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Retreat to the Craft

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February 2014 Metrobooks

Retreat to the Craft A fun look book with things to inspire your inner craft! Contents Metrobooks February 2014 3. “Mushroom Love “ kitsch string art 5. A Royal Seal 6.Stacked Teacups Oil Transfers On Paper 7. Be Mine Textile Art 8. You’re my Valentine 9. Woodstock Revival 10. Phantom of the Opera 11. Secret Admirer 13. “Let them eat Cake!” 14. Typography

15. Bad Date 16. Manbroidery 17. The Odd Couple 18. German Scrap collage art 19. Marbling Paper 20. Picasso Stitch 21. Encaustic Painting 22. Bonjour textile art 23. Couch Potato 24. Schoolhouse paper cut

25. Get Stampin! 26. Bad Hair Clip-art 27. Let them eat Cake, schoolhouse pattern 28. A Royal Seal, Bonjour and Couch Potato 29. Phantom of the Opera, Woodstock Revival and the Odd Couple pattern 30. Picasso and Mushroom Love Pattern 31. It all started with a mouse clip-art 32. Craft Toolbox 33. Basic Embroidery Stitches




Let them eat cake!

This ostrich doesn’t want its plumes plucked for making hats and is on the run! To make this whimsical beast you will need: Blue and red wool or yarn , black thread, plastic eye. 1. Transfer pattern. 2. Machine sew black thread where indicated on pattern . 3. Stitch body in red and blue alternating rows leaving bottom in red using the turkey stitch, cut loops to create shag rug look, fluff to desired thickness. 4. Glue plastic googly eye using a clothespin to secure until dry. 5. Frame as desired.


Be Mine Transform vintage valentine graphics into fabric postcards, stitch to old doilies, or make sweet wall art for this special holiday.


Retreat to the Craft-Valentines-Secret Admirer -2014  
Retreat to the Craft-Valentines-Secret Admirer -2014  

This is a preview of a fun look book with things to inspire your inner craft! Inside there is over 30 craft projects and ideas to make. Ava...