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Editor’s Letter

MetroWest is only young, but we’re already growing and changing. This issue is the first under the banner of our new publisher, Indent Media. And MetroWest will be carrying even more great stories on people, property and lifestyle in your neighbourhood. I’ve recently joined the team as editor and staff writer, taking over from Joanna EveleighWhitford. Jo did a great job on the first few issues of MetroWest and we’d like to thank her for all her hard work. As MetroWest develops its website and social media pages, we’d love to hear your feedback and get your insider tips on what’s hot in the west: your favourite cafes and restaurants, hip little shops, great things to see and do. MetroWest is your neighbourhood magazine and we’re looking forward to covering the things that matter to you, our readers. So enjoy this issue of MetroWest and we’ll see you again in with our next issue in the first week of May!


Hong Kong: a City of Contrasts

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Fledgling Fashionistas

Caffeine: the Obsession with Coffee

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Tim coronel

Editor and staff writer

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Interiors in bloom THE BRIEF The brief for this extensively renovated 1912 home was to restore the house to its former glory as well as to create a contemporary look sympathetic to the owners’ taste and personal style.


A rustic timber table is featured in the dining room. The classic Thonet chairs are customupholstered with playful black and white ticking stripe to create a point of difference. A large sisal rug creates warmth and cleverly defines the scale of the room and the surrounding furniture.

The soft tones in the master bedroom create a serene space for retreat. The original Edwardian windows are framed with customdesigned, washed-linen curtains in a natural, contemporary colour. The floor-to-ceiling curtain panels were chosen to highlight the grand proportions of the bedroom. Finally, to achieve an ambience of relaxed elegance, the designers combined classically elegant furniture with a careful selection of contemporary twists. A whimsical look in the children’s bedroom was achieved by the selection of the wallpaper, with a playful injection of subtle pink and a soft blue palate. This layering of colours through a natural white canvas of the

remaining walls allowed the carefully selected elements and furnishings to stand out. The light-filled living room, the heart of this home, is painted in a specially chosen custom grey shade. An oversized mirror is placed above one of two relaxed linen sofas layered with bespoke woollen cushions. The existing tall ceilings allow for a beautiful rustic iron chandelier to highlight these grand proportions. Within the adjacent study a custom-designed workbench provides an inviting and functional home workspace. A pair of classical, Frenchinspired chairs paired with a contemporary marble-topped work table was a playful design decision.

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cover story

living the

Dream by Joanna Eveleigh-Whitford

Kylie Flavell has successfully created a life for herself on the other side of the world, sharing her passion for all things Italian with a captive audience. She calls herself a ‘seasoned Italophile, journalist, cook and hopeless romantic’. Growing up in Queensland, Kylie moved through the corporate world at a fast pace, working as a Japanese translator at 18, a magazine editor at 22 and a fashion director and magazine publisher by 24. Working as hard as she did, Kylie dreamt of a life intertwined with romance, passion and an abundance of historic culture. Free-spirited, Kylie felt drawn to Italy and packed her bags in search of la dolce vita. The locals embraced her love of food and willingly shared many of their traditional recipes; it provided a perfect direction to follow. Armed with determination and perserverence, Kylie pitched her creative ideas to TV networks, 6

emailed a fanatical English food blogger to join her in Rome just before the cameras rolled and is now midway through hosting her second TV cook show, When Patrick met Kylie, airing in 67 countries including Australia. There are three more shows in production and a book launch is in the pipeline. Kylie provides us with some insight into her life … Living in Rome and travelling across the globe, the world is your oyster—do you feel lucky or did you work hard to make these life changes? Nothing would be possible if I wasn’t blessed with a family of dreamers who never push me

Photography by Carol-joy PIRIE, Antonis Photography, Profile Media, Academia Barilla.

“ Nothing would be possible if I wasn’t blessed with a family of dreamers who never push me towards the ‘safe’ option.”

towards the ‘safe’ option. I never had any contacts that opened doors and I’ve been rejected numerous times. I’m fortunate because I’ve always known exactly what I wanted and that unswerving conviction has helped me through [hard] times. Romans are fiercely proud of their city, what do you enjoy most about your way of life? I’ve never felt at home in Australia. In Italy I feel truly myself. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always been quite old-fashioned. Most young Italians have encyclopaedic knowledge of ancient history and great literature and finish a night of clubbing in a piano bar singing and dancing to

old Neapolitan jazz songs from the 1950s. Hospitality is a big part of the Italian lifestyle with lots of kissing and hand gesturing—has it been fun to absorb this gregarious culture? I’m a very emotional person and I can’t help waving my hands about, so it’s fantastic to be in a place where it’s considered normal to exhibit such euphoria when merely discussing a pastiera or plate of cacio e pepe. When you have a spare minute what do you love to do? This is my dream job. The lines are thoroughly blurred between what I do to pay the rent and

what I do in my ‘free time’. When the camera stops rolling, I still cook, I still write, I still run around speaking to old men and women in hundred-year-old trattorias who teach me their recipes. What’s the next exciting step to take? I’ve founded my own production company and the show I’m currently working on was filmed in Florence. I set myself the challenge to complete the entire thing alone. I’m producing several food and travel shows this year and working on a recipe book and a travel memoir about risking everything for a romantic life.

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Steamrail Victoria

next tour Saturday 12 April Everyone loves trains, especially steam trains! Steamrail Victoria preserves Victoria’s rail history and offers you and your family fun days out in historic rolling stock, pulled by restored steam and diesel locos. The Railways Museum has now re-opened at Newport Railway Workshops.

Art in Public Places

throughout April Art in Public Places is coordinated by Hobsons Bay City Council as a municipal-wide event that exhibits the artwork of western-region artists in businesses and various venues across Hobsons Bay.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Shannon’s American Motoring Show from 10am Sunday 13 April Flemington Racecourse nursery carpark, Epsom Rd, Flemington See thousands of your favourite American cars from Model Ts to Mustangs and beyond. Includes entertainment, car-club displays, vendors.

HBC018_Press ads_metrowest_FA.indd 1

Next Wave Festival until 11 May Obsessed with the new. Adamant about context. Devoted to extraordinary. In love with locality. Conscious of time.

The Substation

until 20 April Laugh your socks off at various venues across Melbourne, including The Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen St, Yarraville; and The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport.


North Mebourne ArtsHouse

Art exhibitions, weekend farmers’ markets, children’s events and much, much more are always on the calendar at The Substation! 1 Market Street, Newport. www.thesubstation.

Arts House

North Melbourne Town Hall Sat 12 April 3pm & 7.30; & Sun 13 April, 5pm The Lepidopters: A Space Opera. Science fiction meets crossarts mavericks Slave Pianos, joining with the 40-member Astra Choir, Yogyakarta art/punk music collective Punkasila, Indonesian singer/dancer Rachel Saraswati and virtuoso pianist Michael Kieran Harvey. 521 Queensberry St,

Next Wave is art made now. At venues across Melbourne including Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall

19/03/14 10:50 AM


Parklife in yarraville by Joanna Eveleigh-Whitford

If you don’t want to venture too far away from home during the twilight days of

concept of pop-ups, the inner west is certainly conducive to this 21st-century invention.

unpressured and friendly alternative to hectic shopping malls and crowded beaches.

Yarraville Village is a destination social centre enjoying a niche café/bar culture, a perfect choice for this delightful installation providing outdoor space in an area otherwise rather bereft of parkland. An eclectic combination of coffee tables, stools and deck chairs dotted through an oversized synthetic-grass base blends well with the backdrop of assorted shop façades bordering the park.

Due to the overwhelming support generated this year Maribynong Council plans are in motion to increase numbers of parklets in under-utilised spaces and provide recreational activities such as table tennis, four-square and hopscotch.

warm weather, how about visiting the Yarraville pop-up park? It came into its own at the Yarraville Festival, where the grass space delivered a bird’s eye view of stage shows and live band performances. This urban concept was introduced three years ago to remove the traffic congestion in the area. It was so successful that recognition was given through the ’Main Street Innovation Award’ in 2012. The inspiration came from a global urban trend enjoyed in Paris, Peru, the UK and cities across the US. Pop-up parks are a unique transformation of space with settings for yoga, free movies and even a pop-up beach on one site located just 100m from the Olympic stadium in London. With a growing interest in the

Self-sufficiency is the name of the game and visitors can bring anything to amuse themselves: reading material, a game of backgammon, a picnic or just a doze in the shade to lap up the atmosphere while you wonder what the next few hours will bring. Perhaps it’s a meeting point for a romantic rendezvous? In all cases it offers a remarkably

The response has been overwhelming, with support growing exponentially for these spaces. Make a journey over to this lovely village to find all the comforts of the back garden in the middle of the street. Share tables with fellow park-goers and become a part of the socialising scene. While you are visiting, take a good look through this vibrant area—you never know what’s around the next corner!

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Towards a Dream Career Seeking answers on how to further your career? Getting frustrated? Here are some tips to guide you towards a more fulfilling career and life Know yourself, know what you want: spend time discovering and understanding your strengths, skills. it is said: ‘Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life.’ In order to get to that elusive state of affairs in your career, you are

required to know who you are and also what you want. Reflect, be honest and seek expert advice from a mentor or a career-advice professional. Embrace positivity and optimism: do it with a smile. Employers, clients and customers are constantly seeking individuals who are positive and optimistic to work with as it instils confidence all around. Confidence is a precious commodity in short supply and if you possess it it is a tremendous

life force that can propel you towards the career you are after. Work hard: nothing can substitute for hard work. Get known for it and see the rewards and accolades gather. It’s best to work hard because you enjoy the work, not for the rewards, as they will follow naturally as a by-product of your actions. Learn how to tell your story effectively: so you know yourself, are a bundle of energy and totally positive, no-one works harder

than you! Then go forth and with confidence that fits the passion you have chosen to follow and construct an interesting story to tell about yourself and career. Above all don’t forget to have fun while you work on improving your career prospects! Raj Khetarpal Senior Human Resources Professional raj-khetarpal/8/a8a/102/

Value Propositions From time to time you may hear the term ‘value proposition’, but what does this mean? In essence, this is simply the value that a business expects its customers to receive from its goods and/or services. However, it is much more than simply satisfying a customer demand; what’s really important here is the uniquely identifiable way in which this is done. While value is not the same as price, the higher the perceived value of your business’ goods and services, the greater your ability to charge more. A simple example of this is when my son was playing soccer at school years ago, he believed he had to have Nike shorts and Adidas boots to play. From what I could see these did not look much different to many other makes,


but such was their reputation among his mates, the credit card took a harder hit than perhaps it needed to due to their reputation (perceived value). No doubt this was in part due to clever marketing and advertising but that’s essentially how a business tries to differentiate itself from the rest. So, if perceived value is really important, then a business must be very clear about which customers it is trying to attract, the value proposition that it provides and, in these days of increasing competition, why it is different from the rest. The clearer you can articulate this, the better your chance of appearing to provide greater value than your competitors. Ian Ash, AInstIB President, Emerald Business Group

Serious Fun

With such a stunning range of themed exhibitions and interactive scientific displays, Scienceworks is sure to enthral and entertain the kids for hours. Imagine tomorrow today in the new exhibition Think Ahead. Explore the stars and beyond in the Planetarium. Enjoy a spectacular experience in the Lightning Room. Explore the science and technology behind real-life rescue scenarios in Rescue. 10


One of four family passes to Scienceworks, including entry to the Planetarium, Lightning Room and Rescue exhibition each valued at $83. See p.16 for details.

Co ns Co tr m Ha uc m s tio en n ce d

‘‘ Each on own footprint featuring cooling, heating, SMEG appliances and intercom. 3 bedrooms. From 160.5m2 to 182.5m2.

We elected to present the scheme as a historical story book of the area which should be considered as contemporary historic, viewed as a valuable contribution to urban landscape .


Set in the heart of Williamstown & designed to architectural perfection, these townhouses are due to be completed late 2014.

-Mark Sinton, Miceli Oldfield Sinton Architects.

Contact: Adrian Butera P: 0409 099 791

Price: Starting from $807,450 up to $859,000. metrowest 11


caffeine the obsession with coffee

Cappuccinos are being upstaged in the US and UK these days by a new style of coffee, and it all started in the Antipodes. The flat white, developed in cafés in Australia and New Zealand the 1980s, is now being ordered by the dozen all over New York, according to the New York Post recently. It is by far the number-one off-menu item requested at several New York cafés and in the UK. This fast-growing trend has prompted several coffeeshop chains such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee to add the flat white to their menus.

• A thin layer of velvety micro-foam as opposed Cameron McClure, a New Zealander who to the relatively thicker layer of stiffer foam in a named his London coffee bar Flat White, said cappuccino. the new coffee culture was • Of medium size, i.e. based on serving stronger “The flat white, about 150–180 ml (5–6 oz). coffees that don't get • Free-poured milk so that drowned by vast quantities developed the foam is folded through of milk. He makes 700 flat in cafes in the whole drink and there whites daily. is no discernable layer Australia and separation between liquid However, this marvellous drink is confusing to some NZ in the 1980s, coffee and foam. • It should not be served baristas. According to Deaton is now being in a large glass, as the Pigot, head roaster for Toby’s larger (and weaker-tasting) Estate, an Australian-based ordered by cafe latte typically is. chain now open in Brooklyn the dozen all and Manhattan, the flat white Flat whites are usually can be likened to a ‘wet over New York, prepared using espresso cappuccino’—that is, a cappuccino with more according to the beans with a relatively light roast, rather than more steamed milk than New York Post traditional dark Italian roasts. froth. This fact, together with proper Ian Boughton, recently.” extraction by a skilled barista who edits the UK and the fact that double shots trade magazine are usually added, creates the Boughton’s characteristically rich and intense, though not Coffee House, said: bitter, aroma. ‘It’s a more powerful, stronger, creamier This trendy coffee drink is predominantly found drink but not in third-wave cafés, a current style of coffee uncomfortably strong. house where the bean is treated as an artisan The milk needs to be foodstuff; rather like wine and less as a generic very well-stretched ingredient. A number of these independent and well-spun to coffee shops tend to roast their own high-quality make sure it has beans, using single-origin coffee rather than plenty of tight blends. bubbles.’ According to a survey of industry commentators, a flat white has several defining characteristics:


by Joanna Eveleigh-Whitford

Whatever your flavour of coffee there is a vast array of stylish local coffee houses to visit around the inner west. Here are some handpicked favourites:

advertising feature

The Premises

The pint of milk 19 North Road,

202 Bellair St,



ph 9391 6641

ph 9376 7565

In today’s social media era online word-of-mouth is a crucial make-orbreak for any food venue, and opinions of Newport’s The Pint of Milk on online ratings sites are univerally positive. ‘The service is ridiculously good. The food is even better,’ reads one random review. You know it’s Proper Melbourne as the coffee is taken very, very seriously and ‘breakfast’ runs all day, every day.

Obviously Melbourne is a coffee city, and any café worth its beans knows that, but beyond the brown brew it’s the menu that sets one joint apart from the rest and locals know that The Premises is The Business when it comes to comestibles. ‘Everything on the menu is fresh, made from goodquality products and has a passionate attention to detail,’ reads one online review.

java cafe

Pickle Barrel 60 Ferguson Street,

12 Ballarat Street,



ph 9399 8338

ph: 9687 3300

Not only is the Pickle Barrel a café par excellence, serving up tasty fresh dishes to satisfy every palate; it’s also a great deli and providore, selling you the wonderful ingredients you need to have in your pantry to see if you can match its kitchen gurus. Give it a go: eat it at the Pickle Barrel, buy the essential ingredients, try making it at home and see if your version is as good ... is it?

Who loves The Sun? Everyone does! The cinema, the wonderful bookshop and the Java Café make up the perfect trio occupying this gem of a heritage building in the heart of Yarraville. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon snack, quick pre-movie dinner ... Java delivers in spades and always welcomes you with a fine brew and a diverse menu.

metrowest 13

food&wine turkish meze

by Sevtap Yüce

published by Hardie Grant

This cookbook makes you want to fly to Turkey and taste all its delights. Sevtap Yüce’s recipes are simple, using fresh produce with clean flavours. Next time you’re are having friends over, this is the a great cookbook to get all your treats from. As the title says it’s full of simple, delicious recipes for sharing. Fom lamb kofte, stuffed zucchini, fried eggplants with chillies and garlic yoghurt, sardines wrapped in vine leaves, and chickpea yoghurt and tahini dip, your guests will be satisfied!

fried eggplants with chillies & garlic yoghurt 2 eggplants (aubergines) 100g (3 1/2 oz) fresh green chillies sunflower oil, for pan frying 4 vine-ripened tomatoes, diced garlic yoghurt to serve Slice the eggplants into discs about 1cm (1/2-inch) thick. Wash and dry the chillies. If using small chillies leave them whole; if using banana chillies, remove the seeds and membranes. Heat about 2.5cm (1 inch) of oil in a large, heavybased frying pan. When the oil is hot, fry the eggplant discs in batches over high heat for 2–3 minutes, or until soft and browned. Remove each batch with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towel. Add the chillies in the hot oil and fry, turning them constantly for 5–10 minutes, or until browned all over. Remove each batch with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towel. Pour the oil into a heatproof container to re-use in other recipes. Put the tomatoes in the hot pan and sprinkle with sea salt. Braise over low heat for about 5 minutes, until soft and juicy. Arrange the eggplant discs on a serving plate. Top with the chillies and braised tomatoes. Serve with garlic yoghurt for spooning over.

Serves 4


The Definitive Guide to Cooking Grains, Seeds & Legumes by Molly Brown

published by Hardie Grant

It was literally ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ on first glance of Grains Seeds and Legumes by Molly Brown. In the end it is really a case of ‘it’s what is on the inside that counts.’ This is a beautifully photographed cookbook, with an array of grains and pulses to explore, including dishes ranging from the Middle East to France. This cookbook had me salivating as I turned each page and wanting to be in the kitchen creating all the wonderful dishes in front of me. Even better: it’s all good for you! 14

minted pea, broad bean & edamame salad 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil salt and freshly ground black pepper 125g (4 1/2 oz) feta cheese crumbled 250g (9oz) fresh or frozen broad (fava) beans (podded weight) 150g (9oz) edamame (podded weight) 250g (9oz) fresh or frozen peas (podded weight) juice of half a lemon 2 tablespoons chopped mint If you are using frozen broad beans, cook all the beans and peas together in boling salted water until tender. If you are using fresh broad beans, give them a couple of minutes’ head start and then add the peas and edamame. Drain and run under cold water to preserve their colour. Slip the skins off the broad beans—it is a bit of a hassle but the colour inside is gorgeous—and discard the skins. Put the peas and beans into a broad, shallow bowl with olive oil, lemon juice, mint and salt and pepper. Scatter over feta, gently fork it through and serve.

Serves 4


Rhyme & Riesling When I first started drinking wine (or, at least, drinking wine to appreciate it), I took immediately to the big, full reds of South Australia; the Barossa fascinated me and I quickly understood why Coonawarra commanded the respect it did.

This recipe is certain to give your morning a kick-start when you’re running late and need something nutritious for the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Taken from the book The Definitive Guide to Cooking Grains, Seeds & Legumes by Molly Brown Published by Hardie Grant

big breakfast smoothie Blend: 1 banana 4 pitted dates 4 dried apricots 1 tablespoon sunflower kernels 2 teaspoons linseeds (flax seeds) 1 tablespoon wheatgerm 125ml (4oz/1/2 cup) orange juice 150ml (5fl oz) low-fat milk 1 tablespoon maple syrup

Makes 2 servings

Pinot Noir generally confused me—it was more expensive than the other reds, though it seemed thin and a bit tangy. I drank a little bit of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc because everyone else seemed to like it, but white wines never really grabbed me.

by Stuart Quinn

acidity and minerality, with the ideal expression being neither definitely sweet, nor tart nor flinty. This reactivity famously prompted writer Kingsley Amis to complain that life was too short for German wine labels, which tend to be quite completist. Anyone for a bottle of Gutsverwaltung Niederhausen Schlossböckelheim Schloßböckelheimer Kupfergrube Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese?

Eventually, I wound up sharing a bottle of Petaluma Riesling with a chef after work. It was everything I had missed in white wine—full, rich, complex and rewarding. I was converted instantly. So, with autumn settling in slowly, we once again have the perfect excuse to uncork a bottle or two of ‘The King of Grapes.’* Australia produces some brilliant Riesling, much of it quite dry and some of it a tad austere. Recent years have proven fortuitous, however, for a few smaller producers who have been brave enough to release richer, more textural wines. This is particularly evident locally—Mac Forbes’ ‘RS’ releases are of reliable quality and Gary Mills’ ‘Jamsheed’ produces excellent, lean expressions of the grape. I’ve recently fallen in love with the small, ten-hectare ‘Duke’s Vineyard’ in Porongurup, WA, which produces incredible values in their ‘Invitation’ and ‘Autumn’ Rieslings, and deftly balances sweetness with acidity. Riesling is a grape that is extraordinarily reactive to its environment; the composition of the soil, the slope and aspect of the vineyard and subtle changes in winemaking technique all have huge bearings on what eventually ends up in the bottle. Indeed, many winemakers view Riesling as a balancing act (or even a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’) between sugar levels,

* It bears pointing out, with no disrespect to Riesling, that virtually every varietal has enjoyed this title at one time or another.

metrowest 15

new book release

The Return by Silvia Kwon

Enter the draw to WIN s of ree copie one of th

urn Ther nRamee atnd address u

Email yo

pril to by 28 A .au d in @ entm s n o ti ti e p


Melbourne-based Silvia Kwon’s debut novel The Return is set in rural Victoria in the 1960s. The book is told from the perspective of a middle-aged mother, Merna, who is struggling to reconcile a rift between her husband Frank, a WWII veteran, and their son, Paul. Frank harbours strong resentment towards the Japanese, stemming from his experiences in Burma during the war. These resentments are brought to the surface when Paul, who has moved to Japan for a job with Toyota, returns to the family farm with a Japanese wife. The Return was inspired by Silvia’s own

experience as a Korean-Australian woman, and the novel brings up a wealth of themes— prejudice, family, war and forgiveness—which continue to resonate today. Silvia was born in Korea and moved to Western Australia as a young child. After university she moved to Melbourne to pursue a career in publishing and worked for Oxford University Press, Black Inc. and Coulomb Communications, a small nonfiction publishing outfit she established with a friend. Out now. The Returnis out now from Hachette Australia, RRP$29.99

n i W

* sses a p y amil rks, f r u f fo encewo o the o e ci on yt to s g entr htning n udin itio , lig incl tarium e’ exhib h! e c u plan d ‘resc t $83 ea m an alued ao children o o r es v s + tw pass *two adult

Where Am I? Guess where this place is to Win Email answers and your address by 28 April to: Correct entries will be placed in a draw and one will be randomly selected. Notification is by email on 2nd May. Entrants must be 18 years or over and reside in Victoria.



North Melbourne

street art & people-watching by Carol-Joy

metrowest 17


HONG KONG When many people think of Hong Kong, they think of a modern city built around a harbour with high skyscrapers, of Victoria Harbour with its ferries, traditional junks serenely plying the water, of a city full of people and traffic, of modern 21st-century madness and mayhem. Hong Kong is all of this, but also, so much more. Divided into two distinct locations of the CBD of Hong Kong Island and the older area of Kowloon, and although mainly a ‘city-stay’ destination, Hong Kong offers something surprising around every corner and over every hill.

A city of contrasts

at the iconic The Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel overlooking Victoria Harbour. Exploring just beyond the city areas will also bring a few surprises Established in 2009, few people know about the Hong Kong Geo Park and its stunning scenery, volcanically formed islands, columnar joints, sea arches, caves and beaches. Trek a short jungle trail to the beach and experience a surprising part of Hong Kong. Paddle in the water or explore the sea caves or sea arches by kayak.

Kowloon is a popular tourist area offering a plethora of ‘old Hong Kong’ experiences including long-standing markets, traditional Chinese temples, crumbling old buildings and the chaos of Tsim Sha Tsui.

A Feng Shui-guided walking tour through the Central Business District of Hong Kong Island is also a surprise. Head to Lion's Rock, the perfect feng shui location for the Wong Tai Sin temple (Sik Sik Yuen), and the home of the ‘great god Wong.’ Here, people worship Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism all under the same roof—famous for the statement ‘What you request is what you get.’

A stroll along Nathan Road will bring you into contact with a varied assortment of shopping malls and big-name brand stores finally ending

Those after a more active pace will be surprised to learn that Hong Kong offers almost 300 kilometres of hiking or walking trails; from the


by Hasanti Perera

longer trails of the Maclehose, the Wilson, the Lantau and the Hong Kong to numerous smaller walking trails. A Culinary Gem: Café Gray Deluxe Café Gray Deluxe is located within the beautifully understated boutique hotel The Upper House. A 21st-century Grand Café and the new home of renowned chef Gray Kunz, Café Gray Deluxe offers unique modern European cuisine in a stylish atmosphere, with great views of Victoria Harbour. A Place to Call Home: Mira Moon Hotel The newly opened Mira Moon Hotel is set amid the bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui. A swish boutique hotel that celebrates modern style with tradition, Mira Moon offers a splash of colour and verve within close proximity to bustling shopping and dining.


Festivals Around the World by Tim Coronel



festival. MetroWest suggests you go to eat tapas and sip copas of viño and stay well away from the bulls!

One of the world's biggest music festivals features two weekends of awesome bands, including: Arcade Fire, Beck, Bryan Ferry, Chvrches, Empire of the Sun, Fatboy Slim, Haim, John Newman, Lana del Rey, Lorde, MGMT, Mogwai, Motorhead, Muse, Neko Case, Pet Shop Boys, QOTS, The Cult, The Replacements and many, many more!

The World Game reaches its peak every four years for the FIFA World Cup. Millions will attend and billions will watch … but only one team can be the ultimate champion.


11–20: Coachella Valley Music Festival, USA


19–25: Sydney Writers' Festival Sydney Writers' Festival is one of the biggest draws on Australia’s literary calendar. Each year, SWF presents over 300 events (half of them for free) and attracts attendances of around 80,000 in venues that stretch from the Festival hub at Walsh Bay by the harbour to the Blue Mountains.

2–July 13: FIFA World Cup Soccer Carnival, Brazil


5–27: Le Tour de France While staying up all night in your lycra watching it on TV may be fun, imagine being there, following the peleton from town to beautiful town throughout France in summer ... 6–15: San Fermin Festival ('the running with the bulls'), Pamplona, Spain Every year a few Aussie loons get gored in this ancient and frankly really, really dangerous

8–31: Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland While best-known as the pinnacle of international comedy festivals, the Edinburgh Festival also offers much more—film, music, art, fringe, book events and the Military Tattoo fill three whole weeks.


20–5 Oct: Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany Beer, pretzels, men in Lederhosen, women in Dirndls, so much pork, oompah bands, then more beer. What's not to like?

metrowest 19


The future of skincare is here, with the launch of LUMINESCE™ from Jeunesse Global

LUMINESCE™, The advanced Anti-Ageing skincare range that uses the latest innovations in stem-cell technology for skin rejuvenation. The LUMINESCE™ growth-factor complex comprises human adipose-derived adult stem cell-conditioned serum, a first of its kind in Australia. The cellular rejuvenation serum stimulates the skin’s natural ability to replenish, moisturise and rejuvenate and works in tandem with the body’s natural process to help produce more collagen, elastin and other matrix proteins to help renew skin.

skin care





Guerlain has reinvented Meteorite Pearls, revealing invisible light bathing the skin in the purest glow. For dreamy eyelids Ecrin 4 Couleurs harmonise exactly as you wish to match your every mood while Maxi Lash Volumecreating mascara offers curl sculpting with amazing hold for eyelashes. The Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eyebrow Kit delivers four shades to customise to all skin tones. 20

A NEW CREATION INSPIRED BY THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA Enriched with the finest-quality ingredients— Sicilian Mandarin, Essence of Neroli, and Rich Spring Water—this fragrance offers a water note for a sense of wellbeing with a touch of Indonesian Patchouli, finishing with olibanum.

Eat foods rich in colour. This will ensure you’re getting lots of vitamins and minerals through your meals. Your skin will glow, and your weight and mood will benefit.

health&beauty Promotion

Mix Up your Winter Defense Regime with Olive Leaf Extract Olive leaf extract could be your secret weapon to build a strong frontline winter defense by boosting your immunity against winter cold and flu bugs. Used in ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean cultures, fresh-picked olive leaf extract is fast becoming one of the most sought-after nutritional supplements to support a range of health benefits. Research conducted at Australia’s Southern Cross University identified the olive leaf as the most powerful, free radical-scavenging antioxidant of 55 medicinal herbs tested, helping to protect the body from harmful free-radical damage. Stephen Eddey, principal of Health Schools Australia, says olive leaf extract has traditionally been used as a strong

antimicrobial agent, proving beneficial for supporting the immune system. In order to build one’s immune system in the pre-winter months for the prevention of winter cold and flus, a diet rich in antioxidants from plentiful fruit and vegetables is recommended; plus a good cleanliness routine, supported by adequate sleep and regular exercise. ‘Antioxidants act as “free-radical scavengers,” helping to quench free radical activity, which can be a cause of a weaker immune system and inflammation,’ says Eddey. Olive leaf extract contains a strong broad spectrum of over 20 antioxidants including Oleuropein, a polyphenol compound, which has higher antioxidant activity than vitamin C and E because of the unique way it works in synergy with the other antioxidants found in olive leaves. Olive leaf extract is also naturally

A Luminesce™ cellular rejuvenation serum. Email your name and address to:

A bottle of Bvlgari Aqua Amara valued at $108. Email your name and address to:

rich in the nutrients selenium, zinc, iron, vitamin C and beta-carotene. ‘These nutrients are important for the healthy functioning of the immune system and general good health,’ says Eddey. Evidence also suggests that a higher intake of olive leaf phenolic can support normal blood pressure and healthy cholesterol. Most recently, a clinical trial from the Liggins Institute at the University of Auckland found olive leaf extract supplementation for 12 weeks was shown to support glycaemia control. The study highlighted the action of the plant polyphenols present in olive leaf extract, which help to improve blood sugar levels. By only using fresh-picked leaves (never powdered extracts) the whole spectrum of natural polyphenolic antioxidants can be extracted as nature intended.


by 28 April

Entrants mst be 18 years and over and reside in Victoria

by 28 April

Entrants must be 18 years and over and reside in Victoria

1 of 10 winter wellness packs of lozenges and throat spray from Olive Leaf Australia Email your name and address to: by 28 April

Entrants must be 18 years and over and reside in Victoria

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Autumn 2014 fledgling fashionistas clothes by

heavenly creatures & missy muse PHOTOGRAPY BY: Pia Johnson

Location: Customs Wharf, Williamstown. Thank You Annabel, Lani, Milo and Stella.








MAIN PICTURE: Dressed to impress, Annabel’s complete ensemble is Missey Muse, with aubergine cardi around waist prepped for chill winds. Milo’s cord shorts are Heavenly Creatures; white T, Yohji Yamamoto (model’s own); jacket and scarf Missey Muse. ŒLani wears: pink skull tee with grey leggings, pink scarf by Missey Muse. Annabel wears: grey skull tee with black snake skirt and grey leggings with floral scarf by Missey Muse. Stella is looking adorable in gypsy blouse, red-stripe leggings and denim shorts by Heavenly Creatures. Suede vest and denim brooch by Missey Muse. ŽLani is so chic in black top and gold jeans, accessorized to perfection in Missey Muse. Stella wears top and skirt by Heavenly Creatures. Missey Muse signature suede vest is perfect for little girls and boys.We just had to include Stella in cream gypsy blouse and that Missey Muse vest again. Milo is ready for action in Heavenly Creatures: multi-stripe merino tee and charcoal cord shorts. ‘Stella the star is in multi-stripe frill leggings, denim shorts and banana merino tee by Heavenly Creatures. Sunnies courtesy of Two Faces in Seddon. Shoes and boots models’ own.

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Technoglobe gizmofest pops the question by Peter Stewart

the ghosts of Dick Tracy and Maxwell Smart stalked the CES corridoors. I went along for the virtual ride. As your technology sleuth, keeping up is a full time job. It occasionally calls me away on arduous and exhausting techtrips to places such as Las Vegas. It’s difficult and sometimes dangerous work. I force myself, on your behalf.

World’s largest gizmo circus

Las Vegas is host to the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest circus for new gizmos, gadgets, devices and apps. I missed it physically this year. I chose instead to spend the second week in January on some R&R on my anything-but-virtual pushbike and the long road from Armadale to Lorne. But I couldn’t keep the mindblasting magnetism of CES at bay for long. Here’s my scorecard on some of the best innovations in human technology from a show that attracts more than 150,000 visitors from the technoglobe. They’re on the lookout for the next big—or miniature—thing.


CINE2334 MetroWest TPS 450x105mm OL FA.indd 1

Watch out for wearables

Watch out for the word wearable—again—in the months and years ahead. My old tech mates Dick and Max may have kicked off the imaginative trend with wristwatch radio and shoe-phones, but CES 2014 brought the reality home. One that caught my eye and lifted my pulse as a fitness fan was the Atlas fitness tracker. Slamming its competitors as ‘glorified pedometers’ the Atlas tracker uses a complex series of inertial sensors and proprietary algorithms to identify, monitor and record up to 100 different exercises and sports.

More than a glorified pedometer

Worn on the wrist, it measures all the usual metrics—heartrate, calorie and energy consumption, heat maps—and plenty more. Sync it with your phone, tablet, iPad or other mobile device and it automatically gives you a complete analysis of your workout. And it’s fully programmable to your

personal exercise regime, so you can check your progress or compare and compete with friends. Check it out at Another wrist-adornment is the Pebble Steel Smartwatch. Launched at CES 2013, this year it roared into the judges’ top 10 products with its new appstore, the first open platform for sharing apps optimised for wearable devices. That means just about any of the app functions you perform on your phone or mobile device you can now download to your watch, including—you guessed it— watch faces. My old tech Use it to check the weather, track your shares, play games mates Dick and or even find your car. Visit Max may have

kicked off the imaginative trend with wristwatch radio and shoe phones, but CES 2014 brought the reality home.

Home-cinema obsessive

As a home-cinema obsessive, the pick of the show for me was Sony’s demo of its super HD 4K ultra short-throw projector. Measuring just 1101 x 265 x 535mm, it’s designed as a piece of furniture and can sit as close as 500mm to the projection surface. From there it can project an image up to a staggering 3735mm wide. With an expected price tag of between $35,000 and $45,000 when launched later this year, the kids may just have to wait. Visit Products/4k-ultra-short-throw/.

Geeknology not just for boys

To prove that geeknology isn’t just for the boys, American Pearl turned heads with its 3D printed jewellery. Their software allows users to custom-design any kind of jewellery from thousands of styles, precious metals, and stones. Your 3D print is used to make a precision mould from which the finished item is cast. American Pearl says the process reduces manufacturing time from weeks to days, produces higher quality finishes, and reduces cost by up to two thirds. Doesn’t that make you want to pop the question? Have a look at

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Phone 03 9500 8424 or email for a free showroom demo or in-home consultation metrowest 25 19/02/14 5:02 PM

real estate

A message from the CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria There was good news for home owners and investors in Melbourne's west in the REIV's latest median house prices. The strong final three months of 2013 brought solid gains to most suburbs and some outstanding results. Williamstown joined the list of million-dollar suburbs for the first time. Top performers included Newport, where the $741,750 median house price was 20.1 per cent up on the same quarter in 2012. Nearby Williamstown’s $1 million median was up 16.6 per cent. Seddon's median price, $733,500, was up 14.5 per cent and Maidstone's $610,000 was up 23.7 per cent, compared with the final three months of 2012—evidence that buyers, priced out of traditionally popular suburbs, are discovering the West's hidden gems.

Other solid performers over the year included Footscray, up 9.4 per cent; Kensington, which increased 7.3 percent; Flemington (21.1 percent); and Kingsville (19.1 percent)— although, as with Maidstone, fewer than 30 sales were recorded for the quarter in the latter two. Even in suburbs where December's quarter showed a slight fall in median price compared with the previous three months, comparisons with the previous year showed gains, illustrating what a good investment property can be. For example, in Yarraville, which has previously shown outstanding growth, the median price fell in the final quarter of 2013, yet over the year the suburb showed a 5.5 per cent increase in median price to $705,000.

particularly high or low sales. Factors such as location and quality will have an impact on what your house is worth. See au/Property-Research/ Median-Prices/ House-price-maps for more information. Enzo Raimondo CEO, Real Estate Institute of Victoria

While medians are a good starting point, it is worth remembering that they can be influenced by a few


TO OUR FEBRUARY COMPETITION WINNERS Winners of a pack of WOTNOT Facial Wipes Winners of a Burts Bees Lip Shine 1. Suzanne Hickman 2. Jilly Mathes 3. Helen Richards


1. Phu Catania 2. Deidre Conway 3. Julie Gallagher 4. Janene Hare 5. Heather Nordberg 6. Utako Ogihara 7. Carol de Ravel 8. Helene Richards 9. Alexa Ridgway 10. Lesley Sutherland

The winner of February’s Where am I? competition: Jacqui Garnsworthy who correctly identified The Sun Theatre in Yarraville. Jacqui wins a dinner for two at Steer Bar and Grill.

Artist’s Impression

metrowest 27

More Focused We’ve been busy here at Jas Stephens. 2014 is proving to be a great year and the’re plenty more to come. Our team thrives on hard work and we know that if we all focus on delivering great service, great results will follow. Our vision is to always exceed your expectations – that is what we aim for. It’s a simple concept. Satisfied customers is how we measure our success. It means we’ve achieved outstanding results. Real estate excellence is what we focus on. You get more with Jas Stephens. 28

37 PARK AVENUE WEST FOOTSCRAY Private Parkland Setting Situated in the master-planned Canopi development, this low maintenance contemporary home represents stylish parkside living at its finest. The home features open plan living downstairs, three large bedrooms upstairs, two bathrooms, two car spaces and five star energy rating. Bordered by lush parkland, the waters of Stony Creek and being only seven kilometres to the CBD, this is a truly wonderful inner city lifestyle. Easy access to Hansen Reserve and newly re-developed Tottenham and West Footscray train stations, enhances an enticing opportunity.





Saturday 5th April 11:30am

Melway Ref

41 F6

Price Range $490,000 – $530,000 Contact

Branko Lemaic 0409 511 665 Mark Hutcheson 0448 820 445

12 ALICE STREET YARRAVILLE Bright Prospects Enhance Period Beauty A cul-de-sac that’s beautifully quiet yet superbly central complements this romantic double fronted Victorian, surrounded by an allotment measuring over 300sqm. A generous living room, large separate kitchen/meals, north facing study, modern bathroom and three bedrooms project a magnetic attraction, matched by a north east rear garden that currently includes a garage sized shed. Even better, plans for an architect designed dual level extension promise a fantastic future.

Signature Sophistication Clean lines, impressive proportions and a city edge setting capture the appeal of this innovative, inviting contemporary residence. Polished concrete floors accompany living and dining areas that incorporate a Smeg equipped kitchen before linking beautifully to a pair of alluring decks and a landscaped backdrop. Three beautiful bedrooms, one downstairs, include an upstairs main bedroom with sunny terrace and ensuite while an upper level lounge sees the city skyline. Heating/cooling. Secure garage.





Saturday 5th April 12:30pm

Melway Ref

42 A8

Price Range $810,000 – $860,000 Contact

Tate Moore 0421 731 706 Mark Hutcheson 0448 820 445




Saturday 5th April 1:00pm

Melway Ref

41 K8

Price Range $750,000 – $800,000 Contact

George Alexander 0412 057 151 Alex Teeuwsen 0487 648 159

The Family Wish List Fulfilled A more appealing family scenario is impossible to imagine. This bright, inviting, modern four bedroom home’s living and dining areas and stylish central kitchen illustrate significant interior appeal while outdoor dimensions including a huge under cover alfresco deck and superb solar/gas heated pool make the most of desirable northerly rear aspects on a triple fronted allotment of 874m2. Flexible selfcontained studio/unit, 5KW solar panels, double garage, tandem carport. Enjoy a family friendly community feel, close to every Altona attraction.





Saturday 5th April 1:00pm

Melway Ref

54 D8

Price Range $655,000 – $695,000 Contact

Anna Grech 0438 446 051

metrowest 29

98 WALES STREET KINGSVILLE A Project That Deserves Grand Plans The appeal of traditional proportions and the attraction of a Kingsville address complement the rewarding scope this double fronted period home offers for updating and extending when so desired, STCA. Three bedrooms and formal lounge are accompanied by super neat kitchen/ meals, bathroom and separate laundry. Situated on almost 350m2 approx with access to a wide ROW just increases the possibilities.




Saturday 12th April 10:30am

Melway Ref 41 J7 Price Range $480,000 – $530,000 Contact

Astrid Jane 0402 211 660

99 MORRIS STREET SUNSHINE The Focus Is On Family Refined, fully renovated and ready to enjoy, this exceptional family home’s generous open plan living/ dining areas are complemented by sliding doors and cafe windows overlooking under-cover outdoor entertaining against a beautiful low-maintenance backdrop. A contemporary kitchen featuring stone surfaces, timber island bench & large walk-in pantry, serves in style. Main bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe sets the standard for three further bedrooms which share a luxuriously large central bathroom. Complete with 3000ltr water tank, off street parking & all situated in one of Sunshine’s premier locations.


The Most Seductive Inner City Spaces Style, space and sophistication define this desirably situated townhouse. North facing living/dining areas flow seamlessly to landscaped outdoor entertaining dimensions while the open plan kitchen’s stone benches, stainless steel appliances and walk-in pantry reflect contemporary refinement. Upstairs, the main bedroom’s walk-in robes, ensuite and sunny balcony set a seductive tone for two further bedrooms, sharing a rear balcony, complemented by a second bathroom and central lounge. Secure garage plus extra parking. Superb.





Saturday 12th April 11:00am

Melway Ref

42 C7

Price Range $650,000 – $700,000 Contact

Terry Fitzpatrick 0422 971 667





Saturday 12th April 11:00am

Melway Ref

40 H2

Price Range $590,000 – $630,000 Contact

Branko Lemaic 0409 511 665 Mark Hutcheson 0448 820 445

Perfection In A Premium Position The external elegance of this free standing two-bedroom Victorian is enhanced by designer flair in which beauty lies around every corner. Superb red-gum floors and soaring pressed metal ceilings frame the interior, a double-sided gas-log fireplace separates the living and dining areas and the fully integrated Smeg kitchen and bathroom with double rainforest shower both gleam in granite. Heating/cooling and an inviting courtyard complete this home. All this within easy walking distance to Seddon’s many delights.




Saturday 12th April 11:30am

Melway Ref

42 A6

Price Range $620,000 – $660,000 Contact

Tate Moore 0421 731 706 Mark Hutcheson 0448 820 445

61 WELLINGTON STREET WEST FOOTSCRAY Today’s Appeal And Tomorrow’s Option In addition to offering immediate enjoyment of its friendly location, this bright, inviting two bedroom home offers the opportunity to further extend as family needs evolve. Today’s bright north facing central living area is complemented by a generous kitchen/meals space that leads to an established rear garden and large garage on an allotment of 455m2. Enjoy the comfort and the character of a home where present day appeal is matched by promising future prospects.





Saturday 12th April 12 noon

Melway Ref

41 F2

Price Range $500,000 – $550,000 Contact

Anna Grech 0438 446 051

14 CHURCH STREET WEST FOOTSCRAY Profile, Position, Possibilities Classically attractive and immediately appealing, this double fronted three bedroom home offers rewarding future options on a block of surprising, enticing size only moments’ walk from Shorten Reserve and Footscray West Primary School & Barkly Street cafés. Polished floors, an open fire place and period ceiling contribute considerable character to a central living room that leads to bright kitchen/meals, sunny study and the generous backdrop. Fresh new bathroom will delight. Rear right-of-way & garage ensure convenience accompanies a rewarding allotment.


Original proportions and an allotment of attractive size represent an ideal opportunity to thoroughly renovate or consider new home possibilities, STCA, moments from Vernon Street’s shops, within easy reach of Spotswood station. The present day floor-plan features a central living room, large older style kitchen and three bedrooms surrounding a functional bathroom while the garden’s under cover deck, bungalow and off street parking further highlight the options offered by this tempting property.





Saturday 12th April 12:30pm

Melway Ref

41 H12

Price Range $480,000 – $520,000 Contact

Terry Fitzpatrick 0422 971 667 Nathan Gleeson 0409 556 584




Saturday 12th April 1:00pm

Melway Ref

41 H2

Price Range $560,000 – $590,000 Contact

Options To Explore, Potential To Pursue

Tate Moore 0421 731 706 Mark Hutcheson 0448 820 445

‘Nellabell’ – Beautiful & Stylish Inviting living and dining areas featuring dark polished floors reflect this three bedroom home’s traditional appeal and lead to a central kitchen in which stone benches, free standing oven and Bosch dishwasher illustrate a beautifully contemporary space. A fully tiled bathroom complemented by large separate laundry is equally impressive. Sunroom/ study open to outdoor entertaining beneath a gorgeous pergola that introduces a North facing rear garden also reached by side drive to double carport and storage. Land size approx 485m2.





Saturday 12th April 2:30pm

Melway Ref

41 J2

Price Range $620,000 – $660,000 Contact

Branko Lemaic 0409 511 665 Mark Hutcheson 0448 820 445

metrowest 31

27 PENTLAND PARADE SEDDON Secret Seddon - Sensational Secluded, set behind the homes that face Pentland Parade, accessed from Hobbs Street, this inviting townhouse could hardly be closer to Seddon station. Equally attractive for its proximity to the village, two downstairs bedrooms share a sky lit bathroom precede upstairs living/dining areas where polished floors and a substantial balcony create a great impression. An open plan kitchen makes its own contribution to a city edge residence further enhanced by heating/cooling, garage and sophisticated security.





Saturday 12th April 1:00pm

Melway Ref

42 B7

Price Range $600,000 – $650,000 Contact

Tate Moore 0421 731 706 Mark Hutcheson 0448 820 445

2 PENTLAND PARADE SEDDON The Inner City Life You’ve Always Imagined Beautiful original rooms and bright modern spaces form a welcoming combination throughout this substantial three bedroom home. The period appeal of separate sitting and dining rooms is irresistible while the generous proportions and open plan kitchen of the extension meet today’s needs with ease. Sky lit bathroom, hydronic heating, insulated wine room and off street parking are amongst many additional attractions in a city edge location that makes a car free lifestyle totally achievable.


Fresh, Light Filled, First Class Living area and generous terrace are accompanied by a separate, similarly sunny kitchen/dining domain featuring stone benches and Bosch appliances. Downstairs, two alluring bedrooms, each with built in robes, include one which opens to an inviting deck while two superb fully tiled bathrooms offer sublime ensuite appeal. Polished floorboards, video security and tandem off street parking.





Saturday 12th April 3:30pm

Melway Ref

42 D4

Price Range $580,000 – $638,000 Contact

Tate Moore 0421 731 706 George Alexander 0412 057 151




Saturday 3rd May

42 B6 Price Range $780,000 – $840,000 Contact Greg Carruthers 0417 566 851 Melway Ref

‘FAIR VIEW’ Victorian era appeal and current day quality are beautifully matched throughout this thoroughly renovated free standing home on an allotment offering north facing rear aspects and a secure double garage. Two inviting bedrooms lead to living/dining areas arranged around an open plan kitchen where timber tones and stainless steel appliances are stylishly combined. A bathroom in designer black and white reflects an impressive commitment to quality before sunny decking ensures outdoor enjoyment.




For Sale Melway Ref 41 K10 Price Range $630,000 Contact

George Alexander 0412 057 151 Alex Teeuwsen 0487 648 159


Altona 9 Fisher Court

Designed With Families In Mind The single level floor-plan of this impressive modern home offers style, space and substance that reflects an ideal relevance to modern day family requirements in a cul-de-sac setting that borders the parkland expanses and bike paths of Cherry Lake Reserve. Proximity to schools and Pier Street complements the credentials of a home in which instantly attractive living and dining areas are accompanied by a light filled lounge and a beautifully flexible rumpus room. Such a great range of living zones is supported by a contemporary open plan kitchen equipped with island bench and stainless steel appliances while three inviting bedrooms share a gleaming central bathroom. Equally appealing outdoor dimensions lend themselves to entertaining and are enhanced by a barbeque pergola, work-shop, store room and convenient carport. The complete package.

Williamstown 8387 0000 Yarraville 8387 0011





$580,000 - $640,000


As advertised

PPTY WEB CONTACT Mark de Brabander 0406 536 447 Wayne Elly 0410 305 305 33



Williamstown 1/1 Syme Street


Absolute Waterfront, Ultimate Allure Spectacular in scale and style, equally unforgettable for its privileged position, this dramatic, dynamic residence could not possibly be closer to the water, Gem Pier and the Royal Yacht Club. The scenery, the surroundings and the city in the distance provide a mesmerizing setting for memorable spaces including luxuriously large living, dining and entertaining areas that make the most of the views and enjoy natural light all day long. A main bedroom with ensuite, further bedroom and an impressively appointed spa bathroom contribute ideal accommodation to a residence in which an open plan kitchen and sunny balcony above the boats and the bay add further appeal. Two secure car spaces seal the deal on a Williamstown property where enjoyment is inevitable! Can be owner occupied.

Williamstown 8387 0000 Williamstown 8387 0000 34







As advertised

PPTY WEB 1/ CONTACT Leigh Melbourne Wayne Elly

0414 239 986 0410 305 305


Williamstown 63 Victoria Street

A Refined, Renowned Family Residence Beautifully renovated so that elegant period origins are matched by spaces that are entirely relevant to a modern lifestyle, this landmark double storey Victorian takes family luxury to impressive levels throughout its substantial, sophisticated floor-plan. A formal sitting room re-configured to offer a state-of-the-art home cinema experience is complemented by light filled living and dining areas, a generously proportioned kitchen and outdoor entertaining above the private rear garden. Five bedroom flexibility confirms outstanding family credentials, featuring an upstairs main bedroom in a zone of its own accompanied by walk in robes, spa bath/ double shower ensuite, an engaging balcony, study/fifth bedroom and lounge. A sky lit family bathroom downstairs makes a great contribution to home further enhanced by marble fire places, a basement pool that functions as a fabulous cellar, a 2.5 car garage, with storage loft, and extra parking reached by rear right-of-way - on what may well be Victoria Street´s largest allotment, moments from the swimming beach.

Williamstown 8387 0000 Yarraville 8387 0011





Contact Agent


As advertised

PPTY WEB CONTACT Leigh Melbourne Wayne Elly

0414 239 986 0410 305 305

metrowest 35


Williamstown 30 The Strand

Desirability Defined One of The Strand’s most coveted addresses, complemented by spectacular outlooks sets the scene for the exceptional dimensions of this landmark home where refinement and relaxation are beautifully balanced. Huge living, dining and entertaining areas, each distinctly zoned, all as formal or informal as you wish, define an unforgettable downstairs picture enhanced by an open plan kitchen featuring stainless steel Miele appliances, stone benches and walk in pantry. Two downstairs bedrooms and two bathrooms, including a superb main bedroom with walk in robes and ensuite, are supported upstairs by a third bedroom, third bathroom and a seriously substantial additional living area framed front and rear by balconies with fabulous outlooks. The rear garden is a great sight too. A sandstone terrace, large, instantly inviting lawn, salt water swimming pool and car parking accessed from second frontage to Mariner Street provide the perfect backdrop to a brilliant home - with heating/cooling, alarm system, security cameras, integrated speakers - the entire wish-list!

Williamstown 8387 0000 Yarraville 8387 0011 36







As advertised

PPTY WEB CONTACT Leigh Melbourne Wayne Elly

0414 239 986 0410 305 305


Williamstown 94A Morris Street

Fresh Flair, Consummate Quality The best and brightest ideas of contemporary design have been beautifully expressed throughout this just completed residence, desirably situated so that views of the bay beyond the parkland accompany superb spaces. Beautiful solid Brushbox floors enhance three downstairs bedrooms matched by two sublime bathrooms, one an ensuite, both featuring imported Gessi tapwear and marble surfaces. Equally alluring upstairs living and dining areas beneath 3.3m ceilings are luxuriously large, filled with light and framed front and rear by alfresco terraces. Great sights of the bay and an open plan kitchen offering marble benches, Blum fitted storage, Miele appliances and soft closing cabinetry complement the spaces and confirm the quality. Double glazing, refrigerated cooling and heating throughout and parking for two cars behind remote door, accessed from second frontage to Thompson Street are amongst abundant additional assets.

Williamstown 8387 0000 Yarraville 8387 0011







As advertised

PPTY WEB CONTACT Leigh Melbourne Wayne Elly

0414 239 986 0410 305 305 37




RENOVATION REQUIRED Splendid opportunity to renovate out of repair dwelling in order to cater for your every need. The layout currently consists of Lounge with adjacent Dining Room, 3 Bedrooms (or 2 Bedrooms with Study), Kitchen plus Rear Access available from R.O.W. Well situated close to the amenities of both Yarraville and Seddon Villages with bus, train and direct access onto Westgate.

Auction Saturday 5th April at 2pm UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM

For inspection and further information please contact Carmen Barukzai 0425810110 Tony Gerace 0411121701



36 Adelaide ST

STYLISH FOOTSCRAY LIVING This charming, freestanding single front home in the heart of Footscray has been beautifully renovated. Comprising of two well sized, light filled bedrooms, open plan living and dining, central kitchen area, modern bathroom and separate laundry. The timber decked outdoor entertaining area, stainless steel appliances, ducted heating, brick fireplaces, ceiling roses and RC air conditioner compliment the modern finishes of this home. Located in a lovely quiet street, close to all amenities and only minutes from local schools and public transport.

Auction: Saturday 12th April at 1.30pm Price Guide: $540,000 to $590,000 Melways Ref: 41 K4

For inspection and further information please contact Carmen Barukzai 0425 810 110 Tony Gerace 0411121701

metrowest 39



HUGE MODERN OFF THE PLAN TOWNHOUSE Secure this excellent opportunity now. Imagine living in this brand new spacious townhouse which consists of 3/4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, beautiful modern kitchen to cook up a feast, lock up garage, floating staircase, large living room, fabulous retreat area upstairs and entertaining area – where indoor meets outdoors. This will surely please all your family & friends. Located In a very sought after area, close to public transport, schools, parklands, Highpoint Shopping Centre, and only a short drive to Melbourne CBD. Off the plan savings which will save you $$$$ in Stamp Duty. Don’t delay; act now so you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.



Price Range: $650,000 Melways Ref: 27 F11

Carmen Barukzai 0425 810 110 Tony Gerace 0411121701





STYLISH FOOTSCRAY LIVING Excellent opportunity to purchase family home on large block in close proximity to Railway Station, Shopping Centre, School and Parkland, plus easy access to city via freeway.

Auction Saturday 29th March at 11Am UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM

Land 15.24/19.81 x 39.62 (695m² approx) Dwelling includes 3 Bedrooms, Lounge with Gas Heating, Kitchen, Separate Dining Area plus Garage.

For inspection and further information please contact Warwick Burnham 0412 318 998 Carmen Barukzai 0425 810 110

metrowest 41


1/98 Nicholson St

EVERYTHING AT YOUR DOORSTEP This modern 1 bedroom apartment is located in the heart of Footscray and within easy access to all your essentials for a relaxed, low maintenance lifestyle. It features a spacious open plan kitchen, dining and living area with a combined bathroom/laundry and enclosed balcony. Also included is a split system for heating/cooling and BIR in the bedroom. Within walking distance to Footscray Station and trams, 10 min to the CBD and surrounded by markets and an array of eateries, just move in and enjoy! Property Size: 48m2

Private Sale

Price Guide $285,000

For inspection and further information please contact Carmen Barukzai 0425 810 110 Tony Gerace 0411 121 701

West Footscray I65 Sunshine Rd

L —A— R— G— E New Apartments


7/361 Geelong Rd

For the investor or home buyer Opportunity to reinvent this spacious upper floor apartment to a modern living standard Whether you’re starting out your life independently or looking to invest this will surely suit your budget. Located in a small complex, it comprises of two bedrooms, large living room, separate kitchen with ample meals area plus a handy carport. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Melways Ref: 41 H6

Private Sale

Price Guide $269,000

For inspection and further information please contact Carmen Barukzai 0425 810 110 Tony Gerace 0411 121 701


3/244 Gordon st


10 Brand new I & 2 bedroom apartments are now available off the plan in one of Melbourne’s biggest up and coming property locations only 9 km from the CBD. All the latest design trends have been combined with the finest finishes, fixtures and appliances to provide a dynamic that is second to none. Each apartment is impeccably designed, all areas have been cleverly considered to enable the maximum of light, air and space. Trains and buses literally at your doorstep in an area that is sure to continue experiencing good capital growth and rental returns, these will not last long. Buy now and save $$$$$ on stamp duty, PLUS eligible buyers will enjoy all the benefits of the first home buyers grant. • Secure entrance and car parking. • Major shopping complex, Aquatic centre and 24 hour gym moments away • Located within minutes to the entrance of the proposed west link tunnel, giving easy freeway access to the eastern suburbs. Melways Ref: 4 I E4

Situated at the rear of this well presented complex, this spacious ground floor apartment offers a low maintenance, relaxed lifestyle and excellent return on investment. Comprising of a comfortable, light filled living room leading into a tidy kitchen/meals area, 2 good sized bedrooms with BIR’s and central bathroom. Added features include a RC cooling/heating system, secure entrances from both Gordon and Sydney streets, private courtyard, shed and car space. Conveniently located with public transport on your doorstep, a short stroll to local cafes and easy access to Highpoint S/C. Melways Ref: 28 A3

Price Guide $450K

Private Sale

Call Burnham Real Estate today for more details. Tony Gerace 0411 121 701

For inspection and further information please contact Carmen Barukzai 0425 810 110 Tony Gerace 0411 121 701


Price Guide $387,000


Impressions Count

Move into a fully furnished office in St Kilda Rd, Collins St or Little Collins St

from just

$ 99

per week

Flexible options from 1 week to 1 year with on-site facilities including car parking, business centre, food plaza, cafĂŠs, restaurants, free gymnasium & more

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Metrowest Magazine April 2014 issue