow us online at www.facebook.com/pages/ MetroWest-magazine/1442287006013069 and www.twitter.com/Indent_Media

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cover story

Gareth Andrews Helping Men Discover Life Again Gareth Andrews talks about his personal journey that led him to establish LifeAgain Foundation connecting and inspiring men through times of change. Through a long and successful business career, Gareth Andrews learnt the arduous privilege of overcoming challenges and adapting to change. A former Geelong and Richmond footballer, playing 167 games from 1965-75 including being a member of the Richmond 1974 Premiership side, Gareth has transitioned from being a sportsman, a family man, a businessman, to discovering LifeAgain. Gareth continues his role as Director and Vice President of Geelong Football club whilst promoting his passion – connecting and helping men during times of difficult change. So what makes me “qualified” to talk about LifeAgain? I always receive an interesting cross section of reactions when discussing LifeAgain with the 10

people I meet – both men and women. Unquestionably the response is overwhelmingly positive – the general notion that modern man is desperately in need of the positive and proactive support and guidance that LifeAgain sets out to provide. What would I know? Most people know me as someone whose own life is very different to that of an advisor or counsellor on life. I am not a Life Coach; I don’t want to coach. I am not a counsellor; I don’t want to counsel. I am not a therapist; I don’t want to treat. I am not a preacher; I don’t want to proselytise a message. I am a man who has lived a journey that has taught me a great deal and which I truly believe is worth sharing. When I was in my teens I remember being told to listen to older people, particularly when those in their sixties and beyond because they will “have lived a life with all its highs and lows and ups and downs”. This is what wisdom is all about. I am at that age. If having been broke, divorced, depressed,

anxious provides part of that wisdom, then I am well placed to help others who are going through such challenges and changes in their lives. I am no different to most men. We all have our own journey and our own burdens. Most men stoically are unwilling to unburden themselves. We are the heroes, or that is what our egos drive us to be. It can be a disconnected and unfulfilled life that we sadly accept as the norm, though truthfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. I see my role in LifeAgain Foundation as starting the conversation about the male experience. It is a conversation that is rarely held, but it is a conversation that is highly relevant and brings depth and joy to our lives. I bring my “qualified” story to the table to assist others to discover their own authentic selves.

If you are interested to follow Gareth or get involved with the LifeAgain Foundation, you can register online at www.lifeagain.com.au or via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

books & writing Warning

by Sophie Cunningham

Destroying an entire city and leaving seventy-one people dead, hundreds injured and 12,000 homes destroyed, the devastating Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin on Christmas Eve in 1974 and tore apart the season of love, light and goodwill.

disasters in history. Those who survived to tell the tale were the same who faced the heartbreaking clean up and the backbreaking rebuild.

Thirty thousand of the city’s population of 47,000 were airlifted from the city in the days after, in what was to become Australia’s largest evacuation effort. Many of those people never returned.

In this visceral account, Cunningham brings to the tale a novelist’s eye for the poignant detail and a forensic touch to the story’s nerve-racking narrative. It serves as a sobering reminder of what Cyclone Tracy means to us now, as we face more extreme weather with every year that passes.

For the fortieth anniversary of the disaster, Sophie Cunningham details eyewitness accounts as seen through the eyes of those who lived through one of Australia’s most destructive natural

The strength and beauty of this book is the way it delves into the lives of the people affected and tries to understand their responses, their courage and their failings.

Enter the draw to WIN one of three copies of The story of cyclone tracy Email your name and address by 25 August to competitions@indentmedia.com.au

Avondale Primary Students Caring for the Environment Leading developer Australand, recently joined 330 students from Avondale Primary to plant 330 indigenous plants as part of Planet Ark’s National Schools Tree Day. Students planted tube stock of local natives in the front garden of the school further improving the landscape and contributing to Planet Ark’s countrywide initiative, Australia’s biggest community tree planting event. Australand’s Residential Manager for Victoria, Rob Pradolin says that the day with the Avondale Primary students was about inspiring, educating and recruiting young Victorians about our environment. “Australand has been developing communities for families to live and prosper for nearly 90 years and as a company, we are keen to see young students actively care for our unique land creating future generations of committed environmental custodians,” says Mr Pradolin. Prominent indigenous nursery, Western Plains Flora supplied seven species of the small

plants and shrubs. According to Mr Pradolin, Schools Tree Day allows students to make a lasting contribution to the community’s natural environment “The benefits of interaction with nature for children’s health, wellbeing and development are well-known and it ought to be promoted as a positive way in which kids are actively engaged outdoors,” he says. Avondale Primary School is located opposite the proposed Places Victoria / Australand residential development at Westminster Drive and Military Road and will continue to be a primary stakeholder within this precinct. School principal, Paul Mulroyan said: “This project enacts elements of the school’s philosophy ‘to share and co-operate with others’ and ‘be a responsible community member, finding reward in participation and doing our best’.” For more information, please contact: Beverley Pinder, Rowland Pinder PR, 0412 394 446

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Unique One-Off Knitwear by Cut It Working seasonally, Teresa Dowd’s intricate knitwear of recycled wool clothing is a unique labour of love, beginning from the balmy end of summer till the cold winter. Her artistic vision is also translated into painting, drawing and other 3D works. “It’s a good balance as the different activities feed different parts of my creative drive,” said Teresa. She is inspired by the colour of the original knit, where she moves it around the studio past various pieces of fabric, buttons and trims until 12

the combination of colours organically fit. It’s a wonderfully creative process that mirrors that of creating a painting. Teresa originally knitted for her daughters and friends. The first Cut-It jumper she made for her daughter Alice was a mix-mash of several black jumpers with different textures, cut and sewed with pieces of red Japanese fabric, bold hand stitching and a few buttons. It was when she first took her jumpers to Craft Victoria and snagged a few sales that it gave her a light bulb moment to turn it to what is a now a fledging business.

Growing up in a family of eight, Teresa’s childhood was fairly frugal and everything was reused where possible. It is through this experience that she learnt to be conscious of the impact we have on the planet and how we can make good use of the life left in old, unused items and, of course, fabrics. Existing knits are transformed into one-off pieces, each with a unique character. Visit her website for more information: www.madebycutit.com


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ault c o L ngo ha

A Mouthwatering Feast at Miss Katies Crab Shack

We recently experienced deep southern style cuisine via Melbourne’s hippest crustacean loving dive bar, Miss Katie’s Crab Shack in Victoria Street North Melbourne. Opened by Mick and Will Balleau (also of Taco Truck and Cuban food van El Paladar), it is now the domain of Katie Marron previously of Movida and Eau De Vie. The shack prides itself on Katie’s decades-old 14

family recipes, passed down from one generation to the next. With the famous Queen Victoria Markets over the road, the menu boasts the freshest seafood and poultry sourced daily.

Crab Burgers or fried Clarence River organic prawns, you will be more than impressed at the scrumptious offering and the surprisingly reasonable price.

Whether you are looking for great Blue Swimmer Crab cooked with potatoes, corn and sausage drenched in garlic butter or good old southern fried chicken, Seasonal Jambalaya, Chesapeake

Miss Katies is open Monday to Thursday 5pm -9pm Friday 12pm – 9pm and Saturday 12pm – 8pm at The Public Bar, 238 Victoria Street, North Melbourne.


Yarra Valley’s The Yarra Valley is the home of some of the world’s best wineries. While there are a handful of labels owned by largescale wine producers, the vast majority of winemakers are small- to medium-size operators. Only a short drive from the eastern urban fringe of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley offers a laidback country experience with lashings of city sophistication. There are plenty of fine dining places to eat, boutique craft breweries to visit and cellar-door tasting outlets. "As a region, we align ourselves with craft production rather than industrial production," says the chief winemaker at Oakridge, David Bicknell, who is one of several producers who have led the Yarra to a position of prominence when it comes to Australian cool-climate viticulture. The Yarra certainly has a lot to offer. It has

Best Cellar Doors

more than 60 wineries with cellar doors and choices range from prominent names such as Domaine Chandon, Yering Station, TarraWarra, Coldstream Hills and De Bortoli Yarra Valley, to smaller boutique operations such as Gembrook Hill, Medhurst Estate, Jamsheed, Mandala and Hoddles Creek. Pop into any cellar door and you will be recommended another one, or maybe a nice spot for lunch. The region’s sense of community is what makes it a great place for a weekend away, and the region is specked with resorts, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses that cater to a range of tastes and budgets. Best Cellar Doors Domaine Chandon, where the original homestead dates to the 1880s, was founded by champagne producers Moet & Chandon and was one of the leaders in popularising Australian sparkling wines. Visitors can enjoy guided tours and visit the riddling hall, where the traditional

"methode champenoise" is explained. It also has a lovely on-site cafe. De Bortoli Yarra Valley is one of the most popular tasting facilities and has some of the best-value wines around. It is also home to the popular Locale restaurant, which serves Italian-accented dishes, and a cheese maturation room run by master fromager Richard Thomas. The impressive Giant Steps complex in Healesville – a top spot for coffee, meals or to meet friends – encompasses a cafe, restaurant, coffee roaster and bakery. Its elegantly designed TarraWarra Estate, owned by one of Melbourne’s prominent families, the Besen family, is one of the most popular destinations, with its fine wines supplemented by an impressive art gallery – the TarraWarra Museum of Art – and restaurant. The tranquil eatery serves modern Australian food and features magnificent views as well as an open fire and terrace.

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A Mystical Island of Legends


Pics courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Langkawi


A scenic island on the west coast of Malaysia, Langkawi underwent a long absence of prosperity. Legend says it was due to the wrongful death of the beautiful Princess Mahsuri, where it involved a jealous admirer, a betrayal and a curse that lasted seven generations. Now that the curse has been lifted, Langkawi has indeed flourished.

Take a stroll to the beach, find yourself a comfortable place under an umbrella or a palm tree and unwind. The most you will have to do is turn the page of your book or raise your head to order your next drink. Seriously, we’re talking total relaxation. If you’re a shopaholic, Langkawi is a duty-free island so you can go nuts on perfume, chocolates and alcohol.

There is very little development and instead is a serene place where locals go about their usual business and live in small communities. The pace of life is leisurely and most visitors come to get away from their hurried lives.

Feeling bored? Hire a canoe and paddle around the island or take a tour on the cable car on Mt Machincang and walk along the Skybridge. It’s a truly awe-inspiring experience. The mangrove tour is a must-try, even for the most laid back visitors. Eagles are native to Langkawi, so be sure to keep a lookout for these magnificent

birds. The local naturalist, Irshad Mobarak is somewhat of a celebrity and a wonderful guide. Popular with honeymooners, Langkawi has some of the most beautiful resorts in Malaysia located along its pristine, northern beaches. Foremost among them is the world famous Four Seasons Resort & Spa in Tanjung Aru facing the picturesque Andaman Sea, boasting the best location and beachfront on the island. For those under a tighter budget, there are resorts and chalets located at Cenang Beach. It also has a vibrant nightlife with a few cafes, restaurants and beach bars that are popular with visitors and locals alike.

metrowest 17


3 Superfoods to Supercharge Your Health Superfoods is a buzzword that has been floating around most nutrition advice columns, and with good reason: Not only do they taste good when taken whole and unprocessed, but they also provide a host of benefits, from improving sex drive to lowering cholesterol and weight to preventing cancer. We take a look at five superfoods that you could easily get on your next supermarket visit. Blueberries Berries not only make for sweet desserts and breakfasts, but they also pack in a load of antioxidants. Among them is anthocyanin, which has been shown to lower blood pressure and makes blood vessels more elastic.


Blueberries are also rich in the so-called “miracle molecule”, Resveratrol, which helps to prevent heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. To reap the benefits, have a handful regularly with your breakfast cereal or dessert. Dark Chocolate If you’ve got a sweet tooth, dark chocolate is the best way to round off a meal. A serving of dark chocolate (at least 60% cocoa) provides more antioxidants and polyphenols than cranberries, pomegranates and acai fruit. “These substances help keep the arteries healthy and are protective against cardiovascular disease,” said preventive cardiologist Suzanne Steinbaum, MD, of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “When looking for a sweet snack, a square of dark

chocolate might, in fact, be your healthiest choice!” To get the best out of the chocolates, look out for non-alkalized chocolates. Alkalization is a process used to mellow the flavor of cocoa, but it also destroys the polyphenolic compounds. For a list of alkalized and non-alkalized chocolates, click here. Green Tea Cheap and readily available, green tea is packed with the seemingly miraculous polyphenols and cathechins. Polyphenols are known to activate an enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which helps use and burn off excess triglyceride. Catechins, on the other hand, are powerful antioxidants that can help prevent aging, and cancer. Studies have shown that consuming 2 to 3 cups per day is needed to reap the benefits of green tea, which are best bought in loose-leaf form.


French Riviera Meets 60’s Poolside Glamour



Embrace balmy nights with shuuemura’s incredibly chic colour palette to enhance your beauty. Your eyes will be the focus this season, rimmed in black soft gel pencil, complimented with a soft sheer glow on the cheek and a matte nude lip that will take you from day to evening glamour in an instant. Key Products Complexion: shu uemura Instant Glow Stage Performer shu uemura Illuminating Lightbulb Foundation shu uemura Cover Concealer Cheeks: shu uemura Colourless Loose Sheer Powder Eyes: shu uemura Pressed Eyeshadow Shadow – M black 990 shu uemura Soft Gel Pencil – black Brow: shu uemura Cover Concealer to lighten Lips: shu uemura foundation over the lips for nude look Lash: shu uemura Eyelash Curler shu uemura Natural Volume 1 Lash shu uemura Tokyo lash Mascara – black

Angelic, chic and a little shy, the baby doll shu uemura girl likes to people watch under the shade of the sun whilst sipping a long ice tea.


The look is elegant and chic. This season, be transported to the French Riviera as David Jones unveils its Spring Summer 2014 collections. To compliment this season’s catwalk look, shu uemura has created two make up looks that will inspire you to bring out your inner sultry self. Make-up looks directed by Mr. Yuji Asano shu uemura International chief make-up artist

s y a w a e Giv


Key Products Complexion: shu uemura Instant Glow Stage Performer shu uemura Illuminating Lightbulb Foundation shu uemura Colourless Loose Sheer Powder Cheek shu uemura Glow On blush M336 Eyes: shu uemura Pressed Eyeshadow - M813, M851, M895 shu uemura Soft Gel Liner – black shu uemura Painting Liner – black Brow shu uemura Hard Formula – brown Lips: shu uemura Rouge Unlimited – BG922 Lash shu uemura Eyelash Curler shu uemura Slim Flare Lash – on bottom lash line shu uemura Tokyo Lash Mascara – black shu uemura cosmetics are exclusive to David Jones department stores. Stockist: 1300 651 991




Yves Saint Laurent Belle D’Opium Eau de Parfum

Giorgio Armani Highligting Pallette Spring 2014

Science Works Family Pass

Enter by 25th August

Enter by 25th August

Enter by 25th August



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business & finance

3 Reasons Your Team Isn’t Listening To You Have you ever been in a situation where you think you’ve been heard and then wham, you discover that the instruction and delegation given just didn’t happen? As a leader of a team, you’re not alone. Here are Tanya Lacy some ideas that might help you understand why it happens and what you can do to course correct: 1. They’re intimidated by you... It amazes me how many folks in leadership roles don’t really take into account the impact of the position they hold. Did you know some of your team may possibly have a bad experience of an authority figure in the past and thus have a defensive mechanism that almost stops them from hearing? While that is not your problem, it’s a good idea to understand this is a strong possibility. And good motivation to not be that ‘bad’ leader too. 2. They’re defensive.... The arms folded, no eye contact, talking 20

fast talking over you thing? This is all about deflection. Sometimes it’s easier to blame someone else (even your boss) to avoid the taking responsibility. And yes there is a cost delay in production, slow turnarounds for work, and worse, profit eaten up. When you recognize this salient piece in point 3, it will make sense. 3. They don’t want to be told... They say it’s easier to go with the grain than against it. Let’s face it, do you like being told what to do? If you don’t like being told then neither does your team. So, what’s the answer I hear you ask? The answer is mastering the ‘art of questions’. That’s right. He or she who asks the right questions leads and gets to be listened to. Instead of being ‘tasky’ be ‘asky’. So, here are my 2 big tips for turning your non-responsive team into listeners, it’s simple and highly effective. Applied well, it can truly be a game changer. Firstly, before you ‘tell’ someone what to do, do this – ask yourself, “How can I phrase this tell statement, into a question? For instance here’s a statement: “Sally I need you to scan these documents by 4pm.”

How can that be turned into a question? For instance... “Sally, would you please prioritise these scans for the client by 4pm?” You can easily transform your results by simply using questions. Would you like to give it a try? Secondly, be committed to this idea. To truly, lead, L.E.A.D. What do I mean? In the work we do at Intercept we help companies apply the rule of L.E.A.D. Simply put, it’s making a commitment to create a Learning Environment Attuned (to the) Direction of your goals. This is one of the major mistakes leaders make. They fail to create a learning environment for their people. Think of yourself as a teacher, and everything changes Tanya Lacy wants to live in a world where people look each other in the eye when they are together, their phones are off and true connection reigns. She is a business writer and an advocate for shorter emails & meetings where people are more direct. To discover more go to interceptexperience. com or follow her tweets @intercept or @ tanyalacy |Instagram @rawtanyalacy. Reach her on 9397 4697.

streetspotting Yarraville footscray spotswood

Where Am I?


Guess where this place is to

Science works family pass

Notification by email after 2 September Email answers and your address by 25 August to: competitions@indentmedia.com.au Correct entries will be placed in a draw and one will be randomly selected. Notification is by email after 6 August. Entrants must be 18 years or over and reside in Victoria.

metrowest 21

real estate

robust uptrend of inner west housing VALUE Melbourne's inner west housing market continued its strong performance in the final three months of the financial year with Footscray as the standout. House prices in the suburb grew by more than 20 per cent in the three months to 30 June, to a median house price of $736,500. It reflected a growing trend, with buyers priced out of some of the West's most sought-after suburbs – for example, Williamstown, where the median house price is now more than $1 million and Moonee Ponds where it is $925,000 – seeking out other more affordable suburbs. Several other inner western suburbs have shown strong growth in the June quarter, with Yarraville's median house price growing by 8.4 per cent over the three months to 30 June, West Footscray by 6.3 per cent and Ascot Vale by 11.8 per cent.

The latest REIV data shows Melbourne's median house price is now $658,000, but the median for the city's inner suburbs is more than $1 million. However, in the inner west the median is $650,000 despite consistent growth. While the demand for the most sought after suburbs - such as Kensington, Flemington, Seddon and Yarraville - has taken their median prices above $700,000, there are still bargains to be had.

While not tracking as low as regional Victoria, where the median house price is just $327,000, prices in the West mean it is still possible for first home buyers and those on a limited budget to find an attractive home with all the amenities of inner Melbourne and without leaving town. And the area has shown strong growth over the financial year, with its convenient location and amenities meaning in the inner west has the potential for further growth in 2014-15.

Maidstone was a strong performer over the past year with growth of 18.9 percent, yet its median price remains at $625,000, with some houses selling for less than $565,000. In desirable Yarraville, while the median house price was $707,000 the lowest 25 per cent of sales for the quarter had a median of $602,000, while for Kingsville that figure was $571,000.

Congratulations COMPETITION WINNERS Winners

of Farah Jama books Nathan Sibilia, Seddon Sue Sellman, Williamston Helena Olsen,



of Lancome Hypnose eyeshadow Sharon McAuslan, Yarraville.


of Arbonne eyeshadows Julia Selwood-Tweedie, Williamstown Susan Warner, Newport Kerry Allen, Seddon

Yarraville Guide Auction Inspect Contact

Footscray Guide Auction Inspect Contact

37 Goulburn Street

Bed 2 | Bath 1

$510,000-$560,000 11am Saturday 16th August on location 5:30-6pm Thursday 14th August & 10:30-11am Saturday 16th August John Galea 0405 564 669 & John Luong 0401 718 277 Yarraville 9314 1188

10 Dudley Street

Bed 2 | Bath 1

$510,000-$550,000 11am Saturday 23rd August on location 12-12:30pm Saturday 16th August & 11-11:30am Sunday 17th August Traci Charles 0425 717 489 & Joseph Luppino 0411 508 458 Yarraville 9314 1188

make change > comptongreen.com.au metrowest 23

Altona North Guide Auction Inspect Contact

158 McIntosh Road

Bed 3 | Bath 1 | Car 3

$410,000-$450,000 1pm Saturday 30th August on location 6:30-7pm Thursday 14th August & 2:30-3pm Saturday 16th August John Galea 0405 564 669 & John Grech 0499 984 445 Williamstown 9397 1600

face the facts At Compton Green we’re less about the fanfare and more about letting the facts speak for themselves. We like to think of ourselves as the Inner West’s quiet achievers. However we don’t simply judge our performance by our sales results. The real measure of our success is the satisfaction of our valued clients, with our high degree of repeat business and referrals standing as a testament to the hard work and dedication we bring to every sale. If you wish to share our knowledge, please contact Brent and he’ll keep you informed ahead of anyone else.

Brent Johnson | 0449 871 902 | comptongreen.com.au


make change > comptongreen.com.au


Newport 50 Wilkins Street Defined By Style, Distinguished By Size Proportions only occasionally available in the two bedroom bracket give this inviting residence a distinctive edge. An open plan kitchen featuring an integrated fridge & smeg appliances complement north facing living/dining areas that flow to an outdoor entertaining area. Upstairs, a main bedroom with ensuite, spacious second bedroom & a stylish central bathroom. Study zone & heating/cooling.




BER $720,000 - $780,000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Auction Sat 16th Aug at 10.30am --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inspect As advertised --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Leigh Melbourne 0414 239 986 Wayne Elly 0410 305 305 Williamstown Office 8387 0000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Web greghocking.com.au 50wilkinsstreetnewport.com.au

Yarraville 16/37 Stephen Street Elite in Location, Layout and Lifestyle This village townhouse shines with an intelligent design that balances indoor & outdoor spaces. An impressive kitchen & living area open onto a landscaped entertaining area, 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms including a full en suite to the master, which also has its own north facing terrace. Heating/ cooling, LUG & storage area. Located 6kms from the CBD & walking distance to Seddon & Yarraville Villages.




BER $690,000 - $720,000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Auction Sat 30th Aug at 11.30am --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inspect As advertised --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trevor Reynolds 0466 182 032 Wayne Elly 0410 305 305 Yarraville Office 8387 0011 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Web greghocking.com.au 16/37stephenstreetyarraville.com.au

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Kingsville 3/45 Kingsville Street Stylish, Spacious, Secluded This 3 bedroom townhouse has it all. Located in a tree lined offering a paved outdoor entertainment area leading to an open plan living area & renovated kitchen, light filled bedroom, renovated bathroom & secure LUG plus additional parking. Public transport is just around the corner & only 7 kms from the CBD.




BER $490,000 - $530,000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Forthcoming Auction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inspect As advertised --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wayne Elly 0410 305 305 Trevor Reynolds 0466 182 032 8387 0011 Yarraville Office --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Web greghocking.com.au 3/45kingsvillestreetkingsville.com.au

Newport 75A Speight Street Captivating Single Level Style The character, quality & comfort of this beautifully appointed free-standing home grab the attention & capture the imagination. A sunny north facing living area is complemented by a separate kitchen/dining domain, while to the rear, 2 bedrooms & a stylish bathroom deliver ideal accommodation. Reverse cycle heating/cooling, polished floorboards, a fully decked courtyard & OSP.




BER $530,000 - $580,000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Auction Sat 6th Sep at 12.30pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inspect As advertised --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mark de Brabander 0406 536 447 Wayne Elly 0410 305 305 Williamstown Office 8387 0000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Web greghocking.com.au 75aspeightstreetnewport.com.au 26


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Profile for MetroWest Magazine

Metrowest magazine 12th August 2014 issue  

Metrowest magazine 12th August 2014 issue  


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